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Passing Moments

As many of my lovely friends know, I write very frequently in my diary, and actually write and ghost write as a career. Because not everyone knows how full my diary is, I thought I would make it easier to read, here in a wiki. Please leave your critiques, comments, etc.--it really is the light of my day. Thanks!

You can find my short story series in Passenger's Seat.

Ocean Memory

I mentally draw the lines of your face, your legs, your palms...
Let it burn into this ocean memory.

I'm on standby at the airport,
knowing you won't be at the finish line...

But we'll progress,
to the rhythm of these waves,
and that sandy beach will
get in our clothes and under our skin...

We'll be polished like the smoothest of rocks and shells,
both unwilling vagrants at sea...
but i will harbor you, and you will cling to me.

You can't forget the thing
that hones you down
to the core of your being,
that very honesty
you fear and seek.

You can't forget what makes you stronger,
while holding the power to
your lungs and heart and veins
in one fell swoop.

You don't forget
what lulls you to sleep
what rocks you awake
at the swell of a storm.

It's in your bones;
you breath it in--
you bask and
bathe in it's presence.

You'll be back with the tide.

By:[Artemis Rising]

I Relish in This Ache: Prologue

If nothing else describes this,
let it be that my brain was a sponge.

I absorbed it all,
with no other point but to absorb.

Every moment of it was pure exaltation;
let it be no other way.

The sight of your muscles moving smoothly,
the smell of your hair and light perspiration,
the touch of your brisk skin and mighty heat.

It was all as it could be
only then.
Never again.
And imprinted into
the back of my mind
like a deep gash of
foreign subsidy.

Let me feast on this pain forever.

By:[Artemis Rising]

I Relish in This Ache: Part I

When you're stumbling over your finger tips,
Waiting for my breath to rise,
Do you consider the affect you have on me...

The very touch, your glance, your hypnotic smile?

It's been weeks and when my thoughts wander, I freeze.

By:[Artemis Rising]

I Relish in This Ache: Part II

Do you know how much I want you?
I want every fiber of your being...
Down to the courses you take on the coast.
Your mind can be yours,
Your body directed by yourself...
But the words you give me will always be mine.

You shall be the subject of my greatest study.

By:[Artemis Rising]

I Relish in This Ache: Part III

Solitude is the rectitude of the creators.
Perspiration, sleepless nights, pencils chewed straight through. t

They will not understand--they have no
perception of what we hold within our being.
Nor do they have perception of what they hold in theirs.

In the spring we thaw our hands,
and some grow with their dreams.

Others let the morning frost
panic them enough to forgetfulness.
Yet there the dreams sit... waiting to bloom.

When you meet your equal in dream seeking,
it can knock the breath out of your chest
with a forceful gusto.

You look upon this shining being,
daring to believe they won't turn into one of the
withering souls you see everyday,
surrounding you on all sides.
But there it lies: a rose among the weeds.

Let my icy resolve
to be as I am
drive you no further away.

Join me in steadfast solitude: we'll find it in each other.

By:[Artemis Rising]

I Relish in this Ache: Epilogue

Sitting next to my porch window,
it told me the secrets of sprinklers and children,
and sunlight hindered by the strongest of winds...

But I can feel the swampy air your skin muddles in,
elegant as you are,

It's like a connection of deep velvet,
running through my veins.

This desert can't separate us,
whether kindred sisters or long lost lovers.

It's an incredible vice, this instant intimacy.

And my window lies low tonight,
because for once we can briefly share the moon.

Sweet dreams princess.

By:[Artemis Rising]

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2010-06-14 [i'i]: i can't wait for more

2010-06-14 [~*~Music Junkie~*~]: Relish in this ache, that series of poems, i love them. Strong passions and love there. =) All of these poems are absolutely wonderful!

2010-06-21 [sweet.tx.tea]: This is beautiful.

2010-06-22 [Artemis Rising]: *blushes* thank you so much :)

any requests? i always look for new subjects...

2010-07-07 [Nioniel]: I love what you've got so far!

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