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2008-03-25 17:45:36
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the wicked weird friends/family of [UnfrgvnGmrSktch]

[Bleeding Love]---my wife
[Saiyuki Nano]---sis in law
[Tiger the werecat]---my neice
[Rain the fairy]---My long time friend and care giver.
[addicted to the drug of lust]---my queen jessie. she rules over all!!
[Blue Eyed Babiie]
[Nikos Kitten]
[Incontinence Happens]
[Jeebuz Turtles™]
[Ficken Du]
[High Princess of the Seraphim]
[Glass Half Nothing]
[across the universe]
[xXTwilightXRose Xx]
[Morrigan {Ψ} Your Siren {Ψ}]
[Let's Get Famous]
[the sweetest nightmare]
[razorblade death13]
[Love . Riot . Kaboom]
[Wrath Of Loki]
[blue cavalier]
[Xx SadisticFairy xX]
[~Dying Fetus~]
[Enoz] - Family <3

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2009-09-09 [SlightlySpiked]: i haveses 4 friends on here!!!!!!!!! wooooo!!!!! yay 4 me!!!!! roflmao XD sry, cracked out on coffee with ADHD XD

2009-10-19 [UnfrgvnGmrSktch]: no problem i know the feeling

2009-10-22 [SlightlySpiked]: XD

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