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Burning down Neverland, scatter the ashes
white line, black tar, the matches,
is this another dead by misadventures?
Tell me what you got, what you really got....

We'll rest, in our graves
Lexington, across your veins
Sleepers cant just wake the dead
When needles and lovers collapse on guilty beds...
Godspeed, Anberlin


Welcome to Never-ever land, Neverland's exact opposite.
In here, in this dismal place, anything goes.
Hope, love, light has long deserted us.
Guilt, lust, darkness have long deserved us.

We have no storyline, no Peter Pan and Lost boys to save us from danger.
Here, we have the Justin Prada and the Lost souls to bring danger to us.

Very few people, wether they be hobbits, monsters, demons, angels, vampires, elves, dwarves, mortals,
or any other mythical creature, they all fall to the same fate of Forgetfulness.

We are Lost. Save us.

We need people who are very adept at plaing, cold, hard, stoic characters. If you get the part, youw ill be awarded the part Justin Prada.

Justin Prada: The never-ever land tyrant.
Justin Prada: cold, hard, apathetic, dark, and stoic.

We need people who are adept at playing the 'mobster' type, cold, hard, atioc, but not without a heart, however deep it is buried. Wether you be mythical creature or plain human, Justin Prada is always in need of extra Lost Souls.

Lost Souls: The Never-Ever land mobsters
Lost Souls: cold, hard, apathetic, antagonistic, but compassionate.

Never-Ever Land people

General people sign up here.

Never-Ever Land lost souls

All you people who have been hired to be Lost Souls are placed here.

Never -Ever Land Rp

This is where you rp [IS NOW OPEN!!! :D ]

Username (or number or email):


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