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Of Sound and Sand

Yami and Gaara played by:[Yami] Mercury and Orochimaru played by: [Piercedskull]
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Yami follows, holding him close.

Gaara looks at her.

Sasuke nuzzles into her.

Kabuto made them each a plate of stir fry and smiled. "Eat up.."

Mercury cuddled him tight.

The older twin nuzzled his hair and sighed in his scent.

Yami took the plate. "Thank you, Kabuto." She kisses his cheek.

Gaara closes his eyes.

Sasuke's eyes flutter open.

Yama bowed to him. "Thank you."

Kabuto smiled sweetly and bowed. "You're welcome.."

Mercury laced their fingers together.

Neptune glanced down at him. "Morning sunshine.."

Yami sits at the table, eating slowly.

Gaara holds her hand gently.

Sasuke looks up at her and yawns

Yama ate slowly, his hands slightly shaky as he did.

She smiles softly and sighs.

"How'd you sleep?"

Yami looks over and whimpers, putting her food down. "Yama? Are you ok?"

Gaara closes his eyes.

"Well. You?"

Yama looked at her. He smiled lightly. "Yeah... just getting use to holding things."

"You'll be okay. That will probably last a day." Kabuto said.

Mercury watches him quietly.

"I didn't." She chuckled

Yami took his hand, taking his chopsticks from him gently, then sliding his bowl over to him and picking up some food with the sticks. Her hand cupped under the food as she held it out to him. "Here." She was used to feeding someone, she'd done it when her lord's hands were unusable.

Gaara had begun to doze off, he was tired from carrying her all that way. He frowned softly in his sleep, he was a bit broken hearted that he had trusted Mercury and she'd tricked him.

Sasuke cocks a brow. "You didn't?" He replied softy. "Why not?"

Yama looked at her and smiled warmly, taking the food into his mouth and leaning over to nuzzle her. "Thank you, Yami..."

Mercury watched him as he slept and caressed his cheek. She did it with the best intentions.. she sighed and cuddled him close.

"I'm use to staying up for days at a time with Mercury."

Yami smiled and kissed his cheek. She got more food on the sticks, a noodle slipping off and falling to the floor, she gasps and flinches, a force of habit since her lord would hit her if she dropped any on the floor by accident. She opened her eyes and looked down, putting the food and sticks down and picking up the noodle. "Sorry... one second..." She murmurs, going to the kitchen and throwing it away.

Gaara twitched slightly as she touched him.

"That's not healthy..."

Yama jumped slightly at the reaction and waited for her to come back. "Yami, why did you-" he was stopped when kabuto placed a hand on his shoulder and shook his heead.

Mercury frowned and sighed, the guilt overriding her mind.

"Eh.. its fine." She shrugged

Yami looks up. "Forgive me." She murmurs softly, sitting down and picking up the sticks.

Gaara whined in his sleep.

Sasuke pulls her into a deep kiss

Yama gently toook her hand. "Are you alright?"

Mercury petted his hair slowly.

Neptune meeped and kissed back sweetly.

Yami nods. "I'm fine." She smiles softly.

Gaara sighs softly in his sleep.

Sasuke caresses her hips

Yama frowned. "Why did you wince..?"

Mercury played with his hands gently.

Neptune purred softly. "I love you.."

Yami looks down. "I used to feed Lord Orochimaru when he couldn't use his hands, and if I dropped any on the floor he'd punish me..." She murmurs softly. "It was a force of habit to brace for impact..."

Gaara's fingers curled around hers.

Sasuke looks at her, not sure what to say, consciously he wasn't ready to say it, afraid she would hurt him.

Yama watched her for a moment, before standing up and walking to the hall. "Yama! Where are you going?" Kabuto yelled. "To kill that snake bastard.."

Mercury smiled warmly.

Neptune caressed his cheek. "I do love you... I didn't know what to do when you left..."

Yami got up and ran, limping, after him. "Yama no!" She trips and slams into the wall, falling to the ground. "Please..." She whimpers softly.

Gaara held her hand close to his face.

Sasuke closes his eyes and leans his cheek into her hand.

Yama looked back and quickly rushed to her side, pulling her close. "Why? He's horrible.."

Mercury blushed lightly, feeling the warmth of his face against her cold hand.

Neptune kissed her forehead and smiled softly.

"Just, please, don't hurt him..." She said softly.

Gaara's breath rolled warm over her hand as he slept.

Sasuke smiles softly.

Yama frowned and cuddled her close. "Alright..."

Mercury wondered what it was like to be warm. She had been dead since she was born, so she never knew what it was like to have a heart beat, feel warm all the time, the need to breathe...

Neptune nuzzled him. "I thought I would never see you again.."

Yami slowly stands up.

Gaara turned in his sleep, now facing her, his arms tight around her.

Sasuke looks at her. "I thought the same about you."

Yama gets up shakily and lead her back into the kitchen.

Mercury tensed slightly, but smiled and curled up close to him.

Neptune pulled him close.

Yami follows, limping, sitting back down and taking up the sticks again.

He nuzzles his face against hers.

Sasuke presses against her, kissing her jaw.

Yama picked up her chopssticks and carefully picked up a few noodles, holding them upto his sister and smiling.

Mercury giggled in her head and kissed his cheek lightly.

Neptune moaned lightly and nipped his ear.

Yami places her hand on his and lowered it. "You need my help, Yama... let me help you." She smiles softly.

Gaara held her tight to his warm body.

Sasuke moans softly in her ear.

Yama smiled and nuzzled her gently. "But I wana feed you too."

Mercury thought about how she might try to make it up to him... perhaps a nice breakfast.

Neptune pressed their hips together.

Yami shakes her head. "My dear brother, the whole point of me feeding you is because you're shaky." She smiles.

He pressed his nose and lips against her neck.

Sasuke grinds against her gently.

Yama smiled and kissed her cheek. "Okay.."

Mercury shivered lightly and snuggled close.

Nepttune purred and arched her back

Yami picks up some food, feeding him until it was gone, then going to her own food, now cold, and eating.

Gaara sighs in his sleep.

Sasuke rubs his thigh to her womanhood

Yama watched her and thought back to things he saw when he was awake. He once saw a boy do a fire jutsu where his hands glowed hot... he made the handsigns, trying to remember and picked up her bowl. The soup began to steam a little and simmer. He placed it back down, smiling proudly.

Mercury murred lightly and closed her eyes.

Neptune moaned and rubbed against him

Yami smiles warmly at her brother. "You shouldn't do that, you need your energy..." She yawns softly, then blows on the food to cool it.

Gaara woke up a bit later stretching.

Sasuke caresses her bust gently.

Yama nuzzled her. "Anything for you." He kissed her cheek.

Mercury was curled up against him, seeming dead as usual.

Neptune leaned up and captured his lips

Yami smiled and finished her food, taking their dishes into the kitchen and washing them before coming back. "I'm so tired..." She whimpered.

Yama waited for her and got up, scooping her into his arms. He seemed to struggle slightly, but did it and carried her to her room.

Yami whimpers the whole way not wanting him to exhaust himself.

Gaara nudges her gently. "Mercury..."

Sasuke kisses her deeply.

"I'm fine, Yami. I'm your big strong brother!" He placed her on the bed and collapsed next to her.

Mercury's doll like black eyes snapped open and looked over at him. "Yes?"

Neptune pressed against him.

Yami whimpers. "Yama?" She places her hands on his shoulders.

"Time to get up..." Gaara whispers.

Sasuke's sex pressed to his pants against her thigh.

Yama cuddled close to her. "Mm?"

Mercury noddded and got up. "I'm going to make you breakfast."

Neptune undid his pants and purred. "Mine."

"You shouldn't strain yourself..." She pulls him under the blankets with her.

Gaara pulls her back onto the bed.

Sasuke arches into her.

Yama nuzzled her neck. "I'm not..." he purred.

Mercury squeaked and fell against him. She smiled lightly and nuzzled him.

Neptune began stroking him slowly.

Yami cuddles into him and closes her eyes. "I love you."

Gaara moves to pin her to the bed, kissing her softly.

Sasuke moans softly, rocking his hips

Yama kissed her forehead. "I love you too..."

Mercury blushed lightly and kissed back tenderly.

Neptune rubbed his tip slowly. "Mm.."

Yami cuddles up close and dozes off, a soft smile on her pale lips.

Gaara's hips rub to hers.

Sasuke slides his hand into her pants, teasing her soft, wet folds gently.

Yama curled his form around her and began drifting off. The world was perfect... for now.

Mercury shivered slightly and looked up at him. "My lord..?"

Neptune nipped his bottom lip and stroked his length.

After awhile Yami's breathing slowed then stopped as her heart beat did. A soft smile held on her lips as she died in her brother's arms, peacefully in her sleep.

Gaara looks at her. "Hm?" no emotion showed in his face.

Sasuke teases around her clit, licking her lips.

Yama woke up as something felt wrong. "Mmnnmm.. yami..?" He sat up and shook her. "Yami? Yami?!" He began screaming, trying to wake his sister. (Play oro?)

Mercury caressed his cheek. "I'm sorry..."

Neptune growled lightly and pressed against him

Yami lay limp in her brother's arms, her heart still, no breath, all the color drained from her face.

Orochimaru ran into the room and looked at them, his eyes darting to the girl in his arms, seeing the color gone from her. His heart felt like it too had stopped. "What have you done?"

He blinked slowly. "Mercury... no amount of sorry is going to earn back my trust, you betrayed it... My trust isn't something I give so easily... it's taken you this long just to gain it and you lose it in less than a day..."

Sasuke nips her neck and flicks his finger over her clit lightly.

"I-I don't know... why won't she wake up?" He sobbed and hicccuped. "Why won't she wake up..." he snuggled her tight.

Mercury's little dead heart broke even more. She looked away and nodded slowly. "I understand..."

Neptune paused and gripped his wrist for a moment, a twang of pain from her sister running through her beating heart.

"Kabuto!" Orochimaru yelled loud enough to rumble the house. "NOW!" He growled.

Gaara pulls away, not in the mood any more. He stands up and goes to shower.

Sasuke looks at her. "What?"

kabuto rushed into the room and gasped when he saw her, quickly grabbing her and rushing her down to the experiment room.

Mercury curled up quietly on the bed and waited for him.

Neptune placed a hand over her heart. "... my sister is in pain.." she sat up and growled deeply. "What did he do.."

Orochimaru follows Kabuto, his heart pounding.

Gaara sighs and leans against the wall.

Sasuke sighs and lays on his back. "Go to her..."

Kabuto fills a tube and began injecting her with different things. He hooked her up to some IVs and did a jutsu, placing her in the tube.

Mercury pulled his pillow close and buried her face in it. It was still warm and she, quickly losing her heat.

Neptune looked at him. "She can handle herself.."

Orochimaru stood, watching, he turned and looked at Yama, glaring at him.

Gaara closed his eyes, tears mixing with the shower water.

Sasuke shakes his head. "But you want to go..."

Yama flinched and crawled backwards on the bed. "Don't look at me like that..."

Mercury sighed and got up, slipping out of her clothes. She went into the bathroom and yanked back the curtain, stepping into the shower and staring up at him. "I broke your trust, and I understand that. But I'm going to everything in my power to get it back.." she leaned. Up and kissed him deeply. "Because I love you."

"But if I'm always there to defend her, she'll never learn." Neptune nuzzled him.

"What. Did. You. DO?!" He walks towards him slowly.

Gaara gasps when she rips back the curtain. "Merc-..." He gets cut off by her kiss, the water on his lips slightly salty from tears.

"I know you want to though."

"N-nothing! I didn't do anything! We fell asleep and and and she didn't wake up!" He began hyperventalating.

Mercury pulled him close, holding the kiss for a long while.

"Yes I do. But I won't." She sighed

Orochimaru growls and punches a wall, storming out.

Gaara kisses her back softly.

Sasuke looks at her.

Kabuto glanced over at Yama and sighed. "Lord Orochimaru is in love with Miss Yami... He's.. trying. To prove that he loves her, but doesn't know how.."

Yama looked at him and frowned. "You love her too. Why don't you fight for her? You don't want to lose her.."

Kabuto looked at the floor. "... She's not mine to lose.."

Mercury breaks the kiss slowly and caresses his cheek.

Neptune pulled him back over her and kissed him tenderly.

"Yama... Yami said in his head.

Gaara closes his eyes.

Sasuke kisses back deeply

Yama looked up quickly. "yami?!"

Mercury cuddled him tight.

Neptune purred lightly

"I'm so sorry, Yama... forgive me... I didn't mean to..." Her voice rang in his head.

Gaara looks away.

sasuke kisses her neck

Nonono Yami, its alright... I'm not mad." yama cooed and stared at the tank

Mercury caressed his hips slowly.

Neptune purred lightly and rubbed against him.

Yami floated there, a deep look of sorrow on her battered face. Yama? What should I do? Help me. I love them both and I don't want to hurt either of them...

Gaara looks at her, letting her touch his body.

Sasuke kisses down her body, peeling her clothes from her as he goes. His tongue flicking and sucking gently on her nipples before moving down to nip the bottom of her belly button lightly. His hands work her pants off, moving between her legs her slides his tongue along her slit, teasing her clit before gripping under her thighs, pushing her legs up and sliding his tongue along her puckered hole.

"I think Kabuto understands that you're not his... And Orochimaru is trying to change... he nearly killed me.." Yami went over and pressed his hands to the glass.

Mercury only let her hands wander over his hips and sides.

Neptune allowed his hands to slip away her clothes, her hands tugging away his clothes. "Sasuke..." she moaned, her legs wrapping around his shoulders.

But I love them both, Yama... She replies sadly in his mind.

Gaara closes his eyes.

Sasuke pushes his tongue into her tight pucker.

"who do you love more?" he asked softly.

Mercury pressed him against the wall and kissed him deeply, her fingers entangling in his red hair.

Neptune cried out softly. "Ahnn..!"

"That's the problem... I don't love one more than the one more than the other."

Gaara grunts softly, kissing back deeply.

Sasuke slides a finger into her sex as he thrusts his tongue in and out of her.

Yama frowned and caressed the glass.

Mercury rubbed their hips together. "I love you so much..."

Neptune rocked her body slowly, moaning his name

Orochimaru walks back into the room. "Yama. Come with me." He says firmly.

Gaara moans softly and moves his head to suck on her neck.

Sasuke pulls his finger and tongue from her, using his soaked finger to slide into her tight hole as his tongue flicks over her clit.

Yama looked up. "I'll be back little sister..." he turned and followed the man.

Mercury moaned and gripped his ass, tilting her head to give better acess.

The older twin cried out lightly and dug her heels into his back. "Sasuke!"

Orohimaru takes him into his room and pushes him to the bed, straddling his lap.

Gaara rubs against her.

Sasuke fingers her slowly

Yama flinched and blushed deeply. "L-Lord Orochimaru...?"

Mercury picked him up by his ass and kissed him deeper

Neptune pressed her hips closer. "Morre.."

The snake looked down at him, grabbing his wrists and pinning them above his head.

Gaara's eyes open wide in surprise.

Sasuke works a second finger into her tight pucker as he sucks on her clit.

Yama began to panic and struggle, yanking his wrists out of the man's grasp. "If you love her you won't do this!"

Mercury glanced up at him. It was hard to tell by her intense stare whether she was being mischievous or not.

Neptune rocked her hips hard and trembled. "Nnnhhhnnn!!" She whined

Orochimaru grabs his wrists and pins them back down, licking his neck.

In the tank Yami's heart began to beat again.

Gaara looked down at her.

Sasuke uses a scissoring motion to slowly stretch her tight hole.

Yama teared up and scrunched into a ball. "Stop! She loves you!"

Kabuto looked up and pressed his palm on the glass. "Oh what I would give to make you mine.."

Mercury leaned up and kissed him deeply.

Neptune gripped the pillow over her head and panted. "Sassukkke..."

Orochimaru's tongue slithers into his shirt, down his chest, rubbing over his nipple.

Yami's fingers moved a bit.

Gaara kisses her back.

Sasuke pulls his fingers from her, shifting to prod her stretched hole

Kabuto smiled sweetly. "Can you hear me?"

Yama squirmed and whined. "Stop!!"

Mercury nipped his neck.

Neptune panted lightly. "Hurry..."

The snake's tongue slithers further down, now wrapping around Yama's sex.

Yami's fingers moved a bit more.

Gaara moans softly.

Sasuke smirks, teasing her hole

Yama curled up slightly and cried softly. "N-no more! You're hurting her!"

Kabuto smiled softly. "Twitch your finger twice if you can..."

Mercury smiled warmly, pressing against him.

Neptune growled lightly. "Meean.."

Orochimaru pins him firmly, squeezing his sex hard with his tongue.

Yami's fingers twitch twice.

Gaara kisses her softly.

Sasuke pushes in slowly.

The young man bucked his hips. "Sh-she'll hate you!"

Kabuto smiled, tears in his eyes.

Mercury purred and smiled.

Neptune moaned softly. "Mmm...!"

He pulls his tongue out and looks at him. "Good, she doesn't need to love me." He tears Yama's clothing off and slithers his tongue into his tight heat.

Yami's fingers clench slowly.

Sasuke moans hotly

"She wants-AHH!" Yama arched his back high. "Stop!"

Kabuto pressed his forehead against the glass. "I'm so sorry..."

Neptune pulled him close with her legs.

The tongue slithered in and out of him as and extra length of it looped around his shaft, pumping.

Yami's form moved slightly.

Gaara places a hand on her head.

Sasuke moans as he's forced in deep.

He dug his heels into Orochimaru's back, crying out loudly. "O-oh god...!"

Kabuto sighed softly. "I love you..."

Mercury bites his collar.

Neptune clawed down his back, purring deeply.

The snake's tongue slithered deep into him, pressing his sweet spot hard.

A tear escaped Yami's closed eyes though it couldn't be seen.

Gaara gasps softly.

sasuke snakes his hand down to finger her wet folds gently

Yama moaned helplessly, tears sliding quickly from his eyes. He screamed out for Yami's help in his mind. "y-Yami... make him go a-away..."

Mercury purred, drawling slight blood.

She growled deeply. "Sasuke..!"

All of Yami's vitals began to fail. Her face twisted in pain, the stress was killing her.

The snake continued to molest the male twin.

Gaara let her do as she pleased.

Sasuke bucks faster, fingering deeply.

"Yami help me!!" Yama cried and began kicking his legs.

Kabuto gasped and hurried over, typing some things in. The liquid in the tank became purple and she would quickly fall asleep; Yama's voice unheard.

Mercury licked away the blood. "I love you.."

Neptune cried out softly, bucking her hips.

Orochimaru pins him down with his hands and legs, his tongue rubbed hard to his sweet spot as the loop pumped faster.

Yami's vitals began to return to normal.

Gaara closes his eyes.

Sasuke presses in hard and deep.

Yama's body twitched and jolted, letting out a soft cry as he came.

Mercury leaned up, kissing him sweetly.

Kabuto sighed softly and sat down on a chair.

Neptune clawed his back.

Orochimaru pulls his tongue back, smirking. "Now go, run to Yami and tell her what I've done..." He releases him and walks away.

Yami slept deeply.

Gaara kisses back softly.

Sasuke moans hotly.

Yama curled up in a tight ball, sobbing lightly.

Kabuto slowly drifted off.

Mercury caressed his cheek. "You're gorgeous."

Neptune gripped his hair. "Harder.."

Orochimaru walks into Yami's room and sighs.

Yami slowly began to wake up again.

Gaara looks at her. "So are you."

Sasuke complies, pounding harder and deeper.

Kabuto snapped awake when something beeped and looked over.

She blushed lightly and nuzzled him.

Neptune gripped the sheets and screamed out.

Yami's eyes opened slowly, she placed a hand on the glass. Yama...?

Gaara kisses her jaw softly.

Sasuke pants softly, moaning hotly. "Nearly there..."

Kabuto walked over and smiled. "Good morning.."

Mercury moaned lightly and smiled.

"Cum for me.." she whispered sexily in his ear.

Yami looked hurt as she looked around the room for her brother, she dropped her head, crying.

Gaara's form presses to hers.

"After you..." He smirks.

Kabuto frowned and caressed the glass. "What's wrong?"

"y-Yami...?" yama's voice croaked.

Mercury knelt down, his legs on her shoulders. She leaned forward, licking his shaft slowly.

"You first." Neptune smirked back

Good Bye Yama, I love you... Yami's hand gripped the mask over her face that allowed her to breathe, and pulled it off, then gripped the wires and tubes attached to herself, ripping them away, she exhaled the air in her lungs so she sank to the bottom.

Gaara gasps and moans hotly.

Sasuke shakes his head.

"Yami... I need you... " Yama sobbed.

Kabuto gasped and hit an emergency button, the tube unclasping from the wall and collapsing, the water falling away. "Yami?!"

Mercury gently sucks on the tip, purring.

Neptune nipped his cheek. "I can do this all day."

Yami spilled out onto the floor, unconscious, and not breathing. She couldn't take it any more, Yama wasn't there for her, Kabuto was too afraid to love her, her master didn't love her, she had nothing to live for anymore. She was tired of being there for everyone, but having no one there for her. Blood seeped from the corner of her mouth and eyes.

Gaara closes his eyes and arches his back.

Sasuke smirks.

Yama got up shakily and walked out, going to the lab. He gasped and stumbled over , picking his sister up. "Yami!! Yami please wake up!!"

Mercury pujrred and suddenly deepthroated him.

Neptune clenched her muscles.

Yami lays limp in his arms, blood still trickling from her mouth and eyes.

Gaara moans loudly.

Sasuke moans hotly.

Kabuto tried pulling her from his, but Yama screamed and kicked him away. He curled up around her. "You are my sunshine my only sunshine.." he whispered.

Mercury presses a finger to his tight hole as she sucks on him.

Neptune rocked her hips, groaning lightly.

Orochimaru stands in the doorway silently. He wanted er to stop loving him, not for her to die. He walked in slowly and moved over to Yama. "Give her to me, or she's not going to make it..." He says softly.

Gaara gasps, his hole clenching.

Sasuke plunges in deep, pressing her g-spot with his fingers.

Yama glared hatefully. "It's your fault! She wants to die because you don't know how to love!"

Mercury slowly slid her finger into him

Neptune gasped and shivered.

Orochimaru holds out his arms. "I won't ask again..."

Gaara gasps and moans softly.

Sasuke smirks, rubbing her g-spot firmly.

"No! She's better off without scum like you!!"

Merc smiled softly to herself, thrusting lightly.

Neptune slipped her hand down, squeezing his sac gently.

"The she will die." He glared. "You're no better than me..."

Gaara bites his lip.

Sasuke moans, bucking faster.

Yama glared at him annd grabbed a scalpel. "I won't let her die alone..." he ran the blade along his neck, blood pouring quickly.

Mercury sucks deeply on the head.

Neptune fondled them between her fingers, purring.

Orochimaru blinked apathetically. "Fine, kill yourself, after you're dead I'll just bring Yami back and make her a little, lifeless puppet that does what I say when I say in and sits in my room all day... then she'll have no one, not Kabuto and not you... apparently you don't love her ever much either so why should I bother bringing you back? I mean, I was going to revive her and give her back to you... but you'd rather leave her alone again... You wanted her to stay live until you were well enough to hold her again... but you can't stand living without her so you're killing yourself... how hypocritical of you..." He leaned against the door frame and watched. "Now all that's left is to wait for you to die so I can take her from you..."

Gaara pushes his hips foreward, a bit of precum leaking from the tip.

Sasuke kisses her deeply. "Cum with me..."

Yama glared at him and buried his face in Yami's shoulder. Kabuto walked over and placed a hand over Yama's neck, healing it. He clicked a button, another tube twice the size of a normal one filled with blue liquid.

Mercury sucked deeper and moaned lightly.

"You first." Neptune grinned.

Orochimaru glared at him. "What do you think you're doing? I didn't give you any orders!" He walks over and back hands Kabuto.

Gaara arches his body.

Sasuke growls and pulls out, pulling his fingers from her and getting off the bed, walking into the bathroom.

Kabuto took the slap. "Do you want her to truely be yours? I'm resetting their memories."

Mercury presses her finger to his sweetspot.

Neptune blinked, confused and grabbed him. "Get back here."

Orochimaru growls. "She doesn't need to love me..." He walks out of the room. He went to his own room and tore everything apart. He loved her so much, but he knew he didn't deserve her after the things he'd done.

Gaara gasps loudly. "M-Merc..."

Sasuke pulls himself from her.

Kabuto hooked them up the the machines and sighed softly.

Mercury purred and flexed her throat, thrusting deeply.

Neptune yanked him close. "You're not done."

Yami's vitals were failing, even though she wasn't hooked up to any machines, it wasn't hard to tell.

Gaara pants. "I-I'm gonna..."

Sasuke glares at her, he wasn't going to play her games, he tried to level with her about cumming at the same time, but she wanted to play her stupid games.

Kabuto finished hooking them up and sighed. "Yami.."

Mercury smirked and bobbed her head faster.

Neptune glared at him and pinned him to the bed. "Don't you walk away."

Orochimaru sat against his wall, his head down and his arms propped up on his knees, his door was locked and his room trashed.

Gaara grips her head and pulls it in as he pushes forward, gushing cum down her throat.
Sasuke pushes her off. "I'm not playing your games, Neptune."

"Yami... can you hear. Me...?"

Mercury blushed brightly, but swallowed every drop. She sucked him clean.

Neptune keeps him pinned. "Fine. Then make me cum.." she kissed him deeply.

Yami's eyes fluttered open slowly, only halfway, blood slid from the corners.

Gaara shudders, and pants softly.

Sasuke grabs her hips and pushes her onto his shaft, sliding deep into her sex.

"... I'm going to make all the bad thoughts go away.."

Mercury slowly set him down and smiled.

Neptune gasped and moaned loudly. "Fuck..!"

Yami shakes her head.

Gaara picks her up and shuts off the shower with his knee. He carries her to the bed, laying her down and laying between her legs, sliding his tongue against her slit.

Sasusuke pumps deep into her.

He nodded. "You'll be better.."

Mercury blushed lightly and gripped the bedsheets. "G-gaara..."

Neptune moans and rocks her hips. "Yes..!"

Yami shakes her head again.

Gaara's tongue grazes her clit gently.

Sasuke uses his hands to finger her pucker and tease her clit.


Mercury flinched in pleasure. "Nnmmm...!"

Neptune buried her face in his neck, shaking as she orgasmed

Again Yami shook her head coughing up blood.

Gaara buries his tongue in a bit deeper, flicking it over her clit.

Sasuke moans loudly, pushing in deep as he came.

Kabuto sighed and turned around, starting the process anyways.

Mercury whimpered in pleasure, bucking gently.

She shuddered above him, panting.

Yami pulls herself from her brother and stumbles out quickly, falling against Orochimaru's door and trying to get in. "My.....lo....lord...." She hisses out barely able to speak. She claws at the door.

Gaara presses his tongue to her clit.

Sasuke holds her close.

Orochimaru glanced up and walked over, opening the door. "Yami!?"

She gripped his hair. "Yes...!"

Neptune purred softly against his neck

Yami falls against him, her arms around his neck as she tried to stand. "My lord..." She whispers, tilting her head up and kissing him deeply, blood smeared on her lips.

Gaara gently slips a finger into hr, licking firmly.

Sasuke nips her neck lovingly.

Orochimaru tensed slightly and scooped her up, holding her tenderly. His eyes widened as they kissed, but gently pressed his thin lips back. "Lets get you healed.."

She curls her toes and whines, already on the brink.


Yami's head dropped to his shoulder as she fell unconscious.

Gaara presses a finger in deep, sucking on her clit.

Sasuke nods. "All yours."

Orochimaru brought her back and slipped her into the tank. "Rest, my dear..."

Mercury whined and shuddered, tensing as she orgasmed.


Yami stays in the tank, still passed out.

Gaara pulls his finger out and pushes his tongue in.

Sasuke nods. "I promise."

Kabuto sighed and finished hooking the twins up. "Are you happy now?"

Orochimaru glared and backhanded him. "Don't scold me."

Mercury moaned loudly and arched her hips.

Neptune smiled warmly and cuddled up on top of him

Yami looked sorrowed as she float in the tank.

Gaara laps up all of her juices.

Sasuke holds her close.

Kabuto glared. "When she wakes up, you better treat her well or I'll kill them myself. They are better off dead if you continue abusing them."

Mercury trembled under him, purring softly.

Neptune nuzzled his neck and smiled. "Are you tired?"

Yamis fingers wriggled.

Gaara cleans her sex with his tongue.

Sasuke shakes his head.

Orochimaru looked at Yami and sighed lightly. "Fine..."

Merc pulls him up and kisses him tenderly.

Neptune purred and snuggled up to him. "you sure?"

Yami's fingers curled and twitched.

Gaara kisses her deeply.

Sasuke nods.

Kabuto gently caressed the glass. "You have a chance to restart, Orochimaru. To restart and be good to her. She loves you with all she has... Don't ruin it." He sighed and left.

Orochimaru watched the silverette leave, then placed a hand on the glass. "Yami... Yami?"

Mercury kissed back sweetly and snuggled him.

Neptune chuckled and kissed his cheek.

Yami's eyes opened slowly, she looked a bit confused as to what she was doing there. She placed her hands on the glass and looked at him.

Gaara licks her lips lightly, his fingers caressing against her sides.

Sasuke smirks softly and licks her collarbone before getting up.

Orochimaru felt a kind smile form on his lips. "Good morning.."

Mercury giggled and kissed his forehead. "I love you."

Neptune shuddered lightly an smirked. "Where are you going?"

Yami's lips moved to speak but nothing was heard. She looked at her lord with sad eyes.

Gaara closes his eyes, still not quite ready to say those words to her.

Sasuke glances back, smirking. "To make breakfast."

Orochimaru stared at her and sighed, closing his eyes. "What was that, love?"

She didn't blame him. The younger twin snuggled up to the Kazekage.

Neptune hopped her her feet and onto his back. "Onwards."

"What's going on?" She asks.

Gaara holds her close.

Sasuke chuckles

"Nothing. Kabuto is going to make dinner. He's just making sure you're okay." He smiled.

Mercury sighed contently adn closed her eyes.

"So where's your little pets?"

"Where's my brother?

Gaara just holds her there.

Sasuke shrugs he didn't care that he was walking around nude.

"Right next to you." Orochimaru said softly.

"... I have a mission soon..." She mumbled. "I'll be gone a while."

"I wana give Suigetsu a nice punch in the face." Neptune nuzzled the back of his neck, not caring that she was nude as well.

Why? Yami whined in her mind.

Gaara nuzzles her jaw. "I'm going with you."

Sasuke smirks. "Oh really now?"

Because he needs time to heal, just like you.. I'm making things all better... He caressed the glass, smiling a new kind of smile. A kind smile.

"You can't, Gaara... You have a village to run."

"Indeed. He deserves it."

Yami didn't reply to him, she just moved her hand to take her twin's.

"I'm going." He says firmly.

Sasuke chuckles softly.

Yama xtayed unmoving, but gently laced his fingrrs with hers.

”You cant, Gaara.” she sihed lightly.

neptune kised his cheek lightly..

Yami held his hand tight.

Gaara looked at her. "I can and will."

Sasuke smiles. "I think we need more fun time later."

Orochimaru sighed softly walked to a chair and siting down.

”No. You will stay. ” Mercury said firmly.

”Agreed.” She chuckled.

Yami holds his hand tighter.

Gaara glares slightly.

Sasuke nuzzles her.

Yama slowly wakes, his eyes fluttering open. He looked around the room, confused as to where he was, then at Yami. He smiled lightly, her face familiar. Where are we, Yami?

Orochimaru watched. Yama's memories had already been erased. He wondered if Yami's were too.

Mercury leaned over and kissed him tenderly. "People count on you, Gaara. They need you here. I'll be fine..."

Neptune plays with his hair. "You're bad for me, you know.."

It's ok Yama... She knew, but she didn't want to distress him.

Gaara glares at her and walks away.

Sasuke chuckles.

Yama leaned over and nuzzled her lightly. Why are we in water?

Mercury watches him leave and sighed, sitting up on the bed and staring at the floor. "Neptune... I'm messing up all over again..."

Neptune smiled sweetly, then paused, feeling her sisters heartbreak.

Yami caresses his hand with her thumb. To heal.

Gaara goes to his room, punching a wall.

Sasuke looks at her, frowning. "What?"

We're hurt? He asked, tilting his head. I don't remember anything...

Mercury jumps and walks to his room, peeking in.

"She's hurting again...." Neptune sighed. "

Not anymore Yami opened her eyes slowly.

Gaara sat on his knees, his knuckles dripping blood.

Sasuke looks away

He smiled warmly and wrapped an arm around her, cuddling her close.

Mercury walked over and knelt down in front of him, taking his hands. She dug her nails into the wounds quickly, the skin quickly healing.

Neptune sighed. "I'm going to kill him... Kazekage or not.."

Yami curls into him.

Gaara winces and glares at her.

Sasuke stays quiet

When can we get out? he asked, nuzzling her hair.

Mercury didn't look at him. She hated having to hurt him to heal him, but thats the only way it would work. "I'm sorry, m'lord."

Neptune leaned against him

I don't know She nuzzles him.

He looked away from her.

Sasuke holds her close.

Who's that? He looked over at Orochimaru.

"I will leave you be..." She sighed, getting him up.

Neptune nuzzled his neck.

Yami looks over. Our Lord...

Gaara just sits there.

Sauke nips her neck.

-We have a lord?- he asked

Mercury went down to her room and punched her mirror hard

Neptune murred

Yes. She holds his hand tight.

Gaara appeared behind her, grabbing her wrist and glaring at her.

Sasuke nips her neck harder.

Yama looked back at Orochimaru. He's scary..

Pieces of glass stuck out of her hand, not that it really bothered her. She looked up at him, then away, shivering a little.

Neptune giggled and squirmed. "Stop that you."

Yami frowns softly. Yama, I love him... but-...

He grabbed the glass out and tossed it away, leaning in to lick her hand.

Sasuke grins. "Uh uh..."

~But what? Yama looked over at her and caressed her cheek.

Mercury let him and sighed, not even flinching as the glass was pulled out. "It doesn't hurt, my lord... I don't feel things the way you guys do.."

"Naughty." She tapped his nose, smirking.

He doesn't love me... Yami leans into his hand.

Gaara growls. "Fine, keep shoving me away..." He turns and walks away.

Sasuke growls playfully. "Always."

~How do you know that? he asked.

She grabbed his hand ”Im not trying to.”

”Good..” she kissed him sweetly.

I just know She curls into him.

Gaara looks at her. "What do you want from me?"

Sasuke kisses her deeply.

Yama curled around her, sighing lightly.

”I want you to be with me without thinking that you have to make sure I'm safe where ever I go. You have a village to run.”

Neptune kissed him sweetly, purring

Yami nuzzles him.

Gaara sighs. "I can manage, you mean a lot to me."

Sasuke kisses her deeply.

Yama smiled warmly at her. Orochimaru watched her carefully, sighing.

"And you mean a lot to me. But I am nothing compared to the sake of the village."

Neptune pinned him to the bed, smirking

Yami looked at Orochimaru with sorrowful eyes.

"I can protect you and the village."

Sasuke smiles and rubs to her.

He got up slowly and walked over, realizing she still had her memories. He caressed the glass and watched them carefully.

"And I can protect myself." Mercury sighed. She hated that he thought she was vulnerable. "I know that I'm not my sister, but I'm strong! I wouldn't have become a ninja if I wasn't!"

Neptune shuddered and nibbled his collar.

Yami looks down at him, then hides her face in Yama's shoulder.

"Then why are we even having this conversation?"

Sasuke rubs against her.

"Are you both feeling alright?" He asked lowly. Yama looked at him and nodded a little.

"Because you want to go with me on this mission and I'm trying to tell you no." she sighed.

Neptune nipped his jaw.

Yami nods, not looking up.

Gaara just shakes his head and walks away.

Sasuke moans softly.

"You may come out in a few hours.." Orochimaru mumbled.

Mercury let him go and sighed, looking at the floor. "I'm sorry."

Neptune bit his collarbone gently.

Yami nuzzles Yama.

"No. You aren't." He mutters.

Sasuke sighs in pleasure.

Yama nuzzled her neck gently.

"Yes, I am." Mercury spoke softly. "I know you care and don't want me to get hurt, but what kind of ninja would I be if I just let you fight my battles?"

Yami sighs softly.

"I want to be by your side..."

~Yami..? You're hurting..~ he whimpered.

Mercury walked over and caressed his cheek. "And I want to be by yours... But we have jobs to do.."

Yami remains silent.

"No, you don't."

Orochimaru frowns and went over to a keyboard, typing something in.

~What are you doing?~ Yama asked.

"Putting you both to bed... Sleep well..."

Mercury wanted to glare, but kept her expression calm. "That's not true."

Yami tenses up and struggles. She didn't want to sleep.

"Of course it is."

Orochimaru looked over. "You don't want to?"

Mercury sighed and looked at the floor. "Why do you think that..?"

Yami shakes her head.

"I don't think that, I know that."

Orochimaru lowered his hand and nodded. "Would you like to come out?"

"You can't know that! You're not in my head!" Mercury snapped, turning and jumping out the window, hopping from building to building, wanting to get out of there. Gaara hurt her so terribly.

Yami nods.

Gaara runs after her, grabbing her wrist and pulling her close.

Orochimaru typed something in, the water slowly draining. He opened the tube and helped her out. Yama tried to get up, but fell back down. "No, Yama.. Stay here.."

Mercury meeped and buried her face quickly in his chest.

Yami whines softly.

Gaara holds her close with both arms.

Orochimaru helped her out. "He will be fine.. He's body isn't fully healed..."

Yama placed his hands on the glass as it filled up.

Mercury didn't want to look at him. She sniffled quietly against him.

Yami presses her hands to the glass.

Gaara nuzzles the top of her head.

"It's alright, Yami... He'll be fine.." Orochimaru spoke softly.

Mercury gently pulled away, rubbing her eyes.

Yami looks at him with puppy eyes.

Gaara kisses her softly.

"Shh... He'll be ready in a few hours... Go to sleep Yama."

She kissed back gently, then broke it. "Why would you think that.."

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