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Nightelf5959 Random Poetry

"The Dream Is Dead"

What must I do to make you see
To see how much you mean to me
The way I feel about you in my heart
Is not the end for us but only the start

I believe in my heart that we were meant to be
Me only for you and you only for me
I see in my dreams that our future is at stake
Acting as soul mates we play in fate’s mistake

Not a day goes by that I don’t feel how much I love you
And I know in your heart that you love me too
I’m sorry for what I put you through in the past
Please forgive me so our relationship can last

I’m on my hands and knees pleading for forgiveness
I look into your eyes but you appear emotionless
I wish I could be there for you more and be more around
But as I look into your eyes, you look back without a sound

If looks could kill then I would already be gone
I’m drop in an instant and it wouldn’t take long
You have a beautiful smile that you hardly ever show
And in your eyes all I can see is pain and sorrow

The love you once felt and the security you once knew
Has disappeared without a trace or even a clue
You turn away with a tear in your eye
As you walk away, you silently mouth the words “good bye”

"Without You"

What would you do without me?
What would I do without you?
You seem to be doing just fine without me
My life is hell without you

I thought I would be okay
I thought I would be alright
But the life that I’ve come to know
Is too cold to sleep at night

I’m used to you being by my side
I’m used to finding out the right from the wrong
Now I’m getting used to the life
Of loneliness and being alone

Why can’t you see that I need you?
Why can’t you feel what I feel when I think about you?
You don’t seem to care what I feel
I’m going insane without you

I know I need to get on with my life
I know I need to just forget about you
So why is it so damn hard
For me to do what I need to do?

I love you too much to let you go
I need you too much to let you go
I think about you too much to let you go
I just can’t let you go

"Crashing Down"

Why is my life so complicated
Just when I think I have it orchestrated
It falls apart
And instead of coming to a new start
Everything comes crashing down one more time

When things are looking up for me
And I decide that there’s nowhere else I'd rather be
Things change from good to bad
And when I become happy I then become sad
To where everything comes crashing down one more time

I am looking forward to a time
A time where I won’t have to ask for a dime
A time where everything is set
A time for no remorse or regret
Hopefully when that time comes nothing will crash down on me

"Reality of Life"

A black hole
An unanswered prayer
A forsaken reality
An overlapping layer

A twisted nightmare
A charred dream
A world of misunderstanding
Where nothing is as it seems

Death and decay
Unwanted memories
Undesired secrets
Infamous commentaries

Feelings of hatred
Feelings of anguish
Feelings of guilt
Lamented torment flowing away in a rush

These are the joys of living
These are the joys of dieing
The darkness encloses around me
And yet you still wonder why I’m crying

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