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Gender: Female

Age: 156

Subspecies: Winchester Dragon (Light and quick, lives on the plains)

Personality: Sly, suspicious of humans (except for me), dignified, loyal, fierce 

Powers: She can communicate with me through telepathy, and she can bestow small blessings when she wants to, though she rarely does.

Abilities: Light, quick, and agile, she can carry small loads for long distances, and in combat can strike and maneuver extremely effectively.

Hobbies: Flying, talking with me, journeying, questing, and adventuring

Relations: Ninirya doesn't know who her family is, because she's been raised in captivity.

History: Ninirya was captured by some humans when she was still a hatchling. He had started traveling with her, charging money for people to see her, and then handed her down from generation to generation of his family, until I rescued her. They were mistreating her; starving her, taunting her by prodding her from between the bars of her cage. So I picked the lock of her cage, since she was too weak from hunger to break free herself, and we flew out of there. She gave me a blessing in return, so now I can talk to her telepathically. Only I can do that. :)

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