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Hi, My name is [LynnAnneBrown]
And I'd like to begin by thanking [moira hawthorne] and [wicked fae mage] for inspiring this idea.

So here it is. I'd like to make a friendly and supportive place for creative folk to get together and explore where an idea or theme will take them. Technically this may end up being more of an UnContest, than a Contest in as much as I'd like to see the process and presentation itself become the ultimate outcome. Where the prize is having participated in something wonderful.

To get this going I would like to invite folk to contribute works of art inspired by the expression.

"A Door Way to......."

The Art that is offered can be old or new, and take on any form that you can make available on ElfTown. Traditional, Drawing and Painting techniques, Photo, Photo Manipulation, Poetry, Prose, Music, And if you can figure out ways to upload other forms of Art, well I am waiting to be happily surprised.

Also I welcome as many entries from folk as they are inspired to create. The only real rule I want to impose is that entries be ordered in a "Round Robin" sort of way. So that everyone gets to show off a piece in the first round, another piece in the second round, another in the third round, and keep adding rounds for however long folks are inspired to contribute.

Also I see no reason for the entries to remain static, If you have a new piece you'd like to replace an old one, Or would like to move your entries around between the rounds. So that your round one piece becomes your round three piece, and your round three piece goes into another round, go for it.

I would also like to really encourage folk to work together on projects, or group your works together if you feel they relate. Exactly how we work out the order of presentation and such I believe we can fine tune as we go.

Oh Yes.......And like all doorways I'd like to figure out how to get the ones that want to open lead to somewhere interesting.

Beyond that I would just like to see where this thing goes.

Please include with you entry

Your username
The title of the piece, if it has one
The piece itself of course
And any remarks you'd like to include that will help the viewer grasp your interpretation. (I suggest that you work you remarks so that they capture your thoughts in as few words possible while still conveying your meaning.)

Here is an example

"Me, when I'm in ElfTown"
This image represents
A door to my imagination
I am at the foot of a path
Waiting for others to arrive
And join me
On the road ahead
That leads beyond

So If you would like to be a part of this please deposit one of your inspirations at

My Way Inn ~ A Doorway to.......

And if you need any help along the way,
Just Ask.


Oh yes and everyone who takes part will receive this key
as a token of my appreciation.

And by the way
If you'd like to check out the wiki that helped inspire this page
go to:
Unofficial Valentine Contest 09
I highly recommend it.

[Lord Dog]
has just made a great suggestion, for future rounds
and in Honour of that creative spirit
I have made a wiki
to keep the wonderful Idea's and Suggestions people come up with.
As I watch the comments I will be putting the suggestions and ideas on this page. If you would like to contribute directly just go to.
My Way Inn ~ Idea Page

proudly brought to you by the The UNofficial Coven

Username (or number or email):


2009-02-18 [LynnAnneBrown]: I'd like to set up the page so that each submitter on the page is represented before a second piece by another entrant is shown. but I would like to see as many pieces submitted by folks as is reasonable to manage, maybe put a limit of 3 to start with if only figure out the process of mingling the entries so they relate to each other well.

As for new or existing, any piece of art that the artist or their muse is inspired to contribute is good with me. In the end I want this contest to belong to all the people who contribute, so that in the end the contest is one by all through creating a really cool wiki on the theme.

How I thought it could work is as people entered they did it something like this

[username] entry #
That way as each person entered they could place their first piece at the end of the first entries group, their second at the end of the second entries group, etc.

Of course each entrant can decide if a later addition should be in the first, second, third, fourth tier, etc. as they go as long as everyone gets their turns.

I am still trying to figure out how to write the instructions on the page so it encourages a co-operative effort. I would even love it some of the artist wanted to get together and work on a piece together, or group their pieces together because they feel that they relate.

I have this picture of each door leading to a space where folk are then invited to create art to fit the theme of the room the door leads to. But I'd love to hear people weigh in on the idea, before I get too far ahead of myself.

2009-02-18 [LynnAnneBrown]: I have expanded the instructions, if their is anything I have missed or could be made clearer, I happily accept all suggestions.

2009-02-18 [wicked fae mage]: I am honored *bows*

2009-02-18 [moira hawthorne]: sound very interestin.... gonna have to read more about this.

2009-02-18 [Skydancer]: Hmmmm. makes a note...

2009-02-18 [LynnAnneBrown]: [moira hawthorne] thankyou for the link in your diary to this wiki and the inspiration it has given me. You referred to it as a WIP which is exactly what it is. I have an idea, that I hope will encourage to take an idea and bring it to wherever their muse decides to bring them. And it is a wonderful challenge. But a difficult one. I realize even as I reread the introduction, that I have yet to find the words and the way to express my vision to it's clearest light. But I hope that does not discourage folk from contributing, Because together I think we can make this a interesting place

2009-02-18 [Xuan.]: I can't wait to get started :]

2009-02-18 [moira hawthorne]: I read the first draft... I havent yet read thru this update... just the comments... but you are asking for people contribution and you are working out how to put it together... so thats a wip... but im so glad to see a place for artists of ET to support each other rather than tear each other apart...

2009-02-18 [moira hawthorne]: you dont mind if I do my thing and correct typos?

2009-02-18 [LynnAnneBrown]: Not at all, My hope is that this whole thing becomes a co-operative project. So anything you want to do to help it along will be more than appreciated.

2009-02-18 [moira hawthorne]: ok I got another question... for the 'round robin thing'... since you have the first piece up... do we... the next person/artist to enter... add it to with our own self protrait of us in ET... even if the image is totally different... or do we use your image as a launch pad... and put yourself in with you?

2009-02-18 [LynnAnneBrown]: As far as the round robin goes, As long as everyone gets to show something in the first round everthing else is up to the participants, Though I am now sitting in the first spot, it is only because I wanted to start the page with a contribution of my own. But that does not mean I always want my submission to take the lead. What I am hoping for is that as the submissions come in folk work together to arrange each round in a way that is pleasing. So if someone came up with an piece that folks agreed made a good step in that piece would go in first position. If artists were inspired by another s work, that they could be placed near each other or even side by side. So that eventually each round becomes a coherent presentation, mixing up the entries in an interesting fashion.

2009-02-18 [moira hawthorne]: hummmmmm ok I think I understand what you are after... I think the first round is gonna be a bit disorganized... and likely confusing... but eventual everyone will get it

2009-02-18 [LynnAnneBrown]: I agree, I have described my vision as best as I can, but beyond that the only way I can see to get it going is to start and work out the kinks as way go along. Of course a few "Kinks" here and there might be quite welcome.

2009-02-18 [moira hawthorne]: kinks are fun.... hehehe

2009-02-18 [LynnAnneBrown]: Absolutlely......:)

2009-02-18 [lucky193]: i love this its so creative

2009-02-18 [Lord Dog]: I would offer by way of suggestion for a future round a collage piece even revisiting the original theme of entering Elftown
THat way everyone takes a piece and connects it to the previous piece.

2009-02-18 [yamisango]: that sounds like a good idea to me

2009-02-18 [LynnAnneBrown]: And to me too. In honour of Sir HumbleDwarfs suggestion I have just made an Idea page. So as things progress we can look back and see what came to mind as we create this page and help us decide what we want to do next. and so here it is My Way Inn ~ Idea Page

2009-03-25 [jaraden]: sounds like a bloody brilliant idea... will have to wrap my puny brain around this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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