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[nightelf5959] Random Poetry cont'd

"Life's Q's and A's"

A new start means a new beginning
A new beginning means a new start on time
Time is the question and answer to all problems
So what does it mean when a problem can’t be answered?
Or when a problem has an answer but the outcome isn’t justified?
Does that mean that the outcome is good? or is it bad?
Maybe the decision isn’t always the right one but it has to be at the time
What if you can skip time and a new beginning and a new start?
Why can’t you just start at evolution so you know where it leads?
Some say it’s cheating to see the future
Others say seeing the future is better than living the present
But does that mean that the past is obscure and the future is oblivious?
Or does that mean that the present is pointless to the past and future?
So then does that mean that the future is a dead end to the present?
Or is the present a dead end to the future?
So what’s the answer to a problem that can’t be answered?
Should you choose one solution over hundreds of other solutions?
How would you know that the solution you have chosen was the right one?
If you could start at evolution and work backwards it would be easier
But is the easiest path the best answered?
How far ahead will you have to look before the right decision is chosen?

Welcome to life!

"Same shit different day but plenty of it raining my way. Everywhere i look and everywhere i go i'm sure to step in a big ass pile, i know. Will the rain stop and the sun come out? Maybe and maybe not but one thing is without a doubt. I just hold my head high and keep marching on. Then maybe one day shit will stop raining and all my problems will be gone."

Something an ex wrote me before she broke up with me:

"I was here but now I'm gone. I left my love to lenger on. Those who knew me knew me well. Those who didn't can GO TO HELL!!!"

Sucked at the time but ingenious now I think about

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