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Owlie's Art

Just a place to put random projects we do in art. Most are projects for the class, though I do an occassional sketch of some sort that I may put up sometime (^,^) Enjoy!

WARNING: Does contain a little nudity. Just letting you know.


This fist picture seemed to come out clearer with the flash...

...but this second picture shows the colors better despite the blur, so I think I like it better :) Just a simple art project with washed/blended watercolors outlined in black.

A short studt in more surrealistic art. A bird made out of pencils....amazing no? It's one of my favorite art projects that took a lot of work to get right, but he came out fairly well. Colored pencil on watercolor paper....? Strange eh? :P

Crappy-class-set-crowquill pen (say it three times fast :P) and indian ink. It could have been better, but I ran out of time in class to finish it properly and still had to paint it, so the bottom left (and left side in general) looks pretty crappy...but just overlook that like the ignorant human you know you are (^,~) Other than that it went pretty well for never having used ink like this before.

A colored version of [The Black Cat in Your Path]'s Tasha B. sketch :D It took a lot longer than I expected, but I did everything right for once using layers and not rushing and all that. Colored in The GIMP--the cool FREE version of Photoshop ;) *blatant advertising*

This was our final project for last semester, when I was only there for about a month before doing this. I screwed up in a few spots that bother me, such as the curtains and the table, but all in all it came out fairly well. I actually messed up what was required, but the art board thought the quality of it was good enough for a high B grade :) Lucky me hehe Simply a #2 pencil and a damn good eraser :P

Just a watercolor painting of three pieces of fruit on a table. We had to choose a black and white zeroxed painting (very bad quality I might add), then redraw and paint it ourselves. A few parts are a little off (no one had any idea what the one on the right was in the original, so I tried to make it a peach, which was a little difficult to get the right color) and we weren't allowed to use black to tone any colors, only different blended colors, so the apple's color is a little strange and the banana's kinda flat...but other than that... :P Not too bad, but it's definitely not my favorite.

One of the best portraits I've done so far, and I really like how it turned out since I didn't really use any kind of reference. The quality is terrible, I know; it's not really that smudged and the angle is wrong and it's too dark, etc. Still It's pretty damn good. You can find her profile at Songs of the Night Bird and Captivating the Fire Bird.

First portrait I did for my character Jack. He looked a little too feminine at first, so I shaded a lot to fix it, and now he looks too thin :\ Whoops....oh well. Maybe I'll redo him sometime.

A portrait of my character Adam (in the same group as the above two). This is the best one so far, methinks. :)

Last and best portrait in this series, this time of Charles (the flames represent his "death" in the fire).

Alex DeLarge from Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange (version seen in the movie). A lot better than the first drawing I did of poor Alex. Indian ink, watercolor, and charcoal, as usual.

Big Brother watching you hauntingly (from 1984). More of the same mediums as always. A personal favorite :D

A sketch of Bettie Page that I did for a friend for Christmas :D Not too bad, I don't think.

Link from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I made the mistake of trying to make his eyes more realistic (ie. smaller). I redid that left eye for about 30 minutes before giving up. Looked better originally than it does now :\ Oh well. Same mediums.

Quick pencil sketch of my character Hossny for When Angels Fly: the RP. His face came out nicely, but the rest is questionable. Sorry. ^^'


Also Visit Nite Owl's Poetry--something I'm much better at :D


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2008-04-25 [Grandamelf]: I hope you put some of portraits on EW!They are really good!<img:stuff/cheshmak.gif>

2008-04-25 [Nite_Owl]: Thank you ^^' I'm not as passionate about my art as my poetry, but some of it's okay.

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