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2006-03-10 01:48:26
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[Neon Black Pegasus]'s images of Ireland

Bare in mind that this is still under construction:>

Random pictures

Everything in Ireland is green. And where there is green, there are sheep.And that is a fact! Having established that, the rest of the pictures I believe are more interesting.

Audley Castle


A beautyful Chapel with a celtic boat.






This is my friend's horse,Bessy, while trying to catch someone's eye. She wanted a good scratch in the back!

Staring at the sea



Steps in the sand... they dissappear with the next coming wave. Makes you think about life..

Yes, I know it's just a seaweed, but I still think it is beautyful.


This looks more like a mediterrenean village than an Irish village:)

And I remember the name of the District! Yay!It was called Down. Kindo of easy to remember since there is a band I like called like that (not system of the..)




A black-necked swan and its "ugly ducklin"^_^




This poor thing is aparrently called a "ginger tosser"(!?!)


Flowers from the garden in the centre of Belfast, next to the Ulster museum.I'm bad with names:p

First time I ever saw an actual pinneapple. Is it called a pinneapple tree??I have no idea.. Let me know if you know, plz!:>







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2006-03-02 [Jitter]: Axxxxxxxxxxx einai teeleia! Grapsta se cd oti exeis kai steilta!

2006-03-10 [Ai~Tenshi]: Breathtaking!

2006-03-10 [Neon Black Pegasus]: *blushing* ^_^

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