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      Have you ever felt stuck in a terifying continuous loop. A recuring nightmare to be excact? Do you ever really wake up? Or is your life just a Never Ending Nightmare?

     This is Never Ending Nightmare (or Never Ending as I will refer to it) the Rpg. Here you can create characters and play them in a Highschool setting, It is called Luna High. There are students that have been taken there against there will, for them they would most likely want to escape, but sadly for them there are other students that wants to keep them there. Also there are teachers and the Head Mistress Geneveive. I will be playing the Head Mistress along with my characters and some teachers. Please join and have fun :)

   Owner:[La Luna]
   2nd in command: [Flisky]

   Never Ending Rules-The Rules!! Read before playing!!
   Never Ending Races-The races
   Never Ending Characters- The page to create you characters
   Never Ending Playing Characters-The playing characters
   Start Never Ending Nightmare-Where you go to start
   Never Ending Dorms-Where you pick your characters dorm room
   Never Ending Date/Time-The date and time in game (along with moon phase for our werewolf friends)


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