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Pachuca, Cumba

"Yes you are right dear... I will try to rest... Please let me know if there is anything I need to do alright Mattie?" Cybil said hugging Mathius closely, She didn't want to leave him, she didn't want to be left alone but she knew it was neccesary. She had to be grieving and she would be as much as possible, whether by hamming it up with some acting or by working with how sad and upset she really was. She kissed Mathius on the lips softly before pulling away. "I love you Matty." She said softly looking rather glum already.

He stopped her for a second and kissed her lightly for a few seconds, "I am always watching you my lover, sleep well." He then released her and looked for a hiding spot for what would happen and their run for freedom. Helene was sleeping in the sitting room with a piece of paper on the table before her. Cybil took a look and found it was a eulogy for Mathius, written like a native from Pachucca would deliver. Her friend must have figured to deliver it while Cybil looked like the saddened lover.

Cybil smiled softly at her friend and laid a pillow near so her friend could use it before grabbing a blanket and laying it over Helene. Once she was finished with that she headed to the upstairs bedroom, she disrobed and got into the bed and tried to sleep, it took her a while but she finally accomplished it and unfortunately she dreamt of getting caught and of the Matron getting Cybil into her clutches. IT was terrifying honestly and she woke several times that night. Not to mention she continued to toss and turn all night.

The next morning Helen woke her up with tea and breakfast and had brought a dress for Cybil. "All is prepared and I believe Mathius found his way out of the city and will leave when we do. And I have packed as many of the things into that magic backpack of yours. I think we should say a prayer that everything goes well today." Helen was nervous, but she trusted that Mahtius and Cybil wouldn't leave her behind.

"Then let us pray, best to do it before breakfast." Cybil said getting out of the bed and getting to her knees. She began to pray and offer their breakfast to the gods. If fasting would help get the gods on their side Cybil would gladly give them her supper as well. She prayed and called upon all of the greater gods and even the lesser gods. After the prayer she began to don the dress far to worried and from the lack of sleep tired to fuss about the slight see through quality or the small nature of the dress.

Helene helped were she could before grabbing her papers and going to check on the progress for the pyre. It amazed her that this plan might actually work, it seemed they had a plan for everything that could happen. And she had fervently prayed that eveything went off without a hitch. Before long she returned to check on Cybil and even brought a veil for the greiving young lady. Mathius had explained the drain system would allow him to exit under the walls and meet with them at some ruins well outside the city.

"Thank you." Cybil said softly, she had made a specialy treated brew and soon she would heat it and drink it. It owuld help her to weep. She had been drinking plenty of fluids so she would have plenty of water for tears. She was dressed and she pulled the veil on over her head. Soon enough she would be in the public and she would need those tears. Though it might last longer then she had hoped. But everyone knew she loved Mathius, so this level of grief would be understandable for an outsider as well.

There were not a lot of people in attendence, but the Matron made it a point to attend and express her sympathies to Cybil. Helene said some very poetical words and then slowly carried the torch to were Mathius laid and lit the pyre. She then returned to Cybil and embraced her friend and stood with her holding her hand. Cybil however did not see Mathius anywhere, but figured he must be nearby keeping an eye on the proceedings. And to the best of her intelligence that the Matron seemed to be agree with what was happening.

Cybil wept, the drought she had taken helped her to cry and she focused on her fears and what she would feel like if Mattie had really died. She wept and when Helene returned to her side and hugged her Cybil wept all the harder. For a long time while the pyre burned Cybil simply wept. The make up done in the pachuccan fashion was in ruins smudged and wiped away as she wept through the day. She was entirely alone in the city without anyone from home now. Helene was the only friend Cybil had now and it was more then apparent who Cybil was leaning on now. Physically and emotionally.

After a long while they entered the house and the cook served a meal, the Matron did not remain long saying affairs of state required her attention. Helene knew most of the remaining visitors, but quietly cautioned Cybil to stay in character until they were alone. "Cybil, dearest here you must eat something. I know he meant a lot to you." she said with saddness in her voice. Some people still tried to make polite conversation with her and Helene before a good deal of them left. As night began to fall all that remained was Helene's people and the two of them, Mathius would not return tonight, she would not see him until the next day or so when they left for the farm with his equipment.

Cybil couldn't help but continue to cry as the drought she had taken earlier made her cry. She ate only very little and retired to her rooms next to Helenes for the night. She finally stopped crying and hoped she wouldn't have to take the drought again, she was dying of thirst and she was afraid the Matron hadn't beleived them all. She worried until she fell asleep in the bed wearing Pachuccan clothing, everything she did now was to Pachuccan standards, as if Helene was coaching her still. It made everything more convincing in the very least. Though Cybil was highly uncomfertable.

The next morning Helene crawled onto the king sized bed to get at Cybil who was asleep in the middle wrapped up in the sheet. "Little Cybil time to wake up and prepare, we flee for our lives today and pick up your little friends." she whispered as she gently shook Cybil's shoulder. It was a scary prospect, here not even thirty and fleeing two homes just to start over again. She sat beside Cybil and felt a single tear roll down her cheek quickly and before Cybil could see it she wiped it away and tried to smile. Andor was said to be a country of peace and a safe place to live and with a friend like Cybil she'd be just fine.

"Mmm... packed last night... You ready Helene? Don't worry sweetheart, we'll be alright. We'll get home. Help me get dressed please... augh i hate drinking those droughts wears you out something aweful!" Cybil groaned her mouth was like cotton and she had a headache that encompassed her entire head. Cybil pushed off the covers and slowly got to her feet. She needed a few things to get done. They would have to change clothes at least twice while leaving, and she needed to do Helene's hair a few times as well as her own, after all they were under speculation.

"Cybil I really do not know what to leave behind me, my life before this was..well..middle class and here I have a larger impression. What and who will I be once we reach Andor, will I clean a nobles house or be expected to be a kept pet to some noble." She began to get worked up and fret terribly about this journey and its implications. Helene almost began to pace and she stopped regulary and thought over what might happen. To Cybil it must have been the same way she looked last night with Mathius in the baths.

"Oh Helene we'll find you a good man and he'll love you and want you and he'll try to give you whatever you wish! Until then... well I'm sure the king would love to learn more about how this country has changed and who better to tell him then you!" Cybil said comfertingly as she got dressed and got ready, there wasn't much she could do with her radically short hair now. But Helene's she could certainly do something with, and she would have to if they were going to get out alive and well.

They packed and Helene explained how she had hidden the equipment in everything and then they went down for breakfast. "It will be two days journey to the farm and I provided our friend with a map. All the people with us are trusted and have been with me for a couple years." The cook had made a very light but filling breakfast for her mistresses and wished them good journey. After they ate both of them prepared for the journey and called for the coach.

"That's wonderful! I will pray for their safety Helene, I'm sure good will come to them sometime soon. For now we have to do what we can to get out... The boys will help us I promise and once we are home I will help you with everything I can Helene, I will be by your side whenever you need me!" Cybil said holding her friends hand in her own tightly. Helene would get them out of the city and out. She knew the way so Cybil would take care of everything else. It was the least she could do for her friend who was sacrificing much and yet being saved at the same time.

They got into the coach and rode to the gate where Helene showed her rod and gave her name and their destination then they sat and waited for approval to leave. "Have a safe journey Mistresses." the female guard said saluting them. Helene looked a little stricken thinking at first they had been found out, she let out a long breath and smiled at Cybil. They then rode for many hours in the coach before they stopped to rest, it was in a small clearing off the roadway. The coachman opened the door and offered Helene his hand, "We will only stop long enough to feed and water the horses."

"Don't feed them until we stop for the night... if you feed them now they will get bloated and they might not survive... My aunt and uncle taught me about that... basic horse care. Just water rests until we stop for the night and in the morning an hour or so before we set off again." Cybil advised cautiously, she didn't want to sound too knowledgeable or Helene would doubt her and that was the last problem Cybil wouldn't be able to deal with at all. they needed Helene for this to work very badly. Cybil's heart was beating almost out of control and she was worried so much she was trembling lightly but she stopped all that and held herself together for Helene.

Helene nodded her agreement, "Andorian horses are some of the best in the world, if that is how Cybil's people do it then we shall as well. Besides I would rather not wait too long before we move along." She was still unsure when the Matron found out they had left that she would not send people after them. The coachman nodded and only set to water the horses as they got a chance to talk away from the escorts. "If the Matron figures out the deception, I fear we may not make the farm without complications."

"If it happens we will take the coaches horses and ride to the farm with all swiftness we can get from out steeds. Then we have only to get to the farm and get the collars off the men. They will help us from there. They'll have to if we're all going to leave. But the matron should expect you to check on the men or me to tell them about their comrade. It shouldn't be today she finds out. Or thinks it strange at least." Cybil said with confidence she was not feeling at all, the same thoughts were running through her mind and if not for the health of the horses she would push them on.

The coachman spoke up, "Mistress not to doubt your words, but we have no saddles for the horses and the ride would no doubt be hard upon you both." Helene put her hand upon her backside as if already feeling the pain of riding bareback to the farm. They did not wait long before getting back on the road and Helene opened a book, one of three she took from the house and began to read. Cybil was unsure of when Mathius would rejoin them or even how they would all together get where they were going. But, leave it to Mathius to arrive in just the right place at exactely the right time.

Cybil kept silent about the horse matter. If need be she would take Helene on the same horse with her. After all her training with Uncle Lyle had prepared her for a lot of hairy situations. Cybil watched gloomily out the window, or rather she looked gloomy while she was doing it but she was constantly keeping an eye out around them. Any subtle clues might give her a few more moments to prepare a counter attack of some kind at least. She had managed to get a dagger out of Helene's house so she had one weapon in the very last.

That night they stopped and the coachman and the guard made a small fire for the women who would sleep inside the coach. Dinner was sparse and Helene looked rather disdainfully at it, she was used to better food. "I suppose we did not bring any wine with us?" she asked futility. Once the meal was finished they got into the coach and closed the windows. Helene not to stop her usual way of life stripped down to nothing and laid in her makeshift bed.

Cybil joined her friend though she stayed clothed, after all she didn't want any surprises of the nastier kind and she certainly didn't want to face them while naked! She did hope that Mathius would soon rejoin them. But right now she had to keep the coachman on course and her dear frien Helene as well. Poor Helene was used to a rather spoiled life after all and now she would have to do without many of the luxuries she had grown fond of.

Helene woke the next morning and could hear the rain on the top of the coach, she groaned and rolled closer to Cybil for warmth. When she opened her eyes a little more she nudged Cybil awake, "Dearest look to your left, I believe someone has left a gift for you?" Laying on the opposite seat was a pale white flower and a smooth flat stone. Mathius had given Cybil both once when she was younger as a birthday present when she was young. It was a subtle reminder that the burly warrior was out in the wilds with her and keeping watch.

Cybil woke quickly, but she continued to lay quietly, she slowly reached out and took the flower smiling softly. Then she took the stone and held it to her cheek. The stone was of a different kind, but that didn't really matter to Cybil it only mattered that he had left them for her. "Good I feel much better." She smiled at Helene giving her friend a hug trying to ignore the blush from hugging her friend who was nude. She handed the flower to Helene and kept the stone. She would find something to mark the stone with and leave it for Mathius where he had left them for her to find once awake.

They got up and the driver brought them two bowls of proidge and some bread. Helene looked down and made a weird face as it was breakfast she wasn't used to. "So, shall we get to the farm today I hope so cause this has been a strange trip." The coachman smiled, "I will do the best we can to arrive today, unless the weather gets too difficult." Helene settled back and ate ruefully on the meager breakfast, so far fleeing Cumba had been a barrel of laughs.

"Cheer up Helene it won't all be bad I promise." Cybil said with sympathy for her friend. After all the way Helene had been living was like a paradise for a woman, however it was hell for men and not right in any sense of the word. Life would be good for Helene in Bearlon though. Cybil just knew it. All they had to do was get home without getting caught or killed.

They stopped later in the day and got a small chance to stop and stretch their legs. They had passed several carts headed for Pachuca, and even a guard patrol without incident. It did occur to Cybil how they would all flee the farm together, it was a question she hoped Mathius could answer. Helene was looking at the map and pointed to a city they might be able to get a ship to take them home. "It might be expensive, we will have to find a way to barter for passage, and it won't be cheap."

"I can think of a few things we could try and get passage with. There are also a few other things we'll be doing a little differently but Helene I want you to know how much I really care about you and want to help you. We will do our best to help you too once we reach our destination." Cybil said softly with a smile taking Helene's hands into her own.

When they crested the hill above the farm, Cybil had a horrible feeling, she could see smoke rising from the farm and saw a group of soldiers. The Matron had sent them, to probably kill the others and they still probably had the collars on. Helene saw too and Cybil could see terror fill her eyes, if they group was all killed the chances for survival were bleak. "Your orders my lady?" the coachman asked, as the horses began to get skitterish. 

"Continue forward, this is nothing but us checking on the farm. Helene thought it would be a good idea to get me out of the city away from where Mathius was killed. As far as the matron knows this was us getting away from the city for a little while." Cybil said urging both driver and Helene to continue the ruse to learn all they could. Cybil would get them away even if she had to kill a soldier to do it.

As they got closer a very interesting scene was playing out, laying on the ground was a female guard and Nist struggling over a control rod. Litor and Asmodous were bracing the burning barn's door, holding inside some soldiers. Most of the people on the farm were keeping away from the fracas, but a group of four soldiers had exited the woods and began making their way to the farm as well. The coachman hurried the horses along the road, but even at the speed the coach was going on they would not arrive before the squad of soldiers. Helene grabbed Cybil's hand almost fearfully as the coach rocked left to right on the road, this was not a fun little ride into the country.

"Stay here Helene don't leave the coach unless the men come closer. I will take care of things. It's why I brought these." Cybil said showing her knives to Helene and handing her one of the smaller one's. "If nothing else and they try to grab you then stab him in the face. It's the best I can do to think of at the moment right now while this is going on." Cybil said watching out the window trying to take in everything. She picked up one of the other more balance small knives but she didn't want to throw it from inside the carriage and at moving targets on top of that. This was not the best situation they could have arrived in but thank goodness they had so that she could try and help the men.

Looking back Nist was glad no one thought less of him as he balled up a fist and punched the guard making her let go of the control rod. He then scrabbled to his feet and ran to help bar the door, noting there was a coach coming down the hill and more soldiers were coming from the woods. Litor shouted out as a sword slipped between the boards of the door and nicked him, "Dammnit, Nist help us so we can get out of here!" The soldier at the back of the approaching squad never heard the person approach from behind and didn't get a chance to cry out even when Mathius snapped his neck and let him fall to the ground. His route had followed Cybil so far before he turned to get to the farm shortly after her, now he had popped out behind the soldiers.

The wagon rattled to a stop and the soldiers split half heading for the wagon and Cybil the other half heading to the barn and the companions. Mathius drew the man's short sword and heaved it at one of the guards heading to the wagon. It hit taking the man out of the fight and making the odds for Cybil to one on one combat. He then lumbered after the soldiers heading to the barn, knowing Cybil could handle one guard as crafty as she was. The companions had not seen Mathius they were busy picking up weapons and the control rod was now in the hands of their wizard.

After the fight was over and Cybil was unhappily covered in blood but her friend was safe and whole if not scared, Cybil was sitting on the lawn worn out. She never thought she'd have to use everything Lyle had taught her and she certainly had never wanted to. She certainly had never killed anyone before and while she had thrown up everything in her stomach she still didn't feel right. She just wanted to go home and never think about this again, her cheeks were tear stained as well and her outfit completely ruined, but they were safe and that's all that mattered... kind of.

Helene wasted no time with the angry looking men now facing her to release Mathius and his friends. He in turn walked over and sat behind and around Cybil wrapping his arms around her small frame and holding her. "You were very brave my love and you've learned alot from Lyle." he praised her before pouring some water onto a cloth and wiping her face. Behind them Cybil could hear the men talking with Helene and how their slave voices fell away to the men they truly were and not happy about how they were treated. "Mathius, what is she talking about that she's comin' with us?" Nist called in his common Andorian.

"Because she is, I promised her she wouldn't have to worry about someone killing her or taking advantage of her again if she released you all and helped us escape this crazy country and I can protect her if your not man enough to do it!" Cybil said she was trembling and she wanted nothing more then to fall sobbing into Mathius's arms and have him make the hurt over what she had done go away. But Helene still needed help and she was going to make the others listen to her and take her seriously and not just as a woman, after all she killed three men on her own in a roughly fair fight.

"There is no time for any arguements about this, Helene will show us where our gear is and we will raid the stores and make for anywhere not controlled by the matron." Mathius helped Cybil to her feet and they followed the group into the main house where Helene showed them the vault that contained their equipment. They were all somewhat happier finding all of that, the others quickly dressed back into clothes and their armor & weapons. Mathius looked to Cybil, "Please help Helene find something to wear for travel then come back down while we plan, I want us away from here by nightfall."

"Sure she can wear some of my travel gear, man's clothing fits everyone just about." Cybil said nodding her head, she kind of felt a little numb now, but she took Helene's hand and took her into a room to change her clothing. "If you like you can wear a skirt over the pants but really pants are best and so would a man's tunic, I have an extra belt and boots you can use." Cybil said pulling them out of her pack, her father had gotten her one of those sacks hole dimension things so she kept girly things and things everyone said would be silly in there. She hadn't told anyone because... well because she loved her new father and cherished everything he had given her. She did feel lonely at times but that was okay she had MAthius.

Helene shook her head, "as odd as men's clothes feel on me I understand that this is what we need to do." After she shed her clothes she sat heavily on the bed and looked at the clothes she would be traveling in and sighed. This was not the life she had come here for, how did everything get to this point? With a little help from Cybil she bound herself enough to not jiggle when she wore the mans shirt, and put the rest on. The men would be waiting and they would still need to go to the kitchens before they left, for where they planned on going next.

"Don't worry once we get home everything will get better." Cybil smiled sadly, right now she wasn't sure she could cheer up anyone in the numb state she was in. But once Helene was dressed and everything was put away again they went downstairs. Cybil wasn't going to make Helene carry anything more then a water jug and a small knife for her own protection. Hopefully with things going the way they were their escape would go smoothly from here on out.

A map was spread out and they were debating on the best path for the journey, everyone was forwarding an idea and the debate raged on. "We have no idea how far the spell or field keeping scrying out is." "It would be best to head for the coast and get a boat, I'm sure a couple days travel and we could try getting Mathius's brother to come for us." "I think we should head west and once over Pachuca's border we try to find a way home." Mathius was trying to hold his friends together and keep the arguement to a debate, but months of being slaves made his men yearn to use their voices.

"Why not go over the mountains into friendly territory? your mother and father have contacts in this country don't they Mathius?" Cybil asked pointing to an adjoining country to the one they were in now. The mountains would be hard but on the map it seemed the best route to Cybil there was even a pass it looked like on the map. "So why not go through there? Darryl will be able to hear us and we'll be able to relax a little." She offered with a small shrug. Thanks to her father she was excellent with maps and was up to date on all the agreements and alliances between everything.

"They could be dangerous, but you are right Cybil." Mathius said, "A coastal city in this country is still controlled by the Matron and we would never escape.  Even if we adjust our plan to use a river it will still work better than trying to flee by ship, so we make west until we camp." He folded the map and they began to gather everything they needed for the trip west into the mountains and set out. Travel was slow going as Helene was not used to travel like this, but she did the best she could. Mathius set a watch, leaving Helene to sleep as she was not used to this and set Cybil to watch with him and only a low fire. There were some grumblings, but everyone settled in for their first night running for their lives.

Cybil did her best to keep up as well, while Lyle taught her to endure he also only taught her thieving skills. Walking was not a skill she had been taught, and the march was certainly never even discussed. After the first night she was going almost the same pace as Helene and not to make her friend feel better but because she simply had to. All energy was saved for walking and the breaks they took too short to do any real good for Helene and Cybil's feet and legs.

"At this pace our children will make it home." Nist said before Litor smacked him upside the head. The cleric was a little more forgiving then the thief and the wizard did not care as long as every morning he had the chance to prepare spells. Mathius spent some time scouting ahead to make sure the path was clear and even once or twice came back to detour them. Litor, who Helene had made disrobe checked often on them to make sure they were keeping up and told Nist if he wished to hurry then to have Mathius come back and he go scout. Helene commented when she and Cybil were alone that it seemed Litor had forgiven what she had done to him and wished to do something nice back for him.

"Then talk to him and ask him his opinion. Men aren't toys to use when you want and to put away when you're done with them. Let him talk to you or let him do things for you." Cybil said smiling softly at her friend. It did seem Litor was checking on them more often and more then not his questions and help were more for Helene. Cybil didn't mind really. But she was exhausted every night and every break they took she put her feet up to rest them as much as possible. If she were stronger she'd be okay doing this but she wasn't and she just had to do her best.

Mathius kept track of their progress and kept his disappointment to himself, at their rate of movement it would be at least two weeks before they got anywhere near the mountains. Nothing could be done though, they would just have to hope that weather held off and nothing else hampered their movement and they avoided soldiers. Nist grumbled constantly and twice Mathius informed him if he kept up with it he could go his own way and meet them back home. The others snickered as the thief's face paled and he backpedaled that they would need him.

"Don't worry Mattie... me and Helene will get stronger and we'll make better time soon." Cybil promised one evening, at least she hoped that was true, she had gotten better and stronger when Lyle made her do things all the time so the principle was the same for walking wasn't it? Of course Cybil couldn't help but think that if she had been a better thief or better at missions none of this would be happening anyways. They would probably even be home already.

The first couple days travel were rough on everyone they would have to remain off the main roads and away from guards. Helene had lost much of her packed clothes and what she was traveling in wasn't really road clothes. They had counted up the money they could carry with them and they still had a great deal of Pachuca to cover. "I never should have come I'm slowing your escape." she confided in Cybil one night while they were keeping watch together.

"We understood what would happen when we discussed taking you with us. We weren't going to leave you behind Helene. Besides I promised I would help you find a real life." Cybil said holding her friends hand while they started to fall asleep. She was determined to see her friend make it through this and come home with her. If she had to stitch some of her clothes together to make it more durable she would. Or steal a horse blanket from a farm or something.

Things got a little easier a couple days later when the mountainous region gave way to forest and hills, they still avoided roads and patrols. Mathius had tried calling for Darryl's help several times, but to no avail they figured it had to be something to do with magic blocking scrying spells. Nist and Litor had limited success with some hunting and everyone was happy as Helene proved quite adept at cooking game and finding local edible flora. "If we go a little further we can try cutting to the coast and finding a ship that is sailing out of the area then find someone heading back to Andor." Mathius said as they started to settle down for the night. Perhaps they had given the Matron the slip, he hoped so or else getting home would be much more difficult.

"I wish we knew why Darryl isn't able to hear you." Cybil said as she tended to her friends feet. They were getting better but Cybil still put on some homemade salve and wrapped them every night. She didn't want any kind of infection. She often gave herself the same treatment but while everyone else slept. After all she was supposed to be strong too. She was tired and she had no real cooking skills. She didn't know how to clean game either. The most she could do was fix clothes and bandage up the small things so no one had to waist their magic.

"It must be like the spells used when Fael and Elsa met at the oasis, you couldn't push through until they willingly dropped the spell. I believe once we get away from this country it should be better." he assured her. Helene thanked Cybil and laid down to rest the climb down had been a rough one. Nist was on watch and soon Litor would relieve him. Mathius took the longest shift in the middle of the night and Asmodious would use one of the last shifts to study his spells for the next day. Nist made a suggestion, "How about tomorrow if we get close see if one of our female members could buy us some milk or even a little bread?" Mathius promised they would talk about it in the morning and laid down to rest.

Cybil pulled out a small parchment she had been carrying with her, she made a few calculations and wrote them down with the charcoal stick she also had brought with her. She didn't know if this would help or not. This was one of several notes about the country she had tucked away. Then while Mathius slept she tended her own feet before laying down and resting once everything was safe again.

They had been up only a little while when they first caught the smell on the wind, smoke wafted on the breeze and after a few moments it became clear that the fire was heading their way. Quickly camp was torn down and everyone got ready, Nist ran on ahead and the other men prepared to follow quickly. "I do not know what is ahead, the trail may get tight and the fire behind us will certainly keep us moving. We won't be able to stop at all or for long, you will have to keep pace alright?" Mathius explained taking both their packs. Once they set off it became obvious why he had done so, Cybil and Helene would have an easier time keeping up without the extra weight.

Cybil helped her friend as much as she could. Without the pack Cybil was able to keep up with the others, but the soft living she had done while here had made her fall out of the shape she had been in. Lyle wouldn't have been happy with her and they were more than late to return home. But she put that from her mind and simply concentrated on all of them moving forward.

They barely stopped to rest as the fire continued behind them, Mathius thought he had heard men off to their left and ordered the group to continue on veering right toward the sound of water. When they came out everyone groaned they had found a waterfall with a small bridge crossing it. "What are you waiting for Cybil, Helene, Nist across and ready bows, Asmodious yer with them Litor watch their backs I'm coming last." he ordered. It seemed that once they got across they would be safe from fire and only have to contend with the soldiers.

"No. Helene you and Nist go first. I will stay behind with Mathius, then Mathius and I will go the very last. I've been working hard... and I know my skills haven't gotten that rusty, so I go last." Cybil said with a finality that meant she wasn't going to let Mathius order her around this time. He was the best fighter and the only leader this group had she couldn't let him be the very last. Besides with all the training she had done and kept up with, she knew a few tricks to keep herself safe.

Mathius had his sword out and looked back at her, "Then use your bow from the middle of the bridge while I keep them at bay. I'll stop them from reaching you while you shoot." Litor and Asmodious grabbed the packs and took off after Nist and Helene while Mathius backed up near the bridge. It was a good five or so minutes before the men burst through the smoke and trees into the area with weapons drawn and ready. Mathius roared and motioned them to come along and took his weapon with both hands.

Cybil had been busy with herself while they had waited, she had rolled up her shirt sleeves, cut off from the knee's down off her trousers. Put a few rocks in the fabric, she could swing it around as a longer weapon than her daggers were. Putting some fresh green leaves on the ground in front of them would make for mostly slippery footing as well, but that was all she had time for. So she stood to one side of Mathius not as close to the bridge trying to make herself something of an easy target. While most would go after Mathius one or two should go for her and then she would have them.

The soldiers came on and she was right most headed for Mathius who cut most down with his greatsword and the others slowed their approach. One headed to Cybil not realizing between the leaves and his speed and slipped sending him over the cliff. Litor on the other side called out, "Come the way is clear!" And Mathius nudged her, "Come to go my love get across the bridge their numbers will mean nothing as my reach is greater. I will be right behind you I promise."

"Don't choose now to let me down!" Cybil growled unhappily as she moved quickly to the bridge, she was careful with her footing. She practically flew across the bridge and once she reached the other side she turned to watch Mathius come across as well. They were so close now to the border and then home, she feared now was when they would fail.

Mathius stopped almost three-quarters of the way across as several soldiers followed him and Cybil watched him step oddly into the ropes on the side. "Boys if you don't want to get wet I'd run back!" he bellowed bringing the sword down and cutting the bride sides and everyone went into the water. Everyone turned and watched as several men fell over the falls and mathius now wet climbed out onto the bank. Now they might have a better chance to escape.

"Matty I swear, You'll give me a heart attack before we get home!" Cybil exclaimed helping him to his feet, she was ready to hurry off again however with her pack on her back and everyone just waiting on Mathius.

Mathius grabbed his things and they hurried on until dusk when they made camp. "How far until the border do you think?" Nist asked Mathius when they set down. "Two or three days and of course it's gonna be rough going as the water is gonna start drying up. So, before we peel away from the river we need to drink our fill."

"We've not lost a single canteen, so as long as we manage the water we should be alright." Cybil suggested glad to report more good news to everyone, she knew Helene was tired, but so close to their goal now perhaps it would give her friend a little hope.

Helene no sooner had they dropped to the ground that she curled up and fell asleep. Nist looked over at her, "Wish I could drop out that fast, then again wouldn't help much in a bad situation."

"She's been doing her best... hopefully soon, she'll see the fruits of her labors." Cybil said softly covering her friend with her travel blanket for extra warmth. Cybil had gained her training shape quickly, and was good to go almost as long as the men were.

Litor was taking first watch and Cybil was ushered over to Mathius's bed roll, "Get in, I'll not have my betrothed freeze for being a good friend." The others snickered and she was sure Nist made a remark, but nothing she could prove. Besides it seemed that was how the group worked all the time someone had a comment or gesture for the other men.

"Don't you go getting sick either, you're the best fighter on this team." Cybil said giving him a chaste kiss before bedding down into his bedroll. She was freezing truthfully and was more than glad for his large blanket and everything else.

With Mathius's height Cybil easily fit without issue and he wrapped his arms around her and returned the chaste kiss, "Goodnight my love." Mathius knew he would have to get up after while and relieve Nist and hoped not to wake Cybil.

Cybil did wake but she went straight back to sleep after looking over at her friend Helene. She wanted to make sure that she was alright and she didn't want her to be too cold or anything. So then after checking on her friend she settled back down and fell back asleep.

Mathius smiled when his watch was over and he slipped back in beside Cybil who had not stirred when the last watch would end they would all get up and prepare to leave. In another day or so they would be over the border and then hopefully he could call upon Darryl to bring them all home safe, then he would need to ask for Cybil's hand in marriage like he vowed long ago to do when he knew what she wanted. He closed his eyes and did not notice Helene wake and move a little way away from camp, however Cybil had, it was out of character for her friend.

In the morning over their measly breakfast Cybil decided to ask her friend about last night. "Helene... are you holding up okay? I know that it is really tough right now but it will get better I swear it... so talk to me?" She asked softly not wanting the men to over hear. This was a private conversation and Helene was far out of her depth on this journey.

"I'm still very worried about what the future holds Cybil, I fear I won't fit in anywhere else and they may even turn me away." Helene said getting very quiet and looking into the distance from where they came. It did strike Cybil that other than the information she had in regards to The Matron and Disciples of Soth, she may not have much value to the crown. Mathius was watching from a distance and talking with the others, most likely making plans for the rest of the days journey. He hoped that they would soon be able to get home with Darryl's help.

"Don't worry Helene, there are jobs to be had for women in the city, and there will be friends to be had too! I'll be by your side as much as I can okay? So you don't feel alone. I want you to have a chance at freedom without having to fear for your life, doing what you want to do." Cybil said trying to encourage her friend. She then gave Helene a hug hoping that knowing she always had a friend in Cybil would cheer her up a bit.

A couple days later as they were crossing a hilly area it began to rain horribly, as they continued descending through the weather Helene slipped and slid all the way down hitting a rock or two then landing in a muddy puddle of water. By the time the rest got down to her, she was out of the water but soaked to the bone and trying not to cry. "She might have sprained her ankle badly, does anything else hurt Helene?" Litor asked. Now Helene did tear up, "No..only my ankle hurts..I fear I'm not cut out for something like this." Nist in the rear with Asmodious snickered and got a thump on the head by the wizard, they both then got a nasty look from Litor and Mathius. "Perhaps we should find shelter and Litor can see to your ankle Helene." Mathius suggested helping the other woman to her feet and motioning Nist to move on.

"What I want to know is though we've traveled far and long why can't Darryl hear us yet? We must be close to the border by now!" Cybil whispered to Mathius, truth be told she was really beginning to become very worried. She was glad the boys... except for Nist and Asmodious were beginning to warm up to Helene and try to help her out. they had gone to far to go back now and Helene certainly couldn't go back.

"I'm truly impressed if the spell work reaches all the way to the border, it seems like The Matron wants everything kept under her control." Mathius replied. In truth he didn't want to think about any other reason why his little brother was not responding to his call. A short while later they arrived at a small hunting cabin and he sent Nist in to take a look around and see if they could use it. The rest of the group remained outside in the rain while Nist got a closer look then appeared at the door and waved them in. "Not too shabby, could be better could be worse, one room a couple cots and some dry firewood." Litor nodded his approval, "We will need to get our clothing dried so not to get sick, but I can find enough here to get Helene feeling better."

"I'll get to hanging the clothes then to best dry." Cybil said softly offering her services, little though they were, she knew they would be helpful. She hoped things were well with the family and that soon they would be heard.

Most everything in their packs was wet, but Mathius and Cybil managed to set up areas for men and women while the clothes dried by the fires. Litor came around and kept his eyes on Helene's ankle not letting his eyes wonder any higher than her knee. "Well, the good news is nothing is broken, sleep with it raised tonight and it will only be sore in the morning." Helene thanked him as he went back behind the wall of cloaks then smiled lightly at Cybil as everyone in the cabin shivered lightly.

"Glad it isn't broken." Cybil said with a smile as she sat close to her friend so they wouldn't be freezing. There wasn't much they could do but sit next to each other or cuddle, and as much as she wished for Mathius's natural warmth she needed to stay with Helene.

It did not take long for the most of the clothes to dry out, Mathius and Litor gave up their shirts to Cybil and Helene whose, clothes needed a little more time to dry out. Mathius rolled out the map and looked over the route in the morning, "Taking the easier route for Helene we should be at the border two days from hence." Nist grunted, "With a great deal of soldiers behind not to mention the fire, we have no idea if they are ahead of us." All the men nodded that his assessment was correct, two days was a long time for nothing to go wrong.

"According to what I've gathered not many ever climb these mountains. Before the current ruler they believed these mountains held the spirits of their dead. And seeing as most soldiers are very superstitious it might slow them down and help in our favor. Not to mention the controllers, but do we know for certain that there isn't some sort of distance to which they no longer work?" Cybil asked holding the shirt close to her body to help ward off the cold. She appreciated the shirt very much and knew that Helene did too. She had thanked Matty for the shirt and had given him a kiss on the cheek. She did some extensive research on the country before it had become so secretive, and now she was sort of glad for that. "Meanwhile the people on the other side are primarily desert dwellers and find it hard to deal with the snow and cold at the top of these mountains." she added.

"We should have nothing to fear once we'd cross the mountains, if we cross the mountains that is. Helene needs outfitted as do we all for the terrain we will have to overcome." Mathius said getting nods from everyone, "Helene with what little I have left do you think we can buy supplies enough to make the trip?" She looked in the belt pouch he had with them and frowned, " I doubt it, being that we will have to buy from people who will gouge prices to keep their silence. Although, they do wrestling in some of the less savory taverns and since Mathius has a tendency to fight well." She let the rest trail off, not wanting to make it sound like it was a concrete plan.

"Well... I could... I could perhaps sing for money? Father hired a tutor to teach me, but... that would bring more attention... If Matty wrestling is the only way we can make money..." Cybil said with a shrug, she still have a few pieces of jewelry but that too could be traced if they were looking for it. There really might be no other way. Cybil was trying to think. She huddled into the shirt.

"We do not have a lot of options." Mathius said, "Let's all get some sleep and in the morning, if the weather breaks we can head out." Everyone nodded their agreement and went to get some sleep. Mathius sat near the fire and kept it going for a long while the others slept, he was hopeful the weather would break and they could get moving. Andor seemed so far away and he hoped the family was alright, he wondered if they even crossed anyone's mind back home.

Cybil laid down near her friend and was hopeful that their proximity would also share heat. She shivered but eventually fell asleep. She dreamt of home and the future and being warm in the Ravenwood manor and all the family. She wanted to stay asleep but nature called in the morning and woke her. She shivered as she woke but well she had to pee so she got up and found a place a little away's from the camp.

Helene shifted closer and after a little while they got warm enough to sleep, while most of the men shivered unwilling to get that close. Mathius stayed awake longest and bedded down before Litor woke Cybil for her turn to watch. "Leave Helene sleep, Mathius said he would take her watch until the morning." he said before heading over to bed down. It wasn't long before she could hear him fall asleep and the cottage was quiet except for the fire and sounds of breathing.

Cybil stood and walked silently from window to window, never standing directly in front of it. But to stay awake she couldn't sit still. She was cold still too, and damp. She longed for the clothes they had worn when they came to the cursed country. Warm, covering, clothing. But she tried to stay diligent to her duties and at the end of them she woke MAthius up[ gently. "Mat? Mathius it's your shift..." She said softly, her hands chilled to th bone almost. After all they were climbing higher and higher into the mountains to try and pass through them.

He too was cold to the touch, but he put his hands into hers and opened his eyes. "Good morning, my love. Get back into bed with Helene and I will cover you both with my blanket, it should help keep you both warm." Once the women were comfortable again MAthius kept the fire going and checked on the area around them. He wished they had never come to this place as nothing had went right they left Andorian waters.

"I'm sorry... about all of this Mathius." Cybil said softly before laying down and trying to fall asleep again. She hoped she didn't disturb Helen too much by being too cold. But she wasn't certain what she was going to do to try and get them all out safely. She only had a little bit of training and they were in a place she only knew the old traditions for. She knew however she was never leaving Andor again. This was the first and only adventure she was going on.

Mathius smiled at her and bent over to give her a kiss, "You've nothing to apologize for Cybie." He used the nickname he had for her to prove he held nothing against her, this was a problem between The Blue Lady and The Ravenwoods. She was helping The Disciples for something and they had to get back to Andor and be ready for a fight. The warmth of his blanket lulled her into a sound sleep, until morning. When she woke she could smell something akin to coffee and could not hear the rain on the roof of the cabin.

Cybil stretched lightly under the covers, and peeked around to see who was up and made dare she hope for it coffee. She was loathe to leave the warmth of the blanket and go out into the real world. Where it was cold, and they were being chased.

Mathius smiled back at her, "I have you and Helene's ration of tea so to speak of." After the first sip Cybil understood, it was willow bark tea and something else to make a passable if not palatable drink. It did however warm her stomach and seep into her arms and legs. The others were getting up and getting dressed, although for all in attendance it was going to be another miserable day.

"It's good Mathius, Thanks." Cybil said sipping it and pulling herself together to get the day started, better to get it started than not to start it right. She changed real quick and got all her stuff together and packed up properly, and then finished her tea. She really liked the tea... She might be a little obsessed with her man but that wasn't here nor there.

Nist spoke up, "So, northeast until we are out of Pachuca then we call for the other master Ravenwood and get home." Mathius nodded, "It might take a little while as there are so many of us, but I'm sure Darryl will bring us home. Any questions?" with no one speaking they picked up their gear and headed outside. It was still damp and the terrain did not leave much chance to spread out, so they began to wind through the trees and rocks. After several hours of trekking life threw them a curve, in front of them was a two hundred foot high wall of rock. Litor spoke first, "Time for a new plan Mathius?"

"I will climb. Find us a new path. Or make us one." Cybil said, she could fashion some crude ropes for climbing and she was nimble enough to find purchases. It was either that, or slide down the mountain cliff. Which would kill them. "Here Mathius, anchor this around your waist and a tree... You keep the tension taut between us. But with enough slack for em to move forward. Worst case I have to make hand and footholds. Best case... there are good ones around already for every to climb." Cybil said trying to make light of the situation. She was all tied up and ready this was something She had been trained to do but hadn't had a whole lot of practice at other than buildings. this should in theory be much easier.

"I don't know about this wrong move and..." he let the rest trail off not wanting to think about what might happen to her. "Perhaps we can find another way?" he tried to suggest. The others, while understanding his feelings were ready to leave Pachuca and get back home.

"That's why you have the rope dear. My life will literally be in your hands." Cybil said with a soft smile before kissing his lips and heading out. She pulled out her dagger and put it between her teeth. In case she needed to make hand and foot holds. With her hands free she began to climb. Two hundred feet wasn't a lot when walking... but climbing... however Lyle had trained her for this as well. Just in case he had said. cybil was glad he had been such a thorough teacher.

About halfway up and a great deal further away from the group Cybil found something, a cave opening. She could tell it was worked stone, someone had made this entrance but there were no hand holds to or from it in any direction. However, if it went all the way through then they'd make better time using it.

Cybil made foot holds and it was tiring work. So when she finally reach the cave and pulled herself into it she gave a grateful heave and intake of air. "I found a cave of sorts!" she then peaked over the edge to inform the others. After all it was hard to talk when you had a dagger in your mouth, and digging into stone with it. "I'll tie off the rope and Nist can join me! He can explore a bit while everyone come's up!" Cybil offered before turning to look back into the cave and give it a good look. Before tying off the rope she had to make sure it was safe.

As Cybil moved back into the cave she found the stonework was even better than the dwarves, the walls were almost smooth and almost engraved with pictograms. At the very back she found a small fountain and what looked like a home chiseled into the rocks. There was no door on the little hut and the darkness inside seemed a little ominous to her. Suddenly, a hand reached out and touched her shoulder, Nist had been quiet upon getting into the cave and had forgot to announce himself before tapping her.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKK!!!" Cybil let out an ear piercing scream as her heart almost literally leapt out of her mouth. Her legs gave out beneath her and she collapsed, tears in her eyes to look up at Nist. Her face was white as a sheet and her eyes wide with fear. Truly she was a crybaby scaredy cat. Especially without Mathius nearby. She was certain Nist was going to hate her after this... and hopefully the cave was empty or else she just screwed them over superbly.

Nist too jumped backwards almost hissing like a scared cat, "What in the nine hells is wrong with you woman!?" Still nothing in the cave stirred or moved, no enemy came from the hut or arose from the ground. The entire cave was silent as a tomb.

"YOU! You are what is wrong with me!" Cybil said getting to her feet in a scramble. "God's! You scared me! You could have let me know you were up!" Cybil all but hissed angrily at him. She stomped back over to the entrance to help the others into the cave. This was as good as any other place to set up for the night, after all that climbing she was certain Helen would need the break. Cybil too honestly, she was tired and sore and just wanted to go home already, but without Darryl being able to hear them they had to get out of this the old fashioned way.

By the time they all got into the cave it was getting dark and everyone was again exhausted and wet. The cave was creepy and no one was very happy about sleeping here, except if anyone tried to enter the cave they would hear them. Mathius opened his pack and took out what he had left, which wasn't much. "Litor, my friend, tell me your magic will work?" his question was almost the plea of a person with nothing left. Nist had gotten the fire ready and looked back at Mathius surprised at his friend's tone, "Do you think your family is still searching for us?" Mathius's eyes dropped for only a second, "No, I know them while they can't get a fix on us they won't stop hoping."

"Darryl always listens, we just have to get somewhere far enough that he can hear us again." Cybil said softly, sitting by the fire with Helen, holding the other woman's hand in her own. "I can try setting a snare... to catch... um... something?" Cybil offered after a moment wanting to bolster them with... She didn't know. She didn't know if she would catch anything, she didn't know where they were, and she didn't know if they were going to make it. But she was trying because that's what Lyle said to do. and Alehial never gave up in her stories... so Cybil couldn't either.

Litor tried to smile, "I have managed to fashion a holy symbol of sorts, I only hope my god finds it acceptable to allow me access to my magic." He knelt and began his prayer to Pelor and all the rest could do was wait and hope. Suddenly, food and water appeared and Nist let out an enthusiastic whoop of victory.

"Thank the gods!" Cybil said with a smile to Helen. At least their night was turning up somewhat. "I'll get up early in the morning and climb some more to scout the area, Maybe set up a trap or snare to catch a mountain goat or something hopefully." She promised the group. Her skills were all physical and not in the fighting way. she should be of more help then she was. "I think I'm going to look around one more time... maybe there was some kind of hidden exit or something..." She said then softly, she didn't want to be useless and she had vouched for Helen so she needed to do enough work for two.

Mathius caught her arm, "We eat first, then take a little time to relax. It's getting dark and I don't want anyone getting too far from camp." The others nodded and murmured their agreements. The food was hardy and filling and the water crisp and cold. And soon a bit of conversation rolled into stories of adventures past and home.

Civil mumbled softly and sat and ate. She kept thinking though the whole time, that she needed to do more. She needed to be more responsible, perhaps she could set some ropes to help everyone climb Tomorrow? Once the stories started being told though she slipped away from the fire to go around the cave one more time. She ended her search at the entrance to the cavern, she was looking out and down the mountain at the warmer trees and the clouds in the distance.

She suddenly felt like they were being watched, but could not tell if it was someone far away or right close to her. Someone or something knew where they were and it made her shiver, like Death was checking to see that everyone was assembled for the reaping of souls. Farther down the river she could see lights of a small city or larger village, but it was still a Pachucian city or village and they would not find a warm welcome there.

Cybil tensed, she didn't like the feeling of being watched. She looked around before figuring it must be a spell or something. It was unnerving. She wouldn't tell anyone though because it would dishearten them. It was pretty disheartening for her too though. She watched the village for a moment. Eventually when she was too cold she returned to the fire and everyone to bed down. She wanted up early to get a head start.

As they tried to get sleep, Mathius couldn't get comfortable or shake this feeling that nagged him. Eventually he sent Nist to sleep and took over the watch. The cavern was quiet and the long shadows cast by the fire made the empty cabin look nefarious. He checked twice, making sure nothing was inside and returned back to sit with his back to the fire watching the opening for any intruders.

Getting to sleep was difficult for Cybil but she managed. However after only an hour or two of sleep she woke again to that feeling. She stiffened in her sleeping roll and clutched the knife she kept near her.

Of in the cave something growled low and she swore she saw the glow of small eyes.

Cybil froze in terror before rolling out of her bedroom and further from the fire. She'd have better night vision further away from the light source. She knew now they weren't alone, but she had to be sure before raising any alarm.

At her movement there was a hiss and she could hear movement and the shine of eyes vanished.

Cybil held her breath in fright for a moment before taking a deep breath for courage. She got to her feet and decided to follow the noise of movement. She needed to know what it was, first growling then hissing? Something was amiss and she would find out what.

She searched for a little while, but the shadowy form was nowhere to be seen. SOmething again felt off as she moved about the cave, Mathius didn't say anything to her in fact it seemed like he hadn't moved from his spot.

Cybil walked over to Mathius to ask him about the shadow creature and if he had seen it. She was cold too away from the fire. She stepped close and put her hand on his shoulder.

It passed right through him, it was like she was a ghost and when she looked back to her bedroll she saw herself still asleep inside it.

"Matty? Mathius?!" Cybil's voice wavered, when she turned to look at her bedroll. "Oh no... no no!" She rushed over to check her body. Was she breathing?! Wow... did her hair really look like that? Ugh and her nose... no no now was not the time! She looking around at the others a d tried to touch them too.

A light caught her attention, small and dim at first it grew to about the size of a door handle and twice the glow of a candle. It was to the right of the small hut seemingly built into the wall. It did not disturb anyone else in the group nor did Mathius seem to see it.

"Okay Cybil... you can do this... alone... and... without anyone else." She swallows clutching the knife tightly before getting up and creeping towards the light. She didnt know what she would find... or what might find her but, it was her only clue as to what was happening right now.

As she got to the light she could hear voices, not in common at first in some ancient tongue and then it became clear. "We cannot let them retrieve the tablet or the keystone, they must be hidden away from one another. You shall take the stone far to the east across the sea and hide it, I shall take the tablet far into the Leexagay Jungles."

Cybil inched closer to hear what the voices were saying better. Keystone? Tablet? The Leexagay Jungle was on this continent, not far too far from where they were right now in the mountains.

"The Phaimmoble Isle, it will be safest there." the male voice said.

"But if we do this we will never see each other again." the female voice said full of sadness.

Phaimmoble, this was the first time Cybil had ever heard of the place but it was supposed to be inside the Leexagay Jungles.

Cybil wondered if the voices were lovers then... and she also wondered about these isles. This tablet... and keystone might... just might be the thing Galin was after. What if they got it first? And took it to Alehial and Altair?

The next words confirmed that they voices had belonged to a married couple, who to keep the world safe would never see one another again. The sound of whispered affections and several deep kisses assailed her ears before the light dissapeared and Cybil opened her eyes safe in her bedroll.

Cybil gasped and sat up right. She looked back down and sighed softly at not seeing herself in the bedroll. But she mused softly then looking into the coals of the fire.

Mathius was still on watch and she could see him plainly, the rest were still asleep.

Cybil stood then and pulled her blanket around her shoulders. It was cold at night on the mountains even out of the wind. "Mathius... I have something we need to discuss." She says softly walking towards him.

Mathius turned and smiled at her, "Alright, come here so we don't wake the others." He made room beside him so they could talk and wrapped his arm and blanket around her to share a little more warmth then the threadbare ones they brought from the cabin.

"Thank you..." Cybil said snuggling up close against him. "I think we should change our objective... I think instead of trying to just get away to where Darryl can hear us... we should go to the leexagay Jungle." Cybil says fiddling with her fingers while she spoke.

"Leexagay? It's in the opposite direction Cybie. Why would we go there?" he asked looking at her closely. They would need provisions and equipment to get there, in truth they'd need to get Darry to bring them equipment then head there for whatever reason Cybil had.

"Because... something powerful... and very important is there. I cant really explain Matty... but everything in me is telling me we should go there. As soon as we can!" Cybil says looking up at Matty with an expression he was surely familiar with.

Mathius groaned, "I can't promise anything the others will no doubt want to go home at least to recouperate and get supplies."

"I want to go home too. Very badly. But... something is telling me about Leexagay, and I'm worried about it... like what if there isn't a home to go to, if we dont get what's in the jungle Matty?" Cybil says hugging herself tightly and leaning fully against Mathius.

"Right now, all I want is you safe and the chance to get them home." Mathius told her wrapping his arm around her. Cybil was his responsibility as was the others, but he would never forgive himself if she got hurt.

Across from the cave entrance many pairs of eyes were working on finding the fugitives trail. Forra was in no better mood with the tracker and her patience was wearing thin. "They can't have just disappeared. we've been tasked to find them and time is running short." she growled at the tracker.

"You are supposed to be the best... I honestly dont see much of it." Angie grumbles as well, she was tired of these mountains and she was tired of having nothing to do. She was itching to slay this tracker woman as she supposed Forra was as well.

"Is it possible that they were able to use magic or some other powers to elude you?" Forra asked.

"No, the barrier extends at least over the mountain, they must have found another trail or are actively hiding their tracks." The tracker replied before setting off again.

"Good that the barrier is so far... but on the other hand... they may end up making it before we catch up to them." Angie growls out following the tracker closely.

A few hours later the tracker found their trail, "Somehow they got above the falls and are headed at an angled path to the barrier. If we hurry we can catch them before they cross it.

When everyone had gotten up Mathius explained the plan and hurried them along to get out of the cave. Once above the falls the route was a little easier and the sun was out banishing the cold feelings.

Cybil was once again in front and working hard, she just couldn't shake the feeling that they should find this relic instead of running away. But she made hand and footholds better and tether the rope.

WHen they stopped Mathius came to her again, "I know you want to head after this relic, but we have no supplies and very little anything. Once we get home and resupply we can make a better plan and go." He looked to his friends, they had been beat and abused the fires of home needed to build them back up to fighting spirit and then they'd be more willing to relic hunt.

"I know. I know Matty. I'll do my best to get us home. Have you called to Darryl recently?" Cybil says softly trying to change the subject. She knew he was trying to take care of her, she knew he was being the good guy.

"He still does not answer, I believe it is still the barrier keeping him away and nothing else." Mathius replied extending his hand to help Helene up a rocky spur. The others had stopped being cold to the once pampered woman and helped when they could, but she was still ill suited for adventuring.

Cybil sighed softly and smiled to Helene, her new friend was doing remarkably well. Cybil was proud of her. "A short break then we start moving again... I think... I can start getting us lower without too much danger again." Cybil announces for the group to hear. Lower meant warmer too, and warmer meant no fires at night which might give away locations.

Mathius was looking down the rock wall they would need to climb down and whistled softly, it was a long way down. In truth he began to wonder if they might not try to find a better way down, this could be a challenge for most of them. The border of Pachuca couldn't extend much further and once free of the field they could call on Darryl to help them.

Cybil shivered slightly before finding an area that was a bit wider that there was room for everyone to rest. "Another few minutes climb and we can rest and eat some." Cybil says heading towards that area she spotted and once reaching there doing her best to test it for safety first.

When the reached the spot where Cybil had pointed out a safe place to stop, they got some water and passed around some food for everyone. Litor had been doing his best to check on everyone's health and made sure he had a spell or two available for Helene for minor traveling ailments. Asmodius was busy with some spell casting and hadn't touched his rations. Nist and Mathius were watching the path behind them for any signs of pursuit by the matron's troops.

Cybil sat next to Helene and mostly kept drinking water. She was covered in light sweat, and knew she needed to stay hydrated. It was hard work making hand and foot holds all while being in front of everyone, not to mention she was trying her best to keep the pace up so it was a continuous climb. She said a small prayer that they would pass the border and Darryl could get them the next half of the climb and before they had to set up camp again.

Litor had Helene remove her boot so he could see what had been paining her, "Simple sprain and a couple blisters a healing spell should have you right as rain in a few minutes." He then began to cast the healing spell and Cybil could see the light pass from his hand into Helene who giggled as her entire foot up to her thigh felt like it had been put into a warm bath.

"Thank you Master Litor that does feel much better." she commented putting her bot back on. Helene looked up to say something else to the cleric who was quickly becoming her favorite of Cybil's companions when an arrow sunk deep into his neck. "Archers!" cried Nist who moved back trying to locate some cover. Mathius grabbed Litor and took him and the women behind a boulder so he could assess his friend.

Cybil got to her feet and grabbed Helene pulling her close to the rock wall. "Stay down and close to the wall!" Cybil tell her friend before turning so Helene was behind her back and she could see where the attackers were coming from. She had no way of helping Litor though she sorely wished she did, nor did she have any sort of weapon that would help except for her ropes and other climbing gear.

"Litor! Talk to me, what do I need to do!?" Mathius yelled trying to get the cleric to instruct him. Poor Litor tried to say something and only covered his friend's hands with his blood, a couple breaths later and they watched as his eyes fell dark.

Nist was cursing some distance away as he fired blindly in the direction of the attackers, Asmodius was chanting something and Cybil could see a globe of fire form in his hands. "Cybil that way one hundred steps then off the cliff the barrier stops." he instructed her before standing to throw the orb and catching three arrows. However the fireball flew true and right at their attackers.

Angie and Forra saw the wizard stand and the fireball leave his hand, Forra quickly chanted a spell and brought a shield up to protect only them. The explosion on fire enveloped the three archers including the tracker who both women had grown to hate. "Let us go make the master proud!" she said with a laugh before grabbing Angie's ass, "And my lover aroused."

Angie laughed joyously and with a quick kiss to Forra's lips pulled her sword from it's sheTh ti advance on the group. "I'll leave the wizard to you love. The fighter only if you hurry." She teases glad that it was the two of them against these enemies at last.

Cybil turned and looked where Asmodius said. Then looked behind. These warriors were terrifying and it sent a cold feeling down her spine. But she grit her teeth and began to make her way to the cliff's edge as quickly as she could. They had lost Litor already and she would be damned if thsy lost anyone else because of her being too slow or scared to act.

Forra shook her head, "I believe he's dead love but the thief or warrior will do just as well."

Mathius let Litor's body to the ground and pulled his sword, "Nist retreat the way Asmodius said if we can get out of the barrier we can get home." He turned back to Cybil, "go, we will be along behind you."

Angie set her sights to Nist as the big fighter called him, let Forra have the big one. She needed a good battle to let loose some steam. Angie didn't love taking out women, and so Nist was the best option, while the ground was dangerous she had grown up around mountains, and quickly made her way over, with her short sword drawn.

Nist saw what was happening, two of his dear friends dead only Mathius remained. He could block both women long enough for Mathius to get Cybil and Helene through the barrier to safety. It would be the most noble thing he ever did, drawing his short sword he stood in the exact middle of the path, "Go Mathius, they will need your help."

Turning he saluted his friend and followed Cybil and Helene down the path. When they got to the end the next problem stood before them, the cliff was a good ten feet short of the barrier and below them was a pool of water. "Cybie I have an idea, but it's risky." he said before pulling Helene near enough to whisper something in her ear. "Do you both trust me?" he asked.

"With everything Matty!" Cybil replies instantly, she sort of had an idea of what he might be thinking and certainly didn't like what she was thinking but... whatever it was Nist was doing hopefully gave them enough time because if either woman got a hold of them Cybil feared the worst of what would happen.

Mathius stabbed his sword into the ground and grabbed Helene and tossed her with all his might the last couple feet until she broke through the barrier. She fell a dozen or few feet screaming until she called out for Darryl Ravenwood and vanished.

Angie and Forra got to Nist who firmly grew root in the path before them. "You won't get them, I might die but my friends are getting out of here." he told them. From behind they heard Helen shriek as Mathius threw her from the cliff. If they didn't hurry then the Ravenwoods would escape.

"Forra! Get the Ravenwood! I will deal with this one." Angie said before grinning and the hard dead look took over in her eyes, she pulled her favorite dagger out and lunged forward intent on killing this man who dared try to block their path.

Nist tried his best but could not keep both women occupied, he in truth figured he couldn't hold this one off for long.

Forra hurried along the path and watched as the Ravenwood fighter threw one of the women from the cliff and was turning to reach out for the other one. Quickly she put everything she had and hit him in the back sending him out over the cliff then turning to the other woman. "Hello, pretty." she cooed.

Angie barreled into Nist and as soon as she made contact plunged her knife into his side hard and deep, twisting the blade once it impacted with his flesh.

Cybil who was preparing herself for the throw was not prepared for Mathius to go flying off the edge and to suddenly be faced with... a terrifying blonde woman. "U-uuhm." Cybil stutters too frightened to speak. She didn't have weapons on her, but Mathius's sword was there in the ground and she had the rope still. There was the cliff or the pool of water below them. She would need a running start if she were to jump and with that in mind she begins to slowly back away from the blonde fighter and while staying away from the woman Cybil backs up, down the path from where she had come.

Nist felt the blade slip between his ribs then twisted, his blade fell from his grasp. The only thing he could do was swing out with his other hand. Twice his fist caught Angie on the side of the face. All before his strength failed. His attacker would have a black eye and maybe as split lip, the best he could do for his friends.

Forra knew what Cybil was thinking and bluffed her until she would run for the cliff and then she would throw out her arm and clothesline the rouge. "Oh, come now pretty. I won't hurt you, I was sent to collect you for the master. He likes collecting Ravenwood and their allies." she whispered looking down at her captive.

Angie sneered watching Nists face until she was certain he was dead. Then she stood and looked to her partner and lover holding the little rogue woman. She wipes her blade on the dead mans clothes before sheathing it and her sword. "And the fighter?" She asks coming up to forra's side to see the little rogue better.

Cybil was on the ground tears in her eyes gasping for breath, she had never been clotheslined before and at her full run it left her stunned and breathless. Cybil was also curled in a bit on her side. Once her lungs could hold breath again she shook her head. "I'm not a Ravenwood." She struggled to say before the other large woman with flaming red hair and a scar down her face joined the scary blonde. "Please! I just want to go home! None of this was supposed to happen..." she hoped maybe they would have pity on her? Maybe she could still make it to the cliff? She had little hope of it. She was alone and although Helene had gotten away everyone else was dead.

"He fell from the cliff, but I didn't hear him hit. More than likely his psion brother blinked him away." Forra said turning to look at Angie, "Oh, yours put up a fight did he? would you like me to heal that?" She then leaned down and tied Cybil's hands behind her back and sat her up, "Shh, Pretty we have much to discuss so sit quietly or we will have to punish you." From the sitting position she could see the others laying motionless on the path, all of them dead and who knows what happened to Mathius or Helene.

"Doing what he could before death claimed him. I'd love you to lay your hands on it and heal it Forra." Angie smirked then grimaced at the split lip being pulled, she does however lick it and winks at Forra. The theif was just an andorian girl, she looked like all the others, dirty blonde, brown eyes, shapely. Angie wondered if Forra meant pain punishment or the fun kind of punishment.

Cybil let the blonde tie her arms and sot her up. They weren't sympathetic in the least to her. Watching the two warriors and hearing them though made tears spill from her eyes. Matty's friends were all dead. Helene and Mathius were gone and she was alone and captured. While the ropes she could get out of she would have to catch them unawares to try and get to the cliff's edge and she certainly did not want stopped like she had been the first time.

Forra smiled placing her hand on Angie's face and chanting, for Angie there was a little pain as Forra touched her lip and got some blood on it. "There lover, your face is as it should be." the blackguard proclaimed touching the blood to her tongue and smiling. "Come, let us take the Pretty back into our custody and back to Cumba to see what the Emissary wishes us to do with her. She then reached down and lifted Cybil to her feet, "Behave Pretty, for I would hate to have to hurt you or your pretty face."

Cybil watched a little more than worried. Then she looked really concerned when the Blonde spoke of taking her back to Cumba. She was about to free herself when the red headed warrior woman grabbed her other arm on the other side of the Blonde. "Please! Don't take me back! We didn't know! Oh gods!" Cybil tried to appeal to the women again but when she was walked back she saw Nists body and the others and she knew it didn't matter. She had let them all die, and she wept.

Angie had smiled at Forra and when she saw the little thief's face grabbed her other arm to stop the girl from feeling Forra's wrath. It would be a shame indeed if Forra were to harm a pretty little thing. The usual whining and then the weeping happened but Angie was a little surprised the thief of the group would be so... unprofessional. When the woman wept she could't support herself well or walk. "I'll carry her Forra you take lead. The path narrows up ahead anyways." Angie says bending down and hoisting the girl over her shoulder, Angies hand holding firmly between the thighs so the girl didn't go anywhere.

Forra looked at the crying girl, "Oh Pretty, so upset over some males?" Then Cybil could see an evil thought enter her mind, "Let's not leave them then." They walked up the trail to where the three bodies lay and Forra began to cast a spell full of eldritch words and to her horror Cybil saw Nist and Asmodious stand even though both were obviously dead. The Blackguard made a face though, the cleric's divine power was not allowing her to raise him as the undead. It was made worse as Litor's body turned to ash and blew away on the wind.

"No!! Stop! Oh gods! Oh gods!" Cybil was horrified, now because of her not only was everyone dead but Nist and Asmodious were some sort of puppets of this evil woman. Cybil struggled then tears still streaming down her face. She couldn't stay near these evil people and what they might do to her.

Angie grit her teeth against the woman over her shoulder struggling much harder now. "For fucks sake Forra now you got her all riled up!" Angie pulled out some rope and quickly tied Cybil's ankles together and then tied her hands to said ankles. She then made a crude muffle and placed it over Cybil's mouth and tied it tightly. "There that's better. Now what can these do love?" Angie asks of her lover eyeing the two dead men and repositioning Cybil over her shoulder now satisfied the girl would be quiet and couldn't squirm or break free.

"Almost anything, we could find a long branch and they could carry our Pretty. They can fight, not with weapons or magic, but hand and bite." she explained. She got near Cybil, "I'm sure there are other unpleasant things too. But, you'll behave won't you Pretty?"

Cybil cringed and squirmed trying to put more distance between her and the Blonde. She had to stop crying so hard so she could breath properly through the gag, but that didn't make anything happen less horrifying. She squealed through her gag when Angie squeezed her inner thigh hard and she quit trying to squirm, tears still falling down her cheeks.

Angie was done with the squirming and squeezed the girls thigh roughly, satisfied when the girl stopped moving. "Are they coordiated enough to walk on this mountain while carrying a person you think? Perhaps better have them just carry the supplies. This one seems much more delicate then the rest of her group though I have to admit." Angie said thoughtfully before looking Forra over again and smiling. "It was a good hunt. Even if the fighter fell off the cliff." Angie said to Forra.

Forra shrugged, "Which ever, if you prefer to give her a squeeze now and then to keep her in line." She turned and ordered the undead to pickup the supplies and go in front of them, that way if things got dicey they would just be out the new servants and not their prisoner.

Angie walked in front of Forra just in case someone came up the rear of their little 'party'. Ignoring the still weeping thief, the trail much easier thanks the her party anyways, and Angie was no small woman. They made excellent time on this return trip.

"I will defer to you Angie when you wish to rest, perhaps we can get better acquainted with Pretty." Forra said. They did not know her name or much else about her other than that she knew the Ravenwoods. Sharing the fun of interrogating her would put a cherry on their trip to Pachuca.

"Sounds like a good plan to me. Fun and a show." Angie winks at Forra again, she had them brake back in the deep cave with the building in the back the party had stopped in, honestly Pretty was just as heavy as her pack usually was and therfore really didn't hinder Angie much at all. When they stopped Angie set the girl down in a seated position. "You watch her while I take a piss break. Then we can set up camp for the night." Angie turns to Forra before grabbing her and pulling her close for a kiss. "Be nice while I'm away." Angie laughs.

"I'm always nice lover." Forra said returning the kiss, "bring back water for bathing. It might get very sweaty tonight." Once Angie was gone Forra squatted before Cybil and whispered, "I will remover the gag but if you scream you will be punished. We can be nice and you can feel our gentleness, or we can punish you and that won't be nice at all. Do you understand?" she asked waiting for a shake of the head before removing the gag.

Cybil nodded, it wasn't like she could do much tied up the way she was, whoever they were they were familiar with thieves. She certainly didn't want punishment. She also really really didn't want this blonde to touch her.

Forra removed the gag and let her hand wipe some spit from the corner of Cybil's mouth. "There, see we have and understanding now. Will you tell me your name or shall I just call you Pretty?" Cybil noticed that above her heart was a gem that seemed to swirl with colors and was embedded on her chest.

Cybil's heart was racing, and she closed her eyes when the blonde wiped her mouth. "Cybil. My name is Cybil." She had to clear her throat and say it again, the first came out of a croak. She was fighting the feeling of wanting to cry more because she didn't think she had the time nor luxery to do it anymore.

"Will you answer my questions Cybil?" Forra asked purring Cybil's name in her ear. She looked back and saw Angie coming and smiled at her. "Who are you to the Ravenwoods? Why were you here in Pachuca? If you answer me truthfully I will reward you."

Cybil leaned away from Forra, she didn't like how the woman was cozying up near her. She also looked and saw Angie and had to swallow again. "I... I liked Mathius. I got training and joined- " cybils eyes filled with tears and she had to take a deep breath. "Joined his group, I wanted to be at his side." She finishes softly looking down at her lap, she really didn't want these women punishing her in any way.

Angie had two buckets of water. "Can't we command those dead guys to get your water? The stream is a bitch to get to." Angie said frustratedly putting down the two buckets full of water. "Does she need anything? Piss or drink? Forra you are being nice yes? I don't see any clothes missing." Angie says walking over noticing how nervous the girl was. "Learn anything?"

"Cybil has been very good Angie. Well Cybil, do you need to relieve yourself or something to drink?" Angie's comment about missing clothes almost made Forra laugh, it was a little earlier for her to strip and use their new friend. She did produce a linen square and wipe away Cybil's tears before giving her a chaste peck on the cheek. "Don't fret Pretty, you'll be fine and we won't hurt you." she said.

Cybil turned her head away from both women at the kiss. Clearly these girls were the type to enjoy other women. "If I could relieve myself..." She says looking up at Angie, so far the red head had been the captore type, Forra the blonde had been too close. Touching too. The comment of Angie's made her scared they would be doing more.

Angie looks over at Forra, "you want to take her? She might try to slip away. While a pretty little thing, Cybil is a thief still." Angie reminds the blackguard, before reaching down to unty the small woman's hands from the feet and unbind the feet. Leaving hands bound still. "Stand up Pretty." Angie tells the girl lifting her, Cybil made sure to put her legs beneath her but her legs were weak after being carried most of the day and she fell and leaned against Angie hard. Angie chuckles and puts her hand around Cybil's waist to steady her. "Easy Pretty, let the blood flow." Angie says holding Cybil close with a smile.

Forra nodded, "I will take her over there." She then took the rope and walked with Cybil a distance away. "Okay Cybil, I will help you with your pants and you will squat and pee. If you try to run from me, you will lose your pants and be punished. Do you understand?" she asked letting slack on the rope and undoing the captive's pants.

Cybil had really hoped the red head would have been the one to take her. She blushed brightly when Forra undid her pants and began sliding them down. "I... I can't go while being watched..." Cybil says hesitantly she knew how it sounded but she was a good Andorian girl. While balancing with her hands tied behind her back and squatting wouldn't be any issue, it was simply indecent and debilitatingly humiliating to have someone watch her urinate. The blush still on her face as her lower half was bare in front of Forra, and the fact she was going to be watched.

Forra smiled and took a step closer to Cybil, "Then you best hope that you don't have to do the other thing before we get back to Cumba. Remember if you try to run, you will lose your pants and I'll have to spank you." the blackguard said before actually spanking Cybil bare bottom with a laugh. "You have five minutes, then I come back over there and drag you our here." she then reeled out enough rope for Cybil to go behind a rock.

Cybil blushed harder tears welling up in her eyes again, she nodded and went behind the rock. She could get free from this... and try to run, they might be tired enough to be slow enough that maybe she could get away. But... if they caught her? Would the punishment be something along the lines of what happened to her companions? Or was the threat of spankong also a threat to raping her? Or blood and pain? Cybil though could relieve herself while debating her options. She was sort of deciding to try running, working to loose herself, the knots were tight but she was getting them loose. After a few seconds she had one hand out. She looked and saw a crag on the crag near the right height and hung the rope on that. Then quickly pulled up her pants and snuck to the side of the boulder. She had one shot and had to be fast. Angie's back was to them setting up for the night and Forra's back was still turned as well to give her privacy. Sneaking and then breaking into a run the closer she was to the exit she could feel hope inside her as she reached the edge of the cave.

Forra turned when she heard Cybil run, at first she pulled on the rope which she realized was tied to a rock. She dropped it and began to repeat the words to a spell she used quite often, she pointed to Cybil's back and said the final word, "MIRA" Cybil found herself frozen in mid step unable to go an inch further. "Oh, pretty pretty Cybil." Forra cooed as she made her way to the cave entrance. "Why would you test me and my resolve?" she asked stepping in front of Cybil and pushing her backwards until she could get her back to the camp. "Angie, she tried to run lover. Whatever shall we do to curb this type of activity?" she asked as she again loosened Cybil's pants and let the fall around her ankles.

Cybil chokes back a sob. She was unable to run, and now they were taking her pants. Would they rape her? Torture her? She didn't know and she was so afraid of what this woman might do to her.

"Forra, I did warn you dear. Perhaps a spanking is in order? Or manacles even. We certainly can't let her out of sight, and she can get out of ropes quickly it seems." Angie says coming over as well. "We should remove her shoes so she doesn't try to run again... not in these mountains." She advises her lover as she comes to investigate what Forra wanted to do. Angie usually kept thieves tied and in sight at all times.

"How about we take all her clothes? And we will tie her to one of us tonight? But I do feel a good spanking is well deserved." Forra drug Cybil back where she could sit and put Cybil across her lap, "Prepare yourself Pretty." It was then her hand hit Cybil on her exposed buttocks, then again and again. The hits numbered fifteen and then Forra let her fingers trail down between Cybil's now red buttocks to skirt her darker hole, "Pretty, now you know that I mean business."

Cybil cried out, it hurt! She tensed and it made the pain all that much worse. By the time Forra was finishes Cybil was limp across her legs, tears still ran down her face.

Angie smiled and brought over the manacles and put them around Cybil's ankles, they could tie her wherever they wanted but she couldn't run now. She couldn't resist and rubbed that red skin that was so tantalizing right in front of her. Cybil's pained whimper made her smile. "Learned her lesson I think Forra." She chuckles looking up at Forra.

Forra set Cybil up and made her look into her eyes, "I didn't want to harm you Pretty or take away your pants. If you are a good girl then tomorrow I will let you have them back, if you buy them from us. Until then bare ass and sex for you."

"W-what?!" Cybil couldn't understand these women. Wasn't she just punished? "No!" Cybil says raising her hands to push Forra's hand away and taking a step back straight into Angie's chest, and getting the warriors hand on her shoulder.

"Now now, we can be very nice when you aren't disobeying us, of course." Angie chuckles her right hand on Cybil's right shoulder, bringing up her left hand to hold Cybil's jaw raising her face and giving her a light kiss to the lips, when Cybil struggled against her she gripped tight enough that Cybil whimpered again softly. "Play nice with us Pretty. For your sake." Angie warns.

Forra came to stand behind Cybil, "If you play nice maybe a willing kiss for Angie and I, tomorrow you will get your pants back." She leaned forward and kissed the back of Cybil's neck and licked her ear as she grasped her buttocks firmly with both hands.

Cybil made a pained noise as Forra touched her hurt butt cheeks, the kisses making her more than uncomfortable but when Forra had spoken Angie had leaned down and kissed her again, deepening it when she made the noises. Cybil didn't want to push Angie away because it would push her into Forra, and she couldn't pull away from Forra because it would press her firmly against Angie. Cybil brought up her hands though and grabbed Angie's arm for the hand still holding her jaw though the grasp was gentle again.

Angie plundered Cybil's mouth expertly and decided to take that little step forward sandwiching Cybil between both ladies. The hand on Cybil's should moved down to cup a breast, getting another unhappy noise from Cybil. Angie releases Cybil from her kiss then and licks the other ear that Forra wasn't near.

"Maybe I was too rough on these soft cheeks." Forra said pulling back just enough to make eye contact with Angie. She then dropped to a knee and kissed Cybil's bruised bottom taking several small kisses and a couple licks. "Oh, Angie she tastes divine. We could just eat her up, I find it hard to resist not taking more." She then went back to toy with Cybil's other cheek.

"Please stop! No! Please I won't run again!" Cybil begs, she leans further against Angie not wanting Forra's lips or tongue against her rear or skin.

Angie smiles at Forra then looks down at the tearful and scared face of their captive. "Have you ever lain with women Cybil? You might enjoy it." She cajoles kissing Cybil's cheek and lower, wrapping an arm around her waist while the other fondles her breast some more, it seemed she was most concerned with Forra on bare skin.

Forra was enjoying the taste of their prisoner and she dipped the tip of her tongue into Cybil's darker hole. She then drug a finger along Cybil's sex before grabbing the chain of the manacles and spreading Cybil's legs a little bit.

Cybil squirmed and immediately tries to close her legs. "Please! Stop! Please!! I won't run anymore! I won't!" Cybil says frantically, she was getting more horrified by her body responding to the two women, her nipples getting hard, and her pussy slowly getting wet despite how much she was terrified and how much she hated these two women.

"Come now, you can make much prettier sounds and we can all enjoy ourselves yes?" Angie says before kissing Cybil again to make the little woman quiet down some, Angie was turned on and she knew Forra was very into this as well. "Forra love, let's make her comfortable on the bedrolls, and then we can continue." Angie says breaking the kiss regretfully. Cybil was plush much like Lady Sarah, but maybe much more innocent.

Forra smiled before swiping her tongue over Cybil's nether lips from behind, "I think that is a wonderful idea. Let us make her to tired to run. Oh, you'll enjoy this Cybil you can squeak and whimper all you like and the two of us will be sweet and loving to you." she then stood up and gently pulled on one of Cybil's hardening nipples.

"No! No!! Don't touch me!" Cybil said pushing against Angie and trying to make distance now. Her cries echoed into the cavern, she struggled harder when Forra also grabbed her breast.

Angie rolled her eyes and hoisted Cybil off her feet against her chest still. "Listen Pretty we can gag you again if we must." Angie says looking down at Cybil, she puts her other arm out to touch Forra's cheek. "Get the bedrolls ready how you like them, we will wait." Angie says letting go of Forra's cheek and her hand goes to Cybil's ass cheeks to squeeze.

Forra walked ahead and setup the bedrolls, even adding one she salvaged from their dead trackers to make more room. "I am ready Angie, bring forth our pretty meal." she said as she began removing her armor. With a quick thought she sent the two undead to the mouth of the cave, "No one in or out until I say so." For a moment she thought about her old life, she would have been aghast at her self, not only sex with women but with an unwilling woman.

Angie walks over and scoops up Cybil so she could lay her down on the bedrolls properly. Angie takes Cybils arms and ties her wrists together once more, this way she wouldn't interfere. "Stay while we get ready and you will only feel pleasure dear." Angie warns standing as well to strip her own armor.

Cybil whimpers softly and when laid down she just lays, letting her arms be tied, perhaps they really would be much more merciful if she just let they do what they wanted with her. She continued to shed tears but did so quietly now, things were starting to feel hopeless.

Forra finished removing everything and turned to cast a spell starting a fire that would burn all night and not need tending. She then crawled nude in beside Cybil and kissed the side of her breast, "Don't cry pretty, Angie was telling you the truth only pleasure as long as you behave." Her fingers began to stroke Cybil's skin and as promised she was being gentle in her every touch. "Has a man ever placed his mouth to your sex pretty Cybil?" she asked again kissing Cybil's skin and enjoying it's softness.

Cybil scrunched up her face unhappily but after a moments hesitation nods yes. She closed her eyes and said a prayer, that they might be quick and leave her alone otherwise. While the touches were gentle and Forra kept kissing her Cybil felt no passion towards what has taking place.

Angie now nude as well kneels on the bedrolls to the other side of Cybil, she kisses Cybil's cheek, before giving her a chaste kiss to her lips. "Words Cybil, we'd like to hear your voice please." She chastises gently nipping Cybil's earlobe then. Her hand skims Cybil's breast and though her hands were rough from years of swordplay the softness of Cybil's skin truly was a delight.

"Words?" Forra said with a wicked grin, "I wish to hear her sing as we take turns devouring her sex, bringing her to climax after climax. What do you think Cybil would you sing for us if we took turns licking your beautiful sex?" She didn't wait and continued to kiss down Cybil's body until she reached her thighs, then paused a moment to whisper, "Wonderful." before slipping her tongue inside moaning at the clean sweetness of the andorian girls nectar.

Cybil's face was red with embarrassment and shame as these women toyed with her body, and spoke horribly dirty things to her. "Nn!" She didn't want to make noise and tried to remain silent but the feeling of a hot slick tongue inside her forced her to respond. "Ah!" She gasps out looking fearfully at Angie when the large woman grabbed her breast fully and pinched one nipple, obviously fishing for more noises.

Angie chuckles at Cybil's stubborness, and Forra's joy in such a soft pretty girl at their mercy. Angie focused on Cybil's chest those wonderfully soft breasts, and Cybil did make noises though she seemed to be reluctant to enjoy their services fully.

Forra was disappointed with only two notes and she opened Cybil's nether lips and began to massage the pretty pink insides of the young woman. She then licked hard on the girl's clit and sucked it greedily into her mouth as a finger then two slid inside their captive. The pretty bird would sing, or they would spend a long time tonight making her climax so she'd be too tired to try running away.

Cybil gasps when her clit was suckled harshly and cried out when the fingers entered her. "Aah! Nn! I'm sorry! Please! Ah! Be gentle!" Cybil squirms reaching with her hands for something onto the have Angie snatch them and pull them up over her head and away from their bodies.

"Much better Cybil, keep singing for us and we will let you feel bliss." Angie says holding Cybil's tied wrists above her. Her other hand never left the girls breast as she gropes and tweaks her nipple. Leaning down she opens her mouth and take the other into her mouth to suckle on hungrily. "Ah!" Another cry and squirm from Cybil.

Forra decided she would not stop until Cybil came at least three times at least. She would not be cruel and would let the girl rest a little between them, but Cybil would relent to them and their hungers. She did thought reach out with her free hand and slipped two fingers into Angie, no sense in letting Cybil have all the pleasure.

With her clit suckled, fingers within her and her breasts being sweetly tortured Cybil was horrified when her body tensed up tightly and she cries out as her orgasm hit her.

Angie groans deeply into Cybil's breasts and bites down a little more on the flesh in her mouth while her hand squeezes a bit more as well. Then Cybil's body tensed and she cried out, and it was a sweet sound. Angie releases Cybil's breast from her mouth to smile down at Forra and then deeply kisses the little andorian beneath them.

"Music to my ears, would you like more?" Forra asked with a grin back at Angie and adding a second finger to her lover. "I'd like you to try something dearest." Forra said as she let Cybil come down from her climax and fingered herself for a couple seconds then brought her fingers to Cybil's lips, "Open pretty I think you'll like the taste."

Cybil was panting and not entirely prepared once released from Angie's kiss to have Forra's slickened fingers pressed into her mouth. "Nn!" She turns her head slightly until Angie takes hold of her jaw once more. "We are asking you to taste Pretty, don't be rude now." Was Angie's comment. Even as Angie leans back onto Forra's fingers.

Forra pumped her fingers in and out of Angie then leaned down and bit Cybil's thigh hard enough to get a response. She was beginning to lose her patience with Cybil and soon she was going to change from pleasure to pain. "I don't think pretty grasps her options, pleasure or pain pretty..." she whispered.

"Aooww!" Cybil yelpes at the bite, squirming away from the pain. But she opens her mouth quickly, she doesn't want bitten again, she didn't want to participate. Tears gather in her eyes again as she leans forward slightly with Angie's grace and takes Forra's fingers into her mouth.

Angie smiles and released Cybil once she participates better, reaching down to pinch Forra's nipple and squeeze it as well. Someone was getting a little lonely and it was showing but it made Angie smile, she sweet little spoiled Forra, "she will learn won't she Forra dear? We have two days travel and we have time to teach her" Angie chuckles leaning over to kiss and gently bite Forra's nape.

"Perhaps we should tie her to one of us tonight?" Forra said withdrawing her fingers from Cybil's mouth. "Or I could instruct our guards over there to enjoy her if she attempts to run." she said eyeing Cybil with evil intent.

"Please no! Oh gods anything but that!" Cybil says true horror showing on her face at what Forra describe, she didn't want tied to anyone and her feet were already bound by something she couldn't get loose from without tools of any kind. "Please I won't fight or run!" She says looking first at Forra and then Angie.

"My we are feisty today." Angie mumbles against Forra's skin working her way down to her lover's chest. She smirks then and pulls Cybil's hands forward bringing the Andorian thief with them. "Please my lover Pretty and show her you mean what you just said." She offers but a hard glint in her eye says it wasn't really an offer.

Cybil hesitantly leans forward closing her eyes and takes Forra's nipple into her mouth. She had played with Helene some and used that knowledge now. Her hands bound and held by Angie made things a bit awkward, she slide her legs to the side more comfortably for her new position.

Forra moaned out as Cybil began to toy with her chest, "Yes pretty, you can use your teeth some. I am a big girl and can handle it. Angie, her lips are so soft and her tongue is perfect." her hand brushed Cybil's cheek. "Does pretty think she might like to taste me again from the source this time? Or perhaps it's Angie's turn to be devoured."

Cybil flinches when Forra pets her cheek, she wasn't certain if she was supposed to answer or keep playing with forra's nipple. "I... I don't really like women." Cybil says hoping her honesty wouldn't be punished. She really really didn't want to service either of these women.

Angie smiles and decides to scoot behind Forra releasing Cybil's hands. She reaches under Forra and slides her finger up into Forra. "Come Pretty Cybil, please Forra's breasts well. And once she has had her turn we can trade places." Angie says slipping another finger into Forra and rubbing inside of her.

Forra moaned and wiggled on those practiced fingers, "Oh, pretty Cybil you can't tell me that there isn't something about the soft curves of a woman that is better than the roughness of a man? Him rooting around like an animal stabbing you with his manhood, wanting to make you a brood animal. With another woman it is nothing but pleasure, curves and softness unless both of you wish for rougher play."

Cybil stops for a moment to answer because the last time she didn't answer them they got upset with her. "I very firmly like Mathius much better." She says shaking her head in disagreement to what Forra was saying. A blush spreading across her face as she tried to focus on Forra's evil face instead of her body and what Angie was doing to her.

Angie chuckles softly before speaking over Forra's shoulder, her fingers pumping slow and rubbing Forra's inner walls expertly. "We might not be able to convert this one Forra." Her hand reaches around Forra's waist to one again grab Cybil's bound hands and give it them a tug. Then Angie gently bites Forra's shoulder as Cybil bent and took Forra's other breast into her mouth to continue as she had been silently ordered to do.

Forra began to pant as Angie was bringing her closer to climax with each second. "I wonder though, if she shows so much raw talent with a nipple in her mouth...nhhh, what could she do with a woman's sex?" She doubted that they would force that upon Cybil, but one could hope.

Cybil closed her eyes hoping they would really lose interest quickly once they got off and leave her alone. Angie however had other idea's as she pulled Cybil's bound hands down to Forra's core where he fingers were making wet lewd sounds. Cybil really hoped she wasn't going to have to do what she thought Angie might want her to do.

Angie smiles down at Cybil who had opened her eyes and had to lean a bit more with her mouth suckling and gently biting Forra's nipple as she couldn't balance with her hands anymore. "Use those pretty little pampered hands Pretty and play with Forra's clit. It seems she is so focused on you she needs some more help getting off herself." Angie said before licking the shell of Forra's ear, her fingers still working in and out of Forra who was so deliciously wet, Cybil she could feel very hesitantly reached forward and laid her hand flat on Forra's mound, before using her thumb to rub Forra's clit as she was instructed to.

Forra hissed through clenched teeth, "Oh wonderful!" It didn't take much more and the Blackguard climaxed her juices coating Cybil's hand as she leaned back to kiss Angie deep. Already some plans were coming to mind for Cybil to make Angie feel as good as she did. "I believe it is your turn dear Angie to be the focus of our little romp."

Cybil sat back on her heels, her mouth was tired, and her hand now damp with someone else's excitement. She was tired, her butt hurt still from the spanking or rather beating earlier, even with all this these women wanted to torture her with sexual play and threats.

Angie pulled out her fingers and enjoyed the kiss thoroughly. "You spoil me dear." Angie chuckles licking her fingers clean, letting Cybil take a moment to recover. Angiel herself reaches forward for one more squeeze Forra's breast.

When Angie let go of her Forra knelt by Cybil, "Cybil, how would you like to have your pants back tonight? Let us come to an understanding and both you and Angie will recieve pleasure and then we will sleep and in the morning head back to Cumba." she said hopeful that she was dangling a tempting carrot in front of the prisoner.

Cybil cringed when Forra knelt close but stayed where she was, she was tired and scared. While she did want her clothing back she at this time didn't think it mattered because they would just take them away again whenever it pleased them. "Fine." Cybil says quietly keeping her head down.

Quickly, not giving Cybil a chance to argue or fight. Forra used the manacles and rope to put Cybil face level to Angie's sex and then made her self comfortable below Cybil and before licking her she instructed, "Just do as I do Cybil and you will both enjoy yourselves." Shen then began to tongue Cybil's sex paying attention to her clit and other sensitive areas.

Angie laughs and spreads herself better so the tied woman could get to her, her blackguard was enjoying this so and it pleased Angie to have two lovers, even if one was a hesitant prisoner. When Cybil's hesitant tongue touched her Angie moaned, while clearly this girl wouldn't have the skill Forra did there was a thrill about dominating such a submissive girl and forcing her to do as you wished.

Cybil made a noise of surprise at being forced into a position she couldn't control once more, but when Angie seemed please and Forra gave her instructions she closed her eyes to gather herself. Still though she wasn't really prepared when Forra's tongue beging to lick her so heatedly, forcing Cybil's body into pleasure once more. Cybil knew she would be im much greater trouble if she disobeyed so she lowered her head and with great hesitation she licked at Angie's clit gently. Trying to mimic what was being done to her but not with nearly as much enjoyment or skill. After only a few swipe of her tongue Angie placed a hand on her head and pulled her much tighter with a firm grip. "Lick better dear, or Forra might need to get a little more encouraging." Angie warns, it was enough of a warning that Cybil licks harder at the clit and even pushes her tongue further into the big woman who was finally apparently please as the hand began to run through Cybil's hair now instead of holding her tightly.

Forra began to pleasure Cybil like she knew Angie enjoyed, if Cybil was a smart girl then she'd catch on with little prompting. As she continued to lick Cybil she reached up and spread Angie's nether lips so Cybil could get better inside her lover.

Cybil tried to mimic Forra but their position was awkward, plus she wasn't relaly one to know how to please women. When Forra opened Angie to her tongue better she did better but only a little. Mostly she just didn't have the skill to do it the way Forra was and she was distracted by Forra's own tongue. Little noises coming from her as she tried to do what these women wanted of her.

Angie moans as Forra spreads her lips for Cybil who with clearer access does a slightly better job however it was going to take a long time for her to really build up to an orgasm with the pretty little girl's skills. The noises and seeing her struggle were doing a better job than Cybil's tongue was doing.

Forra continued to lick Cybil for a few moments before capturing her clit and beginning to suckle it slowly. She also continued to hold open Angie's sex for Cybil, whom she was happy to hear trying her best to pleasure her friend. Perhaps by the end of their trip she'd improve and not need so much tutelage.

"Nnn!" Cybil moans panting and resting her cheek against Angie's thigh, her body shuddering as Forra brought Cybil's pleasure whether she wanted it or not. A firm grip to thr back of her head made her wince and open her mouth again and try to lick and figure out how to do what Forra was doing. She didn't want more pain.

Angie watched pretty Cybil work, and when Forra moved to focus on the clit and Cybil couldn't focus she let her have a moment to relish but when she panted and made no move to return Angie gave her a tight squeeze to encourage the girl and warn her. When the girl returned to her and tried to keep up with Forra's skill... well Angie was enjoying the attempts even if they weren't going to get her off.

Releasing Cybil's clit Forra whispered, "Wrap your lips about her clit and suckle pretty like you were feasting on a piece of candy." She then resumed suckling Cybil's nub while her fingers began to slip inside Angie. If Cybil wanted rest then she'd need to make Angie climax.

Cybil did as she was instructed but took no pleasure in it even when Angie moaned before her. Especially when Forra's hand was so close to her even with the fingers easily sliding up into Angie's body. When Forra continued Cybil swallowed a moan, her body was enjoying itself without regard for her feelings.

Angie moaned at Cybil's better application of her lips and tongue, and let it linger as Forra's fingers slid within her. With Forra's help Angie felt much more pleasure. Keeping her hand benhind Cybil's head petting for now, but a reminder to do well or else.

Forra smiled inwardly and continued pleasing both of her lovers, she could feel the Angie's sex become slicker as Cybil licked and suckled her clit. And Cybil's muscles in her thighs jumped and tensed meaning despite her objections she too was nearing another climax. They would sleep after this, Cybil probably too tired to try running from them.

Cybil continued to mimic Forra's actions with her tongue as much as she could. Certain Forra was doing better with her fingers than she was. Until one partcular suckle from Forra had Cybil tense her entire body, releasing Angie once again as she moaned and her body spasmed.

Angie was making small humping motions between Forra's fingers and Cybil's studious tongue. When Cybil climaxed Angie released her and put her own hand at her clit to stimulate herself better before she too followed suit and her body gripped Forra's fingers as her body shook, her moan much deeper than Cybil's own.

Forra smiled and removed herself from Cybil, "Well, if everyone is satisfied I think we should sleep for a little while. Pretty of course you will be between us and of course be punished if you try to run." She cupped Cybil's chin in her hand, "But that won't be a problem will it?"

Cybil frowns and looks away, she was exhausted. She was sore, and she had been threatened most of the day. "No... I won't run." Cybil said hesitantly, she still wasn't in a comfortable position but her hands were tied and manacles were around her ankles, add in that she would be between both women and Cybil wasn't certain even if she did stay awake and try to work on freeing herself she'd be able to run.

Angie gathered her breath again and glanced at the cave entrance seeing the zombies of her companions. She smirked and watched Forra with pretty little Cybil. "She won't run dearest but you could always have her friends over there watch her or even hold her down." Angie laughs getting to her feet and stretching. "I'm taking a piss, Forra can I actually trust you to not let her get away this time?" Angie asks raising an eyebrow at the blackguard and lover.

"Bitch." Forra called out with a laugh, "Come Pretty let's tuck you into your bedroll." She opened the bedroll and motioned to Cybil to lay down. It was time for a well earned rest, the zombies at the cave mouth would keep her from running. And since Cybil's clothes were secured with Forra and Angie's weapons, Cybil would be unable to access them until Forra ended the spell.

Cybil didn't even hesitate this time. She nods and does as she is told having to shuffle crawl over and then wiggle under. The manacles clanking around her ankles, and her hands bound made things sort of difficult, but she was too tired to fight anymore and worn out emotionally to even attempt freeing herself of the bindings. The young Andorian laid down and closed her eyes, hoping she would be allowed to just sleep.

Angie left laughing, once finished she returned to find Cybil already asleep, and Forra tucked in close to the captured girl. They really did wear out the little thief. Angie wasn't certain if the blue Lady would be pleased with just the return of the girl or not... but Lady Sarah would see it as them holding up their half of the bargain. Angie also quickly climbs inti the bedroom on the other side of Pretty Cybil and places an arm over both her and Forra's hips.

The night passed uneventfully and in the morning Cybil woke to the smell of breakfast. Forra could still cast some spells from her days as a paladin and conjured the food. She knelt by Cybil, "good morning Pretty. Do you need to relieve yourself or perhaps a little fun before we eat?" The blackguard was still nude, no sense in making Cybil that uncomfortable. Cybil could see the gem in her chest, the swirling colors and soft glow.

Angie was also awake already and had rearranged their kits better, and was fully dressed and armored. She was willing to let Forra play with their little mouse.

Cybil shakes her head no, hoping Forra didn't push the issue of the fun times. That weren't fun at all. She just really wanted to get her clothes back but her stomach rumbled making her blush. Her hands were still tied and her ankles hurt from the pressure of the manacles she had slept in.

Forra smiled and began to untie her hands and then loose the manacles, "I suspect our little display last night taught you a lesson Pretty? We will allow you to not be bound and before we leave I will give you back your clothes. If you misbehave, I will take everything away and we will begin again." she then waited for Cybil to indicate she understood before giving her breakfast.

"I understand." Cybil says holding out her hands so Forra could untie them. This way she could eat and dress... finally. Though... if she found another pool of water she might could escape them by jumping dkwn into it. She rubs her wrists though and avoids looking into Forra's eyes again.

Angie grabbed some breakfast and brought it over to Cybil then. "Sit on the rock there and eat. I'll pack up the bedrolls, Forra keep the rope handy. Just in case." Angie says glancing down at the Andorian who took the food gingerly from the warriors hands and did as she was told. "We already have a pet remember dear?" Angie chuckles as she begins to pack up the bedrolls.

Forra was thoughtful for a moment, she let Cybil eat all her food as she dressed. Then she put Cybil's clothes beside her, "You won't run Pretty, see your former companions over there? Their souls are trapped inside those bodies, unable to rest and if you run I will hold them in purgatory never knowing peace. I will shut them in phylacteries and hide them, so you will never find them and have to live with the knowledge their spirits will go mad. Do we understand?" she asked motioning for the undead companions to come to them.

Cybil quickly dressed as soon as she was goven her clothes back. She shook her head then. "I don't know what those are... but I said I won't run." Cybil said clenching her jaw and making fists of her hands. She was looking at Forra's boots not wanting to look into her tormentors face. She didn't need her companions rubbed in her face. If she had kept the pace... if she had hurried them, they all would have made it across the border alive.

"Good then we've reached an agreement. I believe we should get moving then." Forra said instruting her slaves to pick up the supplies and wait for them to set out on the trail. "Angie dear do you wish to lead or shall I? Cybil should follow in the middle and my new pets will come behind." she said out loud as she made her way to the front of the cave with Cybil in front of her.

"I can lead the way yes. It should take much less time than the trek out did. We will have one more night out, but should make it to thr city by the end of the next day. "Angie estimated as she quickly took the lead.

Cybil easily let Angie past and sighed, now without her pack or any tools she was lighter but she had been hard pressed for a solid week before and now with the threat of physical punishment as well as soul torture for Mathius and her companions her mind was weighing her down just as heavily as her pack. What she really didn't want was Forra near so Cybil kept pace as well as she could with Angie.

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