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Launched: 6-27-2010!
Deadline: 12-27-2010!

How do you control a puppet?

A contest wiki specifically geared towards the art and practice of puppetry and dangling on a string.
(by [dancingsheep])
Puppet, sweet puppet…
You sit there on a string.
Puppet, sweet puppet…
You listen to every thing!
Puppet, sweet puppet…
You let me take you by the hand.
Puppet, sweet puppet…
You have no choice; I reprimand.
Puppet, sweet puppet…
You are mine from tide to tide.
Puppet, sweet puppet…
You will never leave my side.


Purposefully Crafted:
The Puppet-Master
An explaination of the wiki and who may enter.
No Strings Attatched
A disclaimer.
Eligibility Pending
Access to be granted.

A set of wikis to describe the set of rules specified for each contest.
See my Strings
Puppet Photography Rules.
Speak Through me
Puppet Poetry/Prose Rules.
Use me
Puppet Manipulation Rules.

Thine Divine Puppets:
Puppet Photo Entries.
Puppet Poetry/Prose Entries.
Múa rối nước
Puppet Manipulation Entries.

Thine Divine Continuances:
Stop Motion
Contest Winners Archive
OAS banners
Contest Banners


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