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M6:34 Productions

... Enjoy ...

This is NOT an RP. This is entertainment for a random day when your friends aren't on. More than likely, someone else is. There is no need to write if you do not want to. I do urge you, however, to join and build a hysterical story that shall be published on my page. A Storyteller badge shall be given to those who help build the story. [OKAY SILLIES: NOTE: THESE WILL NOT BE OFFICIAL ELFTOWN BADGES. For those... go to][Chimes][(seeing as how she's at this page atm...) on how to get an official one.]


... Pretty, ain't it? XD ...
1: [Rook.]
2: [PnkShpGnWld]
3: [Captain Rachel Black]
4: [Asator Stormbringer]
5: [Lady Arrianya]

1. [Rook.] shall give you a story line, starting with once upon a time.
2. You, shall write another part of the story, and place your username under it.
3. Place an <*hr*> under it.
4. Tell your friends about it.
5. Keep the story going.

Once upon a time,
A cat lived in a shoebox.
It was no ordinary cat.
This cat was special...

The cat knew how to read.
He knew that there was something to make of all these words.
He realized that there were words on the back of a "SPELL BOOK"
He wished to read.
He read them aloud.
He knew he shouldn't have read them when..

When, out of the blue,
a strange man in an even stranger pink jumpsuit appeared.
He said...

*pause for dramatic effect*
Oh woe is meeeeee!...
Here he waited for the cat's reply.
[Captain Rachel Black]

The Cat just stared.
It stared hard.
It stared so hard, it's eyes almsot popped out.

No wonder, who ever saw a brain in a box?
"Hi" said the brain.
but the cat couldn't speak, because it had eyes in it's mouth.
and it's not polite to talk with food in your mouth
[Asator Stormbringer]

The cat paused, almost hesitantly before replacing its eyes.
"meow?" The cat leaped.
Leaped and fell thru to the other side of the world.
The 3-D over dramatic universe.
Located in... [fill it in lol]

A a mystical land of all sorts.
The brain was all that remained of the once court wizard there, Questor Thews.
Then out of the box came a soft coated wheaton terrier who just started at the cat then huffed.
"My name is Abernathy." said the dog in a matter of fact manner not asking for sass or wise comments from the cat but demanding an introduction.

[Lady Arrianya]

The cat just looked at the dog and purred.
It's all a cat can do, really.
He coughed up a mouse, and sent the birds to singing.

For the birds swooped down and ate the mouse.
Abernathy just huffed and turned his back to the cat, staring at the brain in the box and mumbling about what he would do with it.
Finally he decided and his tail started to wag as he stood once more and said "I know what i can do." He went into action immediately.

Username (or number or email):


2009-06-08 [Rice]: Not everyone spots the obvious.

2009-06-08 [Duke Devlin]: That's true. :O And the vast majority of the Elftown populus is retarded. ;)

2009-06-08 [Chimes]: The retarded ones don't enter contests :P

2009-06-08 [Rice]: That's hardly true now..I mean..have you seen some contest entries?

2009-06-08 [Duke Devlin]: Quite so. X______X Soem are seriously tragic. D:

2009-06-09 [Rook.]: *sigh* Geeze guys. I'll get the badges up soon. and I'll make th note that they arent official elftown badges

2009-06-09 [Rook.]: alright Tristan, start whereever the last person left off. :P Silly boy.

2009-06-10 [Captain Rachel Black]: WOot!

2009-06-10 [Rook.]: Hey Capt. *salutes*

2009-06-10 [Captain Rachel Black]: Halloooo ^_^

2009-06-10 [Chimes]: Ooo... I get a mention... I feel special. :P

2009-06-11 [Captain Rachel Black]: ...I'm supposed to put my name after it right? *_*

2009-06-11 [Chimes]: Says so in the rules. *shrug*

2009-06-13 [PnkShpGnWld]: Hehe.. So tragic.

2009-07-13 [Lady Arrianya]: oh my goodness...someone slap me if i took that one too far....*hides*

2009-09-01 [Rook.]: *hugs* you didn't!

2009-09-03 [Lady Arrianya]: oki *hugs back*

2009-09-03 [Rook.]: I keep on missing you by like, ten hours >.<;

2009-09-11 [Lady Arrianya]: lol go figure....and you still havent messaged me your new number >.<

2009-09-11 [Rook.]: I havent?!?!?!? *gasps* Oh noes!! I'm doing that now!!!

2009-09-14 [Lady Arrianya]: lol thankies *about time* oh an i will most likely be getting contacts soon!!

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