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Welcome -
All tutorials were made in Photoshop 7.0. I have no idea how other Photoshop versions or other digital art programs work, so I don´t know of how much (or how little) help these tutorials can be for you, if you don´t work with PS 7.0.

If you want me to do a tutorial for a certain thing, just ask me or any of the other Tutors about it!

Suggestions, comments and constructive criticism are most welcome :)


<img:> My Tools



Digital Drawing/Painting:
<img:> Digital Sketching
<img:> Coloring Lineart 1
<img:> Coloring Lineart 2
<img:> Simple Eye Tutorial
<img:> Simple Lips Tutorial

<img:> Simple Vector Tutorial

<img:> Why textures?
<img:> Adjusting Brightness

<img:> Mood Image Tutorial


<img:> = new
<img:> = not new


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2005-09-25 [Deadlock jester]: these all rule!

2005-09-25 [Ocean Soul]: Aw, thanks a lot.. you´re the first to notice ;)

2005-09-25 [Moonknight]: I agree with the raven, kick ass stuff!

2005-09-25 [Ocean Soul]: nya nya, you´re bound to say that :P

2005-09-26 [Moonknight]: of course, because its true!

2005-11-24 [Moonknight]: New banner, goodie :D

2005-11-24 [Ocean Soul]: No new banner.. I just added a link to elftown tutorials :P You can easily find out about the last changes by clicking on the button "View Diff", which is located in the "Wiki-page data" box to the right xP

2005-11-25 [Moonknight]: dhuh, I thought that banner was new,. im dumb,.

2006-03-23 [Ocean Soul]: It's still old but you can make me a new one if you want *doesn*t like the dumb banner* Someone make me a banner!

2006-04-12 [Jitter]: Yay! :D There are some stuff I didn\t know here ^_^

2006-04-12 [Ocean Soul]: Thanks sweeties :) I was thinking about making a more complex vector tutorial.. would there be any use for that or rather not?

2006-04-13 [LadyMoon]: There's always demand :P

2006-04-13 [Moonknight]: everything is useful

2006-07-17 [nopenope]: These tutorials helped me heaps! Thank you!

2006-07-17 [Ocean Soul]: Oh.. you're welcome :D

2006-07-20 [To Dream of Faerie]: Do you know who i can ask for advice/tutorials using Paint Shop Pro???

2006-07-20 [Ocean Soul]: Mh, you could ask one of the other Tutors or look for tutorials on Elftown Tutorials.

2006-07-25 [To Dream of Faerie]: okies, thanx

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