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2011-12-12 [Avaz]: I was wondering what this was. O_o Looks like the cover of a book, but hard to tell.

2011-12-13 [iippo]: :D Next one (when I get round to it) will be E :)

2011-12-13 [Avaz]: So it's like a puzzle then. :P

2011-12-25 [Akayume]: I still do not understand. .______.

2011-12-26 [iippo]: Humm, there isn't really much to understand. What do you think it is, or what does it make you think?

2011-12-27 [Akayume]: "So it's like a puzzle then?" I thought about this, and saw no puzzle? I guess? O.o I thought they were just circles?

2011-12-27 [iippo]: Oh, I ignored that comment, sorry :P No, not a puzzle, just art (though art sometimes behaves like a puzzle). What it is is a cover of a book, where all letters but o have been Photoshopped out. The next book cover to get the same treatment (when I get round it) will get all letters bar e removed. And the one after that will be i, one lonely solitary i. And then I'll probably feel some kind of a force making me do the rest of the vowels and before I know it I have a whole series.

2011-12-27 [Avaz]: Oh, I misunderstood. I was under the impression that you would be taking this same book (not a different book) and rejiggering it to a different letter.

2011-12-27 [Akayume]: :O Ohhh, I get it. I was like, I must be really dumb because I don't see a hidden message or anything. >.>

2011-12-28 [iippo]: Ah. Clarifications all around! :D

So now I've got o, e and i all sussed out (o is like a circle, so perfection, e is the most common letter in the English language, i looks like 1 and there will be only one letter i in the book cover) so now I need to understand a, u, and y. Y would be cool to use the "sometimes it's a vowel sometimes not" -aspect of it somehow, a is the first letter of the alphabet, so that should be a big deal, but u... Maybe use the fact that u=you. Hmm, we'll suss this :D

2011-12-28 [Akayume]: Interesting. :D

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