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This wiki is for those who love the band Nirvana. You can talk about their music, the band, or just your feelings about all of the above.

 Hi, Im Julie aka [Silent_Chaos] Im still working on the page. Im sorry, but it may be a while before it gets finished. If you wanna be a member, just ask me. I wont turn you down unless you HATE Nirvana, diss them in anyway, or just give me any reason to say no! If you can help in any way, please do. Just message me or [de_matteo]

Check out the badges and if you could, make some. We can always use help. Thanx!

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2006-04-14 [Silent_Chaos]: thats a good idea

2006-04-16 [medina]: hi

2006-04-16 [Silent_Chaos]: hello

2006-04-17 [The Rejekt]: yea i know

2006-04-17 [Silent_Chaos]: im gonna have to make some time and get that started...

2006-04-26 [The Rejekt]: cool

2006-06-01 [GEE]: Gothic punk sounds kinda like me

2006-06-01 [The Rejekt]: wat do u mean?

2006-06-05 [GEE]: Well im gothick and a punk

2006-06-05 [The Rejekt]: dat's cool

2006-07-11 [emoboy14]: wawump

2006-07-23 [The Rejekt]: ?

2006-07-23 [Silent_Chaos]: I think it means what up??? I dunno. lol

2006-07-24 [The Rejekt]: o ok

2006-07-24 [Silent_Chaos]: Yeah, kinda weird huh? lol

2006-08-05 [The Rejekt]: yeah

2008-09-13 [Jeremiah]: Nirvana Best band ever
RIP Kurt

2008-10-20 [bullet in the head]: i give you my friends hypothesis on kurt cobain. now these are his words not mine, so don't piss and moan at me: 'if kurt cobain is so great, why is he dead? answer me that.' why indeed.

2008-10-24 [Silent_Chaos]: Wow, well, your friend is real intelligent. I honestly don't know why I didn't think of that... Gosh, I'm so ditzy-stupid. I mean, Kurt Cobain was only human. Unless there's something your friend knows that nobody else knew... maybe like Kurt Cobain's parents...? o.O

2008-10-24 [Silent_Chaos]: And this isn't to you exactly... it's just your friend is a complete moron. Nuff said.

2010-02-12 [the ack]: i got photos of nirvana my website

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