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Okay, there may be a few refrences to Angel Sanctuary, one of them being that Kato is in here, along with Zaphiekiel, Ranziel, Michael, Jibril, Raphael, Uriel, along with Kurai, and Arachne. But they are the only ones any others are either min, or I have asked permission byt their owners.

Which reminds me, Kieta, can Kieta and Kumori make an appearance? This is going to have our little fight scene in it maybe if you will let me.

Okay then here we go.

"And in the end, the Evil's were driven back to Gehenna, and lord Rameil was killed, his wife escaped, and the infant brought up to the heavens" Jophiel, angel of enlightenment told his students. Aimi who the stroy was about, was bored for she had heard this version of her fathers deaths many times. She was half, half angel, half Evil, for her mother was the Evil of Night, Marmee Noir, Mommy Dearest, Mother Night. So this story made her mom seem so evil, when that wasnt the case. However her angel blood from her father is what kept her up in the Heavens, along with the few friends she had met along the way.

"And it is because of this war that we have the ungrateful half breed, who seems to continue acing her tests. Good Job Aimi" he said and handed her, her graded paper on the importance of the four great elements in the war. Jibril, Michael, Uriel, and Rapheal, were the ones who killed her father, and the evils who were protecting her mother. She kept it in the angels are all great, while evils are the enemy prose, yet she didnt mean a word of what she said.

Kato, a shoulder length blonde haired angel, who was a rogue like her, gave her a thumbs up. All the other want to be angels despised her heritage, for they all had worshipped Lord Rameil, and their parents had too. She sighed, sure acing this class would help her with the position she wanted, she was on probation for getting into a fight during the ethics of battle class, it was how it was supposed to be though. It was a fight to practice their powers and one of the full breeds got hurt by a half breed and had a problem with it. Kato and her were the only two who were left in the clas after that, and she was put on probation for a week, which was almost up.

Aimi didnt care about this class, no she cared about every class that could help her in her goal, the Angel of Warfare, a job that she could have is she worked hard. Every other person in her classes wanted to servel Zaphiekiel, of raziel, Jibril, or any other great angel. Some days it seemed like Kato was the only one who understood her. The class was over and she walked out, getting ready to spread her wings. They were also set her apart from other angels, whose wings were pure, white, hers were black.

"my angel of darkness wait up" Kato said as he jogged after her wearing a pair of ripped aid washed jeans with is white button up shirt, black beater underneath, and underneath that was a built chest, that no other female angel would see unless he became a great angel. Such was the life of a low level angel, now sex, no love, no nothing.

"Will you not call me that, I am not yours" she replied and flicked her colar bone length hair out of the way, as she let her qings unfurl, and flew up into the air, towards the man who kept her secrets, the blind angel, Zaphekiel. His long black hair was always neatly kept back, and she helped him, plus he was her etichs of War teacher.

"Not yet but when I am the great angel of warfare" He began and she shot a fireball at him

"You mean when I beat you at becoming the angel of warfare" She laughed, Aimi was overly demanding, controling, ohh and highly cocky at times. which was what he loved about her.

"No Aim's, when I win at our position, you shall be the angel I tame"

"ha as if Kato, what angel wants this for their tamed girl" She asked and showed off the black wings, and the dark black tatto that was below her left eye, only shown when she took the spell off. They marked her as part evil. They were from her mothers genes.

She flew higher, towards the fourth level of the heavens, where she resided with Zaphekiel, he was technically her godfather but he couldnt always be there for her.

"I would" He replied as he followed her, his eyes on her behind, remebering the feel of it on top of him, from when she fell during their battles. What a fun day that was, even though he lost badly to her. And that was without her Evil powers, and the fact that no one could have her made him want her even more. But she could never realize that, not with her line of thinking

"Yeah right, besides we are only third level, we are regular angels, we need to be atleast thrones to admit to love, and above that to show affection" she replied. "And even if that happened would anyone want the demonic half breed that was the cause of lord Ramiel's death?"

'I would' Kato thought to himself as he landed beside her, in the gardens where they had their ethics of warfare class. He was her guardian, and she would never know, along with the fact that he loved her deeply. Sure he was about thirty human years older then her, but they were both trapped in the bodies of the eighteen year olds they had decided on. Now the only thing that would change would be their posts, and maybe if they gained weight but that would be it.

"Aimi, you know that if we pass these tests in our classes we will be promoted into second choir, and then its only a few steps befor ewe are thrones, and can admit love for each other without any girl or you being marked as lillith..."

"And getting the feathers pulled out of their wings on by one, and then the wings pulled out so that you feel fear with all five senses" She replied quoting Sevotharte their teacher of the laws. Whose main goal in life seemed to be trying to find away to do that exact procedure to Aimi.

"Look we have to get into place before Razniel and Zaphiekiel find us, and we can talk more about why I am not suited for anyone later" she replied to him again and sprinted down the path, towards the fountain with her a representation of her mom and dad on it. Zaphiekiel had it made when she was three and wanted to know what her parents looked like. He also let her sneak to Gehenna when she wanted, once a month to see her mother. But she belonged there less then she did here. 'Will I ever find a place where I belong' she thought and Kato heard it. Because he was her guardian, if he wanted to hear her thoughts he would.

"Your late"

Of Angels and Evils 2

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2008-02-11 [~Spirit Fox~]: 1, if I say yes, who plays them?
2, is this a fanficish?

2008-02-11 [Aimi_Vollfied]: not fanficish, just a few borrowed characters, a couple of made ones, and you get to play them when the time comes. This really has nothing to do with Angel Sanctuary, in fact there is no Setsuna, Saram of Kira(boo), Rosiel, or Alexiel. I just used the neames, because they are the technical names of those angels- Jbril+Water and so on

2008-02-11 [~Spirit Fox~]: is this going to be published?

2008-02-11 [Aimi_Vollfied]: dont know yet, in which if it does you would get a cut, if you allowed the characters to be used. And I would also have to deal with teh copyrights of th other characters accordingly

2008-02-11 [~Spirit Fox~]: *lol like the, do you have a set year, we don't, and if it is published it would have to run with mine...along with an explination...this would probably happen after the anime then?*

2008-02-11 [~Spirit Fox~]: aimi....

2008-02-11 [Aimi_Vollfied]: sorry working on stuff, no set year

2008-02-11 [~Spirit Fox~]: yay! this might work, maybe, but if it causes issues between the anime and your story, i'll have to ask you to remove them...but until then, i'll give it a shot.

2008-02-11 [Aimi_Vollfied]: okay then, but you guys dont come in until later though, when we have a little bit like the fight in the rp. Not the same though, a bit harder, and it wil be in a little while

2008-02-11 [~Spirit Fox~]: that sounds like fun, but remember to remind me...

2008-02-11 [Aimi_Vollfied]: I will

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