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2007-04-21 18:13:43
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I have taken over Rabid's Art and Poems Wikis to atleast keep her memories alive here at ET. She is gone, but she did not leave without something to remember her by.

Welcome to Opiate Hysteria! You will now be reading...

My Poems

My New Friend
He showed me the old shed.
It was darker then I remembered.
His eyes grew bright as we walked
Cautiously past the dark corners.
Stepping over spiders and doll parts.

I remember playing. I remember scaring.
The singing.The hiding.

Three steps behind him, I start to smell it.
A fear,a lost hope.
"Why did you bring me here" I ask.
"Shhh." he replies. " It's over there."
With a smile in your eyes you point her.

My new friend has a secret.
My new friend wants to hurt.
He hides,he scares,he laughs,he sings.
But this life is nothing he needs.

I want to scream.
The realization of her body vacant of life
leaves me suffocated.

He doesn't speak, he just watches my fear gow.

My legs turn to led.And I know I can't run from this.
He has brought me into his secret.


I have not regretted.
I have let down.
I have not searched.
I have cried.
I have not forgiven.
I have lied.
I have not been awkward.
I have been happy.
I have not sensed this.
I have been lost.

I will leave you behind.
I will not hope for more.
I will be free with you.
I will not be here with you.
I will be me.
I will not be yours.
I will be sober.
I will not think you are enough.
I will be careful.
I will not love.

I can let go.
I can't be more then you want.
I can answer you honestly.
I can't love this more then you.
I can pretend to be me.
I can't stop at the red light.
I can promise you.
I can't hold this anger back.
I can let the blood flow.
I can't cover this up.

no title
there comes a time
and a place.
I've never been able to find the right one.

the expectence for it
is too great.
the want
is too much.
the need
is too strong.

the harshness
of the laughter
through the hold back.

the empty mind
and soured heart.

the feel
the taste.

it won't be so hard.
it's not hard to understand.

Why do i keep finding
myself in the same place


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2007-04-05 [Pillowthief]: Yay for Rabid's poems! *Mine*

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