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Temple of the Light History 01

A tall, very dark-skinned man clothed in a brown skirting below his waist approaches the front of the Temple, entering through the long hallway that leads to the rear of the building, to the pool at the back. Kneeling before the High Priestess Sepharin, he speaks, "Thank you, milady. I wish to seek knowledge from your oracle, Enlightened One."

The chanting slowly dies and her penetrating eyes open again, "Speak your troubles."

Standing once more, the dark man asks in a low, clear voice, "I come from a land across the great Blue Ocean named Eastonia, milady. It is there that my son still lives, and fears for my well-being. I have been made to seek out my own journeys in this distant land, and I must know that my son Dtalk will be safe, and that when the time is right, that we shall come to meet again here, both safe and in good health. Shall this be so, Wise One?"

As he watches her, she does not answer, and he takes it as ill omen. "Shall we meet again ever?" he calls out to her. Almost instantly, the ground below him begins to shake and tremble. The water that churns somewhere nearby begins to chug, spit and spew forth vehemently. Vestähl grasps the stairs as the tremors cease once more.
"Speak, oracle, you must! Tell me please!" he beckons her to answer. When she does not, he looks deeply into her eyes. She is dead. The oracle's body rests as if alive, but the essence of life force is gone completely. Vestähl braces himself once more as a violent tremor shakes the foundations of the temple and the palace nearby.

From out of the terrible destructive force comes a soothing voice that echoes quietly through his mind: Be still, and have faith, that one day the world will shine upon you and your son. This place is no longer to rest where it now stands proud, for this is a land of chaos, not a place for this temple. The priestess has laid her power to rest, and the temple must be kept intact by someone in order to exist. You have been given this charge, sorceror. You must now touch the divine. Vestähl's spine tingles as the force tears the temple from the ground and his body rests easily to the floor as he calms his mind, letting the destruction take him with it.

As the temple is torn from its foundations, it leaves the Palace of Vraisynn's side to phase out of existence in the lands of Jashnia. Somewhere along the sweeping chaos of Limbo, Vestähl begins to take hold of the temple's power.

Quite some time later:
With a sudden crash the door of the temple room comes crashing down, making a loud thud as it hits the ground. Through the dust, two figures emerge. The first a short, wiry oriental-looking man wearing fine silken clothing. The second figure, a tall, thin elf, dressed in fine robes, seeming to glimmer an eerie blue light. The tall elf enters first, walking towards Vestähl. "Greetings, I am Quinidar Neleros, the greatest sorcerer in the universe." Speaking in a flowery voice, the words seeming to flow out of his mouth like water.
"May I help you?" replies Vestähl in a bewildered tone.
Smiling slightly Quinidar looks into his eyes, "Are you the one who created the hammer?"
"I don't know what you speak of, perhaps a wiser sage would know." Vestähl quickly returned.
Frowning at the answer, the slender elf looks back towards the short man, "Destroy the temple."
The short man then begins to aggressively attack the walls of the temple. With every hit, the bricks disintegrate into dust. Vestähl begins to run over to stop the man from his task. Quinidar then raises a hand, and seemingly with a thought forces Vestähl against the opposing wall, knocking him unconscious. "Bring him..."
Then the short asian man hoists Vestähl over his shoulder, and takes him from the temple. Quinidar flicks his wrist, and a section of Vestähl's ear detaches from his head. It lands in the middle of the room. They reach the edge of land, and with a flick of his wrist, Quinidar and his minion disappear out of sight with the old sorcerer. Leaving for Nelerosia.....

As time goes on in the vacant temple, the wear and tear of the limbo's chaotic elemental state begins to take its toll on the huge monolith as the wise old sorceror that once kept it stable has not returned to continue with its upkeep.

The temple, being directly linked to its owner, begins taking magical backup measures to insure its stability.

From the pool of crystal-clear blue water, thick, slender objects begin to emerge from the water, a beautiful radiant silvery metal, and white veins of metal coursing through and around the blocks, which are smooth on all edges as they pull themselves up out of the pool's depths.

They rise up, standing up on edge as they arise out of the water's surface, dripping as they align into an odd and seemingly erratic pattern.

More and more of these amorphous blocks of veined metal ores rise up out of the pool, aligning one on top of another in a fashion that makes a blocky, metal pillar.

As the objects finish arriving out of their watery holding, they sit for a moment to drip clean, still floating mercifully in the air above the pool.

The pillar, acting as though just now remembering its purpose, begins to move around. At once, it tips all of its blocks at a 90-degree angle, and begins spinning them all rapidly to fire the last of the water drips off into the small temple chamber.

They form into a few odd and patterned formations, seeking out the form of a spiral, and odd blocky, geometric form, followed by a pyramid, and finally a sphere, with all of the blocks spinning at different intervals in their formations.

As the sphere shrinks in diameter, the blocks begins to meld into one another, the veins disappearing into the silver liquid metal as it forms a more compact, dense metal sphere.

After a tense few moments of inaction, the sphere unfolds once more to form a semi-humanoid form, 2 long legs and a thick, hourglass-shaped body and an odd, ovoid head.
Slowly, bone- and muscle-like tendons and spherical facets begin to emerge to form alien features, sparingly human.

It begins to pulse in a low, vibratory manner, and from the low-key vibrations, the stability at the temple's outer reaches returns instantly, restoring and repairing all damage.
It looks around once in curious accomplishment, and then seeks out the other sections of the temple.

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