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The History of Music

Welcome to the History of music, were you will learn about the different periods, composers, and even a bit on how to analyze music. The class will start from the 471, the middle ages,and continue.

Coming Soon Classical and Romantic Once I've got at least one student.

Taught By:[Eyden13]


*Religion and art are always the driving force of music.
I. 471-1450 (Middle Ages)
II. 400-600: Early Christian
III. 600-850: Early Middle Age
IV. 850: Roman-esque Period “Polyphony”
V. 1150-1450: Late Middle Ages (Gothic)
VI. 1450-1600: Renaissance
VII. 1600-1750: Baroque Period
VIII. 1750-1825: Classical
IX. 1825-1900: Romantic
X. 1900-Present-20th century



1. random student

2. random student

3. random student

4. random student

5. and so on


Assessments and Updates
Baroque period is now up; however, soon I'll be adding the Rococo period link to the notes soon. Then Classical period notes will be added, but for now make sure you review Baroque, while listening to Purcell and Vivaldi.


Brief Outline:

Lesson 1. Middle Ages: 471 - 1450

Lesson 2. Reniassance: 1450 - 1600

Lesson 3. Baroque: 1600 - 1750


Previous teachers: [Nymphette]


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2005-11-12 [Nicolaia Carpathian Queen]: Nyphie! I want to join your darling Music thingy!

2005-11-12 [Nymphette]: okay :D thankyou! ill add you :)

2010-06-06 [Eyden13]: Sorry about the stop of lessions but Will be comoming soon.

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