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My Heart is a Hobo
[there's a bluebird in my heart]


DISCLAIMER: I suck at art. Forgive me, please.
At least the poetry is semi-good.
And, no stealy the poems. I linked the words,
therefore they are copyrighted to me.
Besides, they're posted on another site in my name.
You'd never get away with it.
On with the show!

Author's Notes: My senior year I took an art class taught by one of the coolest teachers ever, Mr Garner. As an end of the year project, we had to make an altered book.

He brought in boxes of really old books, and we'd pick one and make it our own book. We could change the title, decorate the cover, and change the pages by drawing on them, pasting magazine pictures on them, anything to make the book uniquely ours.

I am primarily a writer, not an artist, so when I found an idea online of finding poetry in the pages of books, I ran with it.

I named the book 'My Heart is a Hobo' after Charles Bukowski (obviously a hero of mine). I did as much poetry as I could, but some of the pages just had no potential, so I did other things, like write my older poetry on the page or doodle. I'll put pictures of some of those pages too.

If some of these don't make complete sense, keep in mind that I am working with words already on one page, and that this was a science book, which limits my chances for poignant poetry. Although, the first several poems came from the introduction, so they're better. 'Only One' is my favorite. I'll post them in the order they are in the book.

Oh, and most of the pictures are really blurry, but I'm not done with the book, so I'll have to get new pictures anyway. Plus I was in a hurry XD

For legality purposes, the book I used is:
A History of Science:
Hellenistic Science and Culture in the Last Three Centuries B.C.
George Sarton
copyright 1959 Harvard University Press, Cambridge

Not all of the pages have poetry.
MHIAH Not Poetry

MHIAH The Republic of Chaos
MHIAH Greek Genius
MHIAH Only One
MHIAH Barcelona
MHIAH Preface
MHIAH Cult of Knowledge
MHIAH Teacher
MHIAH Pagination

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