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Of Fire and Feathers


[The Vampire Armand] and [kiradraco]

The sun was warm and the clouds were soft in the sterotypical world that was Heaven. Also present in the element of white and gold was fear which was rarely ever placed in the relams of Heaven for they were the safest place in existence. However, to one smallish angel, the Angel of Messages, it was horribly frightful of a day for him. Usually Rostielle visited among other beings in his own realm with his messages, but now suddenly the summons to his god was for a special mission. He had to hurry to the gates of hell to deliver a message to the creator there.

As a messanger he felt he shouldn't have to fear this daunting task, but it wasn't so simple. No one had ever gone to that realm for such a purpose. They had messages carried in other methods, through creatures and such. Not this time. This time poor Rostielle was a guinea pig in his adventure.

A small sigh escaped the soft lips of the wary angel. He felt cold and wrapped his white and silver robe around his silvery bronze skin to try and feel warmer. His white and silver hair flicked around in the breeze while he looked about, wondering if he was indeed travelling the right way. He was sure he was. Tropic-blue eyes glanced around at the pathway he travelled on at seeing the once beautiful flowers dead he figured he was for certain on the right path, and then he saw the massive black gates, the Gates of Hell, to be certain. He touched them to see if they were closed and found them push open and he felt as though the shrunk away from his touch. He frowned and let his wings come forth as normally they stayed hidden, and decided to not dwell too long, he let himself be carried to the front doors of the massive dark kingdom of which he saw many horrid things that he couldn't even believe existed. He wondered if he'd make it alive.

Gathering the last of his courage he knocked on the door, amused as little sparks of golden light emitted where his hand hit the metal door.

[*] A twisted and decaying creature opened the Palace door and upon seeing none other than an angel he bared his crooked but sharp fangs.
"What do you want?" It hissed at Rostielle, his voice like nails on a chalk board and his breath pugnant enough to peel paint form the walls.

A scream of sheer agony rand out as Lucifer tightened his fist around his victem's heart. He delighted in the squelching sound the pump made as he crushed it and laughed at the small pop of one of the chambers bursting. The poor soul he was torturing twitched then slumped lifelessly, it's feet a good foot off the ground. Lowering his arm the Devil watched as he let go and his victem dropped to the floor, landing in a pile of it's own blood. With a smile Lu licked the blood off his wrist as it trailed down the inside of his arm then with the other hand he reserected the soul in front of him and was just about to torture him again when he heard the unmistakable sound of the Gates of Hell opening.
"Mmmm I wonder who my visitor is?" He muttered out loud and after waving his hand for his minions to drag away the screaming, weeping mess before him. Climbed the stairs to the dias he sat upon his throne of bones. Lu believed that showmanship was important and when someone met him for the first time he made sure they knew this was his domain and he was their God for as long as they were there. Which of course was always for eternity, there had only been two others that had exscaped him but that was a long time ago and he had learnt much since then.

Rostielle only for a moment questioned why his lord had sent him of all people to try and brave the halls of this evil person. "I, I seek councel of your lord. I have message from God." He said, holding the scroll up in obvious show. The sounds from inside the rooms were sickening to him and he could feel terror seep into his skin, but he tried to ignore it.

Such things must have been an every-day thing in this land that was so ery unlike his own. He wanted to go home. Now. He nolonger wanted to play as messanger boy for the day. He was very much worried about his own well being at the moment.

With a harsh hiss and obvious distain for the angle the goul dragged itself along the cold, dark corridors that were decorated with bloody hand prints and drag marks.
"Come." He barked, expecting the angel to follow. When they got to two huge metal doors adorned with carvings of people being tortured and hacked apart the goul muttered something that made the doors swing open with a loud creek. Waving for Rostielle to enter it turn around and slinked back off intot he darkness without another word.

As the doors opened at the far end of the hall Lucifer lounged in his throne and looked at his visitor. The fact it was an angel startled him but he quickly regained his composure and unbuttoned another button in his black shirt to reveal his perfect, toned chest a little more. The Devil was seductive and sexy when he wanted to be and the tight black, slik clothing he wore showed off his physique very well.
"And to what do I owe the pleasure of a visit from an angel?" He asked in a velvet voice and a smirk upon his lips.

Clear warnings shot all around Rostielle's mind as he saw the disgusting state of the walls and the carvings it had about it, but he was respectful and even inclined his head in greeting. "My lord sent me as a messanger." He said, showing the scroll. "If I may approach I would like to deliver the message and return back." He said, his eyes drifting over the imposing figure with intimidation if anything. He tried to ignore....other feelings, things that lay deep inside his subconscious that were stubborn in their placement in his mind. Things he needed to controll.

Rostielle let his wings shift back inside his body, diminishing them from view so as to seem more polite rather than rude and imposing. He took several steps towards the lord of Hell, and extended the paper forward.

Shifting so he was more reclined and one leg hung over the arm of his throne, Lucifer smirked but made no attempt to take the scroll. He intended to make this creature of light and purity approach him further. Lu had a sudden urge to rip those beautiful wings right off his visitor's back. When they retreated into the angle's back he hissed slightly.
"And what if I do not want this message form your God?" He suddenly announced, preditoral instinct dripping form each word. He had never had an Angel in his realm before and a thousand nasty things were swirling around in his head. Yes, Lucifer wanted to touch this creature and hurt it so badly.

"Then I will leave and tell him so." Rostielle said, frowning at the other. He felt danger, but he couldn't place where and just how it would form. "Do you want it?" Rostielle asked further, standing about ten feet away from the other, not daring to approach any closer. He didn't know what was going on, but his lord wouldn't have sent him anywhere that would have gotten him killed, would he? Apparently so by the feeling this one was giving off. He began to take a step back and mentally halted himself, deciding to give this one a chance before he took flight out and away from fear.

The Angel's fear was like a drug and Lucifer drank it in. It was clear his guest would not approach unless ordered so with a slightly annoyed sigh he nodded and waved for the other to come closer.
"Bring it hear, seeing as you have come all this way I should at least read it." His dark eyes roamed over the Angel's form and Lu found himself licking his lips. Beauty was abundant in this creature and beauty was something he could not resist destroying.

Rostielle swallowed hard his fear and nodded, stepping forward with much effort. He kept his hand extended with the scroll, stopping as he really could get no closer without litterally sitting on the other's lap. He looked wearily into the other's black eyes, afraid of those seemingly soul-less depths. How was a person so dead inside as this one? Rostielle bit his lower lip to hide a frown, his brows furrowed as he wondered what the other would say to the message. He certainly didn't know what it said and he was duty-bound to not read it.

Loving how close his prey was Lucifer took the scrol and ripped the ribbon off it and threw it on the floor. He did not show any reverence for the message, in fact he snarled at it in disgust. As he unrolled it the Devil's black eyes widened and a snarl curled his lip baring perfect white teeth.
"What is the meaning of this? Is this supposed to be a joke?" He bellowed, standing up. His massive black wings opened up around him adding to his imposing figure as he towered over the Angel and snarled down at him waving the scroll threateningly. Reaching out a long nailed hand he caught the messager by the arm, forcing him to look at the blank parchment.

Rostielle's eyes widened as he looked at the blank parchement. "What? Why would they sendme with something false?" He asked, looking up in fear at the other. "I didn't know it was blank! I don't even know what this means!" He explained, trying to remove his arm from the other's overly-tight grasp. "Please, let me go and question my lord of his purpose! I do not know what this is!" He pleaded with the other, the sense of overwhelming danger now obvious. Why was that scroll blank? Surely he wouldn't just be offered up to this hell-god?

This was unbareable for Lucifer, first his God and Master pushes him aside in favour of the foul creatures he crated to crawl upon the earth, then he was banished from God's side for ever and now this. What did it mean? Was God mocking him? Beyond fury the dark Angel glared down at the messanger before him.
"What is your ture mission?! Why were you sent here! And don't give me that shit about not knowing!" He tightened his grip on the others knowing full well he could crush this slight creature's bone if he wished. "I will not be made a fool of!" He growled in a voice that echoed around the hall and reverberated as if it were answered by a million tortured souls. It this Angel did not answer then he would make him answer. "Tell me or you will never leave this place!" He demanded putting too much pressure on the bone so it would snap if he squeezed just a little harder.

"I swear to you on my own status I am not lying to you! I haven't a clue! Please! Release me!" Rostielle said with pain evident in his voice as he sunk to the ground on his knees. "I give you my honest word I have known nothing of this. He tells me not his messages and I never read them, for him to send a blank page I would not hav delivered!" He said, struggling to find some way to break out of this other's grasp. How could he be so damndably strong? He felt like his very wrist was going to snap off of his arm. "Please! Let me go!" Sparkling tears began to fill his eyes as he realized he would more or less be destroyed here, he realized something was purposely done here on one way or another. He wondered where he'd gone wrong, what he did to deserve such a fate, but one never questions their lord and master.

There was something in the Angel's eyes that made Lucifer pause for a moment. Something he knew only too well but his feelings or pitty or understanding quickly vanished and the rage and shame he felt took over. With a slight movement he snapped the other's arm braking it and with his other hand he summoned a thick, silver collar. Still holding the Angel so he could not escape he spoke, his voice seeming to shake the very foundations of his demonic Palace.
"Once I place this around your neck you will not be able to pass back through my gates even if you do manage to escape your cell. You will tell me the meaning of this message sooner or later and believe me when I say sooner will be better for you. Oh and don't worry about your wrist it will heal so I can break it and anything else I want again. That is what makes this place truely hell, I can kill you over and over and you will keep comming back so I can do it again." Lucifer's black wings straightened a little revealing the fact that there were actually six giant feathered wings not two. They were so black though it was hard to see the details of them and they surrounded him like a dark shadow of despair and pain. It only took the Devil a moment to fit the collar and once it was on he placed his foot on the Angel pushing him backwards down the stairs. Turning his back on the other, Lu retracted his wings and returned to his throne as two of his dark twisted goul servants came to drag the Angel off.

To say he was surprised, would be an understatement. Rostielle sighed sadly, crying at the fact that his wrist had indefinitely ben snapped. The pain had been sharp and presistent, but it healed with a sick feeling of rejoining-bones. He hissed as he flexed it, finding it back to normal. He felt sick to his stomach. Why? Why him? Why did he have to suffer this? This was the most unfair thing he'd ever been apart of or witnessed. He looked around his cell as he was brought to it, finding hay and a stone bench that was covered in what he guessed was blood. He sighed sadly and sat in the cleanest corner of the cell, wondering what was going to happen next. He'd obviously be tortured over and over again for he knew not the reason for the blank parchement given to the other. "Why?" He asked himself allowed. "Why must I suffer for what I do not know?" He brought his knees up to his chest and began to cry softly, his sobs quiet and unheard.

Returning to his usual passtime of tormenting the souls in his charge Lu suddenly growled. The pain and fear did nothing for him and he waved his victem away in agravation. That look, that sense of betrayal and confusion haunted him. When God had turned his attention from him to man, when he had been bannished, he had that same look. Unable to take joy in his work he decided to go and watch his new victem. Lucifer made his way through the dark halls and down many steps until he came to the cell deep in the bowels of his Palace. Remaining in the shadows he watched the Angel weep in silence, studying him in an attempt to figure out what it was about this creature that caught his interest. It was not just because he was an Angle and not a mortal soul, nor was it just that look in his clear blue eyes. There was something that had sparked his interest even before he realized the Angel was a messanger. After a long time he turned to leave.

"I can sense you there."Rostielle said in speaking "I don't know how to convince you. I don't know what that thing was about. I don't know why the parchement was blank. Kill me time and time if you must as you stated you would, but you will never know for I do not." A long sad sigh left him as he looked around. "I only meant to deliver what was asked. Not to offend in any way. You must believe me." He grasped the cold metal of the bars, sickened by dry flaking blood on them. "Please.. let me go"

Turning back around to face his prisoner Lucifer stepped from the shadows and looked down at the shorter creature.
"What makes you think I care if you don't know? There is a meaning to these events and I will find them.... one way or another." The coldness of his voice pleased Lu, he came off much more confident then he felt. "What name do you go by?" He suddenly asked and snarled because he had no idea why he wanted to know the Angel's name. It did not matter what his name was, not really so what did he ask after it?

"My name is Rostielle." The saddened angel said with a sigh. "There is no reason to be so harsh with me, I am only a messanger. There's no reason to hate me for something I had nothing to do with. As much as I hate to say it I do not think keeping me captive will solve anything. My God will not come for me, this I know." He said, his tone dropping even more because the statement was true.

Again feelings he thought he had buried a long time ago surfaced and Lucifer found himself snarling again.
"No reason to be so harsh with you? This is not your Heaven, I rule here and I will be harsh with you because I enjoy watching others suffer. Of course God will not come for you and the sooner you realize you are mine the better. He chose you to deliver his empty message, there must be a reason for that. I will figure it out and if you are very lucky I might send you back with my reply... or at least your broken and battered body with it." Rostielle... the name rolled around in his mind and he could not help thinking that it was a fitting name for such a delicate and beautiful creature. Of course such a thought only fuled his anger and Lu lashed out again to deliberatly scare the other. "Once you pass through the gates of hell you will not revive as you do here, not unless your God chooses to do so on your behalf." Quick as a flash he reached through the bars and once again took hold of the Angel's wrist. He looked deep into those clear blue eyes as he concidered breaking it again. In stead he pulled the other towards him and took hold of one of his fingers. He slowly bent it back to the point just before it broke but for some reason he hesatated. "I will be back." He announced in the most mennesing voice he could muster which was truely terrorfying then he released Rostielle with such force the Angle was pushed off balance. Without so much as a backwards glance he stormed off.

Rostielle gasped as he was pulled against the the bars towards the other. He repeated this action as he was thrown back, causing him to fall in a small partly-dry gooey pile of blood. He felt like being sick, but angels knew not how to be such. He had no more tears left to cry. This was his job and he was going to do it, whatever it was. He looked after the retreating form with sadness. "My lord, never have I ever questioned you but please, make yourself clear in this task for it's not been presentd to me and I am ignorant of it." He whispered in a prayer to his god. All he got was a fluttering in his chest and pit of his stomach as he looked back towards the other and a rise in temperature that could only signal some blush. But why? Was there some overly masochistic side of him that was glad to be in this digusting place?

When he returned to his throne Lucifer was filled with such rage he tore those before him to shreds with his bare hands and smeared himself in the blood. He was hurting and he did not know why. This Angle, this Rostielle bought up things he wanted forgotten. He hated his new prisoner with all his might but at the same time he could not bring himself to take that hatred out on the Angel himself. Working himself up into a frenzy the Devil stormed around his Palace punnishing anyone and anything that crossed his path. Even his gouls were not spared his fury and his yells of frustration could be heard everywhere within the stone walls.
"Damn you Master! Damn you for sending this creature to me with a blank scroll! What do you want of me?! What more can you take form me?!" Smashing the large mirror hanging on the wall of his private room Lucifer cursed God and Rostielle. Finally he slumped to the ground and panted, trying to catch his breath. He would rest for now, the Angle was not going anywhere and he would be able to think more clearly after his rest.

When he woke Lucifer grunted as he looked at the new mirror hanging on his wall. All the broken shards had been cleaned up and a goul bowed to him from the doorway.
"Your bath is ready Master." It hissed in it's screaching voice. Mind still spinning with confusion, Lu dragged himself out of bed and headed into the bathroom. Sinking into the warm water he concidered the possibility that Rostielle had been sent to kill him and dissmissed it. He knew better than anyone the weight of taking another's life and the little Angle did not have that in him. As far as he could tell the other was the most pure soul he had ever encountered, even among the other Angles. It just did not make sense. Why would God send this helpless messanger? Rostielle was not a warrior Angle like Michel, Uriel and the others. He doubted the Angel had even held a weapon. Sighing he sunk beneath the water letting it cleanse him of dried blood. Once he was sure he was free of dirt and blood the Devil dried himself and dressed in tight black leather pants with only a cros of leather upon his chest. Although he did not know why, Lu felt the need to be dressed in things that both showed off his body and conveyed control and dominance. Pulling the bottom of the pants over the top of his short boots, Lucifer stood up and looked at his reflection nodding. He made his way down to the cell Rostielle was in but stopped so he remained in the darkness as he looked at the little Angel. Rostielle was all light and brightness, more so in the dark cell with only a flickering tourchlight to illuminate it.

Rostielle had been more than afraid to have heard the other's screaming, but he tried to dismiss it. After all, he felt that if the other came and hurt him that he would only heal from it. Pain was something he was never accustomed to, something he very rarly felt, maybe only one time in his life. He sighed sadly and decided he'd go about cleaning his small living space. He took the hay that was still somehow clean and scattered it over the disgusting blood and left over entrails and then was surprised to find that the faucet beheld a clean water source. He took off his out robe, leaving only his short white tunic and began to wet the removed piece and started to clean the bile.

He'd gotten the cell in a livable condition and that made him more comfortable. Not much more comfortable, but comfortable all the same. He sighed and cleaned as much blood out of his outer robe that he could before hanging it on the stone bench to dry. He took a seat on a small pile of hay and drifted to sleep up until he felt the other's presence. "I can feel your presence. I can't see you just yt but I can feel you. Why are you hiding, if you're going to come here and torture me you might as well do it and get it out of your system." He said loud enough to where he knew for certain the other could hear him.

A little surprised at how bold his captive was to speak up like that Lu frowned at he studied the other. He had thought about how out of place Rostielle looked amongst all that blood and grime so he was not surprised to fine the Angle had cleaned his cell. There was also no good answer as to why he was hiding so he chose to ignore the other and continue to watch him in silence. Lucifer still could not understand his feelings towards the little Angel and felt giving in and engaging him in a conversation was a sign of weakness. The sounds of torture still rang out around the Palace as his minions carried out their duties and he wanted to see Rostielle's reaction to those screams and pleas for mercy.

"Coward." Rostielle said, surprised he was able to tune out the screams. As far as he'd ever been taught the people who suffered in hell deserved what they got so he was not worried about them or discouraged. Sure, it all sounded plenty painful, but it wasn't something he was afraid of. "You can't break me." He sighed and closed his eyes momentarily before letting them slide open again to try and pierce through the shadow that the other stood in but he could not.

Again the Angel's boldness surprised Lu but he refused to let it show. He also had mixed feelings about Rostielle statement he could not break him. Part of him wanted to rip the other to shreds but part of him admired the little Angel. Summoning one of his minions with his will Lucifer ordered that a brush, bucket, clean water and soap be bought to the cell. He then backhanded the goul knocking it to the floor when it looked surprised at his request. Slinking off his minion hurridly returned with said items and snatching them from him Lucifer stepped into the light.
"I may as well put you to work while you are my guest" He snarled, his dark eyes searching deep into the other's soul. Walking to the door, Lu moved his finger ever so slightly and it unlocked him allowing he to open it and hand Rastielle the bucket and soap. He remained in the doorway baring the Angel's escape and continued to watch silently.

Rostielle smiled a little at the soapy water and brush. The first thing he noticed was the bucket was heavier than it looked so he accidnetaly sloshed it on his white tunic, which made him blush as he realized it dampened enough to see through a little of the sheer material and the ends of his hair that had been long nough were now wet. He huffed and began scrubbing at the floor, trying to not slip as it became surprisingly slick to kneel on, ending up in a terribly odd angle that had his rear a littl angled up in the air and his cheeks red from the effort he put into it. "Thank you." He said, sparing a glance up at the other.

Staring at the wet creature before him as he scrubbed on all fours Lucifer felt blood rush to his crotch. It had been such a long time since he had those feelings and desires. Even the most beautiful of his sinners had to try to seduce him in an effort to gain favour and mercy. Being able to see through the sheer white fabric gave him a much clearer picture of his captive's body. The Angel was perfect like him and the Devil could not help laughing to himself as he thought how typical this was of his old Master. Where he was darkness however this creature was light. Never being one to deny himself any pleasure he stepped inside the cell and quickly undid his pants. Dropping to his knees he took hold of Rostielle and pushed his tunic up. One hand on the other's hip and another tangled in his silvery blonde hair, Lu pushed into the other without any warning or preperation. He was far from gentle and began to thrust mercilessly knowing the Angel would heal. The feeling was amazing, the warmth and slickness the blood created urging him on. He could not have stopped even if he wanted, at that moment the Devil was compleatly lost in pleasure.

The pain that filtered into Rostielle was unlike anything he'd ever felt. It was a thousand times worse than the simple breaking of his wrist and a harsh groan fell from his lips in the form of a whimper. The thought that the other would sexually assualt him had never even crossed his mind and now he wondered why he was being used as this. He grasped at the ground, wishing to get away from this pain in his rear, and even as his skin tore over and over it healed and tore anew, making the pain always and neverending, he truly hoped the other would be done soon, he hated being used in such a humiliating way. "please! Stop this at once!" Small tears trickled down his face as the sense of violation filled his body and a small sick part of him was actually responding to the pain with a pleasured response. His virginity and his sense of right and wrong had been stripped from him.

Groaning and growling in pleasure like a wild animal Lucifer continued to defile the little Angle. He liked being inside the other far more than he had ever liked anything and at the time the pleas from Rostielle only added to his enjoyment. He thrust deep into the other over and over for what could have been hours, his labido in overdrive. Eventually the knot inside him unraveled and he reached his climax spilling his seed inside Rostielle. Two more thrusts and he pulled out letting his lover fall to the ground. Standing up he moved around in front of his captive and deliberatly reached down to wipe some of the blood and cum off his length. Sure Rostielle could see him he then licked his fingers in delight and his dark eyes shone with pleasure as he spoke.
"Mmmm you taste so sweet darling. Laughing he headed towards the cell door and locked it behind him. "See you tomorrow... oh and this cell had better be spotless." As he walked back through the halls Lucifer suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and memories of Rostielle's voice returned. There had been so much pain in it as he had begged for mercy and for reasons the Devil did not understand he suddenly began to feel.... regret? Yes it was regret, something he had only ever felt once before. Sinking to the ground Lu tried to make sense of his emotions and the sickening feeling that welled up inside him.

Rostielle wept as the other let him fall and hid his disgust as the other licked their blood and cum from his fingertips. He cried until his backside healed and then he went about making quick work of the cell, hoping to not have to experience such pain and humiliation again. He lay on his bed of hay and felt incresingly disturbed by the events that had happened earlier. He was even more disturbed when he looked down at his own length that was semi-errect from the action.He'd never been wanted in that way. Even in such a violent way he had never had a lover. Not male, not female, he was untouched and now this thing that was supposed to be beautiful and a joining of souls was vicious and destructive to his fragile mind-set. He sighed in depression, wondering whether or not he should take care of his own arousal or to just ignore it. He opted the later. He didn't want to seem like a whore for the devil. He didn't want to be shown as he enjoyed it at all, but even as these thoughts plagued him he found himself reaching to touch himself and he did so, giving in to his own familiar touch, trying to wipe away all feeling of the other off of him as he came moments later with a soft moan and closed eyes. The only problem was that it seemed like it got worse. That his method for making the pain and touch of the other made it come back and he was fiery to be touched again. He began to cry at this, began to hate himself, began to loathe everything he was. He had no right to have his wings, no right to be of his God. He cried harder and harder, letting his anguish overwhelm him.

The Devil had done far worst to others, the guilty and the not so guilty. Not once had he ever regretted his actions, not since those actions got him thrown out of heaven. Curling up in the darkness he put his hands over his ears as he kept hearing Rostielle cry out for him to stop. At the time he had not cared, the horror of his actions only added to his arousal but now as he remembered every second of it, he wished he could not. There had been a time he thought he was in love, a particually beautiful creature who's soul was as dark as his but in the end he had cast his lover aside without a second thought. Already he had experienced emotions he thought beyond him or long buried and Lu did not understand why. Even the screams of souls being tortured did not bring Lucifer joy, all he heard was that small voice begging him to stop. It took a long time for the Devil to pull himself together and stand up. Deciding to drown his doubts and regret in fresh blood he headed back up to the main hall so he could rip someone's heart out a few times and once again cursed God.
"What ever it is Master, your plan won't work." He growled ignorant of the fact he was doing exactly what God had expected.

Once he had taken out his anger and confusion on enough sinners, Lucifer decided to pay his little captive another visit. He was not sure why he wanted to see Rostielle again but he was drawn to the other and could not keep away for long. This time he did not stop and hide in the shadows, Lu walked right up to the bars and eyes the Angel with cold, dark eyes. He wanted Rostielle to see his blood soaked hands and chest.

Rostielle looked up warily, drying his tears. "What? Did you rape another prisoner?" He asked, eyeing the blood warily. He was still partly hard, and still wanting the other for some disgusting reason unknown to him. He was angry and lusting and so he walked saucily up to the cell door, grabbed the other's hand and licked the blood from his fingertips. "Delicious." He said, his eyes dim and glaring.

This was very different form the Angel he had brutally raped only hours before hand and Lu found himself smiling.
"I thought you said I would not break you but that was not a very angelic thing to do was it?" Something primal welled up inside the Devil again as he watched the way Rostielle's tongue brushed against his skin. "Perhaps you deserve to be here little one?" He added wanting to see how much damage his words could do.

Rostielle smirked in anger. "Who said I'm broken?" He spat at the other's feet and went back to his pile of hay, continuing to hug his knees to his chest and stare the other down with determination, glaring at the other.

Laughter bubbled up from deep within as Lucifer looked through the bars at Rostielle. The Angel was lost and scared, this he could work with. Once again he unlocked the door with a slight movement of his fingers and he stalked into the cell allowing his wings to emerge and spread wide. He flicked his red tipped, black hair over his shoulder as he looked down at the other licking his lips and unbuttoning his pants. He was the perfect predetor, leaning down he grabbed hold of Rostielle's silvery, white hair and dragged him to his feet.
"Are you ready for more punnishment?" He growled, still looking deep into those crystal clear, blue eyes.

"Sure, why not?"Rostielle said, angry in his actions. He licked the other's cheek and ran his hands down his sides. "I don't know even what you did to me, my virginity is no longer mine, it's yours now." He said viciously. He placed his hands now on the other's chest, grabbing his clothing. "How does that make you feel? To know you've taken that much from me?"

This seductive and behaviour unsettled Lucifer but he was determined not to let it show.
"Oh my little Angle this is just the beginning. I intend to take much more then just your virginity." Pushing Rostielle hard up against the stone wall at the back of the cell he forcefully kissed him and pushed his crotch against him. The Angel was pinned to the wall with his feet off the ground, he was so easy to lift and Lu laughed out loud as he felt the growing bulge that was pressed against this own crotch. "You make such a big deal about your precious virginity and yet you enjoyed my attention. You are just as dirty and rotten as every other soul in this place. Perhaps I should take you to the fire lakes and throw you in just so I can watch your skin melt from your bones. My minions don't like the job of dragging your chalky bones back out again and useually take their anger out on the victem after they revive. Or I could just let them have you? Just because they are my servants does not mean they are without urges." Caressing the Angel's cheek in a gentle matter he smiled his most wicked smile. "Oh how they will enjoy entering you and marking your perfect skin with their claws." He was so close to Rostielle that his warm breath stired a wayward strand of silver hair. "Which do you prefer little one?" The Devil's voice was like velvet and he smiled as he waited for a reply.

"It's this digusting evil that you are. My body's reacting in hopes to save you." Rostielle said with heat in his voice. "Please...go ahead and ease this pain in me. I want you to." Rostielle was so lost in his anger and his hate for the others' taking of him. "Go ahead, put it back inside me, see if you don't burn in pain for your own trespasses against me, you demented individual." He closed his eyes. "I care not what you do to me."

Lucifer's top lip twitched a little. The Angel was showing that unexpected strength again and those words about him burning in pain paniced the Devil slightly. He wondered if the other knew about those unwanted feelings he had been having? Pulling back he let Rostielle's feet touch the ground a little and with a snarl he released his grip on the Angel's hair before he walked back towards the door.
"Not now, I am no longer in the mood." Lu growled as he stepped out of the cell but left the door open. Several of his gouls stepped into the light and with a wave towards the cell he snarled. "Do what you want with him, he does not care." Lucifer's minions imediatly began to salivate and grunt wantingly as they crept towards the opened door. Once he was hidden by the darkness again, Lu leant against the wall to watch his gouls have their way with Rostielle.

Rostielle glared at the other. "Why would you do this? Have you no sense of property?" He asked, violently slapping away the ghouls. "This is worse than rape. How could you?" He cried harder and made his way through the ghouls to look at the other. "I ask you now, please don't do this."

The twisted rotting creatures clawed at Rostielle's skin and clothing, their mouths open, showing the rows of sharp, yellow teeth. They drooled and growled as they forced the Angel to the ground and stripped him of his clothes but before they could actually defile him Lucifer called out to them
"Enough!" The gouls stopped but were confused and quickly returned their attention to Rostielle. Storming back into the cell the Devil grabbed hold of one of the creatures and threw it at the opposite bars. "I said Enough!" He bellowed again. The gouls bowed their heads and slinked back out the open door leaveing Lucifer standing beside the naked Angel.

Rostielle sighed. "Great. And now I am naked." He said, looking at his declothed form. He looked up at the Devil. "Thank you." He said, catching his breath and covering himself. "Please, don't ever do that again." He said, looking up at the other from the heap of shaken mess that he was.

Never in all his time as Lord of Hell had Lucifer ever shown mercy and now he had denied his minions one of the favourite passtimes because he had feelings. He was the Devil, evil incarnate and he should have enjoyed watching the gouls rape and shred the silvery blonde Angel. Angry, frightened and confused he turned on his heels and lef the cell ensuring the door was locked fast. He did not say a word as he left and only paused to make sure his minions could not gain access to Rostielle while he was not watching. A little way down the hall the Devil stopped and listened out for sobbing or anything that would hint at the Angel's state of mind. Lu was not sure why he could not face the other and was furious that he could not abandon him to rot either.

"Let me out." Rostielle said, grasping the bars. "I don't get why it matters if I am locked up, I am your prisoner, I will not run away. Please." He begged, tears bright in his eyes. "Please please please let me out of here. Let me be clothed." He began to sob as he wished the other would at least show some kind of knowledge that he existed.

Hearing the Angel's crys for release Lucifer snarled. He had shown mercy to Rostielle more than once and yet the other did not seem to understand how very lucky he was. He had allowed his prisoner to clean the fealthy cell instead of forcing him to wallow in the blood and entrails. The Angel was not used to gore and being surounded by it would have added to his distress. He had also intended to take the other again but when Rostielle stood up to him and seemed determined to face his fate, Lucifer lost his desire to rape him. No soul had ever challanged him in such a way and gone unpunnished and regardless of what the Angel thought he had been spared much pain and anguish. As angry as he was with Rostielle he could not bare the sight of his minions tearing at the beautiful Angel but all his prisoner still asked for more mercy. When he could not longer stand it, Lucifer stormed back down the dark hall to kick the bars of the Angel's cell.
"Shut up! Shut up you whineing piece of filth! Do you not understand where you are? You are in hell, the place that exists to bring pain and punishment to those who sin against your God. It was God himself that sent you here and if you had any sence you would realize that you are here to be tormented...." Realizing he had let the other get to him the Devil snarled. "You are locked up because you desire freedom. You are naked because I spared your from brutal rape and showed you mercy, something no other has ever recieved from me. And still you want more. I should be tearing appart your insides or pealing your flesh from your bones with a bull whip. Count your blessings little one and I swear if you ask to be released one more time I will change my mind about my minions having you!" Rostielle had definatly got to him and affected him in a way he could not guard against. Lu growled at the fact he had just made a fool of himself and glared at his captive with pure hatered.

Rostielle felt tears in his eyes. "I don't get it.." He said softly, grasping the other's clothing and pulling him tight against the door of his cell.
"I just don't get it. Why? Why are you this way? What have I done to you? I only delivered a message that I knew nothing about. I am a messanger of God. That is my duty. I was not to be treated in this harsh manner unless it was kept from me." He looked down as his grip on the fabric tightened and his tears came further. "I have never done anything against anyone. I have not treatd you harshly. I have done nothing to you. And here you abuse me and hrm me to your will. Who cares if this is indeed hell. Are you to tell me you have no moralistic values? I think you do, and by my god I am willing to find it!" Rostielle's voice was shivery and violent and he glared."You need me. You need me to show you your wrong ways. I wont go back even if you cast me out. Whatever you grant me I will take it with love. I will love you so that someone must!" With that end of his speech he kissed the other hard on the lips, his eyes shut tight as his tears slipped down his face that was pressed against the bars.

Shocked by the Angel's actions and words Lu just stood there as soft lips were pressed against his. Rostielle felt so good, he smelt like sunshine and wild flowers and even the salty tang of his tears delighted the Devil. Many times Lucifer had heard words of love but they had always been upon the lips of his victems, lies to envoke mercy and grant them favours. Without thinking he gently reached through the bars after he broke off the kiss and wiped the tears from the Angel's left cheek.
"You want to show me love little one?" Lucifer's voice was soft and rich as he spoke and before he could stop himself he kissed his captive back. Softly, gently, suckling on the others bottom lip a moment, lost in the Angle's taste. Regaining his composure again Lu stepped back, untangeling his shirt form the others grip. "I knew love once Rostielle, I loved God with all that I am. But he cast me aside in favour of these desgusting and imperfect creatures called man. I wanted his love back wanted to regain what had been denied me so I took action. I fought all those who stood in my way and I tried to prove that mankind was not worthy of his time and affection but he cast me out. Banished me from heaven for loving him." Lu's words became harsher as he spoke and the snarl returned to his lips. "God charged me with punnishing those who went against his will, he was the one who made it so I can not leave these gates and return to heaven and all because I loved him. Perhaps this love you speak of is also your crime? Did you ever think of that?" Anger welled up inside him again but Lucifer could not bring himself to strike Rostielle, instead he counjered his own black silk shirt that was far to big for the Angel and would cover him compleatly. Handing it through the bars he watched Rostielle, unsure if he wanted to hurt him or kiss him again.

The kiss had invoked passion in Rostielle. The gentleness of the other surprised him and he wanted more. He did want to show this other what love really was. What it could be like. "I don't know why he's done what he's done." He began, accepting the shirt in which he wrapped it around his body with reverence, enjoying the feel of the material, glad to have something covering his naked body again. "Even I know that God is cruel, even I know that he does things in odd ways. I don't have any of the answers. I only know that there is such a beauty inside you." He meant his words, and his hands encircled the other's hands, enjoying the feel of them. "You've only just shown this to me, but I can see it's there, far inside you. I don't know how to reverse his mishap against you, and I refuse to say that I can, for I know that I can not. But maybe this is what he meant. To send me with a blank scroll must mean I am gifted to you. I've always been reaosnable." He sighed, looking up at the other through tired looking eyes, red from crying. He wanted to kiss him again, wanted to repeat their actions earlier but within a gentle fashion. Wanted to be held, carressed, loved. And he wanted also to grant this to the other.

No one had spoken so kindly to Lucifer since he was cast out of heaven and the Angle's words confused him. Why was this beautiful creature wanting to show him love, especially after all he had done to him? Had God really given Rostielle to him? That was another thing that Lu could not comprehend, hundreds and thousands of lifetimes of silence and then suddenly a blank scroll delivered by a beautiful, pure messenger. What was God up too? The all consuming bitterness that had been nurtured and honed over eons did not just disappear over night and he found himself pulling away from Rodtielle's touch and the bars of the cell.
"I have duties to attend too. Souls to torture." He said flatly as he turned and walked off. With each step something inside him cried out for him to stop and return to the beautiful Angel but he could not. No, he would not. Lucifer's hands tingled as they remembered the other's touch, his length was hard and he could not shake the memory of those clear blue eyes rimmed with red and sorrow. Growling in anger at his own weakness, as he saw it, the Devil turned around and headed back towards the cell. With a flick of his wrist he unlocked the door then turned again so he did not have to look at Rostielle. "You are free to roam around the Palace but if you leave it's walls you will regret it. There are souls out in the waste lands that would love to show you the true meaning of suffering. Do not tempt them by going outside." Lucifer did not understand why he added the last part, he had never cared for another's well being but not only had he freed the little Angel from his cell, he warned him of danger. Because Rostielle wanted out of his confinement, Lu should have kept him locked up, that was the way of things in hell. More than a little frightened by the power this slight, dazzling creature had over him the Devil walked off so he did not have to answer any questions. The urge to take Rostielle again was strong but in his current mood it would be violent and brutal again and with real shock, Lucifer realized he did not want that.

Rostielle nodded as he looked at the other's retreating form as he walked away. He sighed in a bit of terror. At least in the cell he felt a little safer from things roaming the palace. But now it was all open and free to be explored. Who knew what would come at him? And yet at the same time he wasn't afraid because he somehow knew that his .. romantic interest wouldn't let those things happen to him. And how much he missed the other! He sighed sadly, wishing he cold lay with him somewhere or at least find somewhere to get a bath. He walked slowly along the walls, feeling a little grossed out as he realized his cell was probably the cleanest thing in the whole palace. He continued his walk, feet having to step out of a normal path here and there because of severed limbs and puddles of blood that lined hallways that hadn't been healed to their owners yet. Hedid however find that there were a coupld of clean rooms. He was surprised at these and wondered why they were so clean. He was so dreadfully tired as well and hadn't slept since he'd arrived. But it probably hadn't been more than a day. He craved to see sunlight and feel the sweetly scented air. He craved to be out amongst his cushioned clouds and sunlight. Maybe one day the other would trust him enough to allow such a thing, not so soon surely. As he thought of the other he realized his heart sped up a bit and he began to blush. He sighed and eventually came to the grandest room yet. It had to of been the cleanest most luxurious room yet and the large bed looked so very inviting. He wondered if the other would be angry if he should take a nap. He shouldn't have thought so. He made his way over to the bed and realized it might have been the other's bed and that maybe he wasn't allowed in it. He bit his lower lip in thought and decided that the other hadn't made it clear and therefore he shouldn't be punished for it. He pulled back the blankets and noticed everything about the bed was terribly large, clean and most comfortable and he couldn't resist climbing into it, the matress comforting him perfectly. He groaned in satisfaction and took in the scent of what he recognized as the other. It aroused him. It made him crave sexual things. Made him lust. He was firghtened of these feelings yet again resurfacing but he loved it all the same. He couldn't resist touching himself. His hand trailed to his length, stroking it, carressing, he was moaning and calling out to the other in such a shamelessly shameful way. Such conflict in his thoughts had him heavy in his breathing, wanting more and confused all in the same time. And again after he found release after a harsh cry of the other's name, and careful not to get his seed on the bedspreads, he felt even worse afterwards, felt even more aroused, even more taken. He sighed with frustration, decidnig to get up a moment to use the washroom connected that he could see through a sliver through the doorway. After being cleaned he ignored his heavy-again length and out of the corner of his eye found a brush. He bit his lower lip in thought. Should he use it? Should he bathe? The other didn't specify that either. He decided that the other didn't have a problem cleaning his cell so it should be fine to bathe. He stared at the tub, loving how massive it was, wishing to be enveloped in warm water. He'd allready sat in the other's bed.. hell he'd pleasured himself in the other's bed. What was a mere bath?

Finally, deciding against his logical thought he ran the bath and sat in it, eyes closed with a soft smile on his face. He wa scareful to not fall asleep in it. He didn't want to be found there, if he was lucky the other wouldn't even know he'd gotten in. He washed quickly and even managed to wash his hair before he stepped out. He looked around hastily for a towel and when he found the grand things he figured the other had servants to wash and dry them so it wouldn't of mattered if he used just one. Drying off felt so good against his skin and he was glad when his arousal ebbed a little after he was re-dressed in the other's shirt and back in the bed again after brushing out his long hair that had actually dried quit well. He hoped he wouldn't be in trouble for that. For anything he'd just did, but he kept reminding himself, the other did tell him to explore. Just to not go outside. He was never given any boundaries and figured that this room, the room to the lord of hell, was probably the safest. He closed his eyes and drifted to sleep, unable to keep himself awake any longer.

Wiping his bloodied forearm across his forehead the Devil smiled. He had enjoyed tormenting his prisoners and was feeling much more like himself. His absence form Rostielle seemed to subdue all the unwanted feelings the Angel bought up but the moment he thought of the others they resurfaced. Now Lucifer found himself wondering if Rostielle was alright, he wondered if the little Angel had ventured from his cell or if he was still there huddled in the tiny speck of cleanlyness in the dungeons. Waving his hand so that his minions dragged the mutealated body away, Lu stood up and began to head towards the cells. Looking down at his hands he realized that he was dripping with blood again and the strangest thought occured to him. Rostielle would not like seeing him like this, it would upset him.
"Why should I care what that weakling thinks?" He growled to himself and with a sigh the Devil turned and headed towards his rooms. "I'll bathe and then I will find him." He muttered out loud annoyed that he was going to so much trouble to please the Angel or at least ease his discomfort. It was totally unlike him.

Lu flung the door to his room open with such force it slammed against the stone wall. He had only taken two steps inside when he noticed that Rostielle was actually in his bed. Blinking several times in disbelief the Devil regained his composure and practically barked at the other.
"What are you doing here?!" Unsure if he was angry with the other or happy he was safe and he did not have to search for him. Lucifer glared at Rostielle as he waited for an answer.

Rostielle woke with a start and upon seeing the other he actually relaxed. "I apologize. You never said anything about what rooms were off limits. You only told me to explore." The angel replied with a smile. He sighed and approached the other,"I really am sorry. I didn't mean to ntrdue but here is the only place I felt safe. Everywhere else there was severed limbs and blood and strange creatures and tormented people all staring at me with hate. I did the only thing I thought was necessary, I came in here. I got a bath to be clean and then accidentally fell asleep. You never told me to not come in here. Here, remove your coat and lie down, let me ease your stress a little with a massage?" Rostitelle asked, placing his hands on the other's chest and pushing off a heavy coat that slid to the ground. He kissed the other's cheek and grabbed his hand in leading him to the bed, ignoring how hot he was beginning to feel at being so close to him.

"Mn, come now, lie down." He insisted, guiding the other with a hand on his chest and giving a small push to have him seated. He was actually terrified on the inside. He was frightened that this other was going to strike him, or rape him again. He frowned and kneeled before the other, unlacing his boots that he set aside, ignoring the bits of goe and such that were among them, the only sign he noticed such things was the crinkling of his nose. He took off the other's socks and let his hands slide up where he lost his courage for a second but undid one button to make the other more comfortable. "Turn on your stomach."

In a state of complete shock the Devil let himself be led over to his bed and sat there without a words as Rostielle removed his shoes and socks. When the little Angle undid the button on his pants however he grew hard and clenched his teeth in an effort to restrain himself. The urge to rape the other rushed through him like intense pain and much to his own amazment Lucifer fought against that urge. He did not want to see those clear blue eyes full of such pain and horror again but even so Lu felt he was losing the battle with the demon within. Instead of lying down like Rostielle had suggested he reached out and put a bloodied hand on the other's shoulder. As soon as he did he frowned. The blood only marked his shirt that the Angel was wearing but still it made him cringe to see blood near the other.
"No." He said in a firm voice. "I will bathe first." Buring all his feelings deep inside so Rostielle did not know how much he was effected by his presence the Devil stood up and walked into the bathroom leaving the door open. He stripped off as he approached the tub and rand the hot water. There was never any lack of hot water in hell, in fact the cool water was a luxery in this place. Deciding he wanted the little Angel near him he motioned for Rostielle to approach.
"So tell me, is there something you wish to do? Aside form a few rules like not going into the waste lands without me and not leaving hell you are free to do as you please.... for now anyway." Lu added the last bit quickly when he realized he was being very un-Devil like. "You are still my prisoner and your freedoms can be taken away at any time." He hoped that the Angel did not realize he was off balance.

Rostielle sat at the side of the tube. "No. Not really." He answered honestly. He was restricted from going outside surely and inside there wasn't much to do. "I'm sorry for going in your room." He said gently, resting his head on the side of the tub. "I didn't know. And really there's nothing to do so not really. I mean I could always raid your room, but I don't want to be in trouble for that." He said, yawning. "Of course mayyybe I could have my own room or at least share yours?" He asked looking up hopefully at the other. He noticed the glistening skin of him and blushed lightly, wanting to run his hands along it. There was no longer any escaping his emotions. He wanted the other. Was falling in love with him. Why? This cruel cold hearted person. But the other showed so many signs that he wasn't near as evil as he made himself out to be and that encouraged Rostielle. He decided to take a big step that would probably get him punished and he began to massage the other's shoulders, sitting on the edge of the tub, wondering if the other enjoyed his attentions.

Angry that after all his efforts to spare Rostielle from his lust he gave in anyway, Lucifer quickly turned and pulled the Angle into the tub with him. The other's touch had broken his self control and in a matter of seconds he had Rostielle pushed against the other side of the tub with one arm behind him to hold him in place.
"I did not want this.... not like this." He muttered in the Angel's ear as he used his knee to spread Rostielle's legs. The wet, black silk shirt clung to his captive's pale skin and long silvery blonde hair spread out like flowers floating on the water. His beauty, his smell, the feel of his soft skin and the smoothness of his skin, everything about the Angel drove Lucifer crazy. Although he was impatient and unable to hold back the Devil forced himself to push in slowly. Of course that would still hurt the other but it was the best he could do under the circumstances. Lu even waited a moment for the other to adjust before he started to thrust deep within Rostielle's slight form. 'It will heal.' the Devil told himself as he felt the other tare. Lust and need took over as he pounded into the other delighting in how very tight and warm the other felt.

A shaky pained gasp left Rostielle. He felt tears spring to life in his eyes as he was being taken again in such a forceful manner. He could see the restrain and the other's words before entering him had sent a flash of heat through his body. He wrapped his arms about the other, not sure how to relax and allow the other a better grip on him. He whimpered in pain and began to kiss the other, trying to kiss his hurt away, hoping that somehow the other's lips on his would stop the tearing sensation in his abused rear. He felt more comfortable after a moment, breathing hard he felt his own arousal grow. His moans were not so much discomfort after a while but confusion that he was feeling so much pleasure out of the pain that was ebbing away. He tried to deepen the kiss he placed on the other, hoping to be reciprocated, he needed this now, wanted it, craved it, sparkling white tears left his eyes out of his emotions. He could only moan, and such loud moans they were even when muffled by the other's lips.

Encouraged by the little Angel's kisses and moans Lucifer thrust into him over and over. At first he could not return the affection, he was not used to being kissed with such gentleness or passion but after a while he found he wanted to taste more of Rostielle. Suckling and even nipping at the other's lips the Devil released the Angel's arm and moved his hands to Rostielle's hips. A flood of feelings he did not understand crashed over him and Lu found that he too shed tears though he knew not why. His breathing was quick and heavy and he pulled the other closer, needing more of him.
"Rostielle...." He moaned in pure want, each thrust bring him closer to climax. The only problem was as his passion grew so did the violence of his actions. Lucifer was not a gentle person and the concept was forigen to him after so many years as the Lord of Hell. The one comforting fact was his little lover would heal and no matter how rough he was the Angel would not die. Finally he trhust deeper than ever as he spilled his seed within Rostielle and this time he withdrew slowly and gathered the little Angel in his arms. Holding the other tight, Lucifer placed a soft kiss on his lips.
"I am sorry if I hurt you.... that was not what I wanted to do." Remaining there in the tub with Rostielle in his arms the Devil closed his eyes and sighed louldy.

Rostielle winced as the other pulled out of him. Part of him was glad to have the other out but another part of him was sad because not only had they parted, but Rostielle himself had not reached his completion, the emotions and feelings had been too abrupt for him. Too much to take in all at once. He was still slightly hard but ignored it, petting the other's hair as he kissed him back. "It's okay, I'll heal, right?" Rostielle said, allready beginning to feel the healing of his body. "I'll live. At least you're feeling better now." He rested his head on the other's chest, pressing kisses to it in a comforting manner. He wondered what they would do next. If the other would be cruel or sweet to him. If he would ever be granted such an release as his lover had been granted. He felt the other's seed slide out of him even as they were in the water and frowned looking at the faint red tinge the water held. "We should change the water. I don't know if that blood's from you or me, but it's kind of gross." He said softly against the other's ear. He wondered also what he would wear now that this other's shirt was now soaked with the aftermath of their watery bath-tub tryst. He looked into the other's black eyes, hoping that he would see something bright there, some form of feeling for him. Something to show he cared even a little. It had only been a day but allready Rostielle was enjoying the others most violent attentions to him, and that bothered him a little, but he couldn't help who he was and how he felt. He sighed as the other sighed and waited for an response.

Disgusted with himself for being so brutal and now concidering the other's needs Lucifer struggled to come to terms with the fact he really did care for the little Angel. Needing a little physical distance from Rostielle just then the Devil lifted the other off his lap and began to drain the water before he stood up.
"I will run fresh wather for you." Again his voice was flat and emotionless, Lu was afraid he would blurt out his feelings or something silly if he stayed with Rostielle much longer. Stepping out of the tub he dried himself.
"I will find you something else to wear." He announced without even looking at the Angel then he hung his towel back up and walked into his bedroom.
Inside his mind was a swirl of conflicting emotions and questions. The Devil should not feel bad about using other for sexual gratifaction while that person did not reach release. Cruelty and inflicting emotional and physical pain was his job, his duty. So why did he want to appologise for his actions?

Rostielle nodded. "Thank you." He frowned as the other left the room, wishing for more sweetness from him, but good things come to those who wait. At least that's what he told himself as he re-ran the bath water. He groaned and cleansed himself before stepping out in a towel. "Thank you, for your kindness." He said gently. He hugged the other, the towel hooked around his waist. "I don't want to upset you." He started before stopping and then starting again. "I think you're trying very hard and I appreicate that so much. I think my feelings for you have only grown stronger." He sighed content and feeling lovable. "My request to you right now.. may we.. cuddle?" He asked, biting his lower lip in nervousness at the request.

He then realized he might not have known what cuddling was. "Cuddling is where you sit with the one you love and just lay with one another.." He added, blushing.

When Rostielle hugged him the Devil stood there stiff as a board. He did not understand why this little Angel wanted to be physically close to him, especially afer what he had just done. The request to cuddle was another thing that baffled him.
"Are you not afraid I will rape you again or strike you?" Lu asked frowning. He also realized that there was nothing in his wardrobe that was not black or blood red. Also black leather was not really a look Rostiell could pull off, the Angel was far to pure looking. "I will need to have new clothes made for you." He continued not even waiting for Rostielle to answer his other quiestion. With a sigh he handed the Angel a red silk shirt then shook his head and changed his mind. "Here, this is the same as the other blackd one, it will do for now." The red shirt reminded Lucifer too much of blood against Rostielle's pale skin and silvery hair and instead of bring him great pleausre that thought disturbed him.

"The fear is always there, but if it happens I know I will heal." Rostielle put on the black shirt and sat on the bed."Thank you." He patted the bed, in hopes the other would sit with him."Please, sit with me?" He asked, almost pouting in hopes the other would oblige him and grant his request. He wanted to be close to the other. If the other would be difficult he decided he would grab his hand and make him sit with him. "How bad can a little cuddling be?"

Lucifer narrowed his eyes.
"I can show you exactly how bad a little cuddling can be...." He did not like being challanged and the fact this Angel seemed relentless in his affections both annoyed and facinated the Devil. As soon as the words left his lips he regretted him and that fact served to fruther annoy him. Usually when anger flashed within him he just lashed out at one of his minions or a damned soul but the only one he could las out against here was Rostielle himself. Taking in a deep breath Lu calmed himself. "I will make a deal with you little one. If you will.... couple with me again." It was hard for lucifer to find the right word so he settled for couple. "I will cuddle with you." The word sounded strange upon his lips and he practically tasted the disgust associated with it. "But when I say couple you are to sit upon me and do all the work and I want to see you spill your own seed." Suddenly the Devil wanted to see his captive cum. He wanted to see those sweet, full lips part with moans of pleasure and that frail body quiver with extacy.

Rostielle blushed. "Okay.." He said softly, standing and grabbing the other's hand, leading him to the bed. He turned them so his lover to be was sitting against the headboard while he himself crawled onto his lap, kissing his lover's lips. "I've never done this on my own. I don't know how to move very well, could I have a small bit of instruction?" He asked, kissing the toher again and again. He dragged his kisses to his neck, his length was allready hard with arousal and his hips ground against the other's of their own volition, making him moan. "Maybe it wont be so hard to figure out." He moaned and kissed the other again, his kiss was hard and insistent with passion.

Pleased that his lover had agreed to his deal Lucifer lay back and closed his eyes moaning softly. He had never had another make love to him in such a way and he was curious to see if he could hold back and let Rostielle reach his release this time. Already the Angel's touch had him engourged and he gripped the bedding with white knuclked fists as he stopped himself form reaching up to control Rostielle's movements.
"You seem to be doing well little one...." He said his voice oddly velvety and soft. All his previous lovers had been like him all passion, heat and violence, never slow and loving like the Angel's touch. Just one kiss from Rostielle and he felt his body reacting. Lucifer shook with the effort it took to stay the violent urges welling up inside him and when he opened his eyes again he almost wept at the sight before him.
"So beautiful....." He purred in that soft voice again.

Rsotielle blushed at the sweet words presented to him. He was glad they hadn't had much tme to really get dressed and his lover's length was practically calling out to him as he hiked up his shirt to sit upon him. He placed the other's length at his entrance, and slowly he set down upon it, waiting until it was inside him completely before he began slowly to move, finding what was previously painful to be quite pleasureful in this controlled and gentle way. He shivered and gasped in surprise at the little pulses of pleasure he recieved, moaning as he kissed the other. He moved a little faster and began to stroke himself, his cheeks flushed as he became even furhter energized."" He said in a lust hazed voice, whimpering but not with pain.

Head swimming with pleasure Lucifer gripped the sheets harder, he was enjoying himself greatly and seeing Rostielle crying out in pleasure was driving him wild. The Devil had never known that he could enjoy alowing another pleasure in such a way. His own happiness and desire increased with the Angel's and Rostielle's beauty seemed to glow with a brilliant light as he became more and more aroused. This was true give and take, giving up control gave him such feelings and sensations he coulde scarcely breath.
"Ah... my beautiful Rose... my little Angel...." Ripping the sheets and shifting slightly to give his lover a better angle, Lu groaned as he found his own end building inside him.

Rostielle couldn't find it in him to last long. Not with this happiness, not as he heard the words presented to him. "Lu!" He shouted out while kissing the other hard, his strokes had become fast and tight and his movements on the other's length the same. He seized as he felt it, that knot inside him snapped and his seed spilled over his hand, shooting slightly onto his lover's chest as he tightened about him in orgasm. "Lu, my love!" He shouted once more as the feeling had reached the top and began to slowly uncoil to something in aves of sweet pleasure that had him slumping forward with his head rested on the other's chest, his eyes closed and his breath catching slowly.

Rostielle's climax triggered his own and once again the Devil spilled his seed deep inside the Angel. In his pleasure Lucifer had bought his hands up to grip his lover's hips and he growled loudly when he came like a wild animal. As Rostielle slumped forward he slid his arms up onto his back and held him close kissing his sweet smelling silvery, blonde hair.
"Rostielle..." He whispered trying to catch his breath. It was then he noticed a strip of sheet he had torn off in his efforts to refrain form taking over and being violent. They were cream coloured silk sheets and Lu found it strange that he even thought about them at that moment. He thought that they would be good material for the Angel's clothing. Laughing at his strange thoughts the Devil kissed Rostielle again. "I think you have just broken me." He said shocked that such a thing was possible.

"Broken you?" Rostielle asked, blinking several times. "I don't think that's possible." He said softly, a smile on his lips as his hair was stroke. "I said I couldn't be broken, but if I have truly broken you then I am shattered, for I have .. found love in you." He said, inhaling the other's scent, comforted by the other being beside him. He enjoyed everything at that moment, how gentle their coupling this time around had been, how much love they both had for one another. It was a sweet thing for them to share. "We are cuddling now, I told you it wasn't so bad." He said with a teasing tone.

"No. It is not so bad at all." Lu said in a soft voice. He really was broken, all his hatered and anger melted away around Rostielle and it would only be worse after this. He wanted the Angel and not just for sex, he wanted him around and wanted him to be happy. "You do know this changes nothing don't you?" He asked hateing himself because he suddenly felt the need to hurt Rostielle again. "You are still my prisoner and I am still the Lord of Hell. I will not show mercy to those souls damned to this realm. The torture does not stop just because I have admited I can love and be gentle, so don't bother begging on anyone's behalf. You are the only one who will ever see this side of me. I can not promise I will always love you but for now.... for now it seems I do." His voice was harsh, a little too harsh perhaps but he was once again feeling the need to inflict pain. It botherd Lu greatly that he could not stay there with his little Angel for longer but he did not want to hurt Rostielle and hurt someone he must. The Devil did not understand affection and kindness and it made him want to hide in a familure feeling and sensation. Gently pulling out of his lover he sighed.
"I have to go now, there are things I must do." To his surprise Lucifer gently moved the Angle off and climbed out of bed only to bow down and kiss Rostielle again. He cupped the other's face in his hands. "I will be back soon. The servants will change the sheets then you can sleep here if you like." Quickly dressing himself, Lucifer's hands shook as his violent side strained to escape and do harm to antoher.

"I am not trying to change your methods." Rostielle said softly. "You are who you are, who am I to make you someone else?" He smiled and rose from the bed. "I do hope you love me always, for I certainly feel I shall love you that term." He leaned into the other's touch when his face was cupped. He saw the physical restrain of the other and frowned, wondering how to ease it. "Thank you love." He whispered, greatful for the sparing and the gift he'd been granted to not only be allowed in his lover's room, but to not be thrown right back in his cell afterwards. He was thankful that they had shared such pleasure and had not been harmed this time around. "Please, let me bathe you when you return hmn? You'll surely be covered in blood."

A rather wicked smile crossed Lucifer's lips.
"Oh yes, there is always lots of blood." His dark eyes almost sparkled at the thoght of ripping someone limb form limb. Licking his lips the Devil stalked to the door barely able to control his anxiousness to inflict pain. "Rest well my fair rose." He called back over his shoulder. The instant his door was sut behind him Lu burst out laughing. It was a deep, loud laugh of someone truely disturbed. From now one he would dwell in two different worlds, one of agoney and blood, the other of clean sheets and pure light. Feeling as if he were now torn in two, Lucifer growled to himself. "Definatly broken, broken in two."

Opening the door one of the gouls came into the room with clean sheets followed by another with a plate of fresh fruit.
"The Master ordered us to bring these." One of them screached showing it's yellowed teeth and spitting drool. Both of the Devil's minions stared at the Angel who had somehow got their Lord to not only release him but was allowed in the Master's chambers. The second one hissed at Rostielle as it slammed the plate down sending a plum rolling off the table and across the floor. It then turned to help the other make the bed, growling and glaring over at the blonde every now and then. The first one took the drity, ripped sheets and muttering something about black being fine it left. The second one glared at Rostielle once more before he bowed it's head slightly and also left.

Rostielle raised his eyebrows at the behavior of the two. He shrugged and was greatful for the food, feeling very hungry indeed. He ate slowly, sitting on his lover's bed as he did so, careful to not get crumbs anywhere.He then lay back on newly clean sheets and smiled at the thought of his lover comming back soon. He accepted his lover's violent side. He knew he could never change that. He knew that all people in hell deserved their torment and he knew that his lover was the perfect one to do the ormenting. He shruged his thoughts away and soon fell asleep, comforted by warm bed and a full stomach, and the knowledge that his lover would return soon.

This time when Lu returned to his room he opened the door quietly and could not help smiling as he saw Rostielle curled up in the huge bed. The little Angel looked so peacful and the Devil was shocked by how much joy this sight bought him. For someone who rearly smiled with real happiness he had been doing a lot of it in the last day. Although Rostielle had asked him to wake him when he returned Lucifer decided to clean himself up so he could crawl into bed and wrap himself around his sleeping lover. For some reasin Lu felt more comfortable with being affectionate if the other was not awake to whitness it. Sneaking across his own bedroom the Devil shut the door to the bathroom and ran the water as he stripped off. The fact he was looking forward to having the little Angel in his arms again did not bother him as much as before. As long as he could take his confusion and violent urges out on others he was happy to be gentle with Rostielle. As he sunk into the water he moaned softly and took a few deep breaths before cleaning himself off. Reluctantly he climbed out of the water and dried himself off before heading back into his room completly naked. Slowly and quietly he climbed under the sheets and lay on his side wrapped aroudn his little Angle with one are resting across Rostielle.

Rostielle smiled and snuggled against the warmth that was his lover. He wasn't awake at all, but he could feel him there and then one bright blue eye popped open and another. "Hello love." He whispered softly before his eyes closed again, he did manage to turn around and kiss the other on the lips before falling asleep again, hugging the other's arm protectively. He didn't mind his life at this moment. He was truly at peace with himself. This marvelously evil being is what had been missing from his life to make himself happy. He just hoped it stayed this way for eternity. That he never had to find love again, that he and his beloved would be together always, that his love would love him completely. Even now he could feel hesitation in the things his lover did when being sweet with him, but they'd both come such a long way from their first meeting. It pleased Rostielle to no end and gave him something to look forward to.

It was strange this warm feeling that spread throughout his body but Lucifer decided he liked it. Once again he found himself smiling as he lover greeted him and he kissed the Angel back gently. Marveling at how strong Rostielle's arms were as they clung to him the Devil closed his eyes and nuzzled into the other drinking in the fresh clean scent that was his beautiful rose. It did not take him long to drift off to sleep and when he woke before the Angel he just lay there enjoying the closness. As long as he had his souls to torture, Lu coudl see himself being very content with all this gentleness and love. Not wanting to part form his lover the Devil waited for Rostielle to wake, cherishing the peace he had not felt since heaven.

Rostielle woke very slowly, stretching as he did. He turned to see his lover and a smile crept onto his features. "Hey, did you sleep good?" He asked, letting his fingers play over the other's chest. He had certainly slept well, or at least felt that he had. Rosttielle let his fingers play with the other's hair. "And did you have fun with your torture?" He nibbled the other's lower lip as he granted him a morning kiss.

Still feeling odd about all the affection Lucifer just nodded in answer. He was enjoying the Angel's attention but still had trouble being affectionate himself. Finally giving in to the warmth and love the Devil kissed Rostielle back, softly at first then more passionatly. That might not have been the best move thought because as soon as he tasted his lover's sweetness he became aroused. Controling himself was something Lu never had to worry about and before he realized it he was ripping the black slik shirt off Rostielle and pinning him to the bed beneath him. Becoming aware of what he was doing the Devil growled in annoyance and froced himself to hold back a little.
"I am going to take you." He announced in a deep voice filled with restraint. "This time I will try to be more gentle though..." That was as close to asking as Lucifer had ever come and he spat on his fingers before he reached down to slowly press one of them into Rostielle. Never having prepared another for sex before he was still a little rough and pressed the second one in a little to soon.
"My angelic rose...." He purred in an almost gentle voice.

Rostielle whimpered but only a little moment. "Of course love. my lu." He whispered, bringing the other for a kiss. This was a big step for him, and he'd had worse form his lover, therefore the pain he felt was truly minimal and he was more than willing to have the other inside him again. He was truly enjoying it, even with the pain. The other's sweetened words were enough to make him crave more of it all. "I love you." He whispered, letting his hands slide up and entangle themselves in the other's hair.

Removing his fingers Lucifer shifted and as gently as his lust would alow he pushed inside the other. The fact the Angel was enjoying their coupling only fanned the flames of his desire and it was not long before he found himself deep inside Rostielle. Groaning and Growling in pleasrue Lu began to move, his thrusts were fast and deep and he kissed the Angle, sliding his tongue into his lover's mouth to explore the sweet, moistness of it. All his senses seemed to tingle with delight, Rostiell's taste and scent, now familure over powered him and the soft warmth of the Angel's body made him moan in pleasure. Everything about the other thrilled him.
"Rostielle.... my little Angel....." He wispered in between kisses and he nuzzled the other's cheek and neck. This time he wanted them both to cum again. To share that moment of pure pleasure with Rostielle was his only desire.

To say he was lost was an understatement, Rosttielle was banished from all coherent thought and left to gorge himself on the othe'rs attentions. He kissed him back even deeper, the kiss was passionate, almost bruisingly so. He wrapped his legs about the other's waist and accepted the length of him as deep as it would go. "mn! Lu!" He shouted, whimpering with pleasure as the other nuzzled him, claimed him, owned him. He knew everytime with his lover would be this and he was already craving for those times.

Lucifer made love to Rostielle, something he had never truely done before and as he neared his end it was bitter sweet. Part of the Devil did not want their coupling to end, he enjoyed how close he and the Angle were, how he could no longer tell who was who but at the same time he needed release. That final wave of bliss was so near and he was sure that having Rostielle tighten around him in climax would push him over the edge.
"Angel..... Rostielle....." He panted breathlessly. "Together... let us end.... together..." He thrust as deep as he could making sure that he brushed against that spot that sent shivers through his lover.

Rostielle couldn't refuse such an offer. He finished with a harshly loud cry, his nails digging into his lover's chest as he held tight to him. "Love!" He shouted, tight around him as he spilled his seed over his own stomach. "Oh!" He kissed him hard, hoping the other had been brought to finish as well.

Everything unravled and Lu's eyes saw only white hot bliss as the other cried out. It was the single most senusal and joyful thing the Devil had experiences since being in the presence of his God. Shivering and crying out as well, Lucifer threw his head back and one word fell from his slightly parted lips.
"Rostielle..." All of his joy and pleasure was infused in that single cry and when the bliss finally ebbed and his vision returned he looked down into those crystal clear blue eyes. "My love...." He wispered, shocked that he meant it with every fiber of his being. Thise beautiful, bright creature beneath him meant more to his then all the power and blood in existance. That realization coupled with the sweet scent of the Angle bought a single tear to his usually cold dark eyes. Lowering himself the Devil planted light kisses all over Rostielle's face and neck. "I love you Rostielle.... I love you..."

Rostielle blushed and returned his lover's many kisses. "And I love you too, Lu, I do, so much." He held tight to the other, comforting him through touch. He knew it was hard for the other to love and accept love, but he did the best he could to make sure he felt it nicely. "So much." He repeated, smiling in his happiness. He didn't want to go back to heaven now. He just wanted to stay with his lover.

The truth was too much for Lucifer and he found himself clutching his lover as he wept openly. So many years of lonelyness and pain poured out of him in a river of tears. Even though he thought he had been abandoned and shut out, the Devil had always silently prayed for the oppertunity to love his God and though Rostielle was not God he was someone Lu could love whole heartedly. Suddenly feeling horid for what he had done to his lover, another thing he had never really experienced, Lucifer wiped his face and removed the collar.
"Rostielle.... I want you to return to heaven..." He wispered. "I was wrong to try and keep you here in the dark and filth, you need to be in the sunlight, surrounded by the flowers that share your scent." Althought Lu did not want the Angle to go he wanted his lover to be happy.

"No!" Rsotielle deamnded, feeling his heart break at the command."I am fine here, I love you, i want to be here with you." He said, holding the other even closer if possible. "That would be the most cruel thing you've ever done if you were to send me back. I belong to you. You have my heart." He felt tears well in his eyes and clung to the other. "Please don't send me away Lu. I love you."

To say the Devil was shocked would have been an understatement. No soul had ever begged to stay in hell and while he had heard confessions of love in the past none of them were real. It was also music to his ears and Lucifer felt his heart begin to race as hope grew inside him.
"You.... you really want to stay here with me? You choose to remain in hell of your own free will?" He had been sure Rostielle would leave, sure he had just given up the only thing he had ever loved aside from his God. Afraid the Angel would change his mind Lu held him tight kissing his silvery blond hair.

"As long as you are here then to me, this IS heaven." Rostielle informed the other, kissing him. "Sure I may want sunshine, but it's nothing compared to you. I love you and am yours." He whispered, begging the other with all of him. "Please tell me you wont send me back. Tel me you wont return me after all of this time. I refuse to go."

Overcome by emotions and more that a little confused Lucifer sighed.
"I will not send you back but I will not hold you here either. If you wish to return then you can...." Realizing he was very vunerable at the moment the Devil pushed Rostielle back a little so he could look into his blue eyes.
"I can not promise you that I will not change my mind about this.... I am not called the Prince of Lies for nothing..." If what he was feeling at that moment was just fleeting then it was highly possible he could turn on the little Angle at any moment. Lu did not truest himself and that was a realization that truely worried him.

"Even if it means my downfall. Even if you cast me out, I will not leave on my own." Rostielle countered, looking equally nto those black eyes."Believe me, I know what I want. I refuse to go and if you stop loving me then that is your choice but I will not stop loving you. I know this in my heart. If you were lying to me you would not openly cry and love me as you do." He said, leaning up to kiss him.

Rostielle was speaking the truth, Lu would have bet anything on that but that fact only served to scare him. This little Angle, this being of light an innocence had melted his heart of stone and become the single most important thing in his existance. He had also done it in less than two days. Sighing, the Devil pulled his lover closer and closed his eyes hoping that when he opened them he would feel the same.
"I am scared..." Lu wispered softly. "Scared of these feelings.... scared of love...." There he was again being open and vunerable all because of Rostielle.

"I am here for you though. Theres nothing to fear from me. I will not hurt you." Rostielle replied, stroking the other's hair."I will not cast you out for anything that you are." He said, pressing a gentle kiss to his lover's forehead. "I'm scared too. I've never felt this strong of love before." He smiled a little. "But you and I can get through this fear together. And we will be a marvelous thing."

Needing comfort just then Lu stayed there beside his lover for a long time. His entire world had changed and now the Devil was not sure of anything anymore. Love was strange and forigen to him and it was hard to reconsile those gentle feelings with his urges to inflict pain and desire for bood. It was as if there were two different beings inside of him. After he had managed to calm himself down, Lucifer sighed and kissed Rostielle before he climed out of bed.
"I have to go my love.... duty calls." He explained. 'Duty and my violent urges.' he thought to himself. Dressing he set his jaw in a determined snarl and headed off to torture his damned souls. "I'll have some food bought for you and fell free to bathe or sleep, or explore as you desire. If you want to leave the palace though you should take one of the minions with you." He added before he opening the bedroom door.

One of the Minions appeared at the door holding some cream silk clothes in his arms. The ruined sheets had been used as fabric and made to fit the Angle perfectly.
"Master wishes you to have these." The goul hissed in it's grating voice.

"Thank you love. I'll wait here for you." He said in a soft voice as the other left. When the minion came witht eh clothing he recognized it instantly and smiled. "Thank you so much." He said, taking the items, dressing in one of the outfits after getting another bath for the evening. And then he louged about on his lover's bed, wondering what he should do for the day.

The goul who had bought the clothing reappeared with a plate of fresh fruit and put in on the table beside the bed. The creature looked at the food with disgust and eyed Rostiell as if he had just stood in dog poo.
"The Master told me to serve you." It screached. "I am to bring you anything you want and take you anywhere you want to go." For a creature that loved shadow and gore this being of light and all the fresh, cleanelyness around it was an unsavoury thing. But his Master, the one he love to watch in action and the one who controled his fate seemed to think the Angle important so he did as he was bid.

"Thank you. You don't need to serve me though I can do things for myself." He said, smiling. "I appreciate it though. I plan to just stay here and rest all day." He smiled ."Lu is very.... delightful." He said in explanation for being so poorly awake.

It was obvious the goul was not impressed but it bowed slightly anyway. Seeing it's Master all gentle and happy was unnerving for it.
"I will be outside the door if you need anything." What was meant to be a comforting smile only looked like a visious snarl but not caring the goul left.

Slicing open a man's stomach with his nail Lucifer plunged his hand deep inside his victem and began to remove the entrails. This was one of the Devil's favourite methods of torture. He smirked in delight as the man before him cried out and shivered in a cold sweat. As the other begged for mercy Lu burst out laughing.
"My mercy is reserved for my lover alone and you are not him." Just knowing he could return to the little Angel when ever he liked brightened his mood and Lucifer found himself througherly enjoying his work. When he had tired himself out, Lu licked and sucked the blood from his fingers and hands then returned to his rooms. He was still drenched in blood and congealing clots that made his clothing cling to his skin. The naturally red tips of his pitch black hair were almost brown and mattered together in large clumps. Smiling at the metalic tang of blood on his tongue, the Devil opened the bedroom door intending to go straight to the bath. As much as he loved being covered in such filth, Lucifer felt the need to be clean if not pure around his beloved.
"Rostielle." He called out in greeting.

Rostielle smiled, waking from is small nap. "Love!" He ran to hug the other and snorted, seeing him covered in blood. "Ew, you're soaked" He led the other to the bath after pressing a kiss to about the only clean spot on his lover's cheek and ran the bath for him. He grabbed also shampoos and conditioner and bubbles he'd found, making it a luxurious bath for his beloved. "There we are. Come on." He removed his shirt so he wouldn' get soaked as he bathed his beloved. He undressed him himself, tossing his soiled clothing in a chute that lead down somewhere deep within th palace to be cleaned. Rostielle crinkled his nose at how much blood had gotten on his own hands from the othe'rs clothing alone."Allright, hop in."

It felt good to come home to his little Angel and as Rostielle removed his dirty clothing it took all Lucifer's strength not to ravage him there and then. He knew his lover did not like the blood and gore but restraining himself was not easy, he had always just given to any and all his impulses. Stepping into the warm water Lu sighed as he relaxed.
"You are far too seductive all bare chested like that." The Devil state as he turned to look at his little Angel. "So what did you do today while I was working. " Lucifer was curious and needed to take his mind off the fact he wanted to drag Rostielle into the tub again.

"I slept." Rostielle said, smiling at him. "Your minons don't like me much. They're polite, but they're grouchy." He said, resting his head on the side of the tub. "And what did you do my love? Thank you for the clothing by the way!" He added, wetting a fluffed sponge to run over his lover that was filled with sloshy soap.

This made the Devil laugh.
"They do not like clean, pretty smelling things just like you do not like blood and guts. They will not harm you though." The thought that his minions had better not harm his lover crossed his mind and Lu imagined just when he would do to anyone who touched what was his. "Do you really want to know what I did today little one?" He asked trying to enjoy Rostielle's touch without wanting more. "Oh and I will get you more clothes it was just.... we had no suitable material, black and red are not really your colours my little white rose." Lucifer added with a seductive smile.

"Uhm sure go ahead and tell me." Rostielle said, smiling with a small blush at the complment. "I love you." He whispered as he waited to hear the other's gorey details. He washed along his shoulders and down his chest, enjoying the muscled plains.

Surprised at that fact Rostielle really did want to hear about his day the Devil answered.
"Well I tortured souls. I tore men and women apart with my bare hands, drank their blood, feasted on their raw insides and showed them their worst nightmares as they healed only to be ripped open once more. I love the sound of agony and heartache, the smell of bile and excrament. The taste of salty tears shed in vain. I mutalated one hundred and thrity six souls since I left you last and now...." Lu was losing his battle with his need for the Angle. "Now I want to taste you, your skin, your lips, your seed." He finished reaching up to cradle Rostielle's cheek in his hand.

A blush fell upon Rostielle after a disgusted glance. "Ew, ll of that huh?" He looked theo ther in the eyes and giggled a little. "Well, when ou're all clean we'll see about it. " He winked and sauntered out of the bathroom, allready stripping for the other.

Lucifer climbed out of the tub and quickly wrapped a towel around himself. He was still dripping when but he Devil did not care, seeing Rostielle strip was something he did not want to miss and could not ignore. Scooping his lover up into his arms Lu kissed him passionatly as he walked over to the wall. Suckling on his fingers until they were slick he used his hips to hold the little Angle up while he prepared him.
"Mmm you taste and smell so good my darling...." He whispered leaning forward to kiss Rostielle and using his other hand to stroke his lover's length. Holding out as long as he could, Lu stripped his towel off and postioned himself to push into the other. Using his hands to bring the Angel down onto his manhood the Devil goraned in pleasure and bit Rostielle's neck. "So good..... "

Rostielle burned with pleasure and need. He shivered and clung to the other, letting himself be taken by the feelings that ovrwhelmed him. He sighed contently, happy to be touched again after being apart from the other, for all day was a terribly long time to him and being back in his arms was definitely relaxing. "I missed you." He whispered, letting the other take him over, enjoying every second of his treatment.

Lu became lost in Rostielle, he thrust deeper, and harder until everything was at breaking point. This was his heaven, this was everything Lucifer had ever been missing in his exsitance. Wrapping one arm around the Angel and pushing against the wall with the other he thrust wildly, all rythm gone as the knot inside him began to unravel.
"Finish with me Rostielle, let us drown in bliss together...." He practically pured.

Rostielle was very close to getting to his climax when they were both rather rudely interrupted bu the open-slamming of the door hitting the wall. He felt his eyes open wide as he beheld an armor clad stranger and whimpered in slight fear.

"Really father, bliss? I would think you were in love." Came a purring voice from a tall man, aged to his twenties with piercing orange-brown eyes. His hair was practically like the elder's and ihs stature and form were just as cold. "Well, an angel hmn? Or can one call it that now that you've sullied it so well?" He came in and threw his coat on the edge of the bed as if he owned the place and lay back with his hands behind his head, he watched them with a smirk. "Don't stop on mybehalf."

Murderous intent flickered in Lucifer's eyes as he eyed his son. Not sure if he sould finish with his lover first or throw the boy out of his room, Lu snarled in frustration.
"Get out!" He hissed. "I will deal with you later brat!" Admiting to Rostielle that he was in love and letting his servants see his affection for the Angel was one thing but having his cruel, heartless son see such a weakness was dangerous. The boy was too much like him and would most likely try to seduct Rostielle away from him or harm the Angel just for something to do.

Instead of leaving the son of the Devil hopped from his layed out postion and swayed over to the others. He eyed the two with a tilt of the head and laughed lowly. "You two are rather neat hmn?" He reached out and stroked Rostiell'es cheek "So amazing to see one of God's creatures so at the mercy of my father. And how beautiful you are. Father must have wept when he entered you for the first time. I'll bet you were a virginal thing as well. Of course you were." He gave the angel's cheek a small hardly felt smack , tracing his thumb over his lips, staring into the crystal eyes. "Ah well. I will let you to get back to your... love making." He again errupted into laughter and stalked out of the room, going to his own, just knowing his father was going to be furious with him.

Rostielle blinked several times and tried to get the feeling of the other's hand off of his face. "I didn't know you had a son." Was all he could say, his mood for lovemaking pretty much deflated at the chilling encounter.

That interaction was definatly a mood killer and with a growl Lucifer gently pulled out of his lover and carried Rostielle to the bed.
"I won't have for much longer!" He snarled as he pulled on a pair of pants and headed for the door. "Don't leave this room!" He bellowed as he stalked out.
Not even bothering to know Lucifer burst into his son's room and grabing hold of the boy's throat he pushed his offspring against the bedhead. Leaning very close he glared at his son.
"If you ever lay a hand on Rostielle I will end you. He is mine!" Looking very much like a wild dog the Devil squeezed the boy's throat a little tighter.

Anya let out a silky laugh. "Ha, Father! Come now! It's strange to see you so worked up over a small creature! One of purity even! You've lost your touch!" He smiled. "Of course you're still cruel as ever when you need to be according to our lovely servants. But honestly, how long do you plan to keep him? I should borrow him, and you maybe." he winked at his father in a seductive manner, knowing his teasing would infuriate the man furhter.

Back in the room Rostielle covered himself up and waited for his lovr to retuen, anxious.

Six ptich black wings flared out around the Devil as his rage mounted.
"I meant what I said about ending you if you touch him Anya." This time Lu's voice was calm and cold. "I will shred you into a thousand peices and burn each and every one, then scatter them to the four winds so you never heal." The entire time he spoke Lucifer did not take his black eyes form his son's brown ones. As scared as he was of love, the Devil was twice as scared of losing that love.

Anya rolled his eyes. "Oh come off it! I do not wish for something like that! Do you think I would soil my beautiful cock with something so pure? I think not!" He pried Lu's fingers from his neck and sat up. "I wont touch your precious little whatever it is. I can find my own creatures to take my pleasures out on." He laughed. "Lighten up. Oh, but you're allready doing that I suppose." He smirked and kissed the other on the lips before he winked. "Love you father."

Having been so worked up Lucifer could not just calm down and return to Rostielle, he needed a violent outlet. Luaghing a turly wicked luagh the Devil shifted so he could take hold of his son's ankles. Yanking the boy down the bed he then climbed over him and pinned Anya's arms by his side.
"How much do you love me?" Lucifer asked as he began to unbutton his son's pants. A sadistic urge to abuse his offspring surged through him.

"Now now, father, wouldn't want your little lover to be upset that you're planning to defile your own son now, would you? Imagine the hurt on his face if he were to walk in and see this. Wouldn't want to be sexual with me and upset him, now would you?" Anya asked with a matching wicked grin of the other. He flicked the end of his father's nose. "Now, why don't you go confess to him that you were about to pleasure your own child, and then beg for his forgiveness. That way he can purify you."

"I beg no one and who's to say I was not going to rip it off just in case you decided to use it on my lover?" Of course Lu was going to rape his son, such things did not bother him but Anya's words made him realize his little white rose might not feel the same way. He often raped his victims, it was a good way to break a person and humiliate them. Deciding he needed to find out where his lover stood on such things, Lucifer climbed off the bed. "Be thankful I am in a good mood boy." He snarled and left. Suddenly the Devil needed Rostielle in his arms.

"I don't need to thank you but perahps I will thank your lover later." Anya replied with a glare after his father's retreating form. Little fluttery pest was making his father weak. Was taking him away. His father was al Anya had and he was slowly losing that as well.

Rostielle looked up as his lover returned. "Is everything all right?" he asked, keeping the blanket he had wrapped about him.

Nodding Lu crawled onto the bed and wrapped his arms aroudn Rostielle, blanket and all.
"Anya is a dangerous creature... he is very like me." He said flatly. "It might be wise for you to keep your distance form him." Still fumeing and needing to tare something apart the Devil sighed. He was very ambivolent about what it was he wanted. Part of him never wanted to let the little Angel go but another part need to be up to it's elbows in blood and guts.

"I will do what I can to stay away from him love. You're flustered, how can I calm you?" He asked, turning around to kiss the other. "I promise you I will not be touched by him in harm or otherwise. I belong to you darling. Surely you know this?" He was concerned for his lover. "Do you need to go torure a few souls?"

"Yes." Rostielle's understanding never ceased to amaze Lu. "But I am reluctant to leave you." He added deciding it was foolish to try and hide his ture feelings for his lover. "It is not you I do not trust my darling." At the thought of Anya laying a hand on his lover, Lucifer growled and showed his teeth.

"Worry not. I will not let myself be touched. You may lock me in here if you wish." Rostielle said, kisisng his lover. "Perhaps you would rather have me near your side? I wont look while you torture people, it's not my liking, but I don't ind being around you there."

Thinking for a moment Lucifer sighed.
"I am not sure you will be albe to block out the screams and scent of blood if you are near me.... the choice is yours." The little Angel might not have realized it but yet again Lu had left the decision up to him giving Rostielle more freedom than he had ever granted another. Even Anya had to do as he said most of the time. The Devil did not like the idea of locking his lover in, which was odd and he hated the thought of his pure lover near his filth and sinners. After kissing Rostielle in the lips he climbed out of the bed and made his way to the door. "So what will it be? Are you coming or staying?"

"I am comming with you. That way I wont get bored while you're out and you can keep an eye on me so your son doesn't try for my murder or anything else he could possibly try for." He smiled a little and hopped out of bed, dressing quickly to follow his lover. "Besides, if I don't like it or whatever I suppose I can always come back."

Unable to help himself Lu scooped his love up into his arms and kissed him passionatly.
"I love you..." He admitted softly before placing Rostielle gently on him feet again and heading off down the hall. Lucifer did not want to show too much affection in front of those he was going to torture. It was bad enough Anya knew he had a weakness for the Angel if some of his nastier guests realized they might try to harm Rostielle as well.

Rostielle smiled before he returned the kiss. He followed after his lover, ignoring his strong impulse to clean all that was around him. He really wanted to clean everything. Wanted to purge these walls of their blood and filth. "Do you think. I could go on a cleaning spree one day?"

Stopping dead in his tracks Lucifer turned and frowned at his lover.
"This is hell remember. There is nothing wrong with the decore Rostielle." Sighing that his words came out much harsher then he intended the Devil lifted his lover's chin with a finger. "I guess there is nothing wrong with setting aside an area in the Palace that you can clean. Would that make you happy?" 

"Yes." Rostielle said, smiling. "Besides, wouldn't it be creepier to lure your victims to a false sense of security before you tormented them?" He offered, shrugging as he brought up this uncharacteristically brutal suggestion.

Tip toeing after them and hiding behind pillars and things was Anya. Said son of the devil was currently spying on the couple, wondering the best way to irk them without actually being caught but still being suspected. Wouldn't want soemone else getting the attention for his handiwork. He peered carefully around the corner, eyebrow raised and a disgusted frown on his face as he saw his father touch the angel so delicately.

Laughing at his lover's suggestion Lu shook his head.
"How would I keep the halls all nice and clean, my work is rather messy?" It meant a lot to the Devil that the other was trying so hard to accept him as he was. "I will have a section of the Palaced sectioned off for you. You can clean as much as you want and if there is something you wish me to get for you.... a desk or painting or something...." Blushing because he felt like a fool, Lucifer kissed the Angel's soft full lips with such gentleness. "I can not deny you anything my little white rose."

"Put down a tarp?" Rostielle said with a shrug, teasing o course. "Well fine. Just a small space is enough. I can't wait to get started really. You do realize one day this place will be the cleanest in the world?"

And thus the plot formed in Anya's mind just how to irritate the little angel and therefor start confrontation. He'd wait until the little brat began to clean and then everytime the little one would get somewhere he'd dirty it right back up again and as soon as Rostielle told he would act innocent and thus perhaps the angel would get in trouble instead.

Not really sure he liked the idea of his dark and horrific Palace being turned into a shining beacon of cleanlyness the Devil shurgged.
"The gouls won't like that very much." The thought of his servants being very annoyed actually bought a smile to Lucifer's face. "Perhaps I will make them dust and scrub floors for you as punnishment." He announced happily and one again kissed the Angle. "I love you Rostielle..." Lu whispered softly.

"I love you too Lu." Rostielle replied, happy that he would be able to cleanse such a filthy place. When it was clean Rostielle imagined it was great and a massive place, intimidating in its own rights, not some hollowed out place filled with dead bodies, flies, maggots, and rotting flesh and blood everywhere.

Deciding he would have his victims come to him today instead of going into the cells, the Devil went to the main audience hall and plonked himself down on his throne of bones and skulls.
"Bring a confortable chair for Rostielle... and clean it first!" Lu snapped at one of his minions then waved for the first soul to be bought before him. He really did enjoy his work and opted for hot irons that he burnt into the woman's flesh. He loved the smell of burning hair and flesh and the way the skin blackened and blistered under his instruments. Then Lucifer pulled out each of her finger and toe nails one by one, waiting for her to regain consiousness when she fainted. 
"I don't want you to miss any of the fun..." He growled as the woman woke again after being splashed with a bucket of piss. The entire time however he found himself thinking of his lover and how the little Angel would most likely not approve of his fun.

Rostielle crinkled his nose, knowing that although this was hell, these victims had to suffer such grossness. They deserved what they got and he had to keep telling himself this as he felt bile rising to his mouth. "Oh no, I am going to be sick.."He ran off and luckily found his lover's room in time to empty his stomach into the toilet and thus flush it down. "Ugh! So gross.." He said, shaking his head, trying to get a hold on his sanity. He returned to the throne room not long after and whispered in his lover's ear "I think I am actually going to go lie down. I don't feel so well."

Anya watched from a distance and decided to interrupt. "Very good father, but you should of peeled her skin off before you burnt her." He suggested, patting Rostielle on the head as he directed his words. "What you can't handle this? It's going to be a bit hard for you to be the lover of the ruler of hell if you can't learn to."

Glaring at his son because he actually laied his hands on the Angel, Lucifer answered him with a snarl.
"Rostielle does not have to get used to anything! He is not here to be punished." The tone of his voice suggested that Anya should be punished for daring to touch his lover and say harsh things about him. "As for flaying her first, perhaps I can practice on you." It was not a question and Lu stood up so he towered over his son. "What is it you want Anya?"

"Oh father, how very sexy you are when you're all fired up." Anya replied as he circled the elder. "I simply wanted your company because I was terribly bored. Is that so bad?"

Rostielle narrowed his eyes."More like you just wanted to annoy us. Go away." Rostielle said, batting the other's hand from his head and pushing him towards the door to quicker be rid of him. "We don't want your flirting an stuff."

Slightly amused by the fact Rostielle stood up for himself Lu leaned close to his lover.
"Did you want me to return with you and make sure you are safe and sound?" Of course the Devil was reffering to locking his door with magic so that the Angle could open it any time he wanted but the only one who could open it from the outside was him. Lucifer just did not trust his son where his lover was concerned.

Anya glared at the ball of light. "Believe me, this is far from annoying. This is my father I should be able to talk to him when I want." He began to walk in circles around the couple, sure to lean on one of them each time he passed by.

"Would you quit!?" He asked the devil's son, sighing irritably. "Yes, if you would darling, I don't need a bigger headache than the one I got, your son is sooo annoying." Rostielle said as if the other wasn't even in the room.

Pushed past his limit of patience Lu reached out and grabbed hold of his son's right wrist.
"I am warning you Anya, if you hurt him or even hurt his feelings I will make you regret being born. If you want to talk to me, do so but stay away form my Rostielle." The Devil was furious and he pulled his son forward so they were practically nose to nose. "Enough of your games. I am still Lord of Hell and you will show me propper respect." Lucifer was all out of sorts, he had never been jealous to such a degree before and he was scared of what harm his son might do his little Angle but at the same time he was confused about his feelings towards Anya. The dark side of the Devil was proud of his offspring.

Anya began to laugh in a melodic way. He leant forward and licked his father on the lips. "But you love me, father, admit it, you enjoy that I am so silly towards him. What you don't think it would be nice to see he and I entwined? Lovers are as lovers are." He winked at his father, pulling out of his grasp and staring Rostielle up and down like a piece of meat for sale. "He's beautiful father, a true thing of light. I bet he makes you tingle when you fuck him. I can imagiine his voice sounds quite alluring when he called out to you." He stepped close to Rostielle and grabbed his butt "And he's got a nice ass. I am imagining you've been working it too. And yet you tell me, even with all of these lovely things, that beautiful mouth just made to fit on any cock, those saddenedly bright eyes, that long soft hair, such a nice build on him, you tell me to leave him alone. How can I?" He smirked as Rostielle slapped him hard across the face.

"Touch me again and I will feed you to the minions!" Rostielle shouted, feeling violated.

Pouncing on Anya with such speed he was a blur the Devil gripped his throat and slammed him up against the wall. Lifting his son so his feet were about a foot of the ground, Lucifer snarled, his six, giant black wings curling around the both of them to hide his fury and rage from Rostielle.
"I warned you about touching him!" His voice grew until it filled the entire Palace and shook the very foundations. "Just like the sinners imprisoned here, if I tear you apart you will heal." Lu's black eyes smouldered and his teeth seemed to show more than usual as he spoke. Never had he been angry and so full of blood lust. "Don't make me destroy you Anya." The last was a plea, Lucifer did love his son but when it came to Rostielle he had no control over his emotions and very little over his actions.

Anya was a little hurt by Lu's treatment of him. "Fine. I wont touch him. Not unless he does some way touch me first." He said, prying his father's hand from his neck. He did however lean forward and plant a kiss on the other's lips since they were hidden from the view of the other. "Sorry to have upset you." He said ith a roll of his eyes and as he ducked out from under the other's wings.

When his son walked off, Lucifer slammed his fist against the wall. He was angry with himself for being so emotional. He usually didn't let such things get to him but Anya and Rositelle were his weakness. Slowly straightening up the Devil retracted his wings and forced a smile before he turned to face the Angel.
"Come my love, lets get you back to our room so you can rest." Being bloody as he was, Lu did not touch Rostielle other than to gently kiss his lips. "I am sorry you are feeling so poorly."

Rostielle smiled a little "I am fine my love. I hope you're not too angry to sleep with eachother cuddled." He wanted to snuggle and be around the other. "But you are also covere din blood. Shall I run your bath for you?"

Lu had only just begun his day of torture but after what happened he decided it would be best if he stayed with Rostielle for a while.
"Sure, if you like." As they walked the Devil went over everything that had happened and decided he owed the Angel some kind of explination. "I apologize for Anya's behaviour, he is my son after all." Finally the arrived at their rooms. "I am not making excuses for his my love but you are rather molestable." Lucifer was having trouble keeping his bloodied hand off Rostielle.

"It's not so much the way he acts with me that bothers me, love. It's the way he acts and looks at you." Rostielle informed Lu, kissing his cheek. "He looks at you with lust and if I didn't know any better the love he speaks of is more than a son-like love. I may be pure but if I catch you two together in a sexual situation I don't know what I will do. I am certain that whatever I do I would never be allowed anywhere of the light again."

That admission truly shocked Lucifer. He had not expected an Angel, one who seemed so pure and innocent to be the jealous type.
"I.... I am not used to having restrictions on my love life and as for my son.... I am not attracted to him." That was really all Lu could say, the whole thing had taken him off guard. "You are aware I often rape my victims?" He asked not sure he liked where the conversation was heading. The more he thought about it the more he realized Anya was acting like a jealous ex instead of a son.

Rostielle twitched as the question was asked. "Considering you raped me the first couple of hours of my being here, yes. Why?" He asked, wondering if his beloved love had any idea he wasn't allowed to rape people anymore. "And you do know that rape is something you're not allowed to do anymore right?" He asked, his eyes narrow and demanding on the other.

Not used to being told he could not do something Lucifer, growled and tightened his fists. He might have been in love with the little Angle but he was still the Devil and possess a large ego and emence amounts of aragance.
"Rape is very different form making love." Managing to keep his voice relativly calm, Lu fought the urge to lash out at Rostielle. "I have never treated anyone with such care and gentleness, is that not enough for you?" Dark eyes flashing with barely contained anger, the Devil tried to calm himself. He loved Rostielle more than he had ever loved anyone but God and he did not want to push his lover away because of his pride.

"No! You listen to me about this! The only place your cock needs to go is inside me.You don't need to put it anywhere else. Have your idiot son rape people if it's so damned needed! It doesn't mean you have to! If you want this with me, a relationship that's something you're going ot have to give up!" Rostielle demanded, his voic rising quite loudly. "Don't you uderstand? There's no reason to cheat on someone and that would be cheating to me."

Counting down from ten in his mind in the hope it would calm him, Lucifer squeezed his eyes shut for a moment.
"Do you have any idea what I have given up for you already? How many things I have changed and all the things I have allowed you?" Rage was building up inside the Devil and he wished he had a soul or at least a goul he could dismember to relieve some of his tension. Opening his eyes again he took a step back, not trusting himself just then. "You speak of cheating yet you fail to see that I have never once touched another as I touch you. Never have I given myself so completely to another, nor whispered words of love to anyone other than you and God. Puting restrictions on me and telling me I can not do something I have been doing since the dawn of man kind is like refusing you a bath or a clean enviroment." Having to stop and breath heavily several times so he did not do something he would regret, Lucifer continued. "I have given you everything you asked for, I have stayed my hand when others would have been torn asunder and you stand here in front of me... The Lord of Hell... and command me as if I were a minion." Instinct told him to shred the Angel, to throw him back in a filthy cell and froget about him but Lu's heart begged for tolerance. "I told you from the beginning you could not change who I am, that I will continue to torture the souls damned to this place and preside over Hell as I always have." Things had changed so quickly for the Devil and he was finding it very hard deal with.

"I know what you've given up and I am thankful for it! But damn you! What's so important about raping others? If you truly cared you'd stop at least that! I am not asking you to stop burning them and torturing them other ways! I am merely asking you that all parts of your body do not EVER touch another under ANY cirsumstances!" Rostielle was beyond angry now. He stared the other down. "You either do this or cast me out. I will not love you like this. There's no reason you can't understand what I mean. No reason you can not see where I am comming from. You act like you've allowed me so much when really for as much and as often as you say you love me you've given me a mere civility. Oh? You took my filthy cell away that I cleaned? Oh? You're not raping me anymore because it's my own will? Oh im sorry you actually had clothing made for me.. because I was naked. Yes, these things are a mercy but you say love as thought it has much more meaning than that. If that was the case this wouldn't be something you couldn't ACCEPT. CAN'T YOU UNDRSTAND?" Rostielle's voice was beginning to rise. "IN A REAL RELATIONSHIP YOU DON'T RAPE OTHER PEOPLE!"

If anyone, even Anya had spoken to him like this, Lucifer would have flown into a rage and bathed in their blood and entrails. Unable to hold back any longer he grabbed the chair near him and hurled it at the opposite wall to Rostielle. The Devil did not trust himself to miss had he flung it in the Angel's direction. As it thudded against the wall and splintered into frabments, Lu turned back to Rostielle.
"For anyone else, yes! These things would be nothing more than a mercy! But I am the Lord of Hell! I have no mercy!" His wings flared out again and Lucifer kicked over his desk that stood in the corner then pulled a bood shelf away from the wall. He even shot fire balls from his hands igniting the broken chair. Finally he sunk to the ground and pulled his knees up to his chest as he covered his head with his hands and wrapped his black wings around him. Tears, real tears rolled down his cheeks as he sobbed. It was not that he did not love his Angle, it was more the face he feared Anya was right and Rostielle had made him weak. Lu had showen his lover more generosity and kindness then he had shown his own son and in retrun he had been yelled at. Seeing Rostielle so upset hurt him : Lucifer, the Lord of Hell. Confused and frightened by the effect the other had on him, the Devil rocked back and forward as he battled with his urges and desires.

Rostielle was very proud of himself for not fleeing at the breaking of chairs and fireballs being flown about. "You don't think I know that?" He aske,d his voice shaky with anger and sadness. "You don't think? Let me tell you, I've put up with more than enough. I deserve much better than this. Think things through. You need to realize that just because you give something up for me doesn't mean I am trying to change you, doesn't mean I am trying to make you weak or different. It means that the way you treat me should be the way I treat you. You know damn well if your son was to rape me you'd be pissed. But I suppose I am being unreasonable. Find me when you're done with this!" Rostielle then proceeded to storm out of the rom, slamming the door behind him as he stormed out of the palace and on the outskirts of hell, ignoring everything around him even as it lashed at him, shouted to him. He didn't know where he was going, but he knew it was away, wherever it was.

After the Angel left Lucifer's anger and frustration grew until he thre his head back and arms out as he cried out. All his pain echoed around the Palace, the noice bouncing off the walls being amplified each time. One of his servants rushed in to tend to him but Lucifer decapitated it. Clawring at his own flesh, the Devil screamed until there was nothing left inside him but blackness. Why he could not swallow his pride and do as Rostielle had asked he did not know. No one told him what to do, he was the mighty Prince of darkness, the Devil himself. It was not so much the fact his lover did not want him being with others, it was the fact Rostielle had demand he do something. If he had seem his lover hurt by his rapeing other, if the Angle had begged instead of demanding then Lu was sure he would have stopped anyway but his pride had been hurt and that was something he could never give in to. Collapsing on the floor, Lucifer used the las of his energy to summon one of his minions.
"Put that back together." He said pointing at the severed head and body on the ground beside him. "I want two of you to find Rostielle. You are to shadow him and keep him safe. If he is attacked and you need reinforcments then I will send them. He is your only priority." That stubborn pride prevented Lu from chacing after Rostielle himself but he loved the little Angel too much to let something wicked happen to him. With a sad sigh he added. "If he wishes to pass back through the Gates to Heaven.... allow him too."

Rostielle spent hours outside, glad for the fresh air. As fresh as air could be in hell anyways. He sighed sadly and began to cry softly as he made his way back inside. He went to the rooms he shared wth his lover, sad the other hadn't chased after him. He needed to be showed he truly meant something to the other. "Lu... I don't know what I mean to you. You didn't exactly try to help me... you wouldn't have stopped me from leaving. I honestly don't know where I stand, but if you don't I'm leaving."

The Devil looked up from his postion on the floor. He had curled up in a ball and his black eyes were red rimmed from crying. The only other time he had wept so hard and so long was after he was expelled form Heaven.
"Don't you see Rostielle? The best thing I can do for you is set you free. I do not deserve your love. I do not deserve to gaze upon the light of Heaven."
Sure the Angel would leave, Lu closed his eyes tight and tried not to feel the pain from his broken heart. He had tried so hard to show the other he loved him, had thought his feelings clear.

"I don't want to be free." Rostielle sat aside the other on the floor. "I don't want to leave. Please. Promise me you wont do anything with anyone else promise me you wont rape anyone else. I need you. I love you. It will kill me if I have to go. Promise me you wont do that. Promise me you belong to me only." Rostielle began to stroke the other's hair as he himself began to sob hard.

Not understanding why his lover had come back or why he wanted to stay, Lucifer opened his eyes again. He had done for Rostielle the one thing that every soul begged for and yet the Angel returned to him. Sitting up and gathering his lover in his arms, Lu held him tight.
"I promise I will be with you and only you my little white rose." He muttered into Rostielle's silvery blonde hair. So many emotions caused through the Devil and he sobbed in joy not sorrow that he had not lost the one he loved.

Rostielle clutched tight to the other, his tears fell hard as he held tight to him. "I love you, Lu, so much and it mans so much that you would do this for me."He sniffed and looked up at the other. "I love you." He said again before kissing him. "So much. I'm sorry we fought love." He added, kissing him again. The pain that had been there moments before was gone. Now he only felt soothing comfort and relief that his lover was with him. That things were fine again.

Finding his sense of humour, Lucifer took in a deep breath so he could speak.
"There are very few who can say they survived a fight with me without so much as a scratch or bruise upon their flesh." It would have been more accruate to say no other instead of few. Even Anya was pushed around and often at least bruised when they argued But Lu could not bring himself to physically harm he beloved any more. He was filled with regret for the things he had already done and did not want to add to that. "Please be patient with me my love.... I am a flawed creature, filled with pride and rage." When challanged the Devil would always dig in and be stubborn. He could not comply with a demand, that went against every fiber in his being.

"We are both flawed, Lu." Rostielle said in comfort. He kissed his lover on the cheek and on the lips and made his way to the bed, his hand firmly on his lover's to bring him with."Let's forget that ever happened. Let's enjoy one another's warmth." He said, sighing content to have him beside him. "I don't ever want to fight with you again."

The affection Rostielle showed him, ignited the passion in Lucifer again and pushed the little Angel onto the bed and knelt above him.
"I need you..." He said as gently as he could. The Devil needed to prove that he did indeed have his lover back, that it was not just words. Brushing a strand of silvery blond hair out of Rostielle's eyes, he kissed him demandingly. While the urge was to ravage the little Angel right there and then was strong, Lu did not want to force him. It would be fare too easy to take what he wanted without regard for Rostielle's feelings, so he wanted to make sure it was mutual.

A series of obnoxious knocks fell onto Lu's and Rostielle's doors. "FATHER it's rude to have sex with an angel in an unholy place! sisn't you know that?" He said as loudly as he could wihtout shouting.

Rostielle had been gettin into the other's kisses and loving carresses, also empassioned and lust filled by the other's touch. "Oh damn him!" He said, frustrated that the other kept interrupting them. "Is it necessary to be interrupted constantly?"

Concidering Lu was already emotionally wrung out, an interuption by his son was the last thing he needed. All the anger and violence of before came flooding back and narrowing his eyes at the closed door he growled.
"Ignore him!" Realizing he had gripped the bedding in white knuclked fists the Devil let out a deep breath and told himself that he wanted to be kind and gentle to his lover. Taking his frustrations out on whom ever was in front of his was a nasty habit of his and would not help his relationship with Rostielle.

"DEJECTING YOUR CHILD!?" Anya shouted the question in an outraged tone though he beheld a devious smirk ."What if I was gravely wounded? Or dying?"

Rostielle screeched in frustration "YOU CAN'T DIE OR BE WOUNDED SO SHUT UP AND GO AWAY AND LET LU AND I GET IT ON!" Rostielle blushed afer the words left his mouth and at the laughter from the other side of the door and retreating footsteps he turned even redder.

"I swear I am going to rip his grinning head from his shoulders if he interupts us again." The Devil growled, his words dripping with venom. It was already hard enough keeping his despiration and usual sexual violence under control without adding fury to the mix. Counting down from ten again, something one of his previous lovers had mentioned once, Lu took in a few deep breaths. Once he felt a little more in control he returned to kissing Rostielle and stripping the Angel of his clothings. "My love...." He whispered in the other's ear, then nipped at his lobe and neck. Tearing the fabric in his haste Lucifer groaned but continued kissing Rostielle . He worked his way to the Angel's nipples, licking and biting at them before he moved south.

Rostielle writhed beneath the other, alive with want, his frustration and angr slowly seeped out of him. "I love you, Lu." He whispered, sighing in relief at having kisses pressed along him, his eyes shut peacefully as the other touched on him and nibbled his skin.

Loving the effect he had on Rostielle, the Devil began to lick from the base of the Angel's length to the tip in long slow motions. He loved the way his lover tasted, not at all discouraged by sweat or dirt. Spitting on his fingers he gently pushed on inside Rostielle as he licked and suckled his manhood. Eager to be deep within the Angel Lucifer slid a second didget in and used a scissor like motion to streatch his lover.

Rostielle gasped in pleasure, his hands now fisted into his love'rs hair as pleasure overtook him. "Lu!" He called out, moving down a little towards the other's fingers to feel him inside his rear furhter "I need you lu." he begged, though the attention to his length was addicting.

The sadistic side of the Devil wanted to tease his lover, to hear him beg for more but Lucifer wanted to be inside the Angel just as badly. As quickly as he could he entered a third finger and engulfed his lover's length entierly. Suckling gently Lu moved his tongue slightly so it tormented the front of the Angel's length. Losing himself in Rostielle's cries and moans he let his lover slip form his mouth and positioned himself to push into him. Flushed cheeks and parted lips, combined with that unmistakable scent that was Rostielle he pushed in. Tight, warmth gripped him and the Devil reached heaven.
"Rostielle.... my little white rose...." He growled as he began to move slowly but deep within the Angel.

Rostielle did best to wrap his legs about his lover's waist, surprised at how good it felt this time around. There was pain but it was so small compared tot he pleasure that surged through him. His eyes were still closed and his lips still parted, opening more and shutting several times as his love pushed in and out of him, entranced by how it felt. "Harder..please.." His voice sounded far away as he requested this, wanting some form of reaity to hold onto, even if secretly he knew he'd only be sent furhter into lust.

Thrusting harder Lucifer pounded into his lover. Lost in lust and pleasure the Devil growled like a wild animal. Each movement bring him closer to his end.
"I love you...." For words that he had barely spoken, they came so easily and full of truth. "Rostielle.... I love you..."

"I love you too lu!" Rostielle managed to sound out, shivering in delight at the other's thrusts and desire flooding into him. "Oh Lu, may we finish together now?" He asked, panting and moaning wantonly, meeting his lover's thrusts.

Nodding Lucifer picked up the pace a little, his thrusts becoming slightly erratic as he neared his end. Arching his back and Groaning loudly the Devil clutched his lover's hips, digging his nails in as he pulled Rostielle towards him.
"Cum with me...." He growled lustfully.

Rsotielle clled out as he neared his end, moaning louder even still. "Lu! Lu!" He chanted over and over, whimpering in pleasure and enjoying his lover's stimulating to him. He shuddered as finally his release was undone and he came.

As always the tightening of his lover brought Lucifer undone and he filled the little Angel with his seed. That fact Rostielle would carry around a part of him, inside him was a pleasant one. Holding his lover tight the Devil snuggled and nuzzled the other.
"Mmm my little white rose...." Lu muttered as he rode the waves of pleasure that still shot through his body and rubbed the Angel's back.

Rostielle shivered and finally collapsed beneathe the other, sighing in content breaths as he felt complete and ecstatic."My lovely devil." He whispered in response to the affection his lover gave him. "I love you." He added, it was nice to say to his beloved, nice to have him so sweet."And what should we do now?"

Giving his lover an evil grin, Lu leant closer and whispered in his ear.
"Well we could coudle seeing as you like it so much?" Just then he was feeling sweet and loving, something that was in itself a rearity. Lazily running his fingers through Rostielle's slivery, white hair the Devil sighed.
"You are so very beautiful my love...." Lucifer still could not believe how lucky he had been to meet such a beautiful, loving creature.

Rostielle's eyes lit up and he clung to his lover. "Thank you love, I know you don't like to cuddle, but it means a lot to me." He said, kissing the other on the lips and snuggling against his form. "I love you so much." He sighed. "Hopefully your brat of a child wont interrupt us again."

"Anya!" Lu snarled at the mention of his son. "If he does I will rip his head off." The Devil had no idea what had gotten into his son, the boy was not usually so dissagreeable. His first thought was that Anya had a things for Rostielle, the Angel was very attractive after all. Trying to forget about his son, Lucifer kissed Rostielle's forehead. "Let us not think on him... hmmm." Although he was not ready to admit it, Lu was begining to like cuddling with his lover.

"Maybe it is possible to befriend him." Rostielle said softly. "Who knows, I know I don't appreciate his mean treating of us." He whispered, obviously slightly annoyed. He smiled and cuddled into his lover though as they were closer and closer to one another. "I love you so much. What do you want to do later?"

Frowning at the fact there was not much that both he and his love would enjoy doing other than these times of intermiticy the Devil sighed.
"I have souls to tourture but I am sure we can figure out something pleasant for your to do. What kind of things do you like doing little one? Other than making love and cleaning...." Lu added realizing he did not really know that much about his beloved.

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2010-02-03 [kiradraco]: Should the scrol be empty? I believe it would be interesting if God's intention was to deliver Rostielle himself to Lucifer knowing he was the only one who had a chance at changing the fallen Angel. How does that sound?

2010-02-03 [The Vampire Armand]: -laughs- Sure, I think that would be funny.

2010-02-03 [The Vampire Armand]: How the hell am I to respond on this? The little one's locked in the cell and I doubt he has more reflections to go through and he's not stupid enough to try to escape...

2010-02-03 [kiradraco]: Sorry I thought he might react to the fact that Lu was in a bad mood and was screaming the palace down. Hearing the Devil himself crying out in frustration and cursing my name would scare me. I will do another post but if you want to go back in add something before it you can.

2010-02-03 [The Vampire Armand]: It just seemed that Lu was too far away to really pose as a threat for Rostielle hearing him.

2010-02-03 [kiradraco]: That's fine I did not make myself clear enough when I wrote that. Sorry.

2010-02-03 [The Vampire Armand]: You're all right, you don't have to apologize every second.

2010-02-04 [kiradraco]: Don't worry Lu will stop them before they do much harm I promise.

2010-02-08 [The Vampire Armand]: We need to brainstorm.

2010-02-08 [The Vampire Armand]: If you don't like this, let me know.

2010-02-08 [kiradraco]: You will have to name him :)

2010-02-11 [kiradraco]: Sorry my computer keeps trying to restart and I did not realize the page had not been submitted/ >.<
Sorry it was so short I was going to elaberate on it later.

2010-02-11 [The Vampire Armand]: Are you going to continue with elaboration?

2010-02-12 [kiradraco]: Sorry for taking so long the computer froze and I had to pull the battery out to reset everything. No I have completely lost my track of thought form last night :(

2010-02-12 [The Vampire Armand]: That's okay

2010-02-13 [The Vampire Armand]: I can't think tonight, I need to brainstorm or something.

2010-02-13 [kiradraco]: Alright, I just popped in for a quick post anyway :)
How has your evening been?

2010-02-13 [The Vampire Armand]: Tiring. -smiles-

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