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Motherland:Alpha version.
This is the Alpha home page for Motherland.It is obviuosly none-spiffy and stuff becuase this is merely the first of 2-3 shells that will be applied to the RP as development continues.for now this wiki will be used for posting up news on the development,and for links to parts of the RP currently being worked on.expect the links to be empty for a few days as the problems with the numerical systems of the game have not been worked out due to lack of volunteers and having to do most,actually all,of this by myself.if someone could see it in their heart to help out little ol' me,drop me a line.I have ALOT of jobs available for people with ideas,people with time on their hands,and people good with photo-editing.

Thanks in advance,and i really hope you all enjoy the end result,

10/31/2006:Hello everyone,today is the first day of Motherland taking on a physical form in a wiki,as it now enters Alpha staging.basiclly Alpha staging is when i start setting up the infrastructure for everyone to see.infrastructure is basiclly all the links and basic layout for the wiki as a the end of making the layout,the numerical systems for things like squad points,the unit system,and the chain of command will be put into place.After that,then myself and those who volunteered for photo editing will be setting up the battlefield of North America.When this is all said and done the wiki will get a seriuos face lift and beta phase will begin.beta phase is when a test round of the game will be run,testing out everything and making sure the game is balanced out and no one faction is going to spend its time getting mopped across the floor.when everything is checked out the game will be released to the general public (as of now,only volunteers and reservist will be able to participate in the beta) and those who have reserved an account before beta phase will receive their point bonuses when they start off round 1 of Motherland.

11/2/2006:With the increasing arrival of people coming in,both as players and volunteering as staff,i will now start handing out assignments to my volunteers so we can hurry up and get alpha phase done and move into the beta shell of this wiki.i still havent finished the sub wiki links below,but im working on it.

11/7/2006:sorry for the development delay,college has had me a little held up,but no worries,development is still going on regardless.updates on links will be said here in the news section(unless you seriuosly want to watch every single page).A FAQ section will soon be going up to adress alot of the questions i have been asked by others.and the ranking system is now available inside the resources area,and the unit descriptions will soon go up either today or tomorrow.

11/8/2006:work mapping out the units and their stats has began,and you can keep track of my progress by going to the resources section,then the units the moment im currently working on the United States of America units section,so stop by there to get an idea of whats to come,though just so you know,the progressive with the US army section isent even halfway done (i havent even finished the infantry section)

11/16/2006:tomorrow is a busy day for the gaming world with the luanch of the ps3,however im a dirt poor prolish boy,so that has nothing to do with me.conversly,a much needed update is coming within the day,the addition of the motherland soundtrack.yes yes,music will be included,music designated for individual maps,faction music,win or loss music,and even menu music.the upcoming 3rd shell of the alpha site will include more images per page,and the menu music will be included,with a link to start it on this home page.the addition of music to the game is merely for fun.if ya dont like it,dont click the links to play them.if you want to see more music,or want to see different types of music,or even have some suggestions;message [Sedition] about it.the soundtrack page with all music will be added either tonight or tomorrow,and request for downloads should be sent to [Sedition].its a world easier for me if you have yahoo or msn messenger when requesting downloads,as i can send it to you directly (as uploading sites have always been finnicky for me for some reason).however for either single files or a small amount of music,i will be willing to upload it to a site for you to download.anything that reaches over 10 megabytes i will only send over a messenger.

11/19/06:Sorry for the delay,ran into a snag with uploading the soundtrack,i had forgotten to convert file types first,so give me another day or two and ill have that up.

11/21/2006:good news and bad news.the bad news is that i havent gotten the soundtrack up yet.the good news is i went ahead and set up the "global" map for all to see,with representation of faction territories.the bad news is i accidently saved it as a Jpeg and it muddied the colors a bit and i dont know how to fix that.drop me a line if you can,meanwhile,stare and drool:
*EDIT*:i felt guilty about not getting that soundtrack up yet,so here is one of the tracks for my fans out there,its the menu theme for motherland,some of you DICE fans out there may recognize this.

*EDIT 2*:as a note for putfile,they have recently updated their site so the audio scrollbar is no longer there.this doesnt mean that the music isent there when you go to the page and dont hear just means that the music is loading(go figure,i dont understand why they did away with the track search bar either)
*Edit 3*:my bad on the putfile information,seems switching to internet explorer fixes the problem alltogether.for you firefox users out there i recommend downloading the IE-tab i dont know the link,go google it.
*EDIT 4*:I managed to get the first battlefield map up.its not quite polished yet (i want to get rid of the coordinates on the grid)but this will give you a nice idea of the map.

11/21/2006:good news,the soundtrack is up in the resources section,and will constantly be updated.go check it out.

11/24/2006:after much consideration ive been pondering moving motherland from elftown into its own full-blown website.this cost money hower,money i dont what i need is just a raise of hands on the willingness to donate to a paypal account.servers dont cost much,but im totally broke as is.donations would go towards server upkeep,future projects,and video strippers on questionable websites(it gets lonely).this hasnt happend yet,and is really just an after-tought to motherland that i wouldnt implement until well after it is finished and ready for play.a website allows for far more flexibility in gameplay and community aspect in forums and chat rooms,and allows for live-games to be held.drop some feedback in the comments for today i will be doing some much needed updating of the units section.i am pondering finishing up the infantry section for USA,or starting the MEC section up.

11/28/2006:sorry for no update for the units,but ive been posting the info regarding how combat is conducted in the resources section,under the basic section.check it out and start studying,its not finished yet,but you need to know this stuff before ya start playing as it could mean the difference between victory and death.

12/1/2006:Yo everyone,its the first of the month and im pleased to announce that i dont celebrate any particular holiday due to my lack of belief,so that means ill be slaving just as hard as usual.even better is the new projected time-table of playability for the beta of Motherland,which,if all goes well and i get everything done as quick as i want it done,should be available some time around the end of this month,a nice little hannukah/christmas/kwannza/winter solstice gift for all of you good and nuaghty boys and girls out there.

12/06/2006:sorry for the major slacking folks,i really needed a break from Motherland's development.i was seriuosly burnt out all week.this update is a little bit more then just that though,i want to hear your opinions,ive recently been pondering the elimination of the Air division as a controllable player tech tree.the reason for this is gameplay balance issues (as you cant respectably lower the firepower of an A-10 without being deemed an asshole,just check out the armored fury expansion pack for battlefield 2,youll know what i mean.).so drop me a line in the comments section or shoot me a pm,let your voices be heard.

12/12/2006:resuming work on the units,decided to work on the USA and EU units instead of the USA and MEC units.dont ask why,i just did.

12/13/2006:As promised,i do have a surprise for the month,which i will now be the upcomming week a beta will be held (current time unspecified) were a fictional battle between the European Union and the United states of America will take place in the city of New York.this beta will only include infantry,with all players owning 6 unit slots and a currently undecided amount of unit points to disperse amongst their squads.there will be 3 matches,with a best out of two outcome.the winning team of players will come out of the beta with 15 bonus unit points when the game hits live.start thinking up those strategies folks!

12/21/2006:well folks,its almost time for the beta match,now dont get it twisted,motherland is NOT going into beta phase just yet,this is meant as a trial of the still developing combat system.the map may even change from new york to something more simple,as i have yet to upload the battle rules for urban environments.anyway,look forward,the beta has NO OFFICIAL DATE,but is scheduled to be around this weekend.

12/28/2006:SHHIIITTTTTTT!i forgot all about the beta match!im so sorry folks,ive been dead busy all week long,but i promise to you ill get this match to run before the end of the year;alot of people are out of town visitng family and friends,and thus there is a bit of a gap in time that they would be able to participate,thus the beta is being pushed to the end of the month.

12/31/2006:not much to say,happy new years and all that jazz,and the beta is officially being held on the upcoming saturday,everyone should be back in town then,so we can go ahead and get this show on the road.battlefield will be new york,environment rules will not apply.EU vs USA.start picking your sides now or you will be placed on a side by me.i will be serving as battlemaster during the beta.

1/05/2007:Alright,the beta is tomorrow,and ive put up the tutorial in the resources section.its a very basic and very quick read,so check it out so you know the deal for tomorrow.state your side now or be auto aligned to one!

3/12/2007:well folks,its been a long road,but the last month has been a bit hectic,and we never really got the beta off to a good start.things will only get more hectic however,as I have joined the army,and within the next week or so,i should be hitting basic training.for those that are curious,my job is infantryman,and i have yet to pick a contract pertaining to my length of service ( im pondering going for 4 years of active duty to see if i want to make a career of the military).furthermore,i wont be around nearly as much,as even after the 15 weeks of training,i will be pursuing airborne training,and if i make the cut,ranger school.wish me luck,and know that the motherland project is far from dead,it is simply on an extended hiatus.if your up to working on this while im gone,contact me and ill see if we cant work something out.otherwise motherland has been put on halt.(and by the way,that picture is way old,and does not reflect my current self XD)

2/4/2009:wow,has it really been nearly 2 years?Sorry for the massive hiatus,but a deployment to iraq can do gonna keep this update short and sweet becuase there isent anything new to add just yet,this is just an announcement that work is finally picking back up for Motherland!Im looking for a few helping hands that would like to help me out with production of this project,message me if interested.plans are now being set in motion to secure my own webspace for this project and to make it something far greater then it is right now.with that said,im currently looking for:
-possibly java or flash programmers.
-assistants with managing the increasingly vast amount of pages and info circulating around this project
-minions scouring google earth for suitable battle zones (basiclly mappers)
-more to come as i realise were i need help in

so as you can see things not only are picking back up,but fresh ideas,more experience,and possibly software,are coming to make motherland better then originally designed!so stay tuned,the fight for the Motherland has only just begun!

2/5/2009:Well,things have got running again,and im proud to announce the renovation of the battle system!it has been greatly simplified and hopefully adds more user-friendly dynamics to the maps and combat in general.check it out in the resources section to see progress so far.other minor chances,though not complete,is deleting dead links and revamping the units prepared for some major faction changes very soon.

3/3/2009: Hey guys,another update,i know things seem sparse at the moment,but trust me,work is going on daily in the 'background' to get this baby mobile.the unit system is being redone,as are the factions as a whole,and they are truly being define in unique matters.Im starting to receive help,but more is gonna be needed if the pace is going to be picked up.Please hit me up if you wish to be a part of the project,its a good way to past time,and a rewarding experience to be a part of something thats rather unique on this site.

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2009-02-28 [Sedition]: thanks,im trying to gear the following back up,production is slowed a bit as work has picked up lately as we get ready to restart training,but rest assured,work is definantly happening in the background for this.

2009-07-10 [drakkar]: <img:stuff/aj/45837/1247213440.jpg>
NOBODY expects the spanish inquisition!!!!!

2009-07-11 [Sedition]: FUUUU-

2009-07-12 [drakkar]: xD

2009-07-16 [Nuit Darksin]: FYI: I have moved to san antonio

2009-07-16 [Sedition]: how's san antonio?

2009-07-18 [Nuit Darksin]: fucking loving it. alot better than boring ass abilene texas that's for sure

2009-07-19 [Sedition]: yeah,been to texas a few times.wasnt impressed. (though mind you i only saw dallas and wichita falls.And being jaded from Lawton Oklahoma didn't help me much on my opinions of the south midwest.)

2009-07-22 [Nuit Darksin]: lol yeah you need to go to austin and san antonio much better places to visit in texas

2009-11-18 [NOOOPE]: Heya, I'm the unofficial Text Adventures rep. Is this rp alive and still looking for members?

2009-11-24 [Sedition]: unfortunantly its on hiatus,development has come to a halt due to real life issues and the fact that people will volunteer to help with stuff and then not do it :/

2009-12-01 [drakkar]: <,< on a side note recomend places in san antonio to visit as i am stuck here for a while

2009-12-04 [Sedition]: -points at him in mockery, Putting a cowboy hat on his head to replace what was once the position of a mighty fro.-

2009-12-05 [drakkar]: *bats in the shin with a rucksack*

2010-01-23 [Dreamseller]: I LIVE. And now I die again. :) See you guys in a couple of months. (Unless I remember to get on here again soon.)

2010-06-14 [drakkar]: <,< wonder if hes ever gunna finish this thing. Then again maybe snake has had his fill of war xD

2010-06-14 [Lord Josmar]: I hope so. I've been watching this thing in interest hoping to give it a try.

2010-06-14 [drakkar]: dah

2010-06-17 [Sedition]: Yo,So I have recently been told that there is still interest in this thing. I'm going to check my time and resources. If this goes back into development,I've got some big updates for it that were originally planned,namely implementing the game as a flash program for ease of use (quicker moves+GUI's,damage calculators,etc.)

2011-04-12 [Dreamseller]: lol.

2011-04-15 [drakkar]: <,< herf derf

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