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Of Lemons and Lessons


Authors: [cyberhavok], [The Vampire Armand]

Noir sat in his classroom, inspecting every single detail of his room. He wanted to be sure that everything would perfect for his first day at this new school. He was honestly surprised that he had gotten such a good job, being a new teacher who had just graduated from college. But he wasn't complaining, not at all! The school he was working at, Limiteri Boarding School for Boys, was very presitigious ad he got payed quite a bit. So he was very pleased.
He was a bit nervous though. This would be his first paying teaching job. What if he were to mess up somehow and lose his job? Or worse...he fell for one of his students? I mean, he was pretty close in age to the young men who attended this school was an all boys school and...he was gay so it would very...
Noir shook the thought from his mind, going to write his name, Mr. Cartier, on the front board.

Amori was very very very happy to be in the school. His friends were to be there. The teachers were hot. Yeah, he was in his element. Not that he would outloudly mention it, but he was having one hell of a time, and they had just gotten their schedules and that is where he found himself. Sitting in the back row, oggling his first hour History teacher, Mr. Cartier. He smiled happily to himself. Yeah this was going to be a good year for him. He looked around to see which of his friends had arrived, pulling out his notebooks but was surprised to not see any of them" Well, that certainly isn't fair."He said to himself, whimpering.

Lyric walked into his first class of the day, History. Which was just fine with him, considering the fact that he liked history anyway. He peered into the classroom and saw that there weren't many people there. Then again, it was still fairly early. He noticed Amori, a friend he had made the previous year. Or, atleast he hoped they were friends... He was the only other person in the school that he knew was gay. He smiled warmly at him as he approached and sat next to him. "Good morning!" he greeted.

Amori smiled back and hugged him as he leant over the seat." Well it is good to know somone came here finaly!" He said, smiling brightly."The hot.." He said, looking up as another boy came in the room. He was quite a pretty thing with his long black hair that reached a little past his shoulders, teal eyes and blushing face" Oh he's adorable." Amori said, pointing to the new comer who sat two seats besides Amori.

Valeri smiled softly at Lyric when he came in, Lyric caught his fancy at first glance. He was very very very attracted to him. Once might use the expression that he felt a force of Gravity to him. He sat two seats behind the boy that he was talking to, thinking he wasnt too bad himself but way to feminine for his taste...and was currently staring at their teacher. He didn't bother to introduce himself, instead got out the nesessary things needed for the class and stole glances at Lyric.

Lyric smiled to himself, staring at Valeri. He was another one of the friends he had made his previous year at the school. "That's Valeri...a friend of mine..." he said softly, unable to hide the love in his eyes. He had an incredibly large crush on Valeri, but no one knew. Well, atleast not yet. And he planned on it to stay that way, though, he thought his feelings were quite obvious besides.
He looked up at the teacher. He was a very handsome man indeed. "Mr. Cartier... So he's French?" he said, looking at the name written on the board. "I always did want to go to France..." he muttered, slowly beginning to go into one of his infamous ramblings.

Noir looked up at the new students who had just come in. 'My goodness... Look at them! They look like they've never even HEARD of the word ugly...' he thought. He began to feel very nervous again.
Even though all of the boys were very attractive in their own ways, the smallest-looking one with the brilliant green eyes attracted him the most. He was so cute...even a bit girlish. But that was what Noir liked. Then he froze, blushing. 'This is your student, Noir. Get ahold of yourself.'

Valeri smiled and hummed to himself, ignoring the other two.

Amori continued to stare at their teacher, interrupting Lyric's spiel." You know......I don't give a damn what he is....I think..ohhh hes gorgeous." He said in a whisper. To get his point across he wrote in big letters on a piece of paper and saying'Lyric, I think I am in love!"

Valeri however, caught sight of this piece of paper and growled to himself.

Lyric blinked, surprised. He looked at the teacher, then back at the piece of paper, then at the teacher again. Then he looked at Amori. "Him? But...Amori, he's the...teacher," he whispered the last word. "You can't be in love with him. Besides, it's not as if you've even talked to him. For all you know he could be the Earth's biggest jerk."

Amori grinned" One way to find out isn't there?" He asked, getting up, walking over to the teacher and smiling, holding out his hand" Hello Mr. Cartier, I am Amori di Miacci. It is a pleasure to be in your class this year!" He said, blushing brightly.

Valeri growled at this action and watched the two like a hawk.

Noir blinked and stared at the boy, surprised that he had such...enthusiasm. Especially this early in the morning. But he took his hand, blushing slightly at the mere contact of brushing against his fingers. "It's a pleasure to have you, Amori. I'm happy to have such an eager student." He turned even redder. Why was it that everything he was saying sounded like sexual innuendo?

Lyric took this opportunity to go and talk to Valeri. But as he started walking towards him, he saw the anger in his face. "Um...Valeri?" he said softly, tapping him on the shoulder.

Valeri looked up and blinked." Huh?" He asked, anger vanishing from his features.

Amori blushed more Ohhh yeah..eager.." He said with a nervous laugh."Sooooooooo.....errrmmm...I am going to take my seat..."He said, blushing and walking over to his seat squaling" OOOOOOOOHHHH HE TOUCHED ME! YAY! I CAN DIE HAPPY HES SOOOOO DAMN HOT! I'M IN LOVE!" Amori said in an ecstatic squeal that he tried like hell to keep quiet, unfortunately a lot of the class looked his way and he quickly ducked low in his seat, looking over to Lyric" Ohhh Lyric! I am all shivery! He touched me! Yay!"

Valeri twitched, glaring Noir down with a look that would kill even the most invincible thing on earth.

Lyric frowned, seeing the anger on Valeri's face. Since when was he all protective of Amori? "Um...that's great, Ami," he said, chuckling weakly.

Noir noticed the boys and saw one of them glaring at him. He hid behind his papers. He hadn't done anything wrong! Hell, he'd barely spoken at all! What had he done wrong now?

Amori smiled sweetly at the teacher and then looked to Valeri" Woah..are you ok there?" He asked, putting his hand on his forehead" You..dont look so good..but you feel like you dont have a fever......."He said before shrugging and looking at Lyric. "You and Valeri here should go keep staring at him like a lost puppy." Amori said, snickering, looking back at Noir, giving him a sly wink.

Valeri blushed when Amori felt his head and looked over to Lyric" I...uhhhhh no ....he..we...were only friends!"

Lyric couldn't hide the hurt in his eyes at the this comment. He really did want to be more than friends with Valeri...but he didn't think that was going to happen. Who would want him anyway? "Yeah, Ami...we're only friends..." he said softly, looking down sadly.

Noir blushed at the wink Amori gave him. What was he playing at? Was he interested in him? There was no way for him to be sure... But he was very intrigued by his display and wanted to know if the boy was actually attracted to him.

Amori looked sadly at Lyric"It will be okay...."He said as he turned his attentions back to Noir.

Valeri sighed." L-look..I...I...I mean I like you and all Lyric..but....I like somone....who appearantly likes somone else." He said, growling softly" is illeagal for them to get together by status...soo I don't know." He said, sighing.

Amori smiled brightly, pulling out three lollipops and offering one to both Lyric and Valeri, glancing at Noir suggestively, blushing and licking the candy delicately.

Noir stared at him, completely distracted by this display. He bit his lower lip to surpress a moan. Why did this boy have to be the embodiment of sex?

Lyric took the candy, smiling. "Thank you, Amori..." he said quietly, going and sitting next to Valeri. Even though it hurt to be near him, he couldn't help but long to be close to him... He licked on the sucker Amori at given him with little to no enthusiasm.

Amori smirked"Ohh watch this.."He said to Lyric and Valeri, getting up, walking back over to Noir."Mr. Cartier,could you tell me if this tastes weird?"He said, innocently though he hid a well placed lusted smirk in his eyes. He stepped as close as he could to his teacher. He didn't know why the teacher's presence was making him act like this....usually he was shy and not so obvious....but..he just couldn't help it. He felt so drawn to him. Flet as though he needed to be by his side.

Valeri crinkled his nose in disgust"Gods...what a brat..."
He said, looking at Lyric, smiling softly" How long have you had to deal with him hitting on teachers?"He asked, trying to distract himself from Amori.

Lyric shrugged. "He's never been interested in any of the teachers before. I mean, all of the others we had were old and not attractive in any way. I guess Amori's just really happy to have a teacher that good looking." He laughed slightly. "They almost make a good couple...despite the age difference."

Noir blinked, looking at the sucker. "Um...w-what's wrong with it? I...don't see how I could help?" he said, looking down shyly, trying to hide behind his bangs. He was slowly becoming aroused by his student and he didn't want him to see so he sunk lower into his seat.

Amori pouted."Awe, come on, just taste it, i wont give you germs or anything!" He said, leaning over the desk.

Valeri raised his eyebrow"He..wouldn't be stupid enough to try anything on the teacher would he? "He asked, pointing to Amori who was leaning over realy far now.

Lyric sighed and shook his head. "Yes, actually, he is that stupid." He sat there, watching the scene in disappointment. Amori was going to get himself into trouble.

Noir frowned but nodded. "Um...o-okay." He took the sucker and tasted it, handing it back to him quickly. He didn't want to seem as if he was savoring the taste of the other on the lollipop, though he was. "It...tastes fine to me..." he said nervously.

Amori smiled"Thanks, you look good with that in your mouth by the way.."he said, grinning.

Valeri raised an eyebrow"Ermm..did you hear....did he say what I just think he said?"

Noir turned bright red. He looked at his student with wide eyes. Did he have any clue what he was saying?! "" he said nervously, having no response.

Lyric nodded. "Yup. That's Amori for you..."

Amori grinned and went to kiss his teacher's cheek, ending up in falling over the edge of the desk and into his lap, looking up dazed into Noir's eyes."Uhhh s-s-sorry!"

Valeri glared at Amori"Umm should we go help them?"

Noir stared down at him, jumping up quickly. He didn't want him to feel the erection that had begun to grow in his pants. "It-it's okay! Just...go take your seat...." Noir said.

Lyric shook his head. "He'll be back in a second."

Amori blushed "No..realy sir..I didn't mean to..."He said, brushing Noir off, hands ghotsing over him, feeling the buldge and blushing more"Uhh ...ermmyeah...I to my seat now.."He said, winking at Noir again and taking his seat, giggling madly.

Valeri growled"Eerm what was that about?"

Noir sat back down in his chair. Had he felt it? He must have... He was so completely embarrassed...and class hadn't even started yet!

Lyric raised an eyebrow at Amori. "Indeed. What was all the obvious flirting for?"

Amori grinned" I am soo in love..he was hard too I think..."

Valeri growled more"You should NOT be flirting with teachers."

Lyric couldn't have agreed with Valeri more. "He's right, you know! Even if he is into you it just...wouldn't work out."

Amori gained a determined look"Oh? Watch me..." He said, scrolling down a quick note that contained his number and he drew a heart next to it, walked up to the teacher's desk and slipped it to him" me sometime."He said, blowing the teacher a kiss and walking back to his seat, a triumphant grin on his face.

Valeri let his jaw drop and stood up, grabbed his things and walked directly out of the classroom.

Lyric watched Valeri leave, frowning. "Wow..." was all he could manage to say. 'He likes Amori than I thought...' he thought to himself.

Noir blinked, looking at the piece of paper. He stared, amazed. He quickly put it away, not wanting to be caught with it...even though he was interested to know what would happen if he dialed that number later tonight.

Amori tilted his head confused"What is his problem?"He asked, eyebrows knotted in confusion.

Valeri sighed heavily, saddened and walked around the school halls, dodging hall monitors as they made their rounds until he was outside.

Lyric shook his head. "Nevermind him. Anyway, I really don't think it would be in your best interest to get involved with the teacher, Ami."

"But I love him!!!"Amori protested, pouting and glaring at Lyric."You just go comfort little Valeri okay? Leave me to deal with my lovely alone.." Amori said in a completely loving way.

Valeri by this time had calmed down and began to walk back to class.

Lyric sighed. "I doubt I'm the last person he wants to talk to..." he said as he left to find Valeri.

Amori smiled and doodled a little yaoi picture of Lyric and Valeri, smirking the whole time.

Valeri saw Lyric and smiled"Hey."

Lyric walked up to him and smiled in return. "Hey...why'd you leave like that? I was worried about you."

"I..just needed some air." Valeri replied, sighing and leaning against the wall"Speaking of which, arent you supposed to be in class?"

"W-well yeah but..." he trailed off, feeling embarrassed now. "I was...worried about you. I mean, you stormed off so suddenly..."

Valeri smiled" sweet...shall we go back now?"He asked, smiling brightly, already leading the way back to the class.

Lyric smiled. "But...that is only if you are feeling better. I mean...if you don't feel well then you shouldn't go to class. It'll only make things worse," he said hurriedly, feeling very shy.

Valeri smiled" Just come on would you?" He asked, grabbing his hand and dragging him off to the class room.

Lyric blushed at the touch of the other on his skin. He thought it was sad that so little contact could get such a reaction out of him. But he couldn't help liking holding hands with Valeri, so he allowed him to drag him back to class.

Valeri plopped in his seat behind Amori who was STILL staring at their teacher."Ano..what is this?" Valeri asked, picking up the sketch Amori had been working."Is that me!? And...AND LYRIC!?"

Lyric stared at the picture in shock. "A-AMI, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!!" he exclaimed, wanting to seem angry though the picture made him happier than it should've...

Amori grinned and snatched the paper back."You two would be cute together.."He said with a shrug.

Valeri attempted to take the paper back"You give that here, noone gave you permission to to that!"Valeri said, jumping up for the paper that was now currently being held above his head."Never!"Amori said with a cute almost girlish giggle.

Lyric, who was far taller than Amori, yanked the paper away from him. "That's enough, Amori. You really shouldn't put things on paper that you don't want other people to see..."

Amori pouted." I did want you to see it but I want to keep it!"Amori said, jumping up and tripping"Ow!"

Lyric sighed. "No! I'm not giving this back to you! It's defamation of character!"

Amori felt tears well up in his eyes"NOIR!!! HE PUSHED ME!!!"He said crawling over to his teacher and attatching himself to his leg.

Valeri watched in horror as these events unfolded.

Lyric stared at him in shock. "Amori, what the hell are you doing?!"

Noir felt completely uncomfortable with Amori attached to his leg. "'s okay. And...I'd appreciate if you'd address me as Mr. Cartier," he said, blushing slightly.

Amori clung tighter to his teacher's leg." Awe come on I like you enough I dont want to call you by your last name! And he is being mean to me!"

Valeri growled"Come and sit your self down now!"

"Um...p-please take a seat, Amori..." Noir said, getting more nervous the longer he clung to him.

"Come on, Amori. I'll give you back your...drawing," Lyric said, waving it like some sort of treat.

Amori started litterally crawling up Noir's pant leg, pressing himself completely against him as he stood, one hand on his chest"But sir..."He whispered hotly in his ear," He....has been mean to me.."His voice sounding a bit more lusted then it should have.

Valeri growled at the two and stared shocked"is he..."

Noir shuttered. "PLEASE GET BACK TO YOUR SEAT!!" he said louder than he really meant to.

Lyric shook his head. "Who knew he could act like such a whore..."

Amori pouted"you dont love me either!" He said, tearing up and placing his hands on either sides of his face and pressing his lips to his before skipping off to his seat.

Valeri hit Amori upside the head."RECKLESS! INSOLENT! STUPID!"

Noir just stared, unable to say anything. After a few moments of standing there, completely speechless, he realized where he was. All of his students were staring at him and he said, "U-UM!! EVERYONE TAKE YOUR SEATS AND LET'S GET STARTED!"

Lyric stared at Amori in amazement. "Why the hell did you do that?!!"

Amori grinned"I love him that's why!"

Valeri scoffed" You wouldnt know love if it came up and bit you in your ass."

Lyric nodded. "He's right! You shouldn't have kissed him. And most certainly not in front of the entire class! You could get him and yourself into a lot of trouble!" he scolded.

Noir tried to ignore the snickers and laughs behind him, begging desperately for the class's attention but none of them paying him any mind at all. They were all too caught up in their own conversations. He felt as if he might even cry, but he sucked it up and suddenly yelled, "ALL OF YOU JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!!!"

Amori looked up at Noir"You darling, need a vacation.."

Valeri growled and hit Amori again"YOU NEED TO STOP HITTING ON THE TEACHER!"

Noir sighed in relief. He saw that most of the class was actually paying attention now so he ran a hand through his hair. "Now, as I was saying, my name's Mr. Cartier and I will be your history teacher. Now then, since this is my first day, we should probably start things off right. Open your books to page 17. We'll start from there and work our way through the book."

Lyric opened his book, sighing. "Really, Amori. There's no need to embarrass the poor teacher."

Amori laughed to himself" I can't help and teacherly...and.."Amori blushed as he felt himself grow..tight in certain areas"AYE! SENSEI MAY I PLEASE BE EXCUSED!!!" Amori asked, pouting.

Valeri laughed"Serves you right thinking bad thoughts and all."

Noir looked up at his student confusedly. "Is there a problem?"

Lyric chuckled. "I'll say there's a problem..."

Amori grolwed and stood"YES! IM HARD OKAY! YOU MADE ME THAT WAY BECAUSE MY MIND WONT SHUT UP ABOUT YOU! SO MAY I PLEASE BE EXCUSED!?"He said before blushing dark realizing what he just said."I..I mean I..."He sank down into his chair, whimpering looking to his friends for help.

Valeri fell out of his chair laughing hard.

Lyric laughed as well, pounding on the desk.

Noir turned bright red. "Um...g-go ahead Amori..." he said quietly, turning back to the chalkboard. Had he really aroused the boy that much?

Amori smiled and left the classroom at a run and went to the bathroom to relieve himself.

Valeri smiled as he sat back up in his seat."That....was hilarious.."He said, smilng brightly.

Amori came back a few minutes later."I am back guys, did I miss anything?"

Lyric couldn't even keep a straight face. He just laughed in Amori's face.

Amori growled lowly"You shut the hell up already!?"

Valeri smirked"Well..he does know how to walk his way around the classroom....hes so gracefull..."Valeri said teasingly.

It was at this time that Amori was starting to get a little angry, clutching his hands and gritting his teeth"Shut....up."

Lyric bit back another loud laugh. "Come on, leave him alone. He's starting to get mad."

Valeri nodded, facing front, trying to pay attention in class.

Amori pouted and sighed"I hate this being in love you think I will ever get him?"Amori asked, motioning to the teacher.

Lyric stared at him, surprised. "You think you're actually in love with him? I mean, you just met the guy for God's sake. Not to mention, he could have a totally fucked-up personality for all you know."

Amori pouted"Ano...I...I realy think I love him...I..want to see him outside of school though.."Amori replied grinning."I found a way.."He said, running up and stealthily grabbing his bag- "He wont miss it..and in here should be an address where I can find him.."

Lyric was amazed at the way Amori was behaving. "You can't just take his things, Ami! Put it back!" he whispered harshly, hoping he wouldn't notice.

Amori fished around until he found his wallet and then copied down the address on the licenses and smiled"Okay."He said, putting the bag back just as careful and sitting down like nothing happened.

Lyric just shook his head. "I won't have any part in this foolishness..." he muttered, turning his attention back to their teacher, the center of Amori's affection.

Amori sat foreward happily and raised his hand.

Valeri raised an eyebrow"What is he up to now?"

Lyric rolled his eyes. "He just took the teacher's bag, looking through his personal information, and now he's going to stalk him."

Valeri sighed and went back to his work"Stupid boy."

Amori growled, waving his hand around in the air"Noir!!!! Swweeettyyyyyyyy!!! I need your help!!!!"

Noir turned to Amori, staring at him. "Amori, I'm going to ask you nicely one last time, please do not call me Noir. Call me Mr. Cartier. And most certainly CANNOT call me sweety."

Amori smiled."Sorry sir..but could you come here a minute?"

Noir walked over to him, sighing. "Yes, Amori?"

Amori blushed not believeing what he was about to do."I...well first could you tell me if your address is right?"he whispered to his ear.

Noir looked down at the piece of paper. "WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT?!!!" he yelped.

Amori smiled" Not telling..but..I have to check out."He said, standing completly and cupping Noir's face in his hands"See you when you get home darling."He said, kissing him softly and then jumping over lyric, running out of the school.

Valeri stared with widened eyes"Holy...shit.."

Lyric was awestruck. He stared up at the teacher who did not look happy AT ALL.

Noir felt his eye twitch. "What the hell is that kid's problem..." he muttered under his breath.

Amori made his way to his teachers home and sat on the doorstep, he was litteraly going to wait for him.

Valeri shook his head.

Noir tried to force the thought of the boy sitting on his doorstep and continued teaching the class.

The bell rang finaly for the class to be dismissed and Valeri smiled" want to go get a drink or somthing?"

Amori was curled up into a ball, now soundly sleeping.

Lyric shrugged. "Yeah, I guess that'd be okay. But what about Amori. Do you seriously think he's at the teacher's place?"

Noir began packing up his things as his students left. He was so glad that this class was over and it was his only one of the night. Now he could go home and relax and forget all of this ever happened.

Valeri thought a moment."No I think he went home and ...relieved some tension.."

Amori began to turn over in his sleep.

Lyric nodded. "Okay then. Let's go."

Noir smiled as he got into his car and drove home. He was happy that he didn't have a long drive. His house was only a few miles from the school. He pulled into his driveway and noticed something laying on his front step. He walked towards it catiously and blinked when he saw his student lying there. "W-what the hell?!" he yelled out.

Amori woke up"H-hi..sweety your back.."he replied, stretching and yawning.

Valeri smiled"So how long have you known the little Ami-angel?"

"Um...since my first year here," Lyric said. "We've been close friends since then. I mean, he's the only other gay guy I knew here and I felt really comfortable around him...probably the only one too..."

Noir stared. "Why the hell are you at my house?"

Valeri smiled" i am too you know...that is why i was getting so angry, I like Amori."

Amori growled"I LOVE YOU!"He said, yelling it clenching his fists, tears in his eyes"Why do you keep pushing me away!?"

Lyric sighed. "Well, I figured that out..." he said softly, looking away from Valeri. "I's obvious by how overprotective you are of him..."

Noir shook his head, moving away. "Because you're my student. Not to mention you're a teenager."

Valeri blushed"I....can't help it."

Amori grabbed Noir and pushed him against the wall."Just hear me I am way older then alot of the other students...way older..they are all around sixteen and I am eighteen at least(lol is that a lie?)I am old enough for it not to matter whether or not I am a student.."

Lyric nodded. "I understand. I suppose that...I'm also in love with someone who doesn't love me back."

Noir just stared at him for a long time before saying, "Get inside so I can figure out what to do with you..."

"Who?" Valeri asked, tilting his head.

Amori did so, walking in and plopping on a small chair, eyes resting lovingly on Noir.

Lyric blushed. "I would rather not say if you don't mind..."

Noir paced about for a long time before asking, "Okay, where do you live?"

Valeri scoffed"Oh come on I told you who I liked!"

Amori narrowed his eyes"In an appratment on the west side of blocks from here...why?"

"W-well...I-I l-like..." He couldn't bring himself to say Valeri so he said the first name that came to mind. "...Amori!"

"I'll have to drive you home," Noir said, grabbing his keys once more.

Valeri raised an eyebrow"you lie.."He said smiply.

Amori teared up."N-no..I just....I can walk there..I walked here didn't I?"He asked, sighing, one tear falling as he made his way to the door.

Lyric stared at him. "W-why would I lie about something like that?"

Noir watched him leave, feeling terrible now. He didn't want to see the boy cry.

Valeri giggled"No..your lyin I can see riiiight through you."

Amori held it in until he got to the end of the driveway before looking back once, pain gripping in his heart and he broke into a dead run, angrily pounding at the pavement with his feet, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Lyric turned bright red. "Well, if I was, then that obviously means I really don't want to tell you who I like, right?"

Noir tried to will away the guilt, but failed miserably. A few moments after the boy left, he grabbed his jacket and chased after him. He caught up to him quickly and grabbed his wrist, stopping him. "Amori...I'm sorry. I...I didn't mean to upset you," he said softly, slowly being taken in by the boy's beauty. "If you like you...can come back to my house. But only this once."

"Well why not?"Valeri asked, smiling and chewing on a random straw.

Amori nodded, his eyes still teared but he was quite calmed down."Yes...thank you."He said softly.

"B-because I'm shy..." Lyric replied simply, really wishing Valeri would drop the subject.

Noir led him back home, surprised that he hadn't released his wrist. But it felt so comfortable just walking with him like this. Not to mention his skin was so soft he never wanted to let go.

Valeri giggled"Okay I'll leave you alone for now."He said, winking.

Amori kept his gaze to the ground as they made their way there, experimentally clasping his fingers around Noir's.

Lyric smiled in relief. "Thank you." He took a sip of his drink. "So, since when did YOU start liking Ami?"

Noir noticed this and stopped. He stared in his eyes for a while before continuing to walk. He held on tightly to Amori's hand. He knew he shouldn't...but he just couldn't let go.

Valeri gigled more"When I saw him...just last year he tight little leather pants, his hair was a mess...his cheeks were all red he was complaining with the p.e. coach about making him run in his sandals or somthing.."

Amori stepped closer to Noir realising that he was not being pushed away, he gently leaned his head on Noir's shoulder.

Lyric smirked. "Yes, that certainly sounds like Amori. So that's when it happened, huh?" He looked at him, being drawn in by his beauty.

Noir shuttered, as if he were uncomfortable, but did not push Amori away. He didn't know why but he was terribly afraid that he was going to be caught with his student. Though they weren't doing anything, it still looked very suspicious. 'Besides, who says nothing will happen?' Noir thought to himself. He turned red. 'W-what the hell am I thinking?!! He's my student! Even if he is...cute, there's no way I could have a relationship with him....'

Valeri smiled" you look at me like that?"

Amori steppd into Noir's house and sat on the chair he had originaly been in.

Lyric quickly snapped out of his chance. "L-like what?" he said quickly.

Noir closed his door and rejoined Amori on the couch. He looked nervously at the ground, not knowing what to say. Everything just felt so...uncomfortable. He was alone with his student, who was very attractive, and he was incredibly horny, he had to admit. It had been ages since he had made love to anyone and this boy was slowly becoming his fantasy. But he remained still, trying to keep ahold of some self-control.

Valeri sighed and grinned" love me.."

Amori was feeling eaqually as nervous and he turned to look his teacher in the eye, sitting a bit closer then he should have been."Noir, will you not at least consider me? I realy think I love you and...I just ...I don't know.."Amori trailed off not knowing what else to say.

Lyric shook his head furiously. He didn't want Valeri to find out, especially not this way. "No, I don't. You're so full of yourself." He felt bad for saying it, but he didn't want Valeri to suspect him.

Noir was silent. He looked at Amori, the picture of innocence. He was so beautiful, and was willing to give himself away. Noir stifled a moan at the thought of Amori laying on his back, staring up at him as they made love on his bed. Did Amori now just how much he was affecting him? He sighed before replying, "Amori, I'm...I'm not sure... It could get us both into a lot of trouble..."

Valeri actually pouted a little..he was unsure as to why but that made him a bit sad."Awe sucks for you.."

Amori looked away and then back at him."I...already told you...I am leagal aged...Nothing bad can happen to us."

Lyric raised an eyebrow. "What? Do you think you're some incredible lover or something?"

" are still a student...and I could still get fired..." he said, running a hand through his hair.

Valeri blushed"Nooo...I don't think I am a virging you meany."

Amori sighed" couldn't I wont talk of us at school..well try not to..please Noir..give us a chance to work."Amori said pleadingly, playing with Noir's hair.

"Oh..." Lyric said, taking another drink so he didn't have to reply.

Noir moaned lightly as Amori drew closer. It was so hard for him to reject Amori...but he didn't want to jeopardize his job. "I...I'm afraid..."

Valeri smiled at him."Your cute.."

Amori cupped Noir's face in his hands and moved in closer"Please..Noir, please."He said softly in a whisper, moving at a slow rate so that Noir could pull away if he realy wanted..he continued on, leaning down to kiss him.

Lyric blushed. "T-thanks..." He couldn't help but grin to himself. His crush told him he was cute!

Noir saw that the boy was about to kiss him but, even though he knew he should, he didn't push him away. He just leaned up and kissed him, moaning against his lips. They tasted sweeter than he ever could've imagined.

Valeri giggled"Awe you are look your even blushing!"

Amori made his own little noise in the back of his throat, kissing back softly, but with a loving passion reserved only for Noir.He slipped his arms around his chest.

Lyric turned away, feeling shy. "S-shut up..."

Noir pulled away from him, staring into Amori's beautiful green eyes. "Come with me..." he whispered as he got off the couch and led him towards the back of his house.

Valeri nodded, feelng bad suddenly and sighed, gettting up and getting a soda.

Amori nodded and followed closely behind him, his heart beating madeningly.

Lyric stared down into his drink. He was so shy around Valeri, it was ridiculous...

Noir lead him past the guestroom, where the door always stayed closed, to the bedroom. He sat down on the bed, staring up at Amori. He felt so nervous, but at the same time he knew this is what he wanted...

"You realy should lighten up.."Valeri said as he took in Lyric's form and mood.

Amori sat down nervously next to Noir on the bed and looked at him curiously.

"I...don't know how to," Lyric said honestly.

Noir drew closer to him so their faces were only milimeters apart. He stared into his eyes. "Are you sure this is what you want?" he whispered. "If you do will come to know everything about me. Is that really what you want?"

Valeri smiled" You will learn in time.."

Amori thought on it and nodded, for some reason he thought he could trust this man, felt as though he had known him forever. He smiled softly to himself anf moved those few millimeters and pressed a soft kiss to his teacher's lips"Yes, I do...please though...I..want a relationship..not just a one-night stand."

Lyric smiled weakly. "If you say so..."

Noir nodded and kissed him once more. "I wouldn't dream of using you in such a way, Amori." He gently carressed his cheek and layed him back on the bed. He leaned down and kissed him passionately, moaning.

Valeri tilted his head"So, what do you want to do? Should we go by the local police station and see if Amori had been thrown in there for breaking and entering?"

Amori shivered and kissed him back with everything he had, wrapping his arms about him, letting out soft little mewls of his own.

Lyric laughed and shook his head. "I doubt it's gotten that extreme yet...."

Noir kissed down his neck, softly nibbling on his flesh. He purred, his own instincts beginning to take affect. 'No...' he thought to himself, trying his hardest not to allow that animalistic side of him to take control. "A-Amori..." he stuttered.

"Your talking of the boy that screamed out in the middle of class that he had a hard-on for their might want to re-think that."Valeri said, laughing softly.

Amori looked into Noir's eyes"What is it love?"He asked, worriedly, moving his hands down to Noir's pants and unbuckling his belt. He saw...a bit of an expression that he couldn't place..hungry..but he wasn't sure if it was for him or some unknown desire.

Lyric nodded. "I suppose that's true. But, I'm sure they'll let him go for good behavior. So there's no need to worry about him."

"I..." Noir bit his lower lip. "As I said, doing this with me...will reveal to you everything that I am... You see, I am...a vampire..." he said silently, feeling ashamed.

"Good behavior??"Valeri asked wondering how in the hell Amori could have good behaviour.

Amori shivered and nodded"It's okay Noir..I..understand, I don't care what you are...I just want to be with you."Amori replied looking lovingly up into Noir's eyes.

Lyric laughed. "Yeah. Amori knows when and how to behave himself, even though it doesn't seem like it a lot of the time."

Noir stared down into those eyes of jade that had been tormenting his heart ever since he saw them. He leaned forward, kissing Amori's lips once more.

Valeri smiled and nodded"So if he is not at the police station..where do you think he is?"

Amori kissed him back, sliding the hand that had been working on Noir's pants in them, tugging on the waistband to his underwear.

"At our teacher's house," Lyric said shortly.

Noir moaned, leaning his head against the boy's shoulder. He pulled back so he could slide off the other boy's shirt.

"Doing what?"Valeri asked, eyes narrowing.

Amori did the same to Noir, after removing his shirt, starting to tug on the pants, sliding them off his hips.

He sighed. "You know Amori's damn near irresistable. What do you think?"

Noir kissed down Amori's chest, leaving small red marks on his pale skin.

Valeri nodded"Yes....hell though...does he have that power to get the teacher into bed with him?"

Amori moaned softly, wondering what was to come next, sliding his fingers into his teacher's hair.

Lyric nodded. "I certainly wouldn't put it past him..."

Noir stopped as he reached the hem of the boy's pants and pulled them down, staring now at his entire naked body. He was more beautiful than he could've imagined, like an angel. He looked into Amori's eyes carefully and, trying to be as polite as possible, asked, "Um..are you a virgin?"

Valeri laughed"I supose not..."

Amori smiled softly"For the most part, yes. I have never....been....taken if that is what you are asking."he said, nervously glancing into Noir's eyes.

"So, now what do you want to do?" Lyric asked, finishing the last of his drink.

Noir got up from the bed, walking over to his nightstand. He rummaged around until he brought out a tube. He then crawled back into his position before Amori, staring into his eyes. "And you're sure you want me to be your first?"

"Hnnn let's...go for a walk by the riverside.."Valeri said softly, looking into Lyric's eyes, wondering why he felt so...invited to be around him suddenly.

Amori nodded and tilted his head"What...exactly is in the tube?"He asked curiously.

Lyric smiled. "Okay. That sounds like fun."

Noir blushed, wishing he didn't have to explain it to him. "It's lubrication. It's so that once I'm inside you it won't much..."

Valeri yawned and grabbed his drink, leading the other outside, looking around at everything as though he found every detail of interest.

Amori looked around."Ummm this is going to hurt?? had so better not be using me.."He said softly, looking up into Noir's eyes with absolute trust and adoration.

Lyric took this opportunity to stare at Valeri. He didn't nearly get chances to be this close to him that often, except during classes. He smiled at how beautiful he was, taking in everything around him.

Noir shook his head, kissing Amori's lips gently. "I would never use you in such a way."

Valeri smiled at Lyric" we are...walking along the riverside...all alone...what should we do?"

Amori nodded"Then I am yours."He said, kissing him, wrapping his arms about him."Just....don't turn me into a vampire or anything yet okay? Not unless you absolutely have to"

Lyric thought for a while before shrugging. "I don't know. I just like walking around here. It's really quite lovely, especially at night."

Noir didn't smile at his joke. Turning Amori into a vampire was the last thing he ever wanted to do, even if it's what Amori wanted. He kissed his lips and began to apply the lube to his fingers and, slowly, he slid his finger into Amori's body. He bit his lower lip, imagining sliding something much larger inside his tight entrance.

"That it is.."Valeri said, sitting down on a park bench"I love..these trees..."

Amori moaned, wincing only slightly at the intrusion, the sting only enough to make him clutch tight to his love.

Lyric looked up at the tree. He then, all of a sudden, climbed up the trunk.

Noir went slowly, trying his best not to hurt him.

Valeri raised an eyebrow"What are you doing?"

Amori was slowly used to it, pushing back onto the intruding finger and groaning softly"Mnn more.."He called out in bearly a whisper.

Lyric looked down at Valeria and smiled. "Climbing a tree. What does it look like?"

Noir added another finger, hoping that this wasn't too much for Amori...

Valeri let out a genuine giggle"Your silly."He said, laying back under the tree, looking up at Lyric."Hey..your cute from this angle."

Amori winced only a little before he was wanting more again, urgently kissing his teacher to get his point across.

Lyric blushed but looked down at Valeri, confident he couldn't see his red face in the dark. "All you can see is my ass from that angle!"

Noir added the third and final finger, kissing him passionately as he did so.

"I know.."Valeri said,grinning and trying to not giggle"But you have a cute ass.."He added in a pouting voice.

Amori moaned into Noir's mouth, grasping at Noir's back, his other hand sliding into his hair."Mnn Noir.."

Lyric blushed and climbed faster up the tree. "S-shut up!" he yelled back down at him.

Once he figured the boy was prepared enough, he began to lubricate his cock and slowly slid it inside of Amori's body.

Valeri giggled"I'M ONLY TELLING THE TURTH!!"He called out after him, still staring up.

Amori sighed sontent, wrapping his legs around Noir's waist, lifting his hips to help him thrust into him more.

Lyric stopped at the highest branch he could reach, sitting on it. He stared up at the moon. "The night sky looks so beautiful up here! You should join me!" he called down.

Noir sheathed himself fully inside of Amori. He stopped before pulling out almost completely and thrusting back inside of him.

Valeri grinned and started climbing the tree"Ohh only if I get to see that cute ass of yours again..."He said, laughing to himself.

Amori moaned out heatedly, raising his hips a little more so that Noir could thrust into him deeper"Noir!"

Lyric turned even redder. " never know!" he said, completely honest.

Noir thrust harder into the boy's body, groaning.

Valeri finaly reached up there and looked out"Wow..your right..this is...beautifull.."

Amori called out, slipping his hands into Noir's hair and arching his back as he felt Noir brus against his prostate.

Lyric grinned, staring at him. He had the insatiable urge to kiss him, but he stopped himself.

Noir continued thrusting into him, closing his eyes tightly and calling out the younger boy's name.

Valeri looked over at him nervously"Are you...okay?"He asked"Yuo you were about to say somthing...why didn't you?"

Amori neared his climax a bit earlier then he expected, shivering." close Noir!"

"Nevermind... It wasn't anything important..." Lyric said quietly.

Noir began to thrust harder and harder into him, feeling his own climax drawing near.

Valeri laughed"If you say so.."He said, laying on a branch and looking up at the stars"I could sleep like this."

Amori came hard, calling out softly."Noir!"

"Me too..." Lyric said softly.

Noir looked down at the sight of Amori reaching his climax. He thought he'd never seen anything so beautiful. He then came, yelling out, "Amori!!"

Valeri smiled"You know, there is enough room on this branch for you too if you want to rest a little."

Amori held tight to Noir, riding out the last few waves of his orgasm, his eyes shutting softly."Nnn I love you."

Lyric blushed but crawled closer to Valeri, resting his head on his shoulder.

Noir layed his head against Amori's chest, licking his warm skin. " you too..." he whispered huskily.

Valeri wrapped his arms around him protectively and slowly started drifting off.

Amori giggled softly"That tickles."

Lyric smiled and stared down at Valeri's beautiful face. Slowly, he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

Noir smiled at his lover's innocence. He kissed down further, stopping to lick just below his bellybutton, teasing him.

Valeri smiled to himself and hugged onto Lyric tighter as he slipped into sleep.

Amori giggled more but he was unsure of whether to giggle or moan as the spot that was licked was so sensitive.

Lyric just sat there, holding him close while he slept. He'd never felt happier in his life than he did now...

Noir went down even further pulled off the boy's pants, taking his erection into his mouth.

Valeri drifted in and out of sleep, only partly aware that he was in a tree.

Amori moaned out, clutching Noir's hair, this was something he had only experienced one other time, and then it was not somthing he enjoyed, and now he had never felt anything more lovely.

Lyric, who was reluctant to wake the other and just stay in that position, shook him. "Hey, don't go to sleep. I'm not carrying you home."

Noir sucked him slowly at first, but began to quicken his pace as he felt his own erection growing beneath him.

Valeri smiled and opened his eyes"Damn..I was hoping to stay like this forever."He said softly, reluctantly sliding his arms away from Lyric and sitting up.

Amori called out loudly, bucking his hips up, shivering.

"Sorry." Lyric smiled before beginning to climb down the tree.

Noir held down the boy's hips but continued to suck him.

Valeri followed suit, hopping out of it to show off when eh wasn't even half way down, looking back up at him curiously"Are you going to take all night?"

Amori moaned louder, his whole body feeling hot within Noir's mouth. He practicly screamed as his legnth was sucked upon, making him wish so badly for completion that was steadily drawing closer.

Lyric glared. "If I want to, then I will!"

Noir continued to suck him, hoping to bring him to climax once more.

Valeri did not let Lyric's anger phase him instead he waited for him to come down.

"Nn Noir!"Amori called out, thrusting up as well as he could before coming into Noir's mouth. He breathed out heavily and smiled weakly at Noir, noticing he was as well hard again. "Nnn do you wish for me to take care of that love?"Amori asked, all to eager to help Noir.

Lyric hopped off once he was a foot from the ground. "Okay, let's go home."

Noir smiled. "Only if you want to..." he whispered, licking what was left of Amori's essence from his lips.

"To my place or yours?"Valeri asked confused, not ready to part from his friend just yet.

Amori kissed Noir. "Only if you instruct are a teacher after all...and I haven't ever done this before.."Amori said, pushing him back and kissing his chest as he had done to him.

Lyric blushed. "W-well...we could go back to my room if you want."

Noir turned bright red just thinking about it. "Um...alright."

Valeri laughed"Woah there.....what are you planning to do with me in your room?"

Amori smiled and kissed his neck. "Mnn Tell me how sir."Amori said, kissing down his teacher's chest further.

"N-n-no-nothing!! I was just... W-well y-you asked who's place and I just..." Lyric hid his face behind his hands, feeling completely embarrassed.

Noir blushed and leaned back against the headboard of his bed, spreading his legs. " have to get between my legs to begin with."

Valeri hugged Lyric "you shouldn't get so embarrassed all the time, seriously it is okay."He said.

Amori nodded and did so, sitting between Noir's legs, running his hands up and down his chest and stomach and smiling softly up at Noir, waiting for his next instruction.

Lyric looked at him, his face becoming less red. "I...I'm sorry..." he whispered.

Noir gulped. "Now you have to...take my cock in your mouth..."

Valeri smiled"It's okay..but sure let's go back to your place."he said encouragingly.

Amori blushed and did so, licking along his length gently and taking him in as far as he could.

Lyric nodded, leading him back to his room in silence.

Noir moaned, his back arching. "Now suck me..." he whispered huskily.

Valeri smiled. "Hnn I like your room.."He said plopping on the bed.

Amori did as he was told, sucking on him tightly in a bit of a rythm.

"Thanks..." Lyric said quietly, sitting down on the bed next to him.

"Oh...GOD!" Noir yelled out, clutching his bedsheets tightly.

Valeri nodded"Sure...sooo what do you want to do?"

Amori inwardly smiled, going on a hunch and taking the calling out as a good sign and sucked on him tighter,able to take him in farther then before.

"Um...I dunno. I'm normally asleep by now..." Lyric muttered, feeling uncomfortable.

Noir thrust into his lover's mouth, crying out.

"Should I spend the night then?"Valeri asked, laying out on the bed, yawning.

Amori almost choked a little but held down Noir's waist as well as he could, continuing his ministrations.

Lyric shrugged, trying to hide his excitement. "I don't care. It would probably be easier for you than trying to walk home at this time of night..."

Noir panted, wanting so badly to be released.

Valeri giggled"Yay! Should we cuddle then? I like our cuddling in the tree.."

Amori sucked him harder and tighter, thinking he finaly got the hang of it...and for curiosity he very gently scraped his teeth over him.

Lyric blushed. "Um...we can if you want to..."

"Oh my God..." Noir growled, wrapping his legs around Amori's waist.

Valeri pulled Lyric down next to him, basically claiming him and hugging him.

Amori added a little more pressure, getting that his teacher liked that very much, keeping up his already done ministrations as well.

Lyric squeaked, his entire body freezing up.

Noir moaned out loudly. "I'm...I'm so close, Amori!"

Valeri sat up partially and looked down at Lyric"Are you okay?"He asked,feeling his forehead.

Amori was nodded, humming around Noir, working him as best as he could.

Lyric nodded. "Um...y-yeah..."

Noir could take it no longer and came into his student's mouth, calling out his name.

Valeri tilted his head in thought."Are you sure?"He asked, hugging him closer.

Amori licked Noir clean, swallowing of him what he could."D-did I do okay?" He asked, blushing.

Lyric managed to choke out a "yes."

Noir grabbed Amori's chin and pulled him into a passionate kiss, moaning at the taste of himself on the boy's lips. "You were incredible."

Valeri snuggled against him"Okay."He siad softly, burrying his face in lyric's neck and murmmuring a 'goodnight'

Amori kissed him back and warpped his arms around him. "I hope so."

Lyric began to relax as the boy drifted off.

He smiled. "You're so cute..."

Valeri kissed him in his sleep, nuzzling his cheek.

Amori blushed and giggled"Thank you so much Noir!"He said, hugging him tightly.

Lyric turned bright red, unable to sleep in this position.

Noir grinned. "You're welcome."

Valeri was having an odd dream about lolipops and began lickign Lyric's neck.

"I love you."Amori said, hugginghim tighter.

Lyric jumped and stared down at him. He didn't want him to stop but if he didn't he was sure to get an...

Noir hugged him in return. "I love you too."

Valeri woke a little sleepily"Wha-what is it?"

Amori smiled"Sooooo how are we to go about this? At school I mean?"Amori asked, suddenly feeling bad that he had lied severely about his age.

Noir sighed and looked at Amori. "You'll have to call Mr. Cartier, no more honey or things like that. And no touching. You're just going to have to act like you would with any other teacher."

"Y-you were...licking m-my...n-neck..." he stuttered, turning over so Valeri didn't feel the erection that had grown because of his actions.

"And..after school?" Amori asked, looking up into his eyes.

Valeri smiled to himself. "Awe, sorry." He said, grabbing him and turning him towards him. "I didn't mean to- are you hard????" Valeri asked, his eyes showing a fine smirk that stated he was quite pleased with those results. Wait...was he..starting to like Lyric? He thought about it for a moment and considered it might be a possibility.

"Then you're welcome to call me whatever you wish," Noir said, kissing Amori on the nose.

Lyric turned bright red, moving away from him quickly. "I...I AM NOT!! You're just...imagining things!" he said, trying to will away the hardness.

Amori nodded. "I will try my best to not burst out about you in the middle of class..but..what if I absolutely can't help it?"

Valeri grinned "It isn't anything to be ashamed about you know."

"Write it down on a piece of paper and hand it to me," Noir said simply.

Lyric was silent, still feeling completely embarrassed.

Amori smiled and nodded"Like I did with your address?"

Valeri sighed, finaly giving in to the feeling he had been pushing away and wrapped his arms about Lyric.

Noir laughed. "Yes, I suppose that would be right."

Lyric blushed but remained still, afraid that he would wake up from his dream.

Amori kissed his lover quick. "Mnn so what happens now..? Should we take me to my house?"

Valeri held him closer, lightly kissing his ear as he whispered into it. "It's okay..."

"I thought you were staying for the night?" Noir said, frowing slightly.

Lyric shuttered. "W-what d-do you mean?"

"I will..but what would I wear to school tomorrow???" Amori asked, looking Noir over curiously.

Valeir smiled. "Why? Does it realy matter?"

"Don't you wear a uniform? Just wear what you wore here," Noir said.

Lyric looked back at him. "What are you trying to get at? Are you...are you making fun of me?"

Amori blushed. " smells"He said blushing.

Valeri's expression fell. "No..that is the last thing I would do."

"Well...I do have a washing machine," he said, shrugging.

"Then...then why are you acting this way?" he asked, tears in his eyes.

Amori grinned. "Well I could wer it like it is tomorrow and basicly it being a sign that you own me..."

Valeri saw the tears and he held him close. "I am not sure why. Spending the time with you that I have has made me...think so is like everything I felt for Ami is being re-routed and directed only for you."

Noir raised an eyebrow. "I think that's a bit too bold."

Lyric blushed, averting his gaze. "How can so sure? How do I know that you're only after me...because you can't have Amori..."

"Not if they don't know..."Amori said , kissing him.

Valeri smiled. "Realy you don't. All it takes is trust. Let Amori have his pet teacher."

"Are you sure?" Noir said, staring into his eyes.

Lyric did not respond, simply lying there, feeling very uncomfortable.

Amori nodded, smiling happily. " glad we are together." He said softly.

Valeri felt uncomfortable as well and stood up. "Well..i will see you in school tomorrow. I had fun hanging out with you today.."He said, nervously leaning down and kissing Lyric's cheek. "Please think about it okay?" He asked, putting his shoes on and walking out the door.

Noir smiled, softly saying, "I am too..."

Lyric turned over in his bed, blushing furiously. He couldn't stop thinking about Valeri. He just didn't know what to do. He reached for his phone and decided to try calling Amori's cell.

Amori heard his phone ring and growled, grabbing it. "Hello?"

Valeri walked home, not sure what he was feeling, confused tears made themselfs known but never fell as he walked the familiar path home.

Noir moved away, allowing Amori to take his call without any distractions.

"'s Lyric..." he whispered, choking back tears. "I'm...s-sorry if this is a bad time. You sounded really...angry..."

Amori twitched, hearing the sound of his friend's voice. "Hey are you okay!? What happened!?"

Valeri reached home and went in , plopping down on the couch after grabbing a soda, thinking his thoughts through.

"It was... Valeri came over to my house and he...he said he wanted to be with me..." he sniffled.

"Well shouldn't you be happy?"Amori asked confused.

Valeri slowly drifted off to sleep as he thought, his soda hanging limp in his fingers.

Lyric whimpered. "I would be...if I didn't feel so used. It's he wants me as a replacement for you since he can't have you..."

Amori laughed softly."Awe do you want me friend to come and get you for a while?"

Lyric blinked. "W-who's your friend?"

Amori made a nervous little laugh. "Just a friend."

Noir shot Amori a look over his shoulder, but he figured there was no stopping him now.

"I...I guess. So, are you coming to get me?" Lyric asked.

"Just a second.."He covered the mouthpiece and smiled."Sweety can we go pick him up? He basicly had his heart broken..and he wont like care about us being together. Hes all for it."

Noir sighed and nodded. "Fine. Just tell me where he lives."

Amori smiled and blew him a kiss."Yeah Lyric we can pick you up." He said."We will be there in a few minute sokay?"

Lyric nodded and smiled, though Amori couldn't see him. "Alright. And...thanks, Ami."

Amori nodded and smiled, "Sure thing buddy."He said hanging up, setting the phone down and moving over and glomping his lover."Thank you sweety."

Noir tried not to smile but couldn't help himself. "You're welcome. Now come on, let's go."

Amori nodded and kissed him sweetly and grabbed his shoes and smiled."Yay."He said, standing on tip-toe and kissing him again."Where is your car??"

"In the garage," Noir said, leading him out to his garage after putting on his clothes. He opened the garage door and climbed into the car, but not before opening Amori's door for him.

Amori blushed and smiled and sat in the front passanger seat."Your sweet."He said, leaning over and kissing him.

Noir smiled and kissed him in return before turning the car on. "You learn manners after you've been alive for a few hundred years," he laughed as he backed out of the driveway. "Now, you have to give me directions."

"Turn left...go down three lights and then turn right and then turn left and his house should be right there on the end. How old are you exactly?"Amori asked smiling.

"About 300 years old. You lose count after a while..." Noir said nonchalantly as he turned the first corner.

Amori giggled"Your..handsome for an old guy."He said, laughing softly.

Noir shrugged. "If you say so, dear." He reached over, taking his hand and stroking the back of it with his thumb.

Amori blushed a little at how sweet this action was, making him love his teacher even more, clasping his hand, leaning down and kissing it and sitting back up.

Noir smiled. He wanted to lean over and press a kiss to Amori's soft lips, but thought better of it. He finally reached Lyric's dorm and pulled into the parking area. "Are you going to go get him?" he asked.

Amori nodded, unbuckling his belt, leaning over and softly and lovingly kissing his teacher."I'll be right back." He said, getting out of the car and finding his friend's door and knocking on it.

Noir touched his lips, longing to taste Amori's once more. He was falling for him...bad... He blushed. In all his years of life, he'd never been this much in love with anyone...

Lyric looked out his door and smiled weakly at Amori. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes were puffy, making it apparent that he had been crying. "I...I'm sorry to be such a bother. I just...I don't know what to do..."

"Awe it will be okay, just get in the car..and don't freak at who is in it okay?"Amori said, hugging his friend and sitting back up in the passanger seat.

"Who is it? Our tea-" Lyric stopped when his eyes rested on Mr. Cartier who looked very nervous. "No way..."

"Um...h-hello, Lyric..." Noir said, blushing.

"Oh my God, Amori, how the hell did you manage that?!" Lyric exclaimed.

"Does it matter?" He asked, kissing Noir soft and sitting down again.

"I...guess not..." Lyric trailed off, smiling. "You better treat him right, understand?"

Noir just nodded and started up the car again, driving back to his house.

Amori smiled happily and hopped out of the car."Yeah...he treats me a little too right..I love him so much.."Amori said, smiling and giving Noir a wink.

Noir smiled but said nothing, climbing out of his car when they arrived.

Lyric smiled at his friend. He was genuinely happy for him. "That's good."

"So about you and Valeri....explain all this to me?"Amori said as he sat down on the couch.

Lyric joined him on the couch. "Well, you see...Valeri came over and he decided he wanted to spend the night. Then he...started having some weird dream and was licking my neck. Well, it...aroused me and then he saw it and I got embarrassed. He said I didn't need to be and then he...he said he wanted to be with me..." he blushed.

Noir sat in a chair across from the two, not wanting to bother them.

"And you didn't pounce on him why??"Amori asked incredulously.

"B-because...I think he only wants a replacement...for you. I don't think he really likes me that way... I mean, why would he choose me over you unless he couldn't have you? I'm just a fill-in..."

Amori tilted his head. " wont ever know until you try..."

"I'm so scared... W-what if I'm right and he gets tired of me? I...I love him too much, Amori. I wouldn't be able to handle the heartbreak."

"I know you you want me to ask him?" Amori asked, pulling out his cell phone, locating Valeri's number and smilng."He gave that to me last year..his number I mean..I can call him.."

Lyric nodded. "I'd appreciate it very much..."

"Then go keep Noir company for a moment."He said, dialing the number, waiting for Valeri to pick it up.

Valeri glanced at his cell phone, awnsering it without seeing who it was.

"Hey Val, Ami here, I have a few questions for you.."He began.

Valeri sighed."What?"

Lyric smiled at Noir. "I'm sorry to bother you two... I know you were probably having a lot of fun before I barged in..."

"It's fine." Noir said, smiling brightly.

"Do you realy like Lyric?"Amori asked, putting the phone on speaker.

A pause could be heard on the other line. "Yes! Dammit! I do! I..I think I upset him, I thought I was in love with you but..I'm not I realy realy like him..I think, I have never felt this before."Valeri said.

Lyric stared at the phone, his face turning bright red. He wanted to speak out, but he didn't want Valeri to know that he was listening in on the conversation.

Amori smiled at Lyric."Awe, you should...bring him flowers or somthing.."Amori said, grinning at Noir and Lyric.

"AMORI!" Lyric yelled, and immediately covered his mouth when he did. "Oops..."

Valeri twitched. "Is...he with you?"

"Nuuu that was the .errmm....neighbor over helping with my sink.."

"Oh.."Valeri said, not believing him at all."Well..when you see Lyric next please tell him I was not playing with him? I have to go. See you in school tomorrow."

Lyric was silent, blushing. Butterflies danced about in his stomach. He was so happy. Valeri actually liked him! He could hardly wait to see him tomorrow...

Amori grinned as he hung up "See?" He said, walking over to Noir and kissing him and smilng at Lyric."He does love you so when we get to school tomorrow all you have to do is claim him."

Lyric blushed even more. "I can hardly believe it's all real... I'm so happy!" He couldn't hide the huge smile that longed to grace his face any longer.

Amori grinned"Noir can he stay here? It os kind of late to take him home.."

Noir nodded. "I'm fine with it."

Lyric ran over to Noir and Amori and hugged them. "Thank you both so much! I'm sorry if I'm acting strangely but...I'm just so happy!"

"I know buddy!"Amori said cheerfully.

"Okay, I'll leave you two alone now. I'll just...go sit in the kitchen or something," Lyric said. "Oh, Noir, can I have a piece of paper and a pencil?"

"Um...sure. There's some sitting on the kitchen table," Noir said.

"Thank you!" Lyric said as he ran into the kitchen.

Noir smiled. "My, my. Someone's happy."

"Yeah, so am I.." Amori said, grinning as he grabbed onto Noir.

Noir smiled and kissed Amori's lips. "Me too. You make me so happy, Amori..."

Amori smiled." I love you." He whispered, hugging him. "Lyric...I am glad you are supportive of Noir and I.." He said to his friend.

Lyric looked up from what he was writing. "What? Oh. Well, all I want is for you to be happy, Ami. You know that." He smiled.

Amori smiled back" Yeah thanks." He said, moving back to Noir and kissing him. "Shall we eat something?"

Noir blushed. "Well...I can't really eat anything, remember?" he whispered to Amori.

Amori nodded"Oh yeah....well..just say your not hungry and I will get back to you on that later and I will order him and I a pizza.."

"Okay." Noir smiled and kissed his cheek.

Amori smiled and ordered a pepperoni large pizza."Yay foods on its way!"

Lyric looked up from what he was writing. "Oh, that's great! I'm starving!"

Amori grinned as the pizza arrived a few minutes later and then he smiled" I guess just grab the couch.." He said, hugging onto Noir."Unless there is a guest room or somthing."

Noir shook his head. "I'm afraid not."

"That's fine with me. You've already done so much." Lyric sat down on the couch, smiling. "Really, thank you both so much."

"It was no problem. You're welcome," Noir said, grinning.

Amori ran to Noir's room and jumped into the bed, snuggling beneath the covers.

Lyric layed back on the couch. He closed his eyes, smiling at the thought of him and Valeri being together. Before he knew it, he had fallen into a deep sleep.

Noir joined his lover in bed, kissing him softly. "Sleep well, my love."

The next night Amori woke to the soft sounds of the alarm clock and bolted up"SCHOOL TIME, YAY!!!"

Noir groaned. "I always hate waking up..." he grumbled, running a hand through his long, black hair.

Lyric heard the alarm from the living room and sighed. "Guess it's time to get going..."

Amori grinned, sitting on top of Noir and kissing him hard and passionately first thing."Morning.." He said in a huskky whisper, getting up and straightening his clothes and grabbing a random brush to brush out his hair.

Noir blushed, feeling himself grow in his pants. Why did Amori have to be so damn cute? "Um...g-good morning..." he whispered.

"Ready for teaching today my lovely teacher?" Amori ased with a wink, yawning and plopping back down on the bed as he was ready and running his fingers along Noir's chest.

Noir sighed. "I suppose..." he said, grabbing Amori's hand to stop him.

"What's wrong?"Amori asked curiously.

"You don't know what you do to me, do you?" Noir whispered, kissing Amori's lips passionately.

Amori made a satisfactory noise in the back of his throat, moaning softly, wrapping his legs and arms about Noir.

Noir pushed him back on the bed, kissing and biting his neck. But he stopped abruptly, pulling away. "No, we have to get to school..."

Amori nodded."Yeah we do.."He said, pulling him back down for another kiss.

Noir shook his head, pulling away unwillingly. "Please, Ami. If we don't stop, I won't make it on time and I can't afford to be late on my second day."

"Mmmnnn alright my school teacher..lets..just get to school then, but you'll have to pull away I have no self controll."Amori said, biting along Noir's neck, moaning soft.

Valeri had already arrived at school, half an hour early as always. Not once breaking his reord..he couldn't wait to see Lyric and his heart beat strong because of that realization.

Noir groaned but moved away, getting dressed quickly and entering the living room.

Lyric was heading out the door. "I'll just walk so it doesn't look suspicious..."

Noir nodded. "Okay. See you in class."

Amori nodded." Ummm alright are you sure? It would look less suspicious with you and I with Noir...look like a teacher taking his students to school...."Amori said, not wanting to get his love in trouble."Or I could walk with you..what do you think Noir?"

"Hm... I guess it would work if you two walked together," Noir said. "I'm sorry to put you out but...I can't lose this job."

Lyric nodded. "We understand, right, Amori?"

Amori nodded, kissing Noir."See you after school my love."He said, running out the door with Lyric.

Noir nodded. He went into the garage and got into his car, waving as he drove past Lyric and Amori.

Lyric waved and smiled. He was so excited about getting to school he almost wanted to run.

Amori grinned"Lyric and Valeri sitting in a tree...."He began in a sing-song voice.

Lyric rolled his eyes, still smiling. "Shut up." He pushed Amori playfully. "I didn't make fun of you and Noir."

Amori stuck his tounge out at him."Meanie."He said cheerfully, smiling and grinning and skipping along to school.

They finally arrived at school and Lyric ran to their classroom, seeing Valeri. He smiled warmly at him. "Um...c-can we talk outside?" he spoke softly.

Noir had already arrived and was watching the events unfold with a smile on his face.

Amori grinned"Hnnnnnnnn you two should go talk."He said, writing down'I love you' on a note and handing it to Noir before winking and sitting down at his desk.

Valeri blushed and nodded. "Sure.."He said, following.

Noir looked at the paper. He smiled secretly at Amori and winked at him before getting ready for class.

Lyric led Valeri out of the classroom and down the hallway so that they could be alone. "So...I've...come to a decision...about what you said last night... W-well, actually, h-here! I wrote you a tell you how I feel!" He handed Valeri the piece of paper, blushing furiously.

Amori tried to pay attention but found his thoughts wondering to Noir, thinking of their night last night..and then it wandered to how Lyric and Valeri were doing, he hoped they were doing good.

Valeri blushed"THIS IS SOO SWEEET!"He said, hugging Lyric closely.

Lyric blushed, hugging him back. "S-so...will you be mine, Valeri?" he whispered, staring into the eyes he'd fallen in love with.

Valeri made it seem like he was thinking about it and leaning towards a know but then grinned."Of course!"He said happily, hugging Lyric tighter.

Lyric sighed with relief, kissing his cheek. "You don't know just how happy you've made me..." he whispered, refusing to let him go.

Vaelri smiled"I think I do..."He said, kissing Lyric soft and quick on the lips.

Lyric turned bright red and kissed him back. "W-well...I guess we should be getting back to class..." he whispered.

"Yes, we do need to save our teacher from Amori don't we?"He asked, laughing.

Lyric nodded and smiled. He took Valeri's hand in his, leading him back to the classroom. He was sure to let go of his hand before they entered. He then walked up to his seat near Amori.

Amori grinned at them"Awe you two are so cute."He said, throwing a balled up paper to Noir that read"I can't wait to get you home and in bed"

Lyric blushed, not saying anything. He just smiled at Valeri sweetly.

Noir looked at the paper. He couldn't help but laugh. "I must say that I agree with you, Amori," Noir said, smirking.

Valeri leaned over and risked a kiss on his cheek.

Amori grinned, blushing a little, already thinking about how fun he would be.

Lyric turned bright red but returned the kiss. "You're so cute..." he whispered, taking Valeri's hand in his.

Amori smiled"You two are cute."

Valeri grinned and blushed."Hnn what are we doing after school?"

Lyric smiled at Amori. "Thanks." He looked at Valeri. "Um...we can do whatever you want after school. I don't have anything to do..."

"Want to go back to the park?"Valeri asked curiously.

"Um...okay, sure!" Lyric said, almost a little too loudly.

Amori snickered at the two.

Valeri blushed and grinned"SORRY MR. CARTIER!"

"It's fine," Noir said. "We should be starting class anyway. Now, if you'll open your books to page 20...."

Lyric smiled at Valeri before moving his hand away to open his book.

Amori already had his book open, looking up dreamily at Noir.

Valeri smiled and could not stop himself from blushing as he thought about Lyric"You know...we are not going to get any damn work done if we keep being love.."He said with a laugh.

Lyric laughed softly. "Then we better fall out of love really fast," he joked.

Valeri giggled."Never."He said blowing a kiss to Lyric.

Lyric smiled and blew him a kiss in return.

Amori jumped up out of his seat happily as the bell rang and made his way over to Noir's desk, carefull to not give him too much affection until the class had at least emptied out.

Valeri couldn't help but shake nervously as he grinned at Lyric.

"So...we're going to the park, right?" Lyric looked at him. He tried to remain calm but he was just as nervous as the other boy.

Noir began putting his things into his briefcase. Since the only people left in the class were Valeri and Lyric, he figured it was safe. "Back to my place, then?" Noir said, closing up his briefcase.

Amori nodded, hugging Noir and risking a kiss on his lips. "So it would seem...can we go by mine first to get a change of clothing?"

Valeri nodded"Yes!"He said, grinning and grabbing Lyric's hand. He couldn't stop his heart from beating so fast.

"Oh, of course." Noir smiled, returning the kiss.

Lyric smiled and led him out of the room, waving at Noir and Amori. "Have fun you two!"

"How many outfits should I get?" Amori asked, slipping his arms around Noir's back.

Valeri grinned" Awe they are kind of cute together." He said, grabbing Lyric's hand.

Lyric grinned. "I suppose you're right..."

" long do you plan on staying?" Noir questioned.

"How long do you want me to stay?" Amori asked, kissing him again.

Valeri smiled. "Not as cute as you and I though." He said, kissing Lyric on the cheek shyly.

"If it were up to me you'd never leave," Noir chuckled.

Lyric blushed and wrapped his arm around Valeri's waist. "I suppose you're right about that..."

"For now let's shoot for three nights...and then we will go from there." He said, practicly clinging to Noir.

Valeri smiled."Hnn shall we go to our tree?"

"Okay." Noir grabbed his briefcase. "Ready to go?"

Lyric nodded, smiling excitedly. "Yes, let's."

Amori nodded" Noir..tell me, have any other students tried to hit on you?" Amori asked dangerously.

Valeri lead them there, plopping under the tree. "I love this tree."

Noir shook his head. "Or atleast I haven't noticed any others trying to hit on me. Why do you ask?"

Lyric looked up at the trees branches. "Why?"

Amori grinned" Just checking."

Valeri smiled "It just good views and works as a bed.."

Noir unlocked his car door and opened the passenger door for Amori.

Lyric blushed, looking down at the ground. He felt very self-concious all of a sudden.

Amori smiled. "You never cease to amaze me." He said, buckling up.

Valeri smiled. "don't be so shy." He said, wrapping his arms about Lyric.

Noir smiled. He closed Amori's door and got in on the driver's side. He started up the car. "So, directions to your place?"

Lyric blushed even more. "I can't help it... I'm just so happy to be with you..."

Amori relayed the directions to him quickly and rested his hand on Noir's leg affectionately.

"I know! I am too." He said, kissing his cheek again, daring to get closer to his lips.

Noir smiled over at him and drove as quickly as he could to his lover's house. "Alright. Here we are."

Lyric wrapped his arms around Valeri's waist and stared into ihs eyes before leaning down to kiss him.

"Want to come in with me?" He asked, heading to the front door, unlocking it and letting out a small white puppy. "Oh hell...I forgot about him..."He said, hugging the dog to him posessively.

"Is that your dog?" Noir asked, following behind Amori.

Amori grinned"Well..I found him." He said, leading into the house which was a little messy but not unlivable.

Valeri kissed Lyric back softly, setting a slow and loving pace.

Noir looked around Amori's house. He smiled. The scent of his lover was everywhere. He knelt down to pet the puppy on its head. "It's cute. Just like a certain someone I know," he laughed.

Lyric continued the kiss, running his hands up and down Valeri's back.

Amori blushed. "Yeah, hes potty trained too!" Amori said giggling and going into his room which was completely spotless and grabbed three changes of clothing and his hair brush and a hair tye or two as well as his eyeliner and cologne and deoderant."I think thats about everything.."He said adding in as well his tooth brush and toothpaste.

Valeri deepened the kiss, never having felt to electricaly good in his life.

Noir smiled. "Would you like me to carry anything?"

Lyric ran his hands through Valeri's hair, pressing him harder against his lips. He then slid his tongue into the other's mouth.

"Awe thanks sweety, but I think I have it all...can I take my pet? I mean he is house trained...and dosen't have fleas..and only barks when theres an intruder..."

Valeri moaned into the kiss lightly, slipping his arms about Lyric's neck.

Noir shrugged. "I don't mind..."

Lyric pulled away, smiling. "I'm so glad we're together..."

Amori nodded. "Gods I realy need to get my license..." He said, sighing and growling to himself in a statment that had no real meaning, just random.

Valeri smiled"I am as well." he said, laying on his chest.

"Wait a second...why wouldn't you have your license if you're 18?" Noir asked, raising an eyebrow.

Lyric looked up at the tree. "I want to climb in the branches..." he said.

"I have to get my permit, why does it matter?"He asked, getting a bit nervous.

Valeri grinned"After you."He said, looking up.

Noir stared him scrutinizingly. "Is there something you're not telling me, Amori?"

Lyric quickly climbed up the tree's trunk.

Amori sat down sadly on his bed"Okay okay there may be a little thing..."He said, looking down."Promise to not be mad?"

Valeri smiled and followed up after him.

Noir already felt himself getting angry. "Tell me," he said, looking very unamused.

Lyric sat on a branch, smiling at Valeri.

"Nuu not unless you promise to not be mad!!!!!"Amori said, curling up into a ball.

Valeri sat in the branch he was in on the first night they spent in the tree and cuddled up on it.

Noir sighed. "Fine. I won't be mad," he said through gritted teeth, already aggravated.

Lyric snuggled up to him, kissing his forehead.

"I am only sixteen." He mumbled softly, not daring to look Noir in the eyes.

Valeri hugged him close and kissed his forehead.

Noir was quiet for a long time before he said, "And you decided not to tell me this before?" he growled.

"So, now what happens?" He looked into Valeri's eyes.

Amori sighed"I ..didn't think you would accept me if I said I was sixteen.."

Valeri smiled"Whatever you want to happen."

Noir shook his head, trying to contain his rage. He had fallen in love with an underage boy. "Why would you lie to someone you supposedly love?" he hissed.

Lyric blushed. "I...I don't know what I want..."

Amori winced,tears coming to his eyes. "Please! Noir listen to me, I had not meant it to be that way! I only wanted you to accept me! I did not mean any harm by it!"

Valeri smiled."You are sure?"

Noir shook his head. "I just don't... Why would you like about something so important? And I asked you!" Noir felt tears in his eyes.

"Yeah, I... I don't know... I mean, I never thought I'd actually be with you so I don't have any...expectations..."

"I am sorry Noir!" Amori said, burying his face into his hands and crying hard, unable to explain anymore.

"I know...just..take it slow." Vaelri said, not to sure himself.

Noir sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Look, don't cry..." he said.

Lyric nodded. "Yes, I'd like that."

Amori shrank back and curled into a tighter ball"Noir, just go, I didn't mean to upset you I love you so much, please just go I am so sorry I have wronged you."He said, crying harder and pulling his blankets up around him.

Valeri smiled and kissed him gently.

Noir knew he couldn't leave him, even if he was so much younger than him. He pulled Amori into his arms and kissed his forehead.

Lyric kissed him back. "So, when can we go on our first date?" he asked, excited.

Amori allowed himself to be pulled into Noir's embrace and cried into his chest, terribly sorry or everything he had done wrong.

Valeri grinned"We are on it."

"Amori, stop crying..." Noir said softly.

" about the next date then?" Lyric asked. "I'd like to go someplace nice."

Amori looked up at Noir sadly. "I am so sorry."

Valeri grinned"Wherever and when ever you want."

"'s okay. I forgive you..." he muttered.

"Um...maybe we could go out to eat?" he suggested.

Amori kissed his cheek"I realy realy am sorry..please don't leave me."

"That would be good, where do you want to eat at?"

"Um...maybe an Italian place?" he suggested.

"I...I couldn't leave you if I wanted to..." Noir said softly, brushing Amori's bangs from his eyes.

Amori hugged Noir tightly"I love you so much."

Valeri smiled"Sounds lovely."

"I love you too..." Noir whispered, kissing him.

Lyric grinned. "Tomorrow after class then?"

Amori kissed him back, a tear or two falling.

Valeri grinned."Yes. Gods I love this.."He said, kissing him softly.

"So please stop crying?" Noirr begged. "I can't stand to see you upset!"

Lyric kissed him back. "So do I..."

Amori nodded and stopped his tears, holding onto Noir as if his life depended on it.

Valeri smiled" I am glad we both finally got together, and I am happy for you think he and his teacher are being carefull enough?"

"Come on, let's get your things and get out of here..." Noir said.

Lyric raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean? Like, do you think they're too obvious?"

Amori kissed Noir."You are not..angry with me?" He asked incredulously.

Valeri nodded." They both look at eachother like they are lovesick."

"Well, I am somewhat but...I couldn't stay mad at you..." Noir said softly, blushing.

"Heh. That's true." Lyric laughed. "Well, if they ever get caught, I wonder what will happen..."

Amori nodded, feeling realy bad but happy that Noir was not going to leave him. He got up and hugged him tighter and grabbed his puppy and his bag and took everything to the car, putting it in the backseat.

Valeri sighed" I hope nothing too bad, it would suck for them to have gotten together only to be spilt up again." He said, kissing Lyric and trailing his hand over his chest.

Noir started up his car once more and started driving to his house in silence.

Lyric nodded. "Yes, it would... But hopefully they won't be foolish enough to do anything in public that could get them in trouble."

Amori looked out the window. He watched everything and wondered if it was really all going to be ok.

Valeri smiled. "They shouldn't but you never know." He said, kissing lyric's ear.

Noir stopped at his house, opening Amori's door for him as usual.

Lyric giggled at his touch. "You're so touchy."

Amori got out and grabbed his things"Where do you want me to set everything?" He asked, not meeting Noir's eyes.

Valeri laughed."Yeah everyone says I am way to clingy."

Noir shrugged. "Anywhere is fine."

Lyric smiled. "I'm not saying that you're too clingy. I like it actually." He pecked Valeri on the cheek.

Amori placed his things in a small corner in Noir's room and came out in the livingroom, holding his puppy, sitting on a chair, still not looking him in the eyes.

Valeir grinned. "That's good.."He said, kissing him again.

"Amori," Noir said. "Look at me."

Lyric pulled him onto his lap, kissing him back passionately.

Amori looked up at him, tears filling his eyes but not falling.

Valeri's eyes widened as he kissed back. "Don't forget were in a tree silly."

"Amori, what's the matter?" Noir whispered, pulling his lover close.

"Do you want to get out of the tree then?" Lyric asked.

Amori looked into his eyes. "I just...feel as though I have hurt us.."He said, watching as the puppy crawled into Noir's lap and curled up.

Valeri laughed"No darling, just let us not fall out of it...our activities may be a bit...strenuous on these branches." He said, making his point by slipping his hand along Lyric's leg.

Noir sighed. "Well, it certainly makes things a lot more difficult..."

Lyric gasped at the sudden touch, but smiled. "Alright. I'll be careful." He leaned forward and kissed him once more.

Amori nodded."I know." He said quietly, resting his head on Noir's chest.The puppy began to lick at Noir's hand before jumping down and heading to the door, whinning slightly. Amori pulled away and opened the door, letting him up."I need to watch him." He said, walking out and shutting the door lightly behind himself.

Valeri heard the branch start to creak and his eyes widened even more."Oh...sit on my branch."He said, shifting his weight, licking on Lyric's collar bone.

Noir frowned. He was afraid, honestly. Would things ever be the same? Would Amori ever stop feeling so guilty and let Noir love him like he had before?

Lyric immediately climbed over to Valeri's branch.

Amori came back in a few minutes later, laughing as he had the puppy in his arms and was being licked all over."Gah! Noir! Get him!"He said, afraid to drop him.

Valeri smiled and kissed Lyric hard, sliding his hand down his chest and unbuttoning his pants.

Noir took the puppy, not really sure what to do with it. He held it away from him as if it had some sort of contagious disease.

Lyric gasped, pulling away. "I...I um..." he stuttered nervously. "D-do you really want this?" he whispered.

Amori rolled his eyes and smiled hugging Noir, hugging the puppy between them" He isn't flea ridden and wont get you wisk silly."He said, his eyes lit up happily at how silly he thought Noir was being.

Valeri tilted his head. "Only if you want to. Your the only one I would do this with." And as those words left his mouth he realized just how real they were.

"Well...what do you want me to do with it then?!" Noir exclaimed, still holding it away from his body.

"I...I'm not quite ready to go all the way..." Lyric whispered, feeling embarrassed.

Amori smiled"Just put it down."He said, grabbing it again and setting the puppy down. The puppy gave Noir a reproachfull angry look and layed down in the corner.

Valeri nodded."I know I am not either."He said kissing him "How far?" He asked in soft question.

Noir sighed. "I'm not good with animals..." he muttered, feeling stupid.

"Just not...all the way," Lyric blushed, not wanting to actually say the words.

"Its ok. I am the only animal you have to be good with." He said, blushing darkly as he hugged him as he realized what he just said.

"Hnn tell me what you want."Valeri said, kissing Lyric's neck, suckling it.

Noir blinked. "Well, you do have some animalistic qualities but I certainly wouldn't think of you as one," he replied, an evil smirk spreading across his face.

"W-would you..." Lyric turned even redder. "Would you...suck me off?" He tried to cover his face with his hands, feeling very embarrassed for what he just said though the other man had asked him.

Amori blushed darker ans giggled."Awe your my widdle vampire bat." He said, trying to embarrass Noir as well; petting him like he would a cat or something of the sort.

Valeri blushed and nodded."I can try I have never done it before..."He said, kissig Lyric and lifting his shirt.

Noir raised and eyebrow but laughed anyway. "Yes, I most certainly am."

Lyric shuttered, nodding. He was so anxious to feel his lover's lips on his body.

Amori grinned and kissed his cheek. "Mine, I love my widdle bat."

Valeri blushed at the sight of his lover's body as he removed the shirt and kissed down his chest, suckling on his nipples one at a time, hanging his shirt on a nearby branch.

Noir smiled and snuggled closer to Amori. "And I love you, my little kitten."

Lyric held onto the trunk of the tree for support, moaning softly as he felt Valeri's tongue pleasuring him.

Amori giggled. "Yeah but I don't have claws and pointy ears how am I a kitten?" He asked, kissin him.

Valeri felt his heart pound at the reaction he was giving his lover and kissed lower, slipping his tounge into Lyric's belly button.

"You like to cuddle with me, much like a kitten. Therefore, you are my kitten." Noir smiled, kissing him back.

"Valeri..." Lyric whimpered, holding on tighter to the tree.

Amori smiled"True...but I like to bite..."He said,"Not so cuddle not."He added to his point by nipping Noir's neck playfully.

Valeri looked up at Lyric and blushed at the sight he saw, licking further down his stomache, unbuttonning and unzipping him, kissing lower, pulling his legnth out of his boxer's.

Noir smirked. "Kittens can bite things," he replied, nipping Amori back.

Lyric opened his eyes to see his lover, holding his aching erection in his hand. "Please...hurry..." he whispered.

Amori shivered and giggled. "Oh bite me, bat." He said, hugging Noir, nuzzling him befor ehe caught just what that could mean.

Valeri nodded and began to experimentally lick at Lyric's legnth.

Noir blushed. " know I can't..."

Lyric's back arched, his breathing became faster.

Amori blushed"I know I wasn't thinking before I said it."He said grinning."How big are your fangs though?" He asked curiously.

Valeri felt he must have been doing something right so he began to fit his mouth over his lover's legnth.

Noir shrugged. "I never measured them."

"Oh my GOD!" Lyric yelled out.

"Can I see them?" Amori asked, tilting his head.

Valeri pulled away afraid he had hurt him"Are you okay!?"

Lyric nodded. "It just...feels so good!"

Noir opened his mouth, allowing Amori to look at his fangs.

Amori smiles"Cool."He said, running his tounge over them.

Noir smiled, closing his mouth to lean forward and kiss Amori's lips.

Valeri nodded and sucked him harder.

Amori grinned and kissed him back, slipping his arms around him.

Lyric moaned even louder, shutting his eyes tightly.

Noir pulled him onto his lap, still kissing his lips.

Amori kissed him more, wondering so much what those fangs would feel like on his neck , he tried to dimiss the thought knowing Noir would not like it and suckled on Noir's neck.

Valeri swirlled his tounge allover his loved one's legnth.

Noir moaned, running his hand through Amori's hair.

"I...I'm almost..." Lyric choked out.

Amori kisses him harder, kissing alonf his neck and biting on it gently.

Valeri began setting a hard and fast pace for his lover.

Noir smiled. "You're turning into a little vampire, Amori," he said jokingly.

Lyric yelped out as he reached his climax. "Valeri!!"

Amori grinned"All yours.."He said, biting down hard.

Valeri swallowed all that he could, some of it dripping out and he kissed him.

Lyric kissed him back, sliding his tongue into the other's mouth.

Noir hissed slightly, but enjoyed the pain.

Amori lapped at a little bit of blood he had drawn, sucking on the mark."Oh gods..Noir, make me yours.."He said, Noir's blood making his skin tingle.

Valeri kissed him deeper"Did you enjoy it?"

Noir shook his head. "You already are mine, Amori..."

Lyric raised an eyebrow. "Isn't it obvious?"

Amori shivered. "Uhnn..I know..but..mnn i feel so I need to get closer.."He said, entranced, licking more at Noir's skin.

Valeri smiled"It was. I am glad you had fun."

Noir moaned softly.

Lyric brushed one of Valeri's bangs from his eye. "So...should we get out of this tree now?"

Amori shivered and breathed a moan as he kissed Noir's neck more, biting into it again, suckling a little more blood."Please, Noir, please take me."

Valeri smiled" house or yours?" Valeri asked with a blush not wanting to leave his love.

"I won't turn you into a vampire, Amori..." he said darkly.

Lyric smiled widely. "Um...yours, I guess. It's closer than mine."

"Nn not what I meant." Amori said, slipping his hand between Noir's legs.

Valeri smiled" Yay..come along then,lets get out of this tree.."

Noir bit his lip, smiling evilly. "Now, that I can do." He took Amori's hand and led him to his bedroom.

Lyric zipped up his pants and began to climb down the tree.

Amori smiled and followed after him, kissing him hungrily as he did so.

Valeri followed after, grabbing Lyric's discarded shirt from the branch as he did.

Noir layed Amori down on his bed, kissing him passionately.

Lyric jumped down once he was only a few feet from the ground and waited for Valeri.

Amori moaned, grinding up against him, pulling him down, kissing him as hard as he could.

Valeri jumped down and hugged onto Lyric"Mnn follow me." He said, leading him to his home.

"Can I have my shirt?" Lyric asked, smiling weakly despite the fact that he was now freezing.

Noir kissed down Amori's neck, sucking upon the flesh their softly.

Amori smiled softly."Mnn Noir.."He said gently, threading his hands in Noir's hair, wrapping his legs around him.

Valeri nodded and kissed him, handing the shirt over.

Noir, becoming intoxicated with his skin, began to bite down softly.

Lyric quickly put his shirt on. "Thanks."

Amori moaned and felt his heart beat speed up."Hnn Noir what are you doing?" He asked faintly at the biting feeling.

Valeri kissed him"Your welcome." He said as they arrived at his house and he opened the door.

Noir gasped, feeling Amori's blood on his tongue. He pulled away. "I...I don't know..."

Lyric walked into his lover's apartment, sitting on his bed.

Amori moaned gently"You can sip if you want.."He said, trying to understand what it was both he and his love were feeling. He felt something akin to desire but one-hundred fold when his lover had done that and he wondered vaguely what Noir had felt.

Valeri followed, sitting next to him.

Noir nodded and began to drink deeper from him, but being cautious at the same time.

Lyric wrapped his arms around him. "So, what shall we do now, my love?"

Amori heard himself call out as pure pleasure engulfed him, making him cry out in nothing but ecstasy etched with a small bit of pain as he clung to his lover's body."Oh Noir..mnn more.." He said softly, slowly beginning to feel tired as he gave every ounce he had so very willingly, each drink almost feeling as though his lover was making love to him at the same time.

Valeri smiled" Hnn how about we get a drink?" He asked, going out and getting some sodas.

Noir broke away, knowing that Amori would soon be unconcious. "No, that's enough," he said, kissing Amori's lips softly.

Lyric smiled and took his soda. "Thank you."

Amori moaned with a sadness at the feeling of losing his lover from his neck but nodded, knowing he hold not get so addicted. He kissed him back, slipping his hands under his shirt, along his back.

Valeri nodded"you are welcome."

Noir moaned, arching his back into Amori's chest.

Lyric sipped his soda and layed back on the bed.

Amori let his fingers drift to where Noir had bitten him"Is that going to leave a mark?" He asked, hoping in a way that it would.

Valeri smiled and layed next to Lyric, lifting his shirt gently, tracing little circles over his skin. " you mind sleeping in the same bed?" He asked, wanting to sleep next to his loved one.

Noir nodded. "Probably..." he breathed out.

Lyric blushed but shook his head. "No... I don't mind."

Amori smiled softly, blushing."I am glad." He said gently, kissing Noir again.

Valeri smiled"This should be fun..I haven't had a sleep-over in forever."He said, slipping his arm across Lyric's stomache.

Noir raised an eyebrow. "Why would you be happy about that?"

Lyric smiled and wrapped his arms around Valeri's waist, kissing his neck gently. "Yes. VERY fun."

Amori smiled more. "Because it would be from you."He said softly, tracing over Noir's jawline with his thumb.

Valeri giggled and kissed Lyric's forehead."Ohhh somone wants to plaay."He said in a sing-song voice.

Noir nodded, playfully licking and biting Amori's fingertip.

Lyric wiggled his eyebrows. "Maybe I do. Don't you want to play with me?"

Amori found himself blushing by this action and leaned up and kissed his lover."Mnn...why do you tease me so?"

Valeri grinned"I would love to play with you dear."

Noir shrugged. "I don't know. Because you look so cute when you beg probably." He smriked.

Lyric leaned forward and kissed Valeri. "Then play with me. I'm your toy," he purred.

Amori laughed softly and decided to give Noir a taste of his teen-aged hormonal side and moaned. "Nnn Noir! Take me now, I can't wait anylonger..."He said with a whimper, arching his back to his lover's chest and closing his eyes, mouth partially open, he opened an eye to see how his lover was taking it. The bad thing about it was...that is exactly how he felt.

Valeri grinned and kissed Lyric hard, stradling him on the bed.

Noir gaped at Amori's behavior. He felt himself stirring within his pants. He pushed Amori down onto the bed, kissing him forcefully. "Say it again." he moaned harshly.

Amori groaned, kissing him back."Take me please, no more waiting, need you inside me, pounding into me, making me call out your name.."He said in a seductive, pleading whimper, looking up into Noir's eyes needingly, not acting this time at all.

Lyric moaned, grinding against his lover's hips.

Noir groaned, biting his lower lip. He quickly removed Amori's pants and without any preparation or lubrication except his own precum, he slid inside of Amori's body.

Valeri ground against him as well, kissing him hard as he did so, wanting his love with a passion he had reserved for so long.

Amori called out, slightly uncomfortable, pain bolted through him, but he decided it was not so bad as it started to ebb away, tears down his cheeks , trying to adjust to his lover's size and quite sudden penetration. "Nnnn gods, Noir!"

Lyric ran his hands down the other's body, moaning at every gentle curve his fingers came across.

Noir stopped, realizing what he was doing. "I'm sorry..." he whispered, stopping any movement inside of Amori.

Valeri moaned softly"How far darling?"

Amori nodded"Hnn don't stop, it is okay I will get used to it Noir."He said, kissing him again.

Lyric shook his head, pushing Valeri onto his back. He kissed him passionately before whispering, "I want to pleasure you this time..."

Noir nodded as he pulled out and slammed back into him.

Valeri moaned deep in his throat at Lyric's words."Mnn then do so my love."

Amori shivered and kissed Noir and met his thrusts, moaning a bit from mained pleasure that he had quite the liking for.

Lyric slid down his lover's body and pulled down his pants, taking his cock into his mouth.

Noir moaned at Amori's tightness and thrust into him once more.

Valeri hissed in air as he felt his lover's lips around his arousal and he shivered, one hand clutching the bed sheets and the other in his loved one's hair as he called out quietly.

Amori met his lover's thrusts with abandonment and moaned out to him loudly, grabbing onto his back, scratching it a little as he did so.

Lyric slowly descended upon is lovers, staring up into his eyes.

Noir moaned and continued thrusting into him, holding on tightly to the smaller boy.

Valeri shivered and bucked lightly into his lover's mouth.

Amori cried out, he was already so close. Why had he gotten that way? Was it Noir's loving bite?

Lyric held down his lover's hips so he didn't gag, but continued descending upon him.

Noir licked behind Amori's ear, a groan escaping his lips at the sensual taste of his lover's skin.

Valeri panted, biting the back of his wrist with his eyes closed."Oh gods, Lyric...!"

Amori shivered, coming finally, moaning out loudly as he did so, clutching tight to Noir, tightening around him.

Lyric moaned as he continued bobbing his head up and down.

Noir moaned out as well as he reached his climax, calling Amori's name.

Valeri gasped as he came, one hand clutching the bedsheets the other in Lyric's hair.

Amori held onto him tightly, breathing hard, his heart beating faster then he has ever known it to.

Lyric swallowed as much of him as he could, closing his eyes.

Noir panted, letting his eyes flutter shut. "Amori..." he whispered, running his hand through Amori's hair.

Valeri shivered and pulled Lyric up to him, kissing him almost desperately."I love you." He said heatedly, kissing him wherever he could.

Amori snuggled into Noir and kissed him. "I love you so much, I never want to be without you."He said."Forever."

Lyric smiled against his lips, kissing him in return. "I love you too..." he whispered, running his fingers over the other's body.

Noir smiled. "I love you too, my little Amori..."

Valeri hugged him tighter."Be mine always."

Amori smiled. "My lovely Noir."

Lyric nodded sleepily, his eyes becoming very heavy. "Of course..."

Noir kissed him. "I think we should rest now..."

Valeri smiled. "Tired?"

Amori nodded and clung to him. "Sleepy sleepy sleepy." He mumbled, closing his eyes.

"Yes..." Lyric muttered, snuggling closer to Valeri.

Noir smiled at his cuteness, kissing him on the top of the head. "I love you, Amori..."

Valeri smiled and started to fall asleep, pulling a comforter around them.

Amori smiled"I love you too." He said, yawning and nuzzling him.

Lyric kissed him one last time before falling asleep.

Noir held him tightly, falling asleep.

The next evening is one Amori was ahppy to see at first. He got up, got dressed, kissed Noir and began his walk to school, not a care in the world. He was happier then he had ever been before.

Valeri shivered and woke and lookedat the clock. "OH HELL! LYRIC! SCHOOL!"He said franticly shaking his lover.

Noir looked up, seeing that Amori wasn't in bed with him anymore. He blinked. "Amo-" He stopped, realizing he'd probably already headed to school. He smiled, still smelling Amori's scent on his bed. After laying there for a few minutes he got up and began to get dressed.

Lyric looked about, dazed and confused. "Huh? Whaaat?"

Amori made it to school early, leaning against the classroom door, waiting for his lover to get there.

Valeir smiled and kissed Lyric. "School my love." He said, stradling him.

Noir got dressed and was on his way to work.

"Ooooh. Are we late?" He said, looking at the clock, but not before giving Valeri a kiss on the lips.

Amori grinned as he could practically feel his lover was getting close, but not before he felt a very bad vibe from a group of boys standing a few feet away, all taking glacnes in his general direction.

Valeri laughed. "We will be. Now come on." He said, throwing Lyric his uniform.

Noir got in his car, turning on the engine and headed towards the school. He wondered how his lover would try to tempt him in class today.

Lyric put his clothes on slowly. "Ugh, but I'm so tired. Would it really hurt us so much if we only missed one lesson?"

Amori smiled weakly as one of them advanced..he distinctly heard a slur about his being gay ans paled and ran only to have them chase him and grabs him, throwing him to the ground and start hitting him. "FUCK."

Valeir grinned. "Well love, first hour we have to keep Amori and Nori in line...maybe you can skip second.."

Noir pulled into the parking lot, getting out and heading to his classroom.

Lyric nodded, kissing Valeri again. "Okay. Sounds good."

Amori curled up into a tight ball hoping to block off most of their blows, crying silently hoping for Noir to get there. He felt the warm trickle of blood down his side and forehead.

Valeri smiled. "Mnn get dressed then."

Noir pulled out his keys but heard the noises of someone crying. He turned the corner to his classroom and saw a group of boys beating up on someone quite a bit smaller than them obviously. "Hey, what are you doing?!" he yelled.

Lyric finished getting dressed. "Alright. I'm ready."

Amori heard Noir's voice and smiled even as he was being hurt. The boy's stopped their assault and looked up fearfully at Noir, running. Amori continued to lay there, too hurt to move.

Valeri smiled. "Let us go then." He said, kissing him and leading him out the door.

Noir gasped, seeing Amori lying there. "Amori!!" he yelled out, kneeling down next to him. "Are you alright?!" He touched his cheek gently.

Lyric followed him happily.

Amori nodded weakly. "They did it because I am gay...and I can't quite move." He said between painfull breaths.

Valeri smiled.When they got to school it was to see Noir by Amori and Amori on the ground, bleeding."WHat the hell happened!?"

Noir picked him up off the ground, his rage mounting. But his first concern was Amori. "Come on. Let's get you to he nurse's office." He ran as quickly as he could.

Lyric looked in surprise. "Oh my God!"

Noir ran past them, barely saying, "Later!" before speeding down the hallway.

Amori clung tight to Noir and kissed his chest lightly. "Dont let me go ever." He said, clinging tighter.

Valeir stared after them"I wonder...what happened...umm lets go teach class for Noir.."

Noir sighed, arriving at the nurse's office and giving him to her to fix up.

Lyric blinked. "But...shouldn't we go check on Amori?"

Valeir tilted his head. "Well yes, but I am sure Noir will have him taken care of. But his classroom...without him in there is hell.."

Amori didn't want to let Noir go but knew he had to to keep their relationship secret.

Lyric frowned. "But I really want to see what happened..."

Noir sat there, waiting on the nurse. Once she was done with Amori, she said, "He seems to be okay but there's going to be quite a bit of bruising."

Noir nodded understandingly. "May I see him?"

"Yes, of course." She let him pass her.

"Amori..." Noir said.

Amori smiled up at his lover. "Hey..."He said, wincing as he moved to sit up."Can I stay home tomorrow?" He asked, his eyes frightened and worried.

Valeri smiled."Well then you go to him I am going to try to get the class in order." He said as a pencil came flying out the door. He kissed Lyric and went into the room, calling it to order, looking in Noir's plan book. "Okay your books."

"Of course you can!" Noir said. "I wouldn't want you coming to school tomorrow!"

Lyric ran to the nurse's office, when he arrived he saw Amori and Noir. "Amori!" he exclaimed. "Are you okay?"

Amori smiled. "Thank you Noir..and I am fine Lyric..a bit bruised but I am okay." He said, smiling sadly.

Valeri was actually doing quite well with teaching the class and smiled, sitting at Noir's desk.

Lyric sat down next to him. "What happened?"

"Yes, what happened?" Noir asked.

Amori re-counted the events quickly, his eyes widening dramtaicly.

"Oh my God..." Lyric whispered.

Noir, who had hidden his anger till now, began to growl. "Who was it?" he hissed.

Amori started raddling off names of people he recognized.."Michael Dren, Alen Viore.....lots others."

"Give me there names. Every single one of them," Noir hissed. "I won't let them get away with this!"

Amori put a calming hand on Noir's face and wrote them down on a piece of paper. "Here you are sweety."

Noir took the paper, memorizing every single name. "They'll regret they ever but a hand on you," he said, his eyes flashing blood red.

Amori actually feared for them at seeing his eyes like that but nodded."Alright.."He said, looking around to see that noone was there and kissing him.

Noir kissed him back, but the anger still boiled within him.

Amori layed back, wincing as his back hit the matress of the nursees office.

"I'm going to class now... I will be back later, okay?" Noir said gently.

Amori nodded though he did not want his lover to leave him.

Noir left him alone with Lyric.

"I'll stay here with you," Lyric said, smiling.

AMori smiled at his best friend. " how are you and Valeri?"

Lyric smiled widely. "We're very good."

AMori grinned. "Awe did you two have fun?"

Lyric blushed. "Yes... We did. I spent the night with him..."

Noir returned to his classroom, slamming the door. "Alright, which one of you little bitches, did it!" he yelled, knowing full well who it was. He just wanted to know if they'd admit to it.

Amori grinned. "I am glad you two are happy..I wonder if the class is okay?"

Valeri stood as Noir entered and paled as he heard his best friend's lover yell and use profanity.

"You think I'm fucking kidding?!" Noir hissed, his eyes flashing red once again. He was starting to lose it. He stormed over to his desk. "Which one of you little assholes thought it was funny to beat the hell out of Amori? Do you know what you could've done to him? What the fuck is wrong with you! I swear, if I wasn't worried about losing my job I'd fucking kill you!" Noir's breathing was becoming faster. "Now. TELL. ME. WHO. DID. IT!"

Lyric shrugged. "I imagine they are. Noir's probably pissed though... He looked really scary when he left."

Amori nodded" I a sweet man though." He said smiling.

Valeri watched in horror at Noir. "Noir..please calm down a little.." He said, skipping formalities such as calling him sir or Mr. Cartier.

Lyric smiled and nodded. "He certainly must be. He seems to treat you very well."

Noir looked at Valeri as if he were one of the people who beat up Amori. "Why the hell should I have to call down?! Did you SEE what they did to him?! To my- I mean, to Amori?!"

"He treats me like a prince in a fiary tale." Amori said dreamily.

Valeri sighed and sat down. "Fine then, do you worst Noir...I think you should wait and get them after school gets out really."

Lyric smiled at how happy Amori seemed. "I can tell. Then again, you're more like a princess, Amori."

Noir sighed, shaking his head. He was unable to listen to reason at this point. "So, does ANYONE want to tell me what happened?" he scanned the classroom, making eye contact with each of the boys to let them know that he knew. "Or are you all just a bunch of spineless cowards who will beat up someone but won't admit to it? Is that how weak you are, you little fucking pieces of shit?!"

Amori glared at Lyric playfully. "Your sooo mean." He said, pouting.

Valeri watched in horror as Noir's language worsened. He could do nothing but sit back and watch the events unfold.

Lyric smiled. "You know I just love teasing you, Ami."

Noir sighed, glaring at the class. None of them, not even ONE of them, would confess their crimes. He took a deep breath before saying, "Even if you don't tell me, I will find out who did this. And when you did, you'll suffer. I'll make sure of that."

"Can't you wait and tease Valeri? I am soo sore... have mercy."Amori said, pouting.

Valeri watched curiously now, wondering what Noir would do.

Lyric nodded understandingly. "I'm sorry." He hugged his friend, but not tightly enough that he would hurt him. "What do you suppose Noir will do to those kids?"

Noir took another breath, glowering at the perpetraitors once more. He turned the board and began writing down some notes, but his mind was focused on Amori and how he would kill the bastards who had dared to lay a finger on him.

Amori shivered. "Probably kill them or something." He had said this in a joking tone but he wasn't so sure he was joking himself.

Valeri sighed, hoping the main beast in Noir had calmed.

Lyric looked down sadly. "I'm not sure... He might. I've never seen his eyes turn that color before. It was scary..." he whispered.

Noir tried his hardest to teach but every once a while, the word, "dammit" would slip past his lips as he thought of Amori and how he hadn't protected him. 'Some lover I am...' he thought

Amori smiled. "Yeah..he's so mine though too..I can't believe it!" He said, shivering.

Valeri sighed. "Mr. Cartier, shall I go check upon Amori?"

Lyric laughed at his friend's behavior. "You really are in love with him, huh?"

Noir looked up at him with disinterest. "Yeah, sure... Whatever..." he muttered. He was clearly preoccupied, thinking up ways to torture the little monsters that had hurt his Amori.

Amori grinned "Yes." He said simply without hesitation.

Valeri sighed and went to check upon him, hugging Lyric as he came in. " you think it is possible to go to class? He's about to go on a murder spree."

Amori nodded, wincing as he stood. "Yeah, just help me to class." He said, clutching his side painfully as he was lead out the room, hanging across Lyric's shoulder and Valeri holding him up.

Lyric helped him to the classroom. When he arrived, he looked at Noir. He really did look as if he was about to kill someone.

Noir looked up at him. "Amori? You should be in the nurse's office!" he said, running over to him.

Valri smiled weakly.

Amori grinned at his lover. "Noir, please.."He leaned close and whispered. "I just want to be near you..."He said, softly, kissing his cheek.

Noir shuttered. He nodded. "Um...well, okay. Take your seat, please," he said softly.

Lyric helped Amori to his seat, along with Valeri.

Amori sat down, wincing as he did so, glaring at the group that he could see that had hurt him earlier.

Valeri watched Amori's eyes drift over to the boys and copied their names down.

Noir sighed and tried his hardest to continue on with the lesson as normally as possible.

Amori kept his eyes on his lover at all times.

Valeri placed the list on his desk.

Noir was glad when the class from hell ended. He glowered at each one of the boys who hurt Amori as they walked past. He shook his head, waiting for everyone to leave so he could talk to Amori.

Amori smiled weakly as they filed out, He felt that if he moved he would break.

Lyric looked at Amori. "Do you need some help?"

Noir noticed at Amori seemed to be having some trouble. He came to his desk.

Amori growled. "Help....just take me home and lay me in bed sweety?" He asked sadly, grabbing onto Noir.

Noir nodded. "Okay, I will." He took Amori into his arms and, not caring who saw, carried him all the way to his car.

Lyric met up with Valeri, frowning. "I'm worried about him...both of them..."

Amori layed in his seat. "Is there any way to heal this?"

Valeri nodded "I know I worry about them too."

"Just rest and antibiotics, I suppose. I don't know much about mortal medicine... It's been centuries since I've needed it..." Noir murmured.

Lyric sighed. "Back to your place then? Or do you want to go to my dorm today?"

Amori pouted."Isn't there some way you can heal it?" he asked, hugging him tightly.

Valeri smiled. "Let's go to yours."

Noir frowned, feeling bad. "I'm afraid not... You just have to let it heal naturally."

Lyric nodded, taking Valeri's hand and leading him back to his place. 

Amori groaned. "You can;t even like use some kind of power thingy? I thought vampires could heal people?" He asked, kissing his cheek.

Valeri followed him, wrapping his arms about him.

Noir shook his head. "No, I'm afraid not."

Lyric smiled, kissing Valeri on the cheek. "You always make me feel so much better..."

Amori pouted."This sucks." he said."Please kill them?"

Valeri smiled."I am you think Amori is going to be okay with Noir? Noir looks like hell right he would kill some people off."

"...I don't think I can get away with killing them... Beating them up is what I'll do probably..." Noir said.

Lyric shook his head. "He's only mad at the one's who hurt Amori. Noir won't lay a finger on him."

Amori smiled."That works too sweety."He said, kissing his cheek.

Valeri nodded."I know."

Noir smiled slightly. He pulled up to his house and opened Amori's door, carrying him inside.

Lyric arrived at his dormitory. "Well, here we are!" he announced, opening the door.

AMori whimpered in pain. "I think they may have broken a rib or two.."

Valeri smiled and jumped on him. "Yay!"

Noir growled, but allowed himself to calm down. "Do you want to go to the hospital then?"

Lyric laughed, barely able to close the door before falling backwards onto the floor under Valeri's weight.

Amori shivered. "Should I?"He asked, curiously.

Valeri grinned and proped hmself up only to kiss him.

"Well, if you have broken ribs, you probably should," Noir said.

Lyric smiled happily and kissed him back.

Amori smiled."I am not sure if they are.."He said, trying to look at his shirt to see a tiny bi of blood on it..he tugged the shirt up to reveal already blackened bruises. " that bad?"

Valeri kissed his love again and smiled. "So, what shall we do?"

Noir nodded. "Yes, let's get you to the hospital. That can't be good."

Lyric shrugged. "Whatever you want to do is fine with me. But, first, I have to eat something. I'm starving."

"I don't wnat to go to the hospital.." He said, tears coming to his eyes.

Valeri nodded."I am too...we didn't get lunch tonight."

Noir frowned. "But you have to. How else will you get better, my dear?"

Lyric went over to his refrigerator. "Anything you want?"

Amori pouted. "I hate doctors..."He said, clinging to Noir.

Valeri smiled. "Just you."

Noir sighed. "I'll stay there with you but you have to go, sweety."

Lyric smiled but brought out some left over pizza from the day before. He put it in his microwave, warming it up for the both of them.

Amori pouted more. "Come on I have to?" He asked, feeling cold...little did he know just how much internal bleeding he had..he noticed as well that the black bruise had gotten larger because of it. "Noir..are bruises supposed to get larger?"

Valeri smiled "Smells this store bought or did you make it?"

"It depends on how big the wound is supposed to be," Noir said. "Please let me take you to the hospital, my love. I'm worried about you."

"I made it," Lyric said proudly, handing him a slice.

Amori shivered as everything seemed to be spinning. "OKay.."He said closinghis eyes. "Noir..I can't feel much and its cold in here..."

Valeri smiled and took a bite. "I like it."

Noir picked him up, quickly carrying him back to his car and putting him in the passenger seat. "Don't worry. Everything's going to be just fine."

Lyric smiled and bit into his own. "Good."

Amori shivered in a passed out stupor. "Nn I can't keep awake."

Valeri grinned. "This is really good...what kind of sauce and stuff did you use?"

"Please stay awake!" Noir said frantically.

Lyric shrugged. "Just some stuff I bought from the store."

Amori shivered ."I don't know if I can."He said, drifting off into a coma.

Valeri grinned. "Your a good cook..any6thing else you make?"

Noir drove as quickly as he could, finally arriving at the hospital. He carried Amori, running all the way to the emergency room where the doctor's took him away.

Lyric strugged. "Pretty much anything. Why? You want me to cook for you?" He smiled.

Valeri smiled and nodded. "I would like that very much."

Amori went through several stitches and applying of ointments before they releases him, a brace around his chest.

"Sir, he has four broken ribs and some major inside damage. He had internal bleeding but it has been stopped. And he needs to get some serious rest. We will notify the school of this and his absences will be excused...what is your relation to him?" One of the doctors asked, handing Noir a clipboard to sign.

Lyric grinned. "Okay. Just tell me what you want me to make and I'll try my hardest."

Noir sighed. "I'm his...teacher. He was beat up before my class..." he said, running his hand through his hair anxiously.

"Hnnn how about......cake??"Valeri asked, tilting his head.

Amori smiled at Noir."Come on, I will call my parents." He said with a small wink. He walked as well as he could out of the building.

The doctors smiled and took the clipbaord back and shoed them out, handing Noir a bottle of pills. "Give these to him once a day..he will need it to get better. It should numb most of the pain."

Noir nodded understandingly and followed after Amori, staring down at the bottle of pills.

Lyric smiled. "Okay then. What type of cake? Chocolate?"

Amori smiled weakly at Noir. "Noir...can you stay home with me while I am getting better?" He asked, wincing as he tried to sit down in the car.

Valeri grinned. "Yes! With a strawberry center!"

Noir frowned. "I'm not so sure, Amori... People will notice if we're both out of school at the same time..."

Lyric smiled. "Alright then. I'll make it the next time you come over." He kissed Valeri softly.

Amori looked at him with a pout. "Please?" He asked, needing so bad to have his lover next to him.

Valeri smiled and kissed him back. " will be fun."He said, hugging him close.

Noir frowned. "Maybe a couple days...but not the whole time. I'm sorry. You know I would love too."

Lyric grinned. "So, will you be my helper in the kitchen?"

AMori smiled. "A couple of days is all I will need..I think...I just want to be sure your with me..that's all."He said, kissing him.

Valeri laughed. "Of course my dear!"

Noir kissed him back lovingly. "Of course, my love. I can atleast give you that much."

Lyric grinned. "You'd look so cute in a pink apron!"

Amori smiled at this. "Mnn can we go home and sleep now?"

Valeri laughed. "So would you."

Noir laughed. "Yes." He pulled into the garage of his house, helping Amori out of the car.

"We'll buy matching aprons then," Lyric said happily.

Amori made his way with several winces to Noir's bed and crawled into it, sliding under the blankets. "Its a shame you can't make love to me right now.."He said with a pout.

Valeir grinned. "Sounds good to me.."He said, kissing him, nipping him playfully.

Noir sighed, holding his lover lightly. "Yes, I know..."

Lyric giggled, pulling Valeri back onto the bed with him.

Valeri smiled and kissed him gently. "Ohhh is it time to play?"

Amori snuggled into him. "Well at least you have the next few nights off to cool down."

Lyric raised an eyebrow, smirking. "What do you think?" He nibbled on Valeri's neck.

Noir sighed. "Yeah, and be horny as hell," he grumbled.

Valeri grinned and kissed his lover as deep as he could. "Mnnn sounds good to me."

Amori laughed outright at this. "Awe well what were you doing before you and I got all together?"

Lyric climbed on top of Valeri, kissing his lips passioantely.

Noir blinked, looking up at the ceiling thoughtfully. "Honestly...I can't remember what my life was like without you..."

Valeri kissed him back, sliding his arms around him.

Amori smiled. "That is really sweet..hnn I can try my best.."He said, whimpering as he tried to get in a better position to face his lover, sliding his hand down his chest. "I shouldn't be too badly hurt if I just use my hand.."He stated suggestively.

Lyric began to kiss his neck, moaning against his flesh.

Noir smirked, liking that idea. "As long as you promise not to hurt yourself, okay? I'd never forget myself if I caused you pain..."

Valeri slipped his hand in the backside of his lover's pants and began to carress his skin, sliding his fingers down to press one into him.

Amori smiled. "Of course." He said, kissing Noir, holding back a small wince, undoing his pants and slipping his hand into them, through the undergarments and carressing his legnth lightly.

Lyric gasped, arching into his lover's touch. He begged for Valeri to add another finger.

Noir moaned, licking his lips and holding on tightly to his bedsheets. He was amazed at what one touch from his lover could do...

Valeri did so only after slipping the first one in completely. He smiled at his lover's moans.

Amori tightened his grip on his lover as best as he could, running hs hand up and down his legnth.

Lyric rested his head against Valeri's shoulder, unbuttoning his lover's shirt so that he could kiss his warm skin.

Noir leaned up and kissed Amori's lips passionately, moving into his hand.

Valeri arched into his lover's kisses, slipping his fingers into him as far as he could.

Amori smiled into the kiss, kissing his lover back, moving his hand faster.

Lyric gasped against his lover's lips, sliding his tongue into the other's mouth.

Noir growled, pulling Amori closer to him, but making sure to be gentle. He really didn't to hurt him anymore.

Valeri sucked on his tounge lovingly. "Mnn what shall we do, whos on top?"

Amori kissed Noir hard as he stroked him. "You can..drink if you need to."

Lyric blushed. "Um... I don't know. If you want to be on top you can... I don't mind," he said softly.

Noir shook his head. "No, I'm fine..." he whispered, running his fingers gently up and down Amori's back.

Valeri smiled."What are you more comfortable with?"

Amori nodded. "Okay sweety."He said, continuing his ministrations.

Lyric blushed even more. "I think...I want you to be on top," he said shyly.

Noir moans became louder with each stroke. Amori's gentle fingers on him were so arousing.

Valeri smiled. "Okay my darling." He said, looking up at him. "Are you wanting to ride me or have me make love to you?"

Amori smiled at how he was seeming to make Noir feel.

Lyric smiled warmly, kissing Valeri's lips. "Please...make love to me..." he whispered gently.

Noir ran a hand through Amori's hair, biting his earlobe gently as he continued thrusting into his fingers.

Valeri smiled, placing himself between his legs.

Amori laughed at his lover. "That tickles..."He said, stroking him more, slipping his hands into his hair.

Lyric's face turned red as he watched Valeri. He began to take off his own pants.

Noir smiled, continuing to nibble on his ear.

Valeri smiled, pulling them off for him and kissed his cheek. "Mnn I can't wait to feel you again."

Amori stroked him faster, trying to bring his lover closer to completion.

Lyric nodded, kissing Valeri's lips softly. "Neither can I, my love..."

Noir moaned, thrusting faster into Amori's hand. It wouldn't be much longer...

Valeri kissed him back, being sure both of them were completely bare before continuing, ravishing his lover with kisses and small loving bites.

Amori smiled, biting softly on Noir's chest as he continued to pleasure him.

Lyric smiled widely, closing his eyes in pleasure. He allowed his hands to run through Valeri's hair, begging him to go further.

Noir gasped as he felt himself reach his climax. "Amori!" he yelled out, grasping onto the bedsheets as his seed covered both of them.

Valeri smiled at him. "Hnn should I jump right to it...or kiss you some more?" When Valeri said kiss he looked directly down at his lover's legnth suggestively, curious as to what his lover would say.

Amori smiled, licking his hand clean and all of Noir that he could."Mnn you taste good. So..did I do good?"

Lyric blushed. "I don't know if I can take much more kissing but...I like kissing you too..." He smirked. "But...I would like to feel you inside me... We can kiss anytime."

Noir nodded, pulling Amori close but not holding tightly so that he hurt him. "Yes, you were incredible."

Valeri smiled. "Mnn good." He said, licking his lover's legnth just because he could, slicking his legnth and begginning to press into him.

Amori smiled, snuggling into him. "i can't wait until I am healed.

Lyric jumped slightly, surprised at his lover's tongue on him. But he enjoyed it and closed his eyes.

Noir ran his hand through Amori's hair. "Nor can I. I'm so sorry those kids beat you up..."

Valeri smirked slightly, kissing his lover's lips and pressing completely into him.

Amori shivered. "I..can't believe they did that...what have I ever done to them?"

Lyric gasped at the initial pain. It hurt quite a bit but when he began to relax, it became more pleasurable and a smile spread across his face.

Noir shook his head. "They're fools. That's why they did it. I'll make sure every single one of them pays."

Valeri smiled softly, letting his lover get used to him before pulling out slowly and then easing his way back in.

Amori nodded, snuggling closer to Noir, licking his neck.

Lyric moaned, shutting his eyes tightly as he felt his lover moving within him.

Noir couldn't supress the girlish giggle that left his lips. "That tickles!" he exclaimed.

Valeri moved at a more sure pace, moanging gently as he felt his lover around him.

Amori laughed and bit lightly. "Does that tickle?"

Lyric grasped at the bedsheets for support as Valeri began to move faster. The feeling was so incredible...

Noir blushed. "Yes..."

Valeri kissed his lover passionately, begginning for his pace to be even faster set, grasping onto his lover's hips.

Amori smiled. "Awe your blushing!" He siad, biting him gently still, running his tounge over random bits of skin.

Lyric leaned up so he could kiss Valeri's lips as he thrust into him.

Noir moaned softly. "Ami..."

Valeri deepened the kiss, he couldn't seem to get enough of his lover, moaning deep into the kiss as his thrusts seemed to be a bit more radical, slowly feeling tension about to release within any minute.

Amori tilted his head, biting more of Noir's skin, subconciously suckling it. "What is it Noir?" He asked in a whisper against his skin before going back to nibbling it.

Lyric growled into Valeri's mouth at the passion he felt now. He could barely contain himself. He'd never felt so good before. He didn't want it to end but he knew it soon would. He couldn't last much longer...

"Stooooop," Noir whined.

Valeri could stand no longer the passion and pleasure his lover had created for him and he thrust only a few more times before comming hard and deep inside him.

Amori giggled. "Whyyyyy?" He whined back, licking him more.

Lyric moaned, feeling his lover come within him. He clenched his muscles as he felt his own orgasm tear through him.

"Because it feels so good..." Noir panted.

Valeri held his lover close, still inside him, rocking out the last few waves of orgasm. "Darling..I love you."

Amori moaned at the sound of his lover's voice, it turned him on he would admit and that just made him feel like teasing him. Amori pressed against him completely, sliding his leg between Noir's, lightly massaging his groin, biting hard on his neck, maoning against his skin.

Lyric smiled at the words. He couldn't get enough of hearing Valeri say those words to him. He kissed his lips. "I love you too..."

Noir arched into his lover's touch, groaning loudly.

Amori shivered at the sound of his lover. "Noir....are you okay??" He asked, blushing. He was unaware that he could have that affect on his lover and wondered if he wasn't perhaps hurting him.

Valeri smiled and hugged him and kissed him. "I love you soooooooooooooooooooo much." He rarely let out a childish voice but that was the one acception.

Noir nodded. "Y-yes... Pl-please, my love...don't stop," he managed to moan out.

Lyric laughed at the childish tone of his lover's voice. He sounded adorable. "You are soooooooooo cute," he replied, kissing his nose. "And I love you too. More than you could ever know."

Amori kissed the very willing Noir, grinding him before burying his face in his neck, biting onto it, drawing a little blood, suckling at it."Mmmmmm."

Valeri blushed and cuddled up to him. "Glad to be of service."

Noir moaned gently, running his hand up and down Amori's back, grinding into him as well.

Lyric closed his eyes. "You don't mind if I sleep here, do you?"

Amori bit into his lover's neck more, creating a rather strong blood flow and sipped on it, to him it tasted sweet and made his whole body tingle, making his grinding against Noir even more passionate.

Valeri shivered. "No of course not, so long as you are beside me."

Noir shuttered at the feeling of Amori's tongue lapping up his blood.

Lyric smiled. "Good." He kissed him again.

Amori moved away from his lover's neck and kissed him full on the mouth, almost forgetting about his injuries until they made themselves painfully known and he winced.

Valeri smiled and met his kiss. "I wouldn't mind you staying here forever."

Noir quickly moved away from Amori, looking down at him. He'd forgotten about his lover's injuries as well. "Amori, I'm sorry," he said softly, holding him close.

Lyric smiled, moving closer. "I think I'd like that..." he said softly.

Amori hugged him tightly."It is fine my darling..I just...forgot my injuries as well."

Valeri grinned. "Then that is what you shall get!!"He said, stradlnig and kissing him.

Noir frowned. "Do you want to rest then?" he asked softly, kissing him and laying him down on the bed.

Lyric grinned happily. "Yay! I'm so lucky!" He wrapped his arms around the other.

"What do you think I should do?" Amori asked quizicly.

Valeri grinned and hugged him tighter. "I knoooowww!"

Noir sighed, looking down at his erection. "...Rest," he said, kissing Amori's forehead.

Lyric rolled his eyes. "You're so modest, love."

Amori pouted. "Are you sure?" He asked, wanting only for his love to feel good and to be satisfied.

Valeri grinned. "Maybe I am...but I loves you."

Noir nodded. "Yes. I don't want you to hurt yourself."

Lyric giggled and kissed Valeri passsionately. "And I loves you too."

Amori pouted. "But I want you to be finished."

Valeri smiled. "Love you more."

Noir shrugged. "But I'd rather have you rest. I don't want you to hurt yourself."

Lyric rolled his eyes. "Yeah. Sure. Like that's possible."

Amori shook his head and climbed atop of Noir, kissing his neck and chest. "Not until you have been brought to completion."

Valeri smirked. "It is!"He said, capturing his lover's mouth with his.

Noir blushed. "...Are you sure you can do it...without hurting yourself?"

Lyric moaned slightly, wrapping his arms around Valeri. "Then prove it," he whispered against his lips.

Amori licked his lover's chest and stomache. "Let me finish you this wont tax me too badly."

Valeri smiled, grinding his lower half against Lyric. "Mnn gladly."

Noir nodded, his breath catching in his throat at the beautiful sight of his lover between his legs.

Lyric smirked, running his hands throught Valeri's hair in encouragement.

Amori licked along his lover's thighs, nipping here in there at the more sensitive areas.

Valeri kissed him hard, pushing his tounge past his lover's lips and undoing his pants.

Noir moaned, grasping the sheets of his bed.

Lyric's tongue dueled with the other's, begging for entrance into his mouth.

Amori swirled his tounge along Noir's legnth, running his teeth along it as well, suckling as best as he could.

Valeri slipped his tounge deep within the other's mouth, slipping it in and out in illustration of how he wanted to posess Lyric.

Noir gasped, closing his eyes. Amori was so good at this. It was like he'd been doing it forever.

Lyric sighed, running his hand down Valeri's back and letting it rest on the other's backside, groping it eagerly.

Amori suckled on just the tip of his lover's legnth, slipping it onto the very tip of it.

Valeri kissed his neck, along the nape of it, nipping his shoulder and moving down his lover's chest, lifting his shirt up and nipping his nipple.

Noir let Amori know just how much he was enjoying this by moaning out, "Mmm... Amori... It feels so incredible."

Lyric gasped at the touch, but arched into it. He moved his hands up to the hem of the other's pants, pushing them down over his hips and taking his cock into his hand.

Amori moaned around his lover's cock. "Mnn."

Valeri did the same to others pants, kissing his cheek.

The feeling of his lover moaning on his cock just brought more pleasure to more. He sighed.

Lyric began to stroke Valeri ever so gently, speeding up gradually.

Amori proceeded then to take his cock completely in his mouth.

Valeri moaned, thrusting into his hand, kissinghim hard as he gave him the same treatment.

Noir groaned even louder, shutting his eyes tightly. His back arched off the bed.

Lyric panted heavily, moving his hand faster along his lover's cock.

Amori sucked his lover as tightly as he could, still humming around him to create vibrations.

Valeri tightened his own grip on his lover, moving his hand along him at the same rate, kissing him with everything he had.

Noir's moans were becoming strangled. He wouldn't last long. "A-Amori...I..." he gasped as he came into his lover's mouth.

Lyric moaned loudly, thrusting into his lover's hand while stroking him in time with his thrusts.

Amori swalloed his lover's essence, licking him completely clean before laying atop of him, kissing him gently.

Valeri moaned, continuing to pleasure his lover in this way.

Noir kissed him in return, moaning softly at the taste of himself on the other's lips.

Lyric bit his lover's lower lip as he thrust faster into his hand, feeling as if he wouldn't last long.

Amori hugged him as best as he could. "I love you."

Valeri tightened his grip even more, biting his neck hard as he came.

Noir smiled, kissing him. "I love you too, my Amori."

Lyric reached his climax as well and threw his head back, eyes shut tightly. He fell back onto the bed, looking at Valeri. "What are you...a vampire?" he joked.

Amori snuggled against him. "But now it is sleepy time."

Valeri giggled. "No..I just like biting."

Noir nodded, holding him close. "Sleep well, my love."

Lyric smirked. "You've been hanging around our teacher for too long."

Amori nodded, falling into sleep, happy to know that his Noir would be with him tomorrow.

Valeri smiled. "What he is a vampire or something?"

Noir closed his eyes as well and began to fall asleep.

Lyric laughed. "Probably. You see all the little bite marks he's left on Amori."

Valeri tilted his head. "Now that you mention they really exist though??"

Lyric shrugged. "I don't know. I haven't seen one..."

Valeri shrugged. "We should go over and sneak in his house and check Ami for bite marks before he turns into a bat."

Lyric chuckled. "I fear it's already too late. He wanders around at night and he's always nibbling on Noir when he thinks no one's looking. Yes, I'm afraid that our little Ami has already become a vampire."

Valeri giggled at this. "No seriously we should go see if Noir is avampire."

Lyric raised an eyebrow. "You seriously think he's one?"

Valeri nodded. "Now that I think about it..his eyes are glowy..and his hair is all shiny and his nails are like..super long..and his teeth are..pointy-ish."

Lyric was quiet, thinking. "Hm... I guess I never noticed that before are right."

Valeri grinned. "Can we?" He asked, sitting up, his eyes lit with a passion of curiosity.

Lyric sighed. "I'm not sure... It might upset Amori."

Valeri smiled. "Come on, he wont get too bad it isn't like we will kill him or anything..I think it would be coool.."

Lyric thought for a moment more before saying, "Okay, fine. But if Amori gets mad it was your idea."

Valeri nodded. "Sounds fine to me."

"So, when should we?" Lyric questioned.

Valeri laughed. "Now!!!!!"He said hyperly, getting up and grabbing his coat. "Come on, it'll be fun."

Lyric sighed but climbed out of bed, arranging his clothes.

Valeri clung to his lover and kissed his cheek. "Well lets go!!"He said, skipping outside.

Lyric pulled on his jacket and followed Valeri outside wordlessly.

Valeri ran off to their house, wondering what to do next. "What do we do next? Should we knock?"

Amori woke up a little and licked his lover's cheek before falling back asleep.

Lyric shrugged. "I don't know. I haven't been vampire hunting before," he said.

Noir groaned slightly.

Valeri laughed and founf Noir's bedroom window. "Oooo they're sleeping."

Amori woke a little again, climbing atop of noir , nibbling his neck and licking his earlobe in his sleep.

Lyric peered in the window. "See, he's not trying to drink from him. He's not a vampire."

Valeri stared skepticly as he sawy Amori nip Noir's neck. "I ....yes he is!!"

Amori was in fact nibbling on his lover's neck starting to bite a little, roaming his hands around on him.

Noir growled in his sleep, eyes beginning to open.

Lyric peered in the window. "What the hell?!"

Amori clung to him, squirming around on top of him, kissing him with a small force.

Valeri paled as he saw Amori nibbling and kissing Noir. He didn't know what to think of the two and found himself trying to find a way in.

Noir looked down at his lover. "W-what are you doing?"

Lyric looked at his lover. "Are you sure you want...break in?"

Amori woke groggily. "Hnn? Oh, sorry Noir...Just..sleepy.." Amori said with a yawn.

Valeri shrugged. "He's going to bie Ami and turn him into a bat!!!"

Noir smiled. "Okay then, sweetie. It's alright."

" looks like Amori is biting him," Lyric said, always the voice of reason.

Amori grinned. "Bite me lover." Amori said, kissing Noir's neck.

Valeri pouted..."Then...are we too late?" He asked, looknig again into the window.

Noir stared. "Huh? But I... Amori, I already told you," he said sadly.

Lyric shook his head. "No, he still looks the same."

Amori giggled. "I am not asking you to turn me.." He said, licking his lover's lips.

Valeri still continued to keep a keen eye on the couple, trying to ignore the fact that the couple was currently in a very intimate position.

Noir frowned still. He looked out the window and noticed two figures outside. "Who's there?" he said, standing and glaring at whoever was there.

Lyric gasped. "Um... I think he's seen us!" He ducked below the window.

Amori squealed and grabbed onto Noir in fear.

Valeri laughed and went to the front of the house, already having an excuse thought up and he knocked on the door.

Noir glared at the window but went to answer the door, pulling Amori behind him. He flung the door open.

Lyric followed catiously behind his lover, nervously.

Amori laughed when he saw it was Valeri and Lyric. "What are you idiots doing!?"

Valeri grimaced. "Well...we think Noir's a vampire and is soo going to turn you into one! But then we saw you biting perhaps we are too late.."

Noir stared, wide-eyed, at the two. Were they joking? No, they weren't... They were about to find out his terrible secret.

"But...w-we're sorry for bothering the two of you! Valeri's just got an overactive imagination."

Amori smiled at them. "No, we just like biting." Amori said, covering for his lover.

Valeri grinned. "Sorry, we'll leave you guys alone now!" He said, hugging them both and grabbing Lyric, trying to get out of there as fast as he could.

Noir blinked at the two confusedly. "They're a...strange pair."

Lyric followed after his lover. "I told you there was nothing going on!" he yelled once they were a fair distance away. "There was nothing to worry about."

Amori laughed. "Yeah, they were just being silly." He said, yawning and hugging Noir.

Valeri smiled. "I still think Amori's been turned!"

Noir closed the door, locking it as well. He didn't want anymore interruptions. "Back to bed then?"

Lyric pouted. "What makes you think that? And if he was, why would you be happy about that?

Amori smiled and nodded, running back to the room and jumping in the bed, cuddling into the blankets.

Valeri shrugged. " I just think so."

Noir chuckled and followed behind him, laying on the bed beside his lover. "Looks like someone's feeling better."

Lyric rolled his eyes. "Whatever. You're just being weird." He playfully punched his arm. "Let's go back to your house and forget any of this ever happened."

Amori nodded. "Yeah I am scarily enough."

Valeri nodded. "Yeah...sounds good to me.." Valeri said, skipping towards his house.

Noir smiled. "Well, that's good." He kissed his lover's cheek.

Lyric chuckled and followed behind him.

Amori smiled. "Yes it is." He said, kissing him back and snuggling against him. "Noir..what happens when I start getting older?Are you going to turn me?" He asked softly.

Valeri plopped on his couch as they returned to his house, sighing and smiling.

Noir was quiet, staring off into the darkness. He wished Amori would stop asking him things like this. It was too hard to think about now. "I...I don't know... Maybe..."

Lyric sat beside him. "And just what are you smiling about, Mr. Vampire Hunter?"

Amori smiled softly. "I just..don't ever want to be without you..And I don't want you to lose interest in me when I get older." Amori said, sighing softly.

Valeri laughed. "Just happy being here with you." He said, hugging Lyric.

Noir shook his head. "I could never. I will love you forever."

Lyric hugged him back, smiling. "Oh, that's good because I plan on hanging around hear awhile."

"What about when I get all old and wrinkly?" Amori asked, pouting.

Valeri grinned. "That is good." He said as he kissed him again.

Noir laughed. "I'll still love you. Every single wrinkle." He kissed his lips playfully.

Lyric smiled, laying his head on his lover's lap. "After all that excitement, I'm getting tired..."

Amori smiled as he kissed him back."Even when I have to get false teeth?"

Valeri grinned, running his fingers through his lover's hair. "I am as well."

Noir laughed even louder. "You really think your teeth will be that rotten?"

"Bed?" Lyric pointed at the bed across from them.

Amori giggled. " I am not too sure about never know.. all old people have false teeth."

Valeri nodded, standing and moving to said place, collapsing and staring at his lover.

Noir rolled his eyes. "Oh really? And where did you get that impression?"

Lyric quickly followed him, jumping on top of his lover and grinning. "I'm so happy. I get to sleep with you!"

Amori smiled and kissed him. "Experience."

Valeri laughed and wrapped around him. "Okay!"

Noir decided not to question further. "You need sleep. You're acting silly."

Lyric leaned down and kissed him, snuggling his chest. "Goodnight, Valeri..."

Amori smiled. "I am ..see? Sleep."And oddly with those words Amori fell deep into sleep.

Valeri grinned kissing back. "Goodnight my darling."

Noir smirked and kissed his forehead. "Good night, my dear," he said before falling asleep himself.

Lyric smiled, kissing him once more before closing his eyes.
Amori clung to Noir as he woke the next evening, completely fit in to Noir's sleeping patterns already.

Valeri at this time still slept soundly in Lyric's grasp.

Noir sighed as his alarm clock sounded. He looked down at Amori. "Sweetie," he said softly.

Lyric's eyes opened slightly, peering down at his lover.

Amori clung tighter to his lover. "Nnn what is it?' He asked, opening his eyes to look into Noir's.

Valeri slept soundly, mouth partially open in a normal way.

Noir turned the alarm off and frowned. "I have to go to work now, sweetie..."

Lyric poked the side of his face. "Hey, you. Wake up."

Amori pouted. "I thought you were staying here with me today?" AMori asked, trying to stand,only finding himself in immense pain as his injuries seemed to come back to life.

Valeri smiled and kissed Lyric's finger. "I know I know, I am up." He said with a sigh, falling right back to sleep.

Noir frowned. It was true. He should't leave Amori here by himself. But he was still afraid that someone would suspect him. "Hm... If you want. But only today," he said firmly.

Lyric rolled his eyes. He tugged on Valeri's cheek. "Hey. I said wake up, you!"

Amori nodded, kissing Noir. "Thank you sweety..if you really want to go you can though." He said, running his hands through Noir's hair.

Valeri laughed. "OKay okay im up."He said, getting up and grabbing his uniform for school.

Noir sighed. "I'm afraid of leaving you here by yourself..." he said.

Lyric smiled and began to put his uniform on as well.

Amori smiled and attempted to climb atop his lover's lap only to find himself in searing pain. He had been about to tell him to just go on and that he could take care of himself, that was appearantly not the case.

Valeri then proceeded tot he bathroom to brush his teeth and hair.

Noir pressed a kiss to his lover's forehead. "It's okay. I don't mind staying home one day."

Lyric entered the bathroom as well. " mind if I take a shower?" he asked, blushing slightly.

Amori smiled. "Who's going to teach while your gone?"

Valeri giggled. "Only if I get to join."

"I'll just call the school and tell them that I'm sick and can't come in. They'll find a substitute," Noir said.

Lyric nodded silently.

Amori nodded."Mkay darling. "He said, laying atop of his lover.

Valeri blushed. "I mean if you dont want to you dont have to..but I wouldnt mind.."

Noir kissed his forehead. "But you have to get up so I can use the phone..."

Lyric smiled. "I'm sorry. It's just...I'm shy, I guess..."

Amori nodded and rolled over. "Have at it." he said, yawning.

Valeri kissed him. "Do not feel so shy darling...are you sure that you wish for me to be in here with you?" He asked, wanting only his lover's comfort.

Noir quickly made his phonecall and returned to his lover, lying beside him. He stared at Amori, smiling as he ran his hand through his hair. "I wish I could wake up like this everyday..."

Lyric smiled, nodding. "Yes. I'd like that, really." He took Valeri's hand, pulling him towards the shower.

Amori blushed. "Well, now you can." He said, smilng softly, staring into Noir's eyes.

Valeri giggled happily and stepped into the shower after making sure they were both discarded of their clothing, getting caught up in the feel of the water spraying down onto his skin.

Noir grinned, kissing his lover's lips. "Mm. I like the sound of that."

Lyric just stood back, watching him. His eyes glazed over with lust as he stared at his lover's bare body.

Amori nodded. "I do too." He said, kissing his lover back, smilng up at him.

Valeri blushed modestly. "So, you getting in?"

Noir pulled Amori close, being careful to be wary of his wounds.

Lyric nodded before climbing in, wrapping his arms around the other's waist immediately.

Amori immediately molded himself to Noir's form lovingly, nuzzling him.

Valeri kissed Lyric with all that he could, ignoring the water as it poored down his face.

Noir grinned widely. "You're so cute, Amori..."

Lyric moaned, pressing Valeri against the wall of the shower and kissing him back forcefully.

Amori laughed and hugged him close. "I love you."

Valeri ground his hips against his lover's shivering as he did so.

Noir smiled, kissing his forehead. "I love you too, sweetie..."

Lyric held his lover's hips, grinding into him in return. He moaned into Valeri's mouth as begged for entrance into his mouth.

Amori smiled. "Hnn am I allowed to cook for you or do vampires not eat?"

Valeri granted him the entrance, needing it very much himself, moaning as he kissed him back with everything he had.

Noir shook his head. "I'm not particularly fond of eating, though I could if I wanted to."

Lyric sighed at the feeling of the warm water rushing down his back and he kissed Valeri so passionately. He let his tongue trail down the other's wet flesh and lap at his neck.

Amori smiled. "Well, I need food, my tummy growls and it needs me!"

Valeri moaned gently, tilting his head to better his love's access to his neck.

Noir smiled at his cuteness. "Do you want me to go out and get you something to eat then?"

Lyric nibbled on him. He looked up, smirking. "See, I'm biting you. Think I'm a vampire too?"

Amori smiled. "Only if you want to sweety." He said, yawning.

Valeri giggled. "Mnn if you were you would be my vampire." He said, biting him back.

"Well, I don't want you to starve so I suppose I must," Noir said, rising from the bed.

Lyric purred softly, letting his lips now pleasure Valeri's chest. He bit one of his nipples, running his fingers over the other.

Amori smiled. "Thank you, it means alot." Amori said sincerely, kissing Noir.

Valeri groaned in passion, sliping his hands into his lover's hair.

Noir nodded. "Would you like to come along?"

Lyric smiled at his reaction. He licked and bit all over his chest before slowly dropping to his knees and dipping his tongue into the other's navel.

Amori nodded. "I think I would actually."

Valeri gasped, wondeirng intensely on what his lover was doing, not seeming to get enough of his hand in his hair though.

Noir smiled. He picked up Amori, carrying him in his arms to his car.

Lyric bit the flesh just above his lover's manhood before taking it into his mouth and sucking it ever so slowly.

Amori cuddled into his lover's chest before he snuggled into the seat, smiling. "Thank you sweety."

Valeri gasped and then moaned out in pleasure. "nnn Lyric!"

Noir kissed his lips quickly before going over to the driver's side of the car and getting in. "It's my pleasure. I wouldn't want to leave you alone anyway."

Lyric smiled at hearing his lover call his name. He held his hips as he began to take him in further until the tip of his cock was against the back of his throat.

Amori smiled happily, resting his head in Noir's lap"Your leg is a good pillow..can you still steer and everything?"

Valeri closed his eyes, panting. His whole body felt hot, especially the most intimate part of him. He groaned, shivering continuing to call out to his lover.

Noir smiled sheepishly. "Maybe. I'd just be afraid that I'd hit you."

Lyric moved his mouth faster and faster, growling as he went, hoping to bring more pleasure to his lover.

Amori laughed. "Awe, well...put the seat back a little..I am too comfy."

Valeri groaned heatedly. "I am so close lyric!"

Noir did as his lover said and turned on the car, pulling out of the driveway. "So, what do you want to eat?"

Lyric smiled at this. He pulled away from his lover. He kissed his lips, wanting his attention. "I want you to watch me..." he whispered softly in his ear.

Amori smiled as he thought. "Something with hasbrowns..though you might taste good too."He said as he busied himself with nuzzling his lover's lower stomach.

Valeri shivered and nodded, watching his lover intently after kissing him back.

Noir moaned softly. "Ami, stop. I'm trying to pay attention to the road," he laughed.

Lyric smiled. He turned and bent over and slid a finger into his body, preparing himself.

Amori laughed. "Well, hell I am down here, I should make myself useful, no?"

Valeri groaned, his eyes widened slightly, but thouroughly enjoying the show.

Noir shook his head. "I couldn't... We'd crash."

Lyric added another finger, moaning out his lover's name. "Mmm... I can't wait till you're inside me like this..." he said.

Amori nodded. "OKay I will behave."He said, yawning, closing his eyes and starting to drift.

"Neither can i.." Valeri breathed out, watching his lover with burning eyes.

Noir smiled down at him, running a hand through his hair as he found someplace that he thought Amori would like.

Lyric grinned, adding one last finger. He let his screams become louder, wanting to drive his lover mad.

Amori woke as the car pulled to a stop and he sat up, kissing his lover. "Mnn are we getting out or going through the drive through?"

Valeri whimpered. "Oh gods, Lyric..pleae..hurry I can't take much more..."

"I think drive thru would be better. That way you don't have to get up," he said, pulling his car into the line of others. "And you wanted hashbrowns, right? Anything else?"

Lyric pulled out his fingers then returned to his lover, a devious smile on his face. He kissed him passionately and then asked, "Did you like the show, my love?"

Amori thought a moment. "How about a muffin." He said, yawning.

Valeri nodded, his eyes glazed over in lust. "Gods, please tell me I can enter you.."

Noir nodded. "Okay." He ordered the things and drove up to the window. The person there gave him a confused look with Amori laying his head in his lap, but said nothing about it.

Lyric smirked, kissing his lover's neck. "Hmm. I don't know. Maybe I should tease you some more."

Amori started laughing, already guessing what the look on the drive through window person would probably be like and grinned up at Noir, licking his stomach.

Valeri groaned, pinning his lover to the shower wall. "Oh no darling..please dont make me be teased?" He begged even as he had the upper hand now.

Noir shuttered, nearly dropping the money he was handing to the person. The person quickly took the money and gave Noir his change and the bag and shut the window.

Lyric smiled, kissing his lips. "Oh, alright. If you're going to beg then I suppose you can..."

Amori laughed, breathing against Noir's skin as he did so. "Hnnn sorry love." He said, continuing to lick him.

Valeri moaned, turning his lover around. "It is good you are well prepared.." He said, pushing into him with force but not roughly.

Noir moaned, pulling over. "T-take your food. Like that instead," he laughed.

Lyric groaned, feeling his lover inside of him. He leaned forward to kiss his lips.

Amori giggled. "Should I save you for desert then?" He asked curiously, starting to unzip Noir's pants slowly.

Valeri kissed him hard, begginning to slowly move inside his lover.

Noir sighed. "Amori, please not while I'm trying to drive," he said, trying desperately to keep his focus on the road.

Lyric wrapped his arms around the other, closing his eyes and sighing contentedly.

"Then pull over..." Amori said, slipping his tongue beneathe the fabric of Noir's undergarments.

Valeri shivered as he felt his lover's walls around him, thrusting into him.

Noir growled and quickly pulled into a parking lot. He set the bag of food down and let his lover pleasure him.

"Ahn... Valeri..." the other gasped, gripping him tightly.

Amori pulled his lover's errection out of his pants and tongued around him most affectionately, paying attention to every small spot that could possibly be licked or suckled on.

Valeri gasped, blushing darkly. "Oh good my love.."

Noir ran his hands through the smaller boy's hair, urging him to continue.

Lyric smiled, glad that he was pleasuring his lover. He clenched around him as he thrust his cock into him.

Amori slipped his lover farther into his mouth and made a moaning noise around the shaft.

Valeri shivered, gasping with pleasure as he began nearing his climaxe.

Noir's back arched, grasping his love's hair tightly.

Lyric began to meet his thrusts and kissed his lover's lips as he reached his own climax.

Amori slid his lover in as far as he would go, sucking on him as tight as he could.

Valeri came inside him, growling out and shivering violently, holding him close.

Noir shut his eyes, groaning. "Mmm... Amori..."

Lyric reached completion as well, repeating his lover's name as he came.

Amori licked along his lover's tip, running his teeth across him as well.

Valeri held him tightly. "Oh gods, Lyric..I love you so much.."

Noir growls became louder. He sighed, knowing he probably wouldn't last long.

Lyric smiled against his shoulder. "I love you too, Valeri... So much..."

Amori nibbled along his lover's legnth sweetly.

Valeri began smothering his lover with kisses as well as he could.

Noir yelped at this and surprised even himself when he reached his climax, shutting his eyes tightly.

Lyric smiled, returning each kiss that he gave him with an even more loving one. "Valeri..." he said softly.

Amori cleaned every part of his lover's esence off of him and kissed him on the lips, tucking him back in and re-doing his lover's pants"Mnn you taste so good.."He said in between little kisses.

Valeri grinned happily. "I could never be happier."

Noir shuttered, pulling him close and kissing him back. "I'm glad my cum meets your standards," he joked.

Lyric grinned. "Neither could I... I love you so much."

Amori snorted in laughter. "Ha ha ha. Actually yeah it meets them with the best quality." He said, starting now on his breakfast.

Valeri smiled, still letting the water drip over him and his lover.

Noir smirked, kissing his cheek and pulling his own pants back up.

Lyric sighed. "You know we're late, right?"

Amori laughed and nibbled more on his food. "Thank you sweety.."

Valeri sighed. "Hnn should we just stay home today?"

Noir nodded. "You're more than welcome. Am I safe to drive home now?" he questioned.

Lyric sighed, resting his head against his chest. "I suppose... Class is almost over by now anyway..."

Amori grinned mischieviously. "Maaaybe.."

Valeri petted Lyric's hair. "Well..should I cook us some breakfast then?"

Noir sighed. "Maybe I'll just sit here until you're sure..." he said jokingly.

"Dinner would be more like it," Lyric replied. "But yes, I'd like that."

Amori smiled. "I am sure." He said, leaning over to kiss his lover.

Valeri smiled. "Well..what would you like?" He asked, kissing him quick and turning off the water.

Noir kissed him back. "You should eat now."

Lyric shrugged. "I don't know. Anything is good, as long as it's made by you."

Amori smiled. "Way ahead of you!" He said, nibbling his muffin.

Valeri smiled. "Think of something please!?"

Noir just sat there, watching his lover eat.

"Hm..." Lyric thought for a moment. "How about pancakes?"

Amori finished his food happily. "What?" He asked, tilting his head in confusion.

Valeri grined. "Sure, I can make those." He said, getting up and kissing Lyric.

Noir shook his head. "Nothing. I just like looking at you. You're so cute..."

Lyric grinned and climbed out of the shower, drying himself off.

Amori blushed. "Awe, thank you Noir." He said, hugging him.

Valeri smiled and kissed Lyric. "I love you sweety." He said a he grabbed his own towel to dry off with as well.

Noir smiled. "I'm just a softy, I suppose," he laughed.

Lyric kissed him back. "I love you too..."

Amori smiled and laughed at that. "Until it comes to grades anyways."

Valeri grinned and kissed him after pulling on his boxer shorts and going out to the kitchen, rummaging through the cupboards.

Noir smriked. "Heh, I guess you're right if you put it that way..."

Lyric put on his clothes as well and went to join his lover in the kitchen.

Amori smiled, kissing Noir's cheek. "Hnn yeah..but I always make good grades in your class.."

Valeri hummed to himself as he mixed the batter together.

Noir raised an eyebrow. "Well, that's because you're a good student."

"Is there anything I can help with?" Lyric asked.

Amori smiled. "Yes because I can't help but pay attention."

Valeri smiled. "Hnn just taste this for me when I am done."

Noir chuckled. "You're so cute..."

Lyric nodded, taking a seat to watch his lover cook.

Amori grinned. "So are you.."

Valeri laughed as he made breakfast and finished. "Almost done sweety."

Noir took his hand and kissed his cheek. "I love you..."

Lyric wiggled excitedly in his seat.

Amori smiled. "I love you too..soo what do you have planned for the rest of the year when I am not bruised?"

Valeri laughed more at his lover's impatientess and served him a plate. "Here you are my love."He said, kissing his cheek."What do you want to drink?"

Noir thought. "Hm... History-type things I suppose," he said with a laugh.

" juice!" he said. He was acting like an excited child.

Amori snorted. "Duh..are we going on any field trips or anything!?"

Valeri smiled and poured his love a glass of orange juice as well as retireved the butter and syrup, placing them both in front of his lover. "Mnn tell me how they are.."

"I wasn't planning on it... Did you have something in mind?" Noir asked.

Lyric nodded. He ate the pancakes and smiled. "They're so good!"

Amori nodded. "Well I would say go to a few museums and whatnot..I don't know, are there any old battle sites around here?

Valeri smiled happily at this. "YAY...hnn do you really like them?"

Noir thought. "Well, yes...but they're in a different town. Perhaps an overnight trip but...I wouldn't be able to go out in the daytime," he said.

Lyric laughed. "Of course I do. Why would I say I liked them if I didn't?"

Amori nodded. "Duh, that is why we are at night school silly."

Valeri grinned. "YAY I COOKED GOOD FOOD!"

"Yes, but it would require us to travel in the daytime, correct?" Noir replied.

Lyric smiled and nodded, taking another bite. "You certainly did. Thank you for making it for me."

"No, I am sure we can find some place for a field trip at night.." Amori said, pondering.

Valeri smiled and began cleaning up. "Of course my dear! Anything for you."He said, kissing his cheek.

"Well, if you think of anything, please let me know," Noir said. "God knows I don't want to be cramped up in that classroom all day."

Lyric smiled. "Would you like to taste some?"

Amori giggled. "I will tell you if I think of anything."

Valeri grinned, taking a bite of his lover's food."Mnn I am a good cook."

Noir turned the car back on and started driving back home.

Lyric grinned. "I told you, didn't I?"

Amori smiled to himself, happy to be next to his Noir and then ran in and jumped on Noir's bed, wincing because of his bruises but laying there. "Your bed is comfy."

Valeri grined and kissed his lover. "So you did."

Noir smiled. "Glad you like it. You'll be spending quite a bit of time there."

Lyric smiled and kissed him back.

Amori grinned happily and blushed. "Ha ha I know, and I like that time I get to spend here." He said, curling up under the blankets.

Valeri sat next to his lover after finishing his cleaning and smiled.

Noir layed down next to him and wrapped his arms around his waist, kissing his neck.

"What's got you in such a good mood?" Lyric questioned.

Amori giggled. "Hey that tickles."

Valeri thought a moment. "You..just being here with and cleaning.everything has me in a lightened mood."

"Do you want me to stop?" Noir whispered.

Lyric grinned. "I'm so glad. I never imagined that...this could happen to me... I mean, I thought you would only go for Amori."

Amori shook his head. "No it's fine,it dosen't tickle so much after a while."

Valeri laughed. "No..besides I sat there and thought about it. They deserve eachother. Noir seemed a bit uptight and Amori seemed a bit too hyper, put them together and they balance out perfectly. Just as you and I do."

Noir continued to nibble on his neck, running his hand gently up and down Amori's side.

Lyric blushed, smiling shyly. "I...I think so too..."

Amori shivered under his lover's touches, tilting his head for Noir to get at his neck all he wanted. He was enjoying it immensely.

Valeri grinned and kissed his lover on the cheek."I love you."

Noir licked Amori's neck, nearly sinking his teeth into him but stopping himself at the last moment.

Lyric held Valeri in his arms. He couldn't remember being so happy in his entire life. "I love you too, Valeri. I love you so much."

Amori moaned softly. "Okay now your just turning me on.."

Valeri held him back tightly. "I love you more." He said childishly.

Noir pulled away. "I'm sorry."

Lyric shook his head. "No, that's impossible. There's no way you could love me more than I love you."

Amori smiled. "It isn't like that was a bad thing..are you okay sweety?"

Valeri smiled and kissed Lyric. "Well....then we love eachother the same."

Noir sighed. "Honestly, something's been on my mind..."

Lyric nodded, holding him close. "I want to stay like this forever with you..."

Amori sat up and looked at him. "What is it love?"

Valeri grinned." And we will.Always."

"It still bothers me greatly...what those boys did to you..." he said quietly, staring down at the ground.

Lyric kissed his lips passionately.

Amori nodded. "I know Noir...but what can we do about it?"

Valeri giggled, taken aback but kissed him back with just as much.

Noir sighed. "I told you I would do something, right? I just...can't let them get away with what they did to you. It isn't right."

Lyric pulled Valeri along and laid him on the bed.

Amori nodded. "I know whatever you have to to make your mind at ease." He said, cupping his lover's face and kissing him.

Valeri kissed him harder, slipping his arms around him.

Noir kissed him back. "What would you do if I...killed someone?" he asked seriously.

Lyric slid his tongue into the other mouth, running his hands over his chest.

Amori smiled gently. "So long as it was not me, and it was for a reason, I wouldn't do anything but heal your wounds when you returned."

Valeri moaned into the kiss, shivernig as he did so.

Noir smiled. "You're far too good to me, Amori..."

Lyric pulled away to kiss down his neck.

"I think it is the other way around my love." Amori said, kissing him gently.

Valeri bit back a soft moan,clutching tightly to his lover.

Noir shook his head. "Not really... I don't do much for you."

Lyric pushed up Valeri's shirt to lay gentle kisses on his chest.

"yes you do. You give me the love and care I need and I wouldn't have it any other way." Amori said happily, kissing him.

Valeri called out slightly, moaning loudly as his lover kissed him.

Noir kissed him back. "And I still couldn't protect you..."

Lyric took one of his nipples into his mouth, biting it gently.

Amori sighed and kissed his lover deeper before looking at him completely in the eyes. "I don't care, I love you. It is not your fault."

Valeri gasped, threading his fingers through his lover's hair.

Noir sighed. "But I...I wanted to protect you...."

Lyric kissed a little lower, beginning to push down Valeri's patns.

Amori nodded. "I understand that...but you protect me everyday. one little accident is not enough to say you didn't." He said, pressing feather soft kisses to Noir's face.

Valeri groaned. He helped his lover get him out of his clothign and then proceeded to do the same to him, tugging on his lover's shirt.

Noir stared at him. "Are you certain? Because I still feel like a failure..."

Lyric smiled, moving away to finish taking off his shirt. He threw it to the side and leaned down, taking Valeri's cock into his mouth.

Amori smiled softly. "Yes, please don't feel that way my love." He said, kissing him.

Valeri called out at his lover's mouth around him and shivered violently. "Ohh..Lyric.."

Noir said nothing, just pulled Amori closer. "I'm not going to let them get away with it, Amori..."

Lyric hummed as continued sucking him.

Amori nodded. "Do what you must Noir. I wouldn't think any less of you."He said, kissing him gently and snuggling against him.

Valeri called out more, biting back a particular loud moan and gripped his lover's hair tightly.

Noir sighed, running his hand protectively through Amori's hair.

Lyric ran his hands down Valeri's thighs as he pulled away from his lover's cock. He sat up and slowly began to lower himself onto the other. "Oh God..." he moaned softly.

Amori fell asleep as his lover did this, probably for a long and peacfull while as he dreamt of his lover.

Valeri moaned out gently, wrapping himself around his lover, trying to help him inside.

Noir noticed at Amori seemed to have fallen asleep. He got up and looked out the window. The sun would be up soon, but there was still plenty of time...

Lyric bit his lower lip. It hurt, even though his lover had taken him not long ago. But he finally managed to seat himself fully on the other. "Valeri... I love you..." he groaned.

Amori slept soundly, tangled in his lover's blankets and a soft smile on his face.

Valeri moaned quietly, trying to keep hold of himself as he felt his lover slide inside him. "I love you too." He said softly, looking into his lover's eyes with nothing but love.

Looking back at Amori one last time, he left the house. He wanted this to be quick.

Lyric leaned down to kiss him. As their lips met, he lifted his hips a bit and lowered himself back onto him.

Amori went into a dream of Noir and school and Lyric and Valeri and that is where his peace showed through from.

Valeri met as many of his lover's movements as he could, calling out in pleasure as he did so.

Noir reached the house, glaring at the window as the boy slept peacefully. How could he after what he'd done? He easily crept in through the window. He stared down at him for a long time before leaning down quickly and biting into his neck, drinking him dry.

Lyric pulled away from his lips, his moans becoming louder as he began to move up and down faster.

Amori went to snuggle up to Noir only to feel cold in his sleep, not completely waking him but waking him slightly. "N-noir?" He asked in a sleepy whispered question that would seem to go unanswered.

Valeri wrapped around his lover tighter, shivering violently, holding onto him with everything he had.

Noir pulled away and quickly jumped out of the window, going to slaughter the others who had dared to lay a finger on his lover.

Lyric held onto Valeri's arms as he clenched himself around his lover, wanting to pleasure him further.

Amori moved Over to Noir's spot on the bed in his sleep and felt silent tears drip down his cheeks at his lover being gone.

Valeri called out, tears of pleasure trickling out of his eyes as he met his lover's movements with all that he had, nearing his end.

Noir finished up as quickly as he could, leaving their dead bodies in the place where they had been murdered. Once he was sure that he'd killed all of them, he made his way back home.

Lyric kissed away his tears. "Come for me, my love..." he whispered. He reached back and grabbed his lover's balls, fondling them as to bring Valeri to completion.

Amori was curled up tightly into Noir's spot on the bed, tears dried but lines where they had fallen still visible.

Valeri came with his lover's words, crying out and tightening around him. "Lyric!"

Noir walked home, the idea beginning to sink into his body. He'd just killed four people. Not for food, but for revenge. He had never done such a thing in his life... He opened the door to the house, his eyes cast sadly at the ground. He didn't want tomorrow to come...

Lyric moaned and reached his own climax, groaning out his lover's name as well.

Amori nuzzled Noir's spot in his sleep, his lover's scent calming him a little more.

Valeri held onto his lover tightly, shivering and savoring every feeling as it passed through him.

Noir walked back into the room. He went to lay back down and saw the tears his lover had shed. It hurt him deeply. He went to touch him, but he felt so dirty for what he'd just done. He'd let his rage get the better of him. So he didn't come near Amori. He moved away and sat on a chair in the corner, just watching him sleep.

Lyric carressed his lover's cheek gently, snuggling close to him.

Amori woke to feeling his lover's presence within the room. "Noir? Sweety? Where were you?" He asked, sitting up and staring at him curiously.

Valeri layed with him, completely happy to be with his lover, to be his lover's own. He smiled softly. "I love you Lyric."

Noir ran a hand through his hair, feeling very anxious. He shook his head. "I don't want to talk about it, Amori... Just go back to sleep..."

Lyric kissed him passionately, pulling off of him slowly. "Mmm. I love you too, my dearest."

Amori clutched his chest as Noir's statement hurt him and he did as he wa told, closing his eyes, unable to sleep, tears running down his cheeks anew. "I am sorry to ask Noir."He said softly.

Vaeri smiled and kissed him as well and hugged him tight. "Love you more." He said with a giggle.

Noir felt his heart break in two. He knew Amori was crying. And, yet again, he was the cause of his tears. "I...I'm sorry, Amori..." he choked out, feeling tears come to his own eyes.

Lyric rolled his eyes playfully. "Oh, let's not start this again." He kissed his forehead.

Amori got up out of the bed and came over to his lover and clung to him tightly, sitting in his lap. "i was so worried about you." He said, crying harder.

Valeri laughed and agreed, kissing him sweetly and pulled the blankets up about them. "So now what?"

Noir winced, not wanting to touch someone so pure with his dirty hands. "You...don't have to cry for me, Amori..." he said sadly.

Lyric shrugged. "I don't know. It's too late to go out or anything."

Amori sighed. "Noir, I love you. Please, tell me what is wrong." He said, kissing him hard and desperately. He needed to know that his lover loved him. Needed to know that everything was going to be alright.

Valeri nodded. "That is is....we could ust lay here and fall asleep..cause I am tired.."He said, yawning.

Noir sighed. "I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to stay here, Amori..."

Lyric smiled and nodded in agreement. "That sounds okay. I'm pretty tired too." He kissed his cheek.

Amori held tighter to his lover. "Take me with you, please.If you need to leave I want to come with you."

Valeri smiled and kissed him back, snuggling against him and closing his eyes.

Noir shook his head. "And why should I just let you give up your life for me?"

"Good night, sweetie," he whispered.

Amori cupped Noir's face. "Because I love you! Please Noir! Please let me come with you!"He said desperately.

"goodnight." Valeri whispered as he fell into sleep.

"I can't... Being with me would...put you in danger. Especially after what I've done..." Noir whispered.

Lyric closed his eyes and went to sleep as well.

Amori sighed and felt more tears fall. "If I let you go..will you come back to me when it is over?" He asked in bearly a whisper.

Noir nodded. "Yes. I promise..."

Amori nodded. He believed in his lover with everything that he had. "You had better come back to me..."He said, drying his tears so as to seem strong for his lover. "Please Noir, please come back to me one day." He said, looking up at his lover hopefully.

Noir kissed him passionately, knowing that it would probably be the last time in a long while. "I will... I promise... But I have to go now, my love, before we both get into a lot of trouble."

Amori nodded, kissing his lover as hard as he could one last time. "Then go Noir, I will await your return."He said softly.

Noir nodded, moving away from his lover. He stared at him longingly as he ran out of the house, out of town. He sobbed as he went, feeling his heart breaking with each stride he took.

Amori went to his lover's closet and cuddled up with one of his shirts, crying himself to sleep.

Soleil sighed and knocked on the door of his brother's house, looking down at the address. "I hope this is right..." he muttered.

Amori looked up in surprise at the sound of the knock but dried his tears to answer the door. He was unprepared for the sight that awaited him. The man looked just like Noir..just with shorter hair and red eyes and a sort of eerie posture about him . "N-noir??" He asked uncertain, but hopefull.

Soleil blinked a few times. "Who in the world are you? Where's my brother?"

Amori felt tears come to his eyes. "Noir..he..he left..said he would be in trouble..I am his lover, my name is Amori." Amori replied, walking away from the door but leaving it open as he made his way back to Noir's room and cuddled back up on the bed, tears falling down even more.

Soleil walked after Noir's supposed "lover." He stared at him, seeing tears in his eyes. " you don't know where he went?" he questioned, feeling bad for interrogating him.

"No, and he wouldn't let me go with him.." Amori said, sighing and wrapping up ever tighter with the shirt he had gotten from Noir's closet.

He frowned, sitting down next to him. "Hn. Well, my name is Soleil. I'm Noir's brother, well, twin actually. It's nice to meet you, Amori...but not under such circumstances."

"He never told me he had a brother, but you do look alot like him." Amori said softly, bearly audible. "Is he true to his word? Will he come back to me? He promised he would. I love him."

Soleil nodded. "I'm sure he will. Especially if you mean a lot to him."

Amori nodded. "I miss him so much..already..and he has only just left.."He said, recalling how distant Noir had acted. "He..seemed so strange before he left."

Soleil blinked. "What happened?"

"I don't know..I think he avenged me.. some kids harmed me at school because I am gay and..he said he was going to take their lives. I think that is what he did and..I don't know if I will ever see him again. It isn't that I don't have faith, but something about him seemed to pose as..not completely true.." Amori said through heavy sobs as he remembered their last kiss and embrace.

He sighed, reaching out to touch Amori gently. "I'm sorry about that..."

Amori allowed the touch. "He is your twin, you know him better then anyone, is he truly coming back to me?" He asked, looking up at him through the tears that graced his cheeks.

He nodded. "He will return if he truly loves you as much as you say he does..."

"I don't know what he thinks. He seems to. Condisering he was willing to risk his job to be with me." Amori retorted, glaring at the blankets.

"Then all shall be well with the two of you soon," he said reassuringly.

Amori smiled softly at this. " your his brother? re you going to stay here for a while? You are welcome too, I am sure he would let you stay here if it were up to him so..and besides, I could use the company."

Soleil said nothing on the matter of Noir letting him stay at his home. He was sure the man would slam the door in his face rather than welcome him. But he smiled at Amori and said, "Sure, I can stay for a while. No reason to let a little thing like you stay here alone by yourself."

Amori huffed. "I am not little." He said, pouting and half way blushing."Thank you for the comapny though." Amori said in a small whisper, wishing to be cuddled by Noir who wasn't around. He thought better then to ask Noir's brother to cuddle due to his relation to Noir. Amori always cuddled with everyone though and his needing for comfort was begging him to ask this man to cuddle with him.

Soleil smiled, patting Amori on the head. "You're little to me. But it adds to your cuteness so it's okay."

"If you say so.." Amori replied, blushing lightly. He had to remind himself that this was NOT Noir and that he needed to quit blushing, that his love would return to him in no time.

Soleil smiled down at Amori. "You should get some sleep." He ran his hand through Amori's hair soothingly.

Amori shivered under the touch, cuddling up to the man, forgetting that he was not Noir.

Soleil turned pink slightly, not moving away from Amori but averting his gaze. This was his brother's lover after all... But then again, since when did he actually care about his brother?

"I want to be yours forever, noir." Amori whispered more to himself then anyone. He sighed and looked at the pattern on his love's blanket and cuddled against the man even more, feeling that he could trust him.

Soleil wrapped his arms around Amori, pulling him onto his lap.

Amori gasped lightly. "N-Noir...why...wait..why ...your not Noir, what are you doing?" He asked, panicking a little.

He stared into Amori's eyes. "You cuddled up to me. I assumed this is what you wanted," he said cooly.

Amori nodded, "I..I guess so.." He said, laying his head on Soleil's chest. He wasn't sure what he had gotten himself into.

Soleil kissed his forehead. "Do not worry. You will be fine."

Amori for some reason relaxed against him with these words, nuzzling his chest and finding comfort in doing so.

Soleil laid down, pulling Amori with him. He carressed his cheek gently, having to bite back a moan. His skin was so beautiful...

Amori found himself blushing darkly. "Wha-what are you doing?" He asked nervously, his voice in only a breathy whisper.

"Your skin is so soft..." he whispered, moving his fingers to caress Amori's neck.

mori blushed darker unsure what to say. "Thank you.." He said bearly, shivering under the man's fingers.

Soleil began to pull up Amori's shirt, stroking his stomach.

Amori couldn't move. He found himself confused and he shivered. Maybe he only wanted to feel his skin...that is what he hoped anyway, for he could not cheat on his lover. But even as these thoughts ran through him, the other's hands made him shiver more, almost wanting more of his touch, continuing to forget that he was not his lover.

He ran his hand further up Amori's shirt, feeling his chest. He took one of his nipples between his fingers and played with it.

Amori was completely spell bound by now, thinking his lover had come back. Thinking that Soleil was in fact Noir. He gave in to the touch, making a soft moan in the back of his throat.

Soleil smirked, knowing he had Amori now. Even if he thought he was someone else, he would soon persuade him to forget all about Noir. He pushed Amori's shirt onto his shoulders and bit his chest.

Amori shivered and moaned softly at this, clutching Soleils hair tightly. He helped rid Soleil of his shirt, succumbing to him completely.

Soleil took off his shirt, throwing it to the side. He took off Amori's shirt as well and kissed down his stomach.

Amori writhed under Soleil's kisses, unsure what to do with his hands that now lay clutched into the bedsheets.

Soleil pushed his pants down, kissing along Amori's length. Everything about him was just so beautiful...

Amori flushed and called out, moaning loudly. "Oh..gods! please, more.." He panted out, trying to not thrust his hips.

Soleil smiled. He reached around inside of Noir's nighstand and found lube, slicking his fingers before sliding one into Amori's entrance.

Amori moaned more, shivering at the feeling of this inside him. Completely absolve din believeing that it was his lover.

Soleil added another finger, smiling at Amori's reaction.

Amori's moans became slightly louderm he shivered and whimpered, wanting something so much more filling.

Soleil added a third and final finger, scissoring within Amori to prepare him.

"Please, need you inside.." he panted. He wanted to call out Noir's name but found he couldn't and he vaguley wondered why. Subconciously he knew all to well that this wasn't his lover, but he was so caught up in rapture and in the fantasy that this was Noir that he paid no attention to it.

Soleil pulled his fingers out of the boy and thrust himself slowly into him, moaning at his tight heat.

Amori grabbed onto him with a need to be close as he was filled. He moaned out and tried to help him in.

Soleil entered him fully, groaning. He let Amori adjust to him being within him before pulling out and slamming back inside.

Amori called out loudly, meeting the strong thrusts as he was given them.

Soleil silenced Amori with his lips and thrust harder into him, growling lowly.

Amori shivered, moaning into Soleil's mouth, meeting even these harder thrusts.

Soleil took Amori's cock into his hand and began to stroke him.

Amori whimpered, so close to finisheing, thinking only of Noir as he did so.

Soleil bit into Amori's neck, drinking a bit of his blood as he neared his completion.

Amori gasped at the bite, letting Soleil drink all he could. "Noir!" He called out as he reached completion.

Soleil stopped momentarily, feeling jealous that Amori was thinking of his brother at a moment like this. But he knew he'd make him forget eventually, so he continued to drink from him. Besides, he would be the one to turn him into a vampire. Amori would be connected to him forever. He thrust into Amori even harder, growling as he reached his climax.

Amori shivered, feeling his strength weaken slightly. "Nnn your taking..too much.."He said faintly in a whispy voice.

He pulled away with a smirk. Soleil bit into his wrist until he bled. "Drink from me then..." he said, offering his wrist to him.

Amori did so at his lover's command, thinking it was Noir all the time. He drank as deep as he could. It was not as if he hadn't had his lover's blood before, and did not taste like Noir so much..something more bitter was in the mix.

Soleil pressed him closer to his body. "That's right..." he whispered in his ear, stroking his hair while he drank from him.

Amori convulsed as the blood filled him, he found himself unable to stop.

Soleil kissed him, slowly pulling his wrist slowly away from Amori's lips.

Amori hung onto him tightly as he returned the kiss."Wha-what have..we done...?"

Soleil smiled. "You're just like me now, dear. You're a vampire."

Amori groaned. "Noir..I thought..wait..who..Soleil!
Amori gasped, backing away from him slowly, gasping in pain as he already felt the changes coming on.

Soleil just watched him. "Do you feel yourself changing, Amori? Now you'll be mine forever." He flashed his fangs as he smiled at him.

Amori gasped in more pain as he felt his muscles twist and cramp and everything seemed to swirl before himself. "What have you done..Soleil?"He asked as he slipped into darkness.

Soleil laid Amori on the bed, kissing his forehead. "Don't you worry, my dear. When you wake up, everything will be better."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When Amori did wake up it was to feel a firey hunger burning inside of him He groaned and rolled over, feeling Soleil next to him, thinking it was Noir for a moment and he cuddled against him. "Love, it is time to get up and go to school.."He said with a yawn, forgetting the events of the night before.

Soleil awoke, blinking. He sighed. Amori must've still been thinking he was his brother. "There's no school for you anymore. Vampires don't go to school," he whispered in his ear.

Amori shivered, remembering everything in a flash. "I..I forgot..I am we do now..where is Noir? When is he returning to me?" Amori asked, knowing his lover would be furious if he knew of this.

"I doubt he'll be coming back tomorrow or anything like that. He did kill for you, remember? It'll probably be quite a few years," he sneered.

" going to be furious to know this has happened.."Amori said as the hunger grew stronger in him. He felt as though both his body and mind were to be taken over by it.

Soleil put a finger to his lips. "Shh. Aren't you hungry, Amori? We should go out and feed."

Amori nodded and for some stupid reason he listened to Soleil. He got up and grabbed more clothing. "I..don't know how to do it..the whole feeding thing.."He said, sadly, torn that noir was not here with him showing him.

"It's simple. You choose a mortal that you want, drag him away from onlookers, and drink his blood from his neck."

Amori's eyes widened at this. "Oh that helps alot." He said, wanting to break down. He felt so lost and so alien to the world. All he wanted was to be back in Noir's arms. He wanted to tell him everything, wanted him back.

Soleil smiled, taking Amori's hand. "I'll help you then. You can share someone with me."

Amori glared at him and nodded softly. "Fine.."He said, averting his gaze to the ground.

Soleil frowned. "What's the matter?"

"I..I..miss all." Amori said, tearing up.

Soleil kissed his cheek. "You'll be fine. Come now. You have to feed or you'll die." He tugged him along.

Amori fell uncerimoniously onto the sidewalk, refusing to move. "No..I want Noir..."He said, breaking into heavy tears.

Soleil sighed. "He's not coming back, Amori. Not for a while anyway. Do you want to die before he comes back?"

Amori smiled softly at this but still cried. "Your right.."He said, standing again, using Soleil to pull himself up. He clung to the other man in hopes of finding some form of comfort other then his tears.

Soleil held him, whispering consoling words into his ear.

Amori shivered. "Please..whatever you do, now that you have done this, do not abandon me."

Soleil shook his head. "I would never dream of it. If anything, I'd be more scared that you were going to leave me. Especially once Noir returns..."

Amori sighed. "I love him..I just met you...Of course I am going to go back to him."

Soleil frowned. "...And how long have you known Noir?"

"Longer then I have known you.."Amori retorted acidicly

He glared. "...Would you come on?" he hissed, moving along.

Amori followed as he was told but decided to challange his companion. "Why would you care if I did run back to him in the first place!?"He asked, stomping.

"Because you're mine now!" Soleil hissed, his eyes filled with anger.

Amori glared at him. "Yours!? Since when the hell did I become yours!?"He asked, voice raising a little.

"When I turned you into a vampire, you became mine!" he replied heatedly.

"I BELONG TO NOIR!" Amori shouted, running off in the other direction.

Soleil ran after him, grabbing his arm. "And what are you going to do on your own?!" he yelled.

Amori was in tears yet again, and he wrenched his arm from his grasp."I am going to go after him!"He said heatedly, growling.

"But what good are you to him now? He won't be interested in you anymore! You're not his mortal toy anymore! You're one of us, Amori!"

Amori fell to the ground for the second time that evening. "I-is that really true?"He asked, breaking down.

He didn't want to hurt Amori, but if he knew it would make him stay, Soleil was willing to say anything. "Of course it is. I only told you those things to make you feel better. You mean nothing to my brother. He's had many lovers before you," he lied. He knew for a fact that Amori was the first true lover his brother ever had...

Amori felt his heart tear at this. He knew something about it just didn't fit to Noir. But he had nothing to go on. And Noir had left him when he could have taken him with. Could have taken him with and could have continued loving him Amori,with this in mind, broke into more tears, clinging tight to Soleil. "Please...don't hurt me like that.."He said, referring to Noir's leaving.

Soleil smirked, seeing that he'd succeeded in breaking Amori's will. He wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close. He kissed him softly. "No, I would never dream of it, Amori. Unlike that brother of mine, I love you and I will never hurt you."

Amori nodded, crying a little more as he hugged on tighter to Soleil."Thank you."

Soleil smiled. "Anything for you. Now, we have to get you something to drink."

Amori nodded, following him with little will.

Soleil found a victim for the both of them, a drunk. They were easy to persuade and that's just what he wanted. He led him into an alley and bit into his neck. Once he had his fill, he instructed Amori to do the same.

Amori did as instructed, never thinking he would have drank anyone's blood but Noir's and the thought killed him inside.

Soleil watched him, smiling all the while. He knew he had Amori now...forever.

Amori clung to Soleils side because he had nothing better to do.

Soleil touched his shoulder, saying, "He's gone now, love. You have to stop."

Amori nodded. "i know.." he said, continuing to walk in silence after that, his voice had been very small and that is how he felt.

Soleil took Amori's hand, trying to console him.

Amori thought in his head. Everything Noir had said had not been a lie, it couldn't have been. He was already developing a plan. If only he could still walk in the light.

"What are you thinking about?" Soleil questioned, seeing the thoughtful look in Amori's eyes.

Amori smiled thining up a lie. "About you.."

Soleil glared, knowing he was lying. "Oh really? What about me?"

"Your evil.."He said truthfully, but said it with a fake smile to appear teasing.

He said nothing. "This isn't going to work out if you don't cooperate with me, Amori. Do you want to be alone?"

Amori sighed. "No." He said softly. In truth that was the last thing he wanted.

"Then stop thinking about him when you're with me," he hissed.

"You can't expect me to not think of him when I love him so damn much!" Amori said through clenched teeth, balling his fists at his sides.

"Then go be with him," Soleil seethed, his eyes flashing angrily.

"You told me I had to stay!" Amori said, backing away slowly.

"...I do want you to stay, but not if you're only going to swoon over him." He glared.

Amori slapped him and walked in the other direction, completely fuming, mumbling under his breath about Soleil being an asshole.

He glared. "Little brat..." he muttered and walked off, resisting his urge to run after him.

Amori kept walking, not sure quite as to where he was going, but sure he was fine as long as it was 'away' He drifted into some pub a surprising ten miles from where he had left.

Soleil sighed and walked after Amori, determined to find him. When he found him, he sat beside him. "I'm sorry, Amori..." he whispered.

Amori glared. "Leave me alone, you bastard."

"...I didn't mean to upset you. I was just...frustrated."

Amori sighed. "Yeah and I suppose now you will tell me you love me and all of that?"

He shook his head. "No, I won't... I just don't want you to go after my brother. He doesn't deserve you."

Amori huffed. "Whatever you say."

Soleil frowned. "It's true. He doesn't know how to treat someone like you."

Amori snorted. "Yeah like you know any better." He said dryly.

"I do. I wouldn't have left you like he did..." Soleil said.

"Which is why you let me run off too." Amori replied sarcasticly.

"I didn't want to... You were just so mad at me that I...didn't want to bother you anymore."

Amori sighed and gave in hugging him. "Please don't leave me again?"

Soleil shook his head, kissing him. "No, I won't. I promise..."

Amori smiled . "That is good, you had better not." He said,pulling away brifely. "So where do we go from here?"

Soleil smiled in relief. "I was thinking that we could travel around. See the world."

Amori nodded in agreement. "I think that would be a lovely idea."He said, kissing his cheek.

Soleil smiled and kissed Amori, but on his lips instead. "I'm glad we can actually agree for once."

Amori kissed him bac, wrapping his arms about him, kissing his neck."Can we go home for the night?"

"...Do you want to go back to my brother's house? I can afford a hotel for the night, if you want," Soleil said.

Amori nodded. "Alright, a hotel then. I do not think going back there just yet would prove to be a smart idea if I am to keep sane." He said, hugging onto him tigher.

Soleil nodded in agreement. "Shall we go now?"

Amori smiled and kissed him. Hw would play this out to pretend that he loved him. To pretend that he was under his spell. But in reality he had his escape all planned out. He kissed Soleil's lips and hugged him. "I can't wait to get you there." He whispered seductively.

Soleil smirked, completely falling for it. "Oh? And what will you do to me then?"

"You'll have to find out." Amori said, running his hands along his inner thighs and up his chest and stomach.

He moaned. "Let's hurry then." Soleil carried Amori out of the bar and to a hotel that was just across the street. He paid for it and got the key to the room, practically running to it.

Amori wondered exactly what he had gotten himself into and plopped on the bed in their room.

Soleil sat beside him, kissing Amori's neck lovingly.

Amori shivered, despite his need to get out of there. Would he fall under Soleil's spell? No he couldn't let himself, this was merely pue human lusts going through him, a part of his life that he had not let go yet. He smiled and kissed Soleil and hugged him tight.

Soleil laid Amori back on the bed, lifting up his shirt. Once he had taken off his shirt, he bit his flesh, leaving little red marks.

Amori moaned, taking off Soleil's shirt as well, starting on his pants.

Soleil slid off his pants and got back on top of Amori, biting the place where he had sunk his fangs earlier.

Amori shivered at the bite, truly detesting himself by now.

Soleil smiled as Amori's blood ran over his tongue. He moaned against his skin.

Amori clutched tightly onto him, shutting his eyes tight in blissful pain, missing his Noir more then anything. Wishing it was his lips against his neck and his teeth piercing his skin.

Soleil let his hand trail down Amori's stomach and stroke his cock.

Amori gave forth a small moan that sounded strangled, which was how he felt. He shivered and thrust into Soleil's hand, wishing it was Noir's.

Soleil licked his neck as he began to stroke him faster.

Amori suckled and nibbled on Soleil's neck finding himself oddly close with thinking of Noir.

Soleil ran a hand through Amori's hair, urging him on. He whispered in his ear, "Do you want me to fuck you, Amori?"

Amori nodded, not quite used to the profanity. He did want it, but only so he could think about Noir.

Soleil laid Amori down on his back and kissed him as he slid a slickened finger into his body.

Amori kissed him back and accepted the finger into him, moaning softly as he did.

Quickly, Soleil added a second and third finger before sliding himself inside as well. He moaned at how tight Amori was around him.

Amori moaned out, trying to think of only Noir filling him as Soleil slid in. He shivered. "S-soleil!" He called out, wishing terribly that it had been Noir's name on his lips instead.

Soleil smiled. He ran a finger down Amori cheek as he pulled out and thrust into him. "Say my name again, Amori... I want to hear you scream my name..." He thrust once more.

Amori felt tears stream out of his eyes as he did. "SOLEIL!" He called out loudly, comming hard.

Soleil kissed him as he reached his own climax as well, growling deep within his throat.

Amori kissed him back, his tears gone as soon as they fell, moaning deep into his lover's mouth.

Soleil growled as the last of his orgasm left him. He rested his head against Amori's shoulder, catching his breath.

Amori snuggled up next to him and kissed his cheek shyly

"You're so beautiful, Amori..." Soleil whispered, caressing his cheek lovingly.

Amori blushed and said nothing, merely trying to find comfort into Soleil.

Soleil pulled the covers over them and kissed Amori's lips softly. "We should rest now. The sun will be coming up shortly."

Amori nodded, snuggling against him and closing his eyes- He would have to pretend to sleep and then he would make a run for it before the sun completely rose.

"Goodnight, Amori. Rest well," he whispered and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep.

Amori moved carefully as he saw Soleil drift. He kissed his cheek lightly before getting up and putting on his slippers. He wrote a quick note explaining that he just wanted his Noir and signed it with a heart and his name, tip toeing out the door quietly. He would never stop looking for Noir and until he found them he wanted to stay with Lyric and Valeri, he only hoped they would take him in as he ran down the road.

Lyric awoke from his slumber, stretching. He went to the bathroom to get a drink of water. He knew nothing of the events that had occured between his friend and his lover, but he would soon find out...

Amori made it to his friends house and knocked on the door franticly, hoping like hell Soleil wasn't on to him.

Valeri woke from his rest at the knock. "Who is at the damn door?" He whined

Lyric answered it, surprised to see Amori. "Ami? What are you doing here?"

Amori shivered violently. "Please Lyric. Just let me in away from the sun.." He said, kneeling at his friend's feet, terrified.

Valeri came out and gasped. "Ami! What is the matter!?" He aske, alarmed at the tears on Amori's face.

Lyric pulled him into the room, closing the door. He sat on him down and noticed how pale his skin had become. "...He didn't... You're a..."

Amori shook sadly. "Let me talk please.." Amori said, crying harder. He told them about everything, about losing his Noir and about Soleil turning him and making him stay with him. He told them in hopes they would understand and take him in until he found his Noir.

"Umm Lyric..what do you think?"

Lyric could do nothing but reach out for his friend and hug him tightly. "I'm so sorry, Amori... This must be devastating for you..."

Amori nodded, falling into Lyric's embrace. "Pleae, just let me stay here until Noir comes back. I will look for him every night."

Valeri smield gently. "What do you say Lyric?"

"You can stay here for as long as you like, of course. Like I was going to turn you away." Lyric smiled reassuringly and hugged him again.

Amori sighed in relief, clinging to his best friend tightly. "Thank you so much." He said, dragging Valeri down into the hug too. He was actually starting to feel a little bad for Soleil. he didn't want to know how the man was going to react to his being gone.

"Anytime, Amori. I'll always be here to help. Both of us will always be here to help you. Right, sweetie?" He looked at his lover.

Amori smiled at his friend's hospitality. "Thank you so much, both of you."

Valeri smiled. "Of course." He said. "It will ust be like a sleep over."

Lyric grinned. "It's not problem, Amori. We love having your company."

Amori smiled

Valeri grinned and stood. "Well, let us get you to bed since the sun is about to be up and all.." He said, leading him off the hallway to the second room.

Amori followed silently, hugging Lyric again as he did so.

Lyric hugged him back and led him to the bedroom.

Amori looked about the room, happy to see that there was only one window and that no light could get through it if it tried. "Thank you so much guys." He said, laying down and slipping his shoes off, he rummaged through a little bag he had brought with him of his belongings and got into his night clothing. "IHow can I repay you?"

Lyric shook his head. "You don't have to repay me. I'm your friend. I want to do this for you. I'd feel bad if I asked for some sort of payment."

Amori teared up happily and crawled into bed. "Thank you so much guys." He said, thinking about how lucky he was to have such great friends.

Valeri laughed. "Anytime. Now get some sleep."

Lyric nodded. "He's right. You need to rest up. Sleep well."

Amori smiled and softly closed his eyes, already drifting.

Valeri held his lover's hand and lead him out of the room. "What is this Soleil guy comes to look for him?"

"...We'll have to try and protect him as best we can," Lyric said, unable to reach any other answer.

Valeri nodded. "Well, come back to bed love. We can think about everything in the morning."

He nodded. "Alright then. Let's go to sleep then." He kissed his lover and headed over to his bed.

Valeri jumped into it, snuggling under the covers, smilng.

"Goodnight, honey," he whispered, kissing his forehead.

"Goodnight my love." Valeri said, kissing him back and snuggling into him as he fell into sleep.


The next day, Lyric awoke to furious pounding on his door. He looked around, confused. When his eyes rested on Amori, he figured it could only be one person at the door. He remained perfectly still, tryingto think of what he could do...

Amori panicked as he woke from this and hid his things under the bed, re-making it to look as if he had never been there before he hid himself upon the top of Lyric's closet, finding a trap door to the attic and hiding there.

Valeri looked to Lyric with a raised eyebrow. "What is that??"

"I bet it's that Soleil guy..." Lyric said. Once he saw that Amori was hiden, he answered the door. The man standing before him looked exactly like Noir except with shorter hair and red eyes. 'This has to be him...' he thought. "What do you-"

"Where the hell is Amori? I know he's in here." He barged into the room. "I can smell him in here."

Amori tensed up in fear as he heard Soleil.

Valeri twitched. "He stopped by last night, told us he was leaving for England or something to look for Noir there..."

Soleil looked at Valeri, his eyes filled with anger, fear, but most of all, sadness. "You're lying to me... He's in here and I know it!" He ran through the room, taking it completely apart in hopes of finding Amori.

Valeri sighed. he was unsure what to do at all.

Amori cried hard at the sounds he was hearing. He didn't knwo what to do. Should he just go back to Soleil or try to keep hiding? Would Soleil harm his friends?

Soleil was becoming angry. Tears ran down his cheeks as he opened the door of a closet, finding Amori wasn't in there. He sighed. Where was he? And why was he torturing him this way? All he wanted was to be cared for... And yet he played with his heart this way. He punched a hole in the wall. "AMORI!" he yelled out, tears continuing to fall from his eyes.

Amori shivered. He must have really hurt him. He didn't know what to do. He cried harder, terrified for his friends. He didn't want Soleil to be so sad, but yet he didn't want to be with him like that either. He wanted his Noir.

Seeing that Amori was nowhere to be found, he returned to Valeri and Lyric. "And you say he went to England?" he questioned. At this point, he was desperate enough to catch the next plane he could and hope to find him.

Valeri nodded. "What are you going to do to him when you find him there?" He asked, concerned for Amori.

"I just..." Soleil sighed. "I want him to love me... That's all I want..." he said, feeling like a complete fool.

Valeri felt really sad for Soleil suddenly and hugged him. "You'll find him eventually." He said, letting him go.

Amori heard Soleil's words, debating on whether or not he should go after him. He sounded like he really loved him. But..he had Noir. or did he? Noir had left him.

Soleil moved away from him, wanting to feel no one's touch but Amori. Without another word, he stormed out of the room and off to find wherever Amori was hiding from him.

Amori jumped down, feeling it was safe. "Shold I..go after him?" He asked softly

Lyric looked at him, frowning. "Is it really what you want?"

"I just want Noir..but..he seemed so sad to have lost me..and Noir left..but I love him and he said he would be back and I told him I would wait." Amori said, breaking into tears.

"It's obvious your heart is with Noir, Amori. It will hurt him, but you can't torture yourself to make someone else happy," Lyric said.

"But..I don't want be like this.." Amori said, so very torn with it already. "I am going to go to the tavern and I will be back later to help clean up..I am sorry guys that he did this." He said, hugging them both and sadly walking out the door, walking sluggishly to the inn.

Lyric went to reach out to stop Amori, but held himself back. He knew Amori needed this time. He sighed and looked at Valeri. "What are we gonna do?"

"Just let it play out." Valeri said, smilling lightly, beggining to clean up Soleil's distruction.

Amori went into the tavern, practicly collapsing into a booth, crying softly for what seemd the thousandth time that evening. He missed his Noir so very much and now he had hurt Soleil. He was so lost.

Lyric sighed. "I don't know if I can... I hate seeing Amori this way..."

Valeri nodded. "I know what you mean." He said, sighing. "But we should, I mean honestly, how would we help?"

Lyric shook his head. "I don't know... I can only hope that Noir will come back like he promised...for Amori's sake."

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2007-03-26 [The Vampire Armand]: So when the hell does Noir come in to kick his ass? Should Amori run away and find him in a local pub?

2007-03-26 [cyberhavok]: Yeah, that'll work. -^^-

2007-03-29 [The Vampire Armand]: Soleil is being an asshole.

2007-03-30 [cyberhavok]: A bipolar asshole. *nods*

2007-03-31 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: umm... what happened??? I left when Amori was beat up...

2007-04-01 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: Ahh... I've been busy and haven't been on much, so.. I will try and catch up though... TT-TT

2007-04-01 [The Vampire Armand]: you better

2007-04-01 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: -laughs- I will dear. I've missed it.. I've been dying to roleplay these past while...

2007-04-01 [cyberhavok]: ...Now what do we do? o.o

2007-04-01 [The Vampire Armand]: I want Noir to come back now.

2007-04-01 [cyberhavok]: But it's only been like one day! ><

2007-04-01 [The Vampire Armand]: Ohhh I dont know then..errrnnn have Soleil not be an ass for a minute and go pick him up and try to win him back over?

2007-04-01 [cyberhavok]: Okie. I can do that.

2007-04-08 [The Vampire Armand]: OK what is happening now? Should we bring in Noir or have Amori go after Soleil?

2007-04-08 [cyberhavok]: Hm... I think we should start a new wiki, start it a few years later, and have Noir return finally.

2007-04-08 [The Vampire Armand]: Okay that works too...just call it lemons adn lessons 2?

2007-04-08 [cyberhavok]: Mm-hm. You want me to make it?

2007-04-08 [The Vampire Armand]: Sure..

2007-04-08 [cyberhavok]: Kay. Hang on a sec.

2007-04-08 [The Vampire Armand]: okay

2007-04-08 [cyberhavok]: Of Lemons and Lessons 2. ONWARD, MINIONS!! MWHAHAHAHA!!

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