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2007-11-22 Easterling: It'd be fun to hear about how people found their way to ET as well... wouldn't it?

2008-07-13 Mortified Penguin: No. No it wouldn't.

2008-07-13 Kyrinn: and that would be YOUR opinion, wouldnt it. :P I think it would be fun to hear about that.
And funny how you are disagreeing with it eight months after it was suggested.

2008-07-13 Lothuriel: I would love to hear how others found their way into Elftown! As a matter of fact, I think I'll make the wiki now!

2008-07-13 Kyrinn: Cool. :D

2008-07-13 Atayemi: W00t :3

2008-07-13 Mortified Penguin: See? I get things done. Indirectly, yes, but it's still effective.

2008-07-13 Lothuriel: How on Earth did you find Elftown?

2008-07-13 Lothuriel: And you do it while breaking the number one rule of Elftown!
You had nothing to do with the creation of the wiki. NOTHING!!! It was in fact, suggested by [Easterling], not you. And if you think for one second that I created that wiki to somehow spite you, you are an arrogant person.

2008-07-13 Easterling: X) The Penguin is very funny.
Wow, it's great, [Lothuriel], that you made a wiki about it! :D I'm going to take a look at it right now.

2008-07-13 Lothuriel: No worries dear! You are most welcome!
Thank you for the awesome idea!

2008-07-13 Easterling: I hope that people are going to find out about and write down their stories.
I'm waiting for Penguin to be the first... X)

2008-07-13 Easterling: It was interesting reading about [Tableau Vivant]. I think it's a very good ET-name.

2008-07-13 Kyrinn: Good grief, [Mortified Penguin], its not your wiki, and you did nothing to get things done. All you did, as [Lothuriel] so nicely pointed out, was break the number 1 rule of Elftown. Congrats man! :P

2008-07-13 Aradon Templar: I think he was more referring to the fact that it wasn't made until he brought things up again. Also, I think his comment was made more in jest and very unseriously. There is no denying, though, that Mortified Penguin's effort in producing the wiki is less than 'minimal' :P

2008-07-13 Kyrinn: There was no need for his comment.

2008-07-13 Easterling: It made me laugh, though. X)

2008-07-13 Lothuriel: I stand by my word and that is all I have to say on the matter.

2008-07-14 Hendercrazy: Very fun and interesting read! :)

2008-07-14 Mortified Penguin: You must all admit though, without me, it wouldn't have happened as soon as it did. You're welcome.

2008-07-14 Easterling: You're awesome, Penguin. Now, go and add your story.

2008-07-14 Mortified Penguin: Already added. ...*eats ramen*...

2008-07-14 Easterling: What is ramen?

2008-07-14 Hendercrazy: ramen noodles. :)

2008-07-14 Mortified Penguin: Why, legend has it that ramen has been passed down through the ages from civilization to civilization... It originated one day when the noodle Gods got bored. "I'm tired of this macaroni! Why can't we have something better?" they said. Unfortunetly, the lunchroom staff refused to make them anything different. At that point, a rebellion broke out in the kingdom. It was divided into two separate parts... the macaroni army and the new type of noodle army. They decided to name their new delicacy "ramen" after the Norse God, Ramenoki. A fierce war raveged the country side for many a year- ...screw this! ...ramen is just some cheap noodles... often found in a cup or package...

2008-07-14 Kyrinn: What does THIS page have to do with ramen? Maybe you should make a ramen page and discuss it there. :P

2008-07-14 Mortified Penguin: Kyrinn, please. Stop bringing up "ramen" here... it's annoying. Let's all just go back to discussing how we picked our names...

2008-07-14 [Jitter]: Irrelevant and needless comments were deleted.
[Mortified Penguin] if you insist on being annoying you'll be reported to the guards.


2008-07-14 [Kyrinn]: On the subject of [Mortified Penguin]: This is [Jitter]'s page. she had every right to delete the comments, since they werent helpful to the wiki itself and COULD be seen as harassment. Alright, subject dropped.

[Teufelsweib] you were an insane child! XP

2008-07-14 [Teufelsweib]: my grandparents have these boxes filled with pills in all kinds of bright colours they have to take daily, and my little nieces always wanted to taste them, because they looked like candy.
so after a while they had fake medicine boxes in the room where they could reach it with m&m's in it :P
actually a very wrong thing to do, since the kids might think that all medicine is like candy and eat it, but it looked awesome xD

2008-07-14 [iippo]: I wonder if there are ET members with Advil or pepto-bismo in their username or something like that... It would be nice to hear what went on in their heads (that is, if they exist)

2008-07-14 [All_Most PUNK]: Slavork is an insane person, Kyrinn. But insane in a good way.

2008-07-14 [Lothuriel]: We are all insane dear...that' why we are here.

2008-07-14 [Teufelsweib]: [iippo], I guess only emos would put that in their msn name, and then it would only be about prozac I'm afraid =/

2008-07-14 [Lothuriel]: LOL....

2008-07-14 [Mortified Penguin]: To anyone who happened to miss that conversation with me, here it is! The Missing Conversation. You'll find I'm always prepared for a comment deleting... Now, like I was told before... Abusing medicine has nothing to do with this wiki. Maybe you could make an "abusing drugs" page and comment there?

2008-07-14 [Kyrinn]: BOY you are a piece of work, aintcha. >.>

18:17:51 Kenji-chan: i don't watch it either.. ^^

18:31:04 ~aki~: XDDDD

18:41:28 Mortified Penguin: How is that funny?

18:42:55 Kenji-chan: who is what funny??

18:46:18 Mortified Penguin: Typically, "XD" would mean that something was humorous... [Aki Neko] just used it to reply to your comment stating that you didn't watch Ruroni Kenshin. So, I ask Aki, what is humorous about that statement?

18:49:12 Kenji-chan: yea, but XD doesn't ALWAYS mean something's humorous.. it's turning out to be like lol.. used just because it's there and you have nothing else to say..

18:51:51 Mortified Penguin: If there's nothing to say, then why say something? It is in no way entertaining, nor does it have a purpose.

18:54:32 Kenji-chan: IT'S ALL A MATTER OF JUST WANTING TO BE HEARD BUT HAVING NOTHING TO SAY! LOL... <--- see? i'm not actually laughing out loud, it's just a thing.. a trend.. a fad in online writing...

18:56:34 Mortified Penguin: So you'll just go and do whatever's popular without even giving a second thought to originality...?

18:57:54 Kenji-chan: *rolls eyes* That's the world we live in nowadays, isn't it??

18:59:09 Mortified Penguin: It doesn't have to be. If you wouldn't allow your mind to be so easily molded by random people...

19:06:11 Kenji-chan: yea, my mind isn't.. i was only trying to prove a point.. obviously that's not working.. so.. *leaves*

19:08:22 Mortified Penguin: Obviously, as you have nothing to prove.

19:12:02 Kenji-chan: i have nothing to prove?? i have a hell of alot to prove, just.. no one listens to what i have to say.. so i don't bother saying it!!!!

19:23:53 Mortified Penguin: Then how about saying some of that instead of useless comments that no one wants to hear...?

19:27:39 Kenji-chan: i'm not even gonna bother saying anything anymore...

2009-09-11 [Mortified Penguin]: Holy sh*t!

2009-09-11 [Talos Cyrion]: goddamit how the f*** did you get on here mort?

2009-09-11 [Mortified Penguin]: Uh... I've been in here... for quite some time...

2009-09-11 [Mortified Penguin]: You didn't notice?

2009-09-11 [Iruvielle]: mort... be sensitive if you're going to be here.

2009-09-11 [Mortified Penguin]: I'm always sensitive, madame. How dare you!

2009-09-11 [Talos Cyrion]: ha!....shit i just gagged on a chip!..don't make me laugh mort

2009-09-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: I don't care if he insults me or not, if he's going to insult me I'll just ignore him because his insults are not worth my time.

2009-09-11 [Iruvielle]: no you're not Mort...

2009-09-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: Did you really just gag on a chip Zaharaiel, or were you being sarcastic?

2009-09-11 [Aquariuscelesti a]: yea, just ignore him if you dont like ihim....everyone just breathe, lol

2009-09-11 [Talos Cyrion]: no i was being sarcastic....i made sure to swallow said chip before reading comment from this page....

And whatever happened to just deleting obnoxious commentary?

2009-09-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yeah, It's like that picture I used to have in my house used to say (before the guards took it down that is), "It's ok if you don't like me, because the ones that matter think I'm AWESOME!"

2009-09-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: No idea, Zaharaiel.

2009-09-11 [Mortified Penguin]: No need for hostility, friends. I'm only here to help advance your cause. In fact, I made a banner for this wiki... please excuse me while I upload it to Elftown.

2009-09-11 [Iruvielle]: no thanks mort... this wiki carries no banners.
now kindly move on and LEAVE! -_-

2009-09-11 [Mortified Penguin]: But... I worked so hard...

2009-09-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: If we ever need a banner I think it should be the picture at the top, that would be a perfect banner for this wiki.

2009-09-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: Ok that is the worst thing ever Mort! That would just make people feel even worse, what is wrong with you, that's not being nice, kind, caring, or sensitive!

2009-09-11 [Mortified Penguin]: What was wrong with it?

2009-09-11 [Talos Cyrion]: aparently i missed somthing...and from the sound of it i'm glad i did.

2009-09-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yes, it was a horrible picture.

2009-09-11 [Iruvielle]: yes it was a VERY horrible image.

2009-09-11 [Mortified Penguin]: And I just wish you would treat my opinions respectfully, rather than bashing them and calling me hateful! ...obesity is dangerous. That is all I've ever wanted you to agree with. It is a fact. Not only that, but when you and everyone else claim that most people can't help being obese, because of their genes, that isn't true. There is no gene that causes someone to become fat. There are genes that make becoming obese up to 70% more likely, because they retain fat and stuff, but no gene actually makes you obese. It is scientific FACT. Don't tell people not to worry about it, because it WILL greatly effect their health. Rather, tell them they shouldn't worry about others' opinions about their physical appearance. No one should be made fun of for being ugly, fat, or anything else.

2009-09-11 [Mortified Penguin]: Just what made it horrible? It was just a woman. Nothing sexual. Nothing wrong. It was her in her natural beauty.

2008-01-07 [Mortified Penguin]: *throws Nekko down a flight of stairs*

2008-01-07 [Case Open]: *Catches Nekko and topples over*

2008-01-08 [Nekko fox]: *Is ignoring the penguin* No one invited that fucker, so let's carry on without him!

2008-01-09 [Case Open]: *Snuggles up to Nekko*

2008-01-09 [Mortified Penguin]: I don't believe you were invited yourself, moron... *eats ramen*...

2008-01-09 [Erubeus]: Oh my gosh. You two are depressing me even more. >< Cut the childish antics out, it doesn't make either of you any better than each other. If you both keep arguing and bickering it just proves that you both are completely childish, cannot control your minds/fingers, and are completely pathetic. >>

2008-01-09 [Mortified Penguin]: ...*eats ramen*...

2008-01-10 [~Crimson Angel~]: Ok

2008-01-10 [Case Open]: *Gets up and sits next to Athen nodding her head* I agree.

2008-01-10 [Erubeus]: -huffs- Thank you.

2008-01-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Yeah, me too. You two idiots need to stop fighting! ...gosh... the nerve of some people... *eats ramen*...

2008-01-10 [Nekko fox]: *Gives Penguin the finger* Childish indeed.

2008-01-10 [Erubeus]: Neko. >> Don't.

2008-01-11 [Mortified Penguin]: Yeah, penguin, you douchebag! *slaps him*

2008-01-11 [Nekko fox]: *Rolls eyes and curls up in Athen's lap*

2008-01-11 [Erubeus]: -pats his head softly and craddles him- Nya. Cutie.

2008-01-11 [Mortified Penguin]: Don't slap me, penguin, you idiot! *kicks himself in the face*... *falls down a cliff*...

2008-01-11 [Case Open]: *Lays head down on Nekko's body and looks up at Athen* So how are you today?

2008-01-11 [Erubeus]: Tired... -blinks, nuzzles Neko and goes back to reading her book that kept her up all night-

2008-01-12 [~Crimson Angel~]: *is in a corner reading Shojo Beat*

2008-01-12 [Mortified Penguin]: *pimp slaps Misty*... Shojo Beat is the stupidest drivel I've ever had the misfortune to read. Now, Shonen Jump, on the other hand... it's got much better artwork, better stories, and it's not gay!

2008-01-12 [Case Open]: *Shakes head lightly* Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean that somebody else doesn't... or shouldn't.

2008-01-12 [Nekko fox]: And what's wrong with gay?

2008-01-12 [Case Open]: *Giggles and pushes Nekko's shoulder* Nothing you silly goose! I'm sure he didn't intentionally try to make it sound like that.

2008-01-12 [Mortified Penguin]: Well, no I didn't... but you've got a good point, nekko. Gay people are inferior and should be stamped out of existence. ...*eats ramen*... but this is a wiki for kinky discussions, not discussions about the immorality of homosexuality... now... let us discuss whips and/or chains.

2008-01-12 [Erubeus]: Dude, what the fuck is wrong with your feeble little mind? You think it's cool to bash on homosexual/transexual/bisexual men and women? I don't care if you have the thought in your mind that love does not escapes boundaries of sex, race, ethnicity, blood and religion, but don't you bring them on a board with more then one very defenssive bisexual who comments often... More then likely you have a best friend or a family memeber who has yet to come out of the closet because of homophobes like you. One day you're just gonna get your ass kicked by someone like me, bitchy-moody-defenssive, so bad that you're going to be in the hospital for more than you wish to be. You will lose your sanity that's how long you will be in there.
Keep your fucking judgement off of this board, nobody wants to see it... >>
We also don't want to see you, but hey, what's life without an idiot or two, hm?

2008-01-13 [Mortified Penguin]: What does "love" have to do with anything? I'm saying that homosexuals (not necessarily bisexuals, you dumbass) are idiots. Their only purpose in life is to pleasure themselves... they are, as a whole, self-centered, egotistical, morons. And if their views ever get called into question, they immediatly respond by claiming that the person they're talking to is narrow minded. Apparently, everyone who doesn't love gays is narrow minded. Don't you think that's a little hypocritical? No... of course you wouldn't... because if I don't conform and see things just like you, I'm an idiot, right? You disgust me. And furthermore, if I do have a friend or family member that turns out to be gay... then they will no longer be considered my friend and/or family member. You got that, you twit?, like I was saying before I was so rudely interupted with your trivial views, we need to find a more appropriate wiki for this discussion... how about Bob's Diner? But anyway... where was I... ah yes. Whips and/or chains. What are your thoughts on the matter?

2008-01-13 [Erubeus]: Like I said, we do not want to see your beliefs on the board, especially such crap as that. And I happen to know for a fact that they are not self-centered or egotistical. I cannot say they are not morons because everybody in this world has there moments, some more than others. And I find it very hypocritical of you to judge because ever male or female on this planet has had thougths of two females having sex/two males having sex. And every man has said at least once in their life that he and his best friend should get together and fuck a girl senseless, or vise versa. No, I'm ending this conversation because frankly you're annoying and I hate homophobes.

2008-01-13 [Mortified Penguin]: Listen to what I say, you dolt. I'm only saying these things about homosexuals... not people who have thought of sex with the same gender, wanted a threesome, or are bisexual. And of course you wouldn't think they were morons... heck, they're probably geniuses compared to you... I'm only saying that homosexuals that refuse to get together with the opposite gender are idiots. Narrow minded idiots. The only reason you're ending the conversation, is because you're too stupid to continue. (for more fighting with Mort, please go to Argue with Mort.) Now, damn it... what are your thoughts on whips and/or chains?!!

2008-01-13 [Erubeus]: -hums and reads book-

2008-01-13 [Mortified Penguin]: We were just talking you jerk! Gosh, it's like you have ADD or som- hey! Let's go ride bikes!


2008-01-13 [Erubeus]: Nope, I simply know when to stop debating because I know it would not change your point of view. -flicks wrist while engrossed in her book-

2008-01-13 [Mortified Penguin]: (To Misty) Sure they should... Picture this... there are some purple cats and some red cats. The red male cats mate with the red female cats. They have kittens and raise a whole new community of red cats. The purple male cats mate with the other purple male cats and the purple female cats mate with the other purple female cats... in a few years, they have no new community of cats to show for it. Now, eventually the red cats have too many babies, prompting them to put a few up for adoption. The purple cats, feeling that they will have nothing to show for their lives if they don't have any kittens, end up adopting some red cats. Over time, the purple cats' red kittens grow up and mate with either gender. Whatever they prefer. As time goes on, all the purple cats end up dying out, because they never had any real kittens of their own. The new communities of kittens, the red cat kittens and the purple cat kittens are all red, as the purple cats were forced to adopt, instead of naturally having kittens as nature intended. I'm sure throughout history, some red cats will have some of the same genetic deficiencies that the purple cats once had, but it doesn't matter, because they won't have any true children, because they'll be too busy getting into cat fights, having intercourse with the same gender, and generally being a burden on the cat society... So, in conclusion, the purple cats were inferior to the red cats, because they died out, whereas the red cats flourished, and even took advantage of the foolish purple cats by making them raise red cats and mooch off the purple cats' resources. Like many unsuccessful breeds of animal, the purple cats failed and died out due to a deficiency the red cats overcame. It's evolution, baby... But anyway... the point of this story is to inform you not to buy a purple cat as a pet... or even a red cat... but instead, invest in a dog. Now... can we get back to the matter at hand...? ......WHIPS AND/OR CHAINS!!!

2008-01-13 [Case Open]: GUYS! SERIOUSLY, come the fuck on. What is this? Fighting central? This isn't where we come to bash eachother, okay, so knock it the hell off. Penguine, if all you can do is shove other people's faces in the dirt, shut your mouth and say it out loud to yourself, not with your fingers, and if what he DOES type affends anybody, DON'T RESPOND, this is fucking rediculous!!

2008-01-13 [Erubeus]: I take the scolding gracefully. Here I am always trying to stop Neko and Penguins arguing and I was drawn into it.. Damned hypocracy. 3:

2008-01-13 [Mortified Penguin]: [Case Open], you moron... Did you even read what we wrote? We were finished arguing, and you had to stupidly respond, telling people not to respond. So, unless you want to continue fighting, I suggest you shut up. ...and dang it! ...what are your views on whips and/or chains?!

2007-07-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: It's not a lie.*kisses [Mortified Penguin] on the lips*

2007-07-27 [Aki Neko]: Oo ummm...Copying is basics for beginer artists.

2007-07-27 [Mortified Penguin]: *gets a severe lip fungus and dies*

2007-07-27 [Mortified Penguin]: I never copied though... *eats ramen*...

2007-07-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: I knew it,aren't I evil?

2007-07-27 [Aki Neko]: Oo Um, Misty, you also know Mortified is a girl, right?

2007-07-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: so?

2007-07-27 [Aki Neko]: Oh...

2007-07-27 [Mortified Penguin]: ...WHAT?! **** I am! ...*whips out penis*... *smacks you in the face with it*...

2007-07-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: *laughs*

2007-07-27 [Aki Neko]: Oo Whered SHE get a penis???

2007-07-27 [Mortified Penguin]: ...penis store. ...*eats ramen*...

2008-10-02 [Mortified Penguin]: I wish to be removed from the list of believers... *eats ramen*...

2008-10-02 [Imperator]: Tell me good sir, have you become an athiest? What prompted this change? Perhaps I can help; I am Sir Thomas Wigglesworth. *sips tea*

2008-10-02 [Mortified Penguin]: Why, Elftown hasn't yet earned my trust. And in today's declining economy, I can't just hand out all of my trust... nay! I must conserve it. Perhaps if I invest it wisely, my trust can grow and I can become a milliontrustaire. ...*sips ramen*... *nibbles on hay*...

2008-10-03 [Ramirez]: [Mortified Penguin], am I removing you from the list?

@ everyone else:

Settle the crap down with the random comments. It's hard to sift through things that I have to take action with. =P

2008-10-03 [Vou]: >; Sorry Nii-san. I was trying to get back involved with the conversation... and and... stuff.. xD

2008-10-03 [Ramirez]: It's fine. =P

2008-10-03 [Byne]: I think that I will restate what was stated earlier? Chit chatter such as what has gone on here, can occur at The Believers Coffee House. It was created basically to serve that purpose.

2008-10-03 [Mortified Penguin]: No...? ...why would you think such a thing...? ...*eats ramen*... *is inconclusive*...

2008-10-03 [Ramirez]: You stated you wanted to be removed.

2008-10-03 [Mortified Penguin]: Your point being?

2008-10-03 [Ramirez]: I was asking if you were being serious.

2008-10-03 [Vou]: -.-'

2008-10-03 [Mortified Penguin]: Speaking of serious... when I was a kid, my dad came home drunk every night... one night, he looked over at me and said, "why so serious?"... so then he bought me a pony and we lived happily ever after... *eats ramen*...

2008-10-03 [SilverFire]: :D FOR PONY!

2008-10-04 [Mortified Penguin]: Pony burgers!

2008-10-04 [Thunder Cid]: *gasps*

2008-10-04 [Kuramasgirl]: D: What a horrible thing to say.

2008-10-04 [Mortified Penguin]: Dem's good eatin'.

2008-10-04 [Vou]: You seriously need to grow up Mortified.. and stop being so damn confusing and answer Ramirez's question.

Are you wanting to be removed from the list or not?

2008-10-04 [Imperator]: Awwww, it's just humor... Not to say I can tell whether he wants to be on the list but still. :P

2008-10-04 [Vou]: It's not funny when Mortified is being irrational.. -.-'

2008-10-04 [Mortified Penguin]: Pi is irrational. And Pi sounds like Pie. America loves pie. So by not liking things that are irrational, you therefore don't like pie, so therefore hate America. Terrorist!

2008-10-04 [HardRockAngel]: *is confused*

2008-10-04 [Mortified Penguin]: But, I digress... you guys believe in Elftown. By this logic, you also believe in it's members. So tell me... what do you believe I want to do?

2008-10-04 [Diede.]: Get a job?

2007-10-01 [The Dark Wolf]: I HATE GANGS!!!!!!!

2007-10-02 [Mortified Penguin]: Don't be dissin' gangs... *eats ramen*...

2007-10-03 [The Dark Wolf]: why not? *Shoves ramen in your face* don't start that here i will report you. >.<

2007-10-03 [♥Lex;;™]: *falls over laughing* hahaha... im sorry that was kick ass!

2007-10-03 [The Dark Wolf]: <img:44166_1164145357.gif> what was.....<img:stuff/mood5-gif.gif>

2007-10-03 [The Dark Wolf]: the ramen thing gets kinda anoying after a wile.

2007-10-03 [Mortified Penguin]: You have a problem with ramen eating?

2007-10-03 [The Dark Wolf]: no i have a problem with seeing this.......

2007-10-03 [The Dark Wolf]: *eats ramen* *eats ramen* *eats ramen* *eats ramen* *eats ramen* *eats ramen*!!! after every thing you type....

2007-10-03 [Mortified Penguin]: ...I fail to see how that's annoying... I mean... it's no more annoying than adding a smiley after every sentence like people usually do... ;)

2007-10-03 [The Dark Wolf]: i don't.... and i could care less about the smiley.... as long as it goes with what you where saying!<img:stuff/an.gif>

2007-10-03 [The Dark Wolf]: to express how one is feeling so to speak.

2007-10-04 [Mortified Penguin]: The phrase "*eats ramen*" is used to show that I am a glutton... not just for food, but for knowledge. It is an expression of my lust for more knowledge... or something deep like that... *consumes Japanese noodles*... b****! It's just a sig!

2007-10-04 [♥Lex;;™]: GASP! *stops laughing and stands up && glares* did you call her a bitch?! *clenches fist*

2007-10-04 [The Dark Wolf]: *Put's hand on Gingers sholder* don't bruse your kunkles or get HIS blood on your shirt.. even though i would smile... Not worth it.

2007-10-04 [Mortified Penguin]: ...heh heh...

2007-10-04 [Mortified Penguin]: Besides... I didn't call her a bitch... you merely jumped to the conclusion and filled in the blanks yourself. So, if you think about it for once in your life, it was you that called her a bitch.


2007-10-05 [Mortified Penguin]: *picks nose*

2007-10-05 [♥Lex;;™]: I outta give you something to remember me by! you frikin smartass! *B-slaps your face*

2007-10-05 [Mortified Penguin]: ...riiiight... weirdo... hey! My stocks went up today...

2007-10-05 [♥Lex;;™]: hey im not weird! and i dont give a shit... youre an asshole! *sticks tongue out at you*

2007-10-09 [The Dark Wolf]: Ginger your not weird.... any even if you where that just makes you more important.

2007-10-09 [Mortified Penguin]: ...but by saying she's not weird, you're suggesting she's less important... for shame.

2007-10-09 [The Dark Wolf]: either get off my Wiki or i WILL contact the guards... first and last warning.

2007-10-09 [Mortified Penguin]: capitalized "will" but not "I"...? your grammar is messed up... but since I'm a nice guy I'll leave... *hugs you*... thanks for a fun time! ...*leaves forever... yes... forever*

2007-10-09 [Pillowthief]: Anger... Its nice to see some other people making fun of Mort and Mort making fun of other people, besides the regulars.

And its really not fair to say that "the guards will be waiting!" on a wiki that supports and encourages "cussing screaming and bitching". I think that the guards will let know know that you kinda asked for it and you didnt have to talk to him if you didnt want to. He lives for making fun of people, thats why we keep him around.

2007-10-10 [♥Lex;;™]: Oh... My Gosh... we have a twin.... Mortified P. times 2... SHIT!

Some of my earlier work:

[Mortified Penguin]: Man, preps are awesome...

[{SaRcAsTiC *lOsS *oF* tHe *SuBcOnSiOuS*}]: Preps Suck!!!! They think they know everything and are better than everyone, and treat everyone else like shit! Most of them anyways...

[Mortified Penguin]: Actually, the preps I know are cool, kind, pretty smart, and overall nice... it's the goths, emos, and punks I can't stand...

[♥Lex;;™]: *gasp* NOOO!! bad person! i hate preps! and the punk ppl get me! *gasp* thats horrible! how can you not stand them!?

[The Dark Wolf]: I belive [Mortified Penguin] is a prep. and i have nothing against most people but every prep i have ever met that was nice to me was just trying to get some thing. once they got it they stabed me in the back. and i do not mean to be rude but [Mortified Penguin] this wiki is called PREP HATERS. not prep lovers. there for most people on this wiki are goth, punk, geeks, and people that have been trampled on by preps.

[♥Lex;;™]: !!!!yes yes yes i agree!!!!
*huggles yoruchi*

[Mortified Penguin]: The sun is shining today... It's good to be alive.

[The Dark Wolf]: wow with an ego that big how can you notice any one else? and have you ever thought they where mean to you maybe because they envy what you have?! try and see their side. and i sure as hell am not your dude!

[♥Lex;;™]: *GASP* huggles yoruchi! i love you!

[Mortified Penguin]: What I have? I have naught but a few pennies in my pocket... but I don't really need money anyway... all you really need is love. Sort of like the love a prep will give you.

[♥Lex;;™]: yeah ummm when they complement you its calles lying thorugh there teeth... and it has nothing to do with your physical housing and clothes... it has to do with your smartness... the number of friends you have... and your popularity level...

so dood dont diss others... i see from the vibe im getting you are turning into a prep bcuz you choose not to interact with others... that are not like you...

am i right or am i right?

and im not saying i dont like you.. its just theres no reason to be here if you like preps... hate=all of the above hate.. not like some adn hate others...

[Mortified Penguin]: Heh... I heard this really funny joke the other day... anyone want to hear it?

[♥Lex;;™]: ??? im not a punk sk8ter goth.. emo... i am just an average.. and i hang out with averages.. and the punks and all of them... but preps.. jocks.. out of my catagory of "friends"

and the thing is hunny... this is prep haters! not loverz so it is a matter of argument...

[Mortified Penguin]: A man walks into a bar and says, "OUCH!"... man, that's classic...

[♥Lex;;™]: yeahhh oky doky.. w/e im an american so yeah you freedom of speech... so yeah lol.. idk...

well thanks but the ppl in this wiki i dont think are interested lol... no offense its just true lol...

PORN stars.... EGOTISTICAL! i luv dat worrrd!

[The Dark Wolf]: Mortified Penguin your labors are wasted here as well. i grew up being diffrent... not having much, being abused sexuly, physicaly, and mentaly. mostly by the preps in my middle school and high school, and no one belived me, no one but the group you claim are mean to you. they took me in when no one wanted me, not even my own family wanted me after what the preps did. so why dont you go tell some one who cares how fucking great your preps are. cuse we don't want it here!!!!!!

[The Dark Wolf]: and no one's going to go to your damn Wiki, so stop trying. it's call PREP HATERS for a reason, i don't know how much we have to stress that to you!

[Mortified Penguin]: I know you hate preps... and no wonder nobody believed you... I don't even believe you myself...

[♥Lex;;™]: ?? wtf?! you are a sick man! get away! how could you say that to someone....? thats just fucked up... see you ARE just like them! go away...

*hugs yoruchi.... im sorry he's being a bitch... :( he just doesnt understand REAL problems that REAL people have....

[Mortified Penguin]: I was sexually harassed by an emo back in seventh grade... which is why I'm friends with preps now...

[♥Lex;;™]: o yeah... sure..."i dont EVEN believe you" so w/e i dont wanna hear your sob story after what you said to Yoruchi

[Mortified Penguin]: You stressed the word that wasn't meant to be stressed and left the one that was supposed to uncapitalized...

[♥Lex;;™]: no no i stressed it for a reason.... youd have to be here to know how i said it...

and what the hell! why does it matter what i capitalized or not...?

CUZ i have MY own REASONS as to wHY i CaPiTaLiZe my wordZ... so DEAL with IT...

and thats besides the point...

[The Dark Wolf]: Ginger*Snaps* thank you for being human and understanding. and Mortified Penguin did i say "sexually harassed" NO! i said abused, if you used you self proclaimed smartness you would know that means RAPE.... and funny cuse the corts found that they did it. so FUCK YOU FUCK YOUR PREPS AND FUCK OFF WILE YOUR AT IT. i hope some day some on can return the rudeness and pain you and your preps have give me and my people! and if you've ever been raped you wouldnt have said what you said to me.... i would even wish rape on those that did it to me!

[Mortified Penguin]: I will believe that, when I see some proof... court papers or anything... just some kind of proof... until then, I'll just keep on believing that preps are superior...

[I'm gone gone gone]: Preps are humans. Rotten humans... but humans, and no more superior than a dog.

[Mortified Penguin]: Are you talking to me?

[♥Lex;;™]: ok u should just leave cuz we obviously have no reason to believe anything you say...

youre a damn hypocrite...

gooooosh! grrr... just go to your lil wiki and chat with the ppl who CARE!

[Mortified Penguin]: How am I a hypocrite...?

[♥Lex;;™]: 1. you tell us that OTHER ppl hurt you... but then you go and say things to ppl and hurt them...

2. you tell ppl you dont believe what they say and you expect other ppl to believe your "sad" shit... and just have them feeling sorry for your ass..

maybe you should watch what you say to other ppl b4 you attempt to make someone else feel sorry for you and your bull...

otherwise one day youre gonna say the wrong thing to the wrong person and damn you'll be fucked... "what goes around, comes back around..." its called KARMA... do i have to spell if for you?

if i were you i'd "keep it cute, or put it on mute" - C.C.

thank you... and have a nice day

[The Dark Wolf]: yes i don't think any one could say it better than

[♥Lex;;™] and i don't have to show you shit. what happened, happened and no one ,Not even you, can change that. so please go worship your preps and live us in peace, because we tire of your bull shit.

not only that but i don't think you would belive a word i said truth or not simply cuse i'm not a prep. i'm done trying to explaine to you why we dislike preps. and i'm starting to think you will never understand. so please just go away and leave us alone!

[♥Lex;;™]: exactly...

nicely said Yurochi...

[Mortified Penguin]: I don't believe, because it sounds like a lie. Anyone could just claim they were harassed... but you say you have proof... and your lack of willingness to show me that proof only deepens my suspicions of your "sad story"...

I was never sexually harassed. That was a lie. Just like you being sexually abused...

You've insulted me as well. Not necessarily with your words, but with your lack of spelling and grammar... I know you're not dumb enough not to know to capitalize your Is. If you're going to try and argue with me, the least you could do is stop using atrocious slang, egregious grammar, and absolutely terrible spelling.

And finally, I don't believe in karma. It's a bunch of crap.

[♥Lex;;™]: well there you go.. you lied... but just because you lied doesnt mean that the other people who claim they actually have been harassed....lied...

youre the lyin peice of shit dood! and you want proof from other ppl when they say theyve been harassed what kinda shit is that.... youre a sick person just like you and your damn barbie and ken friends....

thats all you guys are is PLASTIC you have no hearts and no brain... everything about you is fake...

and ill spell howeva i wanna spell... so watchu gona do bout it.... BARBIE?

and lastly... you dont have to believe in Karma... itll just happen whether you like it or not...and you can call it w/e you want... "bad luck" maybe... you just wait it will come back and hit you.... and i cant wait till you get what you deserve....

[Mortified Penguin]: Uh... please refrain from insulting me...

Yeah, I lied... to prove that anyone could lie about it. I said I'd drop it and believe that preps are bad if I could only see some kind of proof.

I'm a guy... so technically I'd be Ken... if, in fact, I were a prep... but as I stated earlier... I'm a nerd...

And if you believe in karma (what goes around, comes around), then why, might I ask, do preps have it so good? If they are as bad as you claim, shouldn't their lives be crap? Their lives are actually pretty great. They're smart and great looking! ...but emos/goths/punks/etc. have rather terrible lives. It would seem as though you are the ones who are bad. And if you do believe in karma, why not be friendly towards the preps? By your logic, they should return the kindness, shouldn't they?

[I'm gone gone gone]: Problem is, most of them aren't decent enough to do that... and to my lovely members: if you want him out of this wiki I'll talk to Mallory about it.

[Mortified Penguin]: I'll leave whenever I finish arguing... or whenever Mallory tells me to...

[♥Lex;;™]: ...... *cough* yeah i have nothing else to say to him.... hes not worth my breath...

[Mortified Penguin]: Yeah, that's the reason...

[♥Lex;;™]: what the hell is that supposed to mean?

[Mortified Penguin]: What do you think?

[♥Lex;;™]: idk im not u so obviously I DONT KNOW! and 2nd im not a mind reader!

[Mortified Penguin]: If you're too dense, then forget it...

[♥Lex;;™]: ? uhh ok dood...?

[The Dark Wolf]: that's it i'm done... it has taken some thinking on my part and i'm going to say one last thing to you Ken and then i'm going to act like you are not and never have been here. even though i don't agree with you at all i still respect you. just as i respect every living thing (yes even preps) but you have no right to barge in here and be this disrespectful to me and the other members of this Wiki. you know none of us, and you understand us even less. what is worst is you came with the hope of 'spreading the love' so to speak, and only made us dislike you and made your self look kinda like an ass. i was telling only truth about the rape and would show you documents but i would prefer people not to know the party's involved. in a way i am protecting your preps that are sooo great. *rolls eyes* stop pushing. i am trying my best to not be rude to you, even when i would love nothing more than to cuss you out, but i am not a child any more so i try to act my age when anger is a factor. plz just leave and dont talk about my spelling, i know i can't spell, but thats my prob not yours. i am sorry that we have not made friends and that i didn't word things as well as i could have, but what is done is done. let's agree to disagree and leave it at that.

[♥Lex;;™]: YAY!.... :D *huggs* i love you!

[The Dark Wolf]: thank you *bow's* but i was just telling the truth i dont lie like others we know on this Wiki. *coughcough Mortified Penguin coughcough*

[♥Lex;;™]: hahahah... i love how u used my ken-ness!haha

[The Dark Wolf]: i couldn't help it... that was perrrrfict.

[♥Lex;;™]: hahaha! well thank you...

[The Dark Wolf]: yea and now i feel like spelling really crappy just too mak hem madd..... who mades fun of someone cuse thay cantt sepll? lol OMG! i'm so hipper right now

[♥Lex;;™]: hehe totly meh tooz... hehe..!! yay!!! *jumps on yoruchi*

[Mortified Penguin]: im hypper to! *flails arms in the air and jumps around*

[I'm gone gone gone]: *raises eyebrows awkwardly*

[Mortified Penguin]: You should all watch The Breakfast Club...

[~Crimson Angel~]: NO!

[Mortified Penguin]: Since it has a lot to do with this wiki... as it is about a prep, a goth, a nerd, a rich girl, and a criminal... very insightful film...

[~Crimson Angel~]: Since [Mortified Penguin] is here I don't want to be here.

[The Dark Wolf]: Um penguin watch it again.. because the point your trying to get to us is the very point your missing. you said your self you did not like the goths punks emo, ect... so your once again looking like a big ASS... now go away and leave us alone.... i think i speak 4 every one when i say we dont want you here.

[Mortified Penguin]: How am I looking like a big ass? I'm not trying to get any point to you... I just wanted to tell you all about a movie that deals with labels...

[♥Lex;;™]: ive already watched that movie like 100X's... its a good movie but that doesnt change anything for me.

[~Crimson Angel~]: He's so annoying.

[{SaRcAsTiC *lOsS *oF* tHe *SuBcOnSiOuS*}]: Yeah why dont you just find another wiki to annoy people at cuz we dont care! Just go somewhere!

[♥Lex;;™]: lol... hmmm i love you guys! hehe

[{SaRcAsTiC *lOsS *oF* tHe *SuBcOnSiOuS*}]: Awwww i love you to Ginger!!! lolz.....

[The Dark Wolf]: I love this wiki and MOST of the people in it. too bad some find they have destroy a good thing.

[The Dark Wolf]: oh and Ginger RULZ!!!!

[The Dark Wolf]: ACK! I can't believe some freaking people!!!! I’m so fucking stupid! I thought that maybe my fellow high school students from big walnut high could change. BUT NO! Their all plastic and will never see past their fakeness!!!!!! I HATE PREPS!!!! why do they think it funny to torment me so?

[♥Lex;;™]: idk theyre stupid! grr!... and thank you, you guys!!!! :D

[Mortified Penguin]: I've dated a prep and I've dated a punk/emo chick... the punk/emo chick smoked, cursed, wasn't even a virgin in the first place, made terrible grades, cheated on me, and started screaming at me when I "had the nerve to break up with her"... the preppy chick was hot, smart, nice, a virgin, and when we broke up it was civil and now we're still friends... You can see how, through my experiences, I would prefer preps...

[Mortified Penguin]: And here's that emo chicks house... [Bleeding of my scarz]. Such a stereotypical name too...

[♥Lex;;™]: ok. well. that "emo/punk" chick you dated was how SHE is. all punks arent not virgins, cuss, and smoke. only some are. so pretty much you judge all b4 you know all. and preps are all bitches. the ones that "look" preppy i dont call preps unless i know they are bitches. but if they arent. they're just considered normal civilized ppl. there is a difference.

the meaning of a prep is bitchy, rich, pretty girl, who thinks everyone who is in a lower hirorchy is literally LOWER than her and treats them like shit. Get it?

punks and emos arent bad. they accept you if you know how to act and treat other ppl w/ respect and they'll even accept a "normal person" (not prep) bcuz they treat them right. a prep cant be involved cuz they dont accept anyone! unless you are their plastic barbie friends.

[Mortified Penguin]: I don't judge them all before knowing them all... all of her friends were like that... I've even seen some from other schools that were like that...

You fit that description except the rich and pretty part.

They so freakin' are. Preps are the ones who will accept you. The punks and emos treat me like crap, yo...


thats mean right there!

i didnt say nuthin about you mr!

[Mortified Penguin]: So you're saying only preps like me insult...? Or are you the kind of person that insults people too?

[♥Lex;;™]: no! AND DID YOU NOT GET MY EXPLAINATION ABOUT THE WORD "PREP"? all ppl who are named prep are ((read ^^))

and ppl who dress like em but accept ppl and dont judge b4 they know are not preps!

[Mortified Penguin]: Yes, they still are preps. They're not mean preps, but they're still preps!

And allow me to quote you...

[♥Lex;;™] on [Mortified Penguin]:
"hes not worth my breath"
"you are a sick man"
"he's being a bitch"
"youre a damn hypocrite"
"youre the lyin peice of shit dood"
"youre a sick person just like you and your damn barbie and ken friends"
"thats all you guys are is PLASTIC you have no hearts and no brain"
"i cant wait till you get what you deserve"

[♥Lex;;™]: ok what is that supposed to proove?

[Mortified Penguin]: It's a rebuttal to your earlier statement, "i didnt say nuthin about you mr!"

[♥Lex;;™]: ok you are just now... coming back to me about it?!

[Mortified Penguin]: There was an interval of 2 comments before I posted those quotes. That wouldn't be "coming back" to it... it would be "continuing" with it.

[♥Lex;;™]: uh huh. ok go ahead i deserve to be called w/e after my brutal out burst so... go ahead.

[Mortified Penguin]: ...uh... I already insulted you... I said you weren't rich and pretty...

[The Dark Wolf]: tell me some thing plz... and remember i asked nice... what is this solving? oh and Penguin i read your ex's page and she seems to be really cool. just because some one smokes or said fuck or even had sex dose not make them bad people. it means their most likely embracing life, if you gotta live it why not have fun doing it. and every girl handles braking up diffrent.... and i would like to say first money doesn't make any one better for having it, it doesnt make them any less either. many great people in history started poor and made them selfs more throw hard work. and the next... Ginger your very pretty. i think Penguin just wanted to say some thing hurtful because he's on the defenceove. (i know i spelled things wrong... i dont care right now.) thank you.

[♥Lex;;™]: ok that was all youre gona insult me with? i can deal with that.

and yea what she said!

thanks yoruchi. its ok tho. i know im pretty and thats all that matters lol... i was kidding when i "gasped" lol... i dont care what other ppl think but thank you its nice to know you think i am XD

[Mortified Penguin]: Embracing life...? ...but she's suicidal!

And I didn't say it because I was "on the defensive"... If anything, I'm on the offensive... I said it, because I honestly do not think she is pretty.


i'm sorry if i affend any one with this comment but i've had enough of this.... jerk.

[Mortified Penguin]: I'm not judging... and I never said that anyone was lower than me... or that I was superior... my objective here was to point out that your hatred of preps is unfounded, as they are actually not as horrible a people as you believe...

You merely overreacted, because through years of deep hatred to preps, you assumed that they all share common ideas... and you assumed that I was a prep, because of my love for them... though I am not, as I stated before.

As for not having a picture of myself... it's the internet. I'd rather people not know my name or even what I look like.

[The Dark Wolf]: w/e

[♥Lex;;™]: wait ok alex is lost... rewind and pause... what happened just now? lol

aaaaaand did he just call me pretty after he called me ugly....

[Mortified Penguin]: I believe there was a "not" before that pretty...

[♥Lex;;™]: o... well then...

thats kinda harsh...

but w/e...

Mort sends some messages:

Letter number: 76265572
From: [Mortified Penguin] (<poll:77038>)
To: [~Valkyrie~] (My head is in the clouds...No, I won't come down!)
Sent 2009-07-10 06:57:10 (4 days ago)
Comment to: 76265369
Comment in 76267498

I don't care about you or your friends. You can all die for all I care... *eats ramen*...

On a more serious note, have you eaten at Bob's Diner today? They have great food at low, low prices!

Also, your "boyfriend" started it. But, I don't suppose you even noticed or cared about that, did you? You're all alike... preaching about morals, when you yourself are a disgusting hypocritical pig.

More importantly though... eat at Bob's Diner. They're open 25/7!




Letter number: 76267498
From: [~Valkyrie~] (My head is in the clouds...No, I won't come down!)
To: [Mortified Penguin] (<poll:77038>)
Sent 2009-07-10 21:56:22 (3 days ago)
Comment to: 76265572
Comment in 76267956

Wow. This is exactly what I am talking about with the personal attacks. You can argue, and even get mad, without making personal attacks. And I did notice, and do care, that he was the first to get heated up, I never said that he didn't have a quick temper. However, you did chose to continue when you saw that you were offending people. You do not know me, and therefore could not know that I am a hypocrite. Also, I am noticing some hypocrisy from you as well, I copied and pasted this from one of your comments. "2009-07-08 [Mortified Penguin]: Please don't say such things. Nobody deserves to die."

So, you tell me that my friends and I can all go die, and then have the audacity for "xoxoxo Love, Mort" And you are the one preaching about hypocrisy and such.


Letter number: 76267956
From: [Mortified Penguin] (<poll:77038>)
To: [~Valkyrie~] (My head is in the clouds...No, I won't come down!)
Sent 2009-07-11 00:32:08 (3 days ago)
Comment to: 76267498

I never said I wasn't a hypocrite... *eats ramen*...

And you and you're friends can all go die... if you want to...

Also, Bob's Diner still has great food at low, low prices! (now served with real meat!)


Hatefully yours,

[Mortified Penguin]

Mort defends his good pal, Jesus:

2009-02-07 [Mortified Penguin]: Your views on religion conflict heavily with the bible... *eats ramen*...

2009-02-07 [Zab]: Depends on how you read the bible >)

2009-02-07 [Mortified Penguin]: Not really...

2009-02-07 [Zab]: Yes really. You can read it literally, or not literally.

2009-02-07 [Mortified Penguin]: "I do not believe in the tradition creation story of Adam and Eve. It just doesn't make sense to me..."

"All Scripture is inspired by God". To question any part of the bible is to question God Himself.

"I support gay rights and marriage 110%. Love is love..."

The bible says, "man shall not lay with man as man lays with woman." That seems pretty clear to me, not matter how you read it. And why do you think God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah? Because of homosexuality.

"there are some [sins] that are just too horrrendous..."

All sins are equally horrendous in the eyes of God. Any sin against an infinitely holy God is damnable.

"Only the really horrible, deeply disturbed people go to hell..."

"All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." The majority of people will go to hell. It doesn't matter how good a life they've lead, if they weren't one of the few that were predestined, then they will go to hell.

...there were some more contradictory things I read, but I seem to have forgotten what they were and am too lazy to read through it all again... *eats ramen*...

2009-02-07 [Mortified Penguin]: Of course... those that aren't saved can't truly understand the bible... so it really does me no good to even quote the scripture to someone who will just pervert the meanings in their mind...

2009-02-07 [Zab]: But those are from newer bibles. For each and every translation and rewriting made the past 1500 years, people have added, re-frased and removed stuff in the bible.
The homosexuality part was changed by the enemies of Sparta, because spartans encouraged homosexuality in the army.
They also made the bible meaner to women.

*eats carrots*

2009-02-07 [Mortified Penguin]: You doubt that God hates homosexuality?

2009-02-07 [Zab]: Yep.
And I'm not christian myself so I couldn't really care less :P

Besides, let her believe whatever she wants. She's not the only one who's christian with these thoughts. Just because you concider yourself to belong to a religion, doesn't mean you have to be extreme or fanatic.

2009-02-07 [Mortified Penguin]: You should at least believe in what the religion teaches if you are going to claim to be a part of it.

2009-02-07 [Kuramasgirl]: I'm sorry you don't agree with my beliefs, but this is what I believe all the same. It works for me, and I am a happier person for it. I could truly care less about whatever you would like to preach to me. This is my own opinion, and you telling me that I should or should not do this or that will have no affect on my beliefs.

And for your information, the particular branch of Christianity I come from does not force its members to take the Bible literally. And so I don't.

2009-03-29 [Forbidden Rampage]: Choosing to believe in something is more sensible than believing in something just because someone says you should. Disagreeing with someone's beliefs shouldn't be an attack of their beliefs. And to assume that those that aren't saved can't truly understand the bible seems unrealistic. That's like saying since you aren't a member of a club, you can never understand what truly happens... in the club. You can attend as many meetings as you want. But unless you commit to the club, you can never know what the club's all about. There are plenty of people that have been baptized or "saved" that probably don't know much of anything beyond the typical Sunday school regurgitation, aka pretty much what most of the rest of the world already knows. I'm open to the possibility that I'm completely wrong though. Who knows such things but God Himself?

2009-03-29 [Mortified Penguin]: The bible says, "For what man knows the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? Even so the things of God knows no man, but the Spirit of God. Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God." And First Corinthians 2:11-16 goes on to elaborate, but essentially what it says is that as humans, we are only capable of understanding humanly things. Without the spirit of God in us, which is received through being born again/being saved, we can't understand things of spiritual nature, such as the Bible itself. I would suggest not joining a club if you're only going to question the founder and his handbook.

2009-03-29 [Forbidden Rampage]: God didn't found religions. People did. God gave us spirituality and a desire to seek more in life than what we can see and taste and touch. Didn't Paul say that to blindly accept the word of God without questioning it is foolish? You don't have to have a title slapped on you to be filled with the spirit of the Lord.

2009-03-29 [Mortified Penguin]: Who do you think guided people to do what they did? God did. And just who do you think is God? Do you believe in the God of the bible or some completely separate entity? And no, Paul never said that. And yes, you do have to be saved before you can be filled with the holy spirit. It's plainly stated in the bible.

2009-03-29 [Forbidden Rampage]: You know what, you could be right. I realize that I probably don't care about converting people to my point of view as you do. And aside from my Father who loves me very much, I have no idea who God is.

2009-03-30 [Mortified Penguin]: Converting people to my views? You have me all wrong... I'm not even a christian. I could care less... It just annoys me when people claim to be a part of a religion and yet disagree with almost every part of that religion... It's very hypocritical and annoying.

2009-08-11 [Akayume]: Ahhh, but if you don't test your faith, how can you grow stronger in it? If you do not question you are just another brain-washed fool.

And are you an expert on the Episcopalian branch of Christianity? You aren't? Oh, I thought so. I'm sure Kura knows much more about it than you do.

And Luther was Catholic, and yet he questioned their beliefs and urged them to change. So obviously he wasn't Catholic then if he didn't follow them blindly, right? (According to your logic).

Overall I think you're being quite rude, since everyone's faith is their own and honestly, Scarlet, you shouldn't give a damn. (:

2009-08-11 [Kuramasgirl]: Thank you to both [Akayume] and [Forbidden Rampage]. I've had more important things to deal with than the mutterings of someone I have no respect for, so thank you for being so helpful. It's a comfort. :)

2009-08-12 [Akayume]: Not a problem dear. (:

2009-08-27 [Mortified Penguin]: Misty, this wiki's name is annoyingly self-evident. You should have gone with a title more along the lines of "Child Abuse Awareness" or something to that effect...

2009-08-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: It's my wiki I can name it anything I want to.

2009-08-27 [Mortified Penguin]: The same is true for children, but that doesn't mean you should name your kid "Mychild"...

2009-08-27 [KnightAngel]: *shrugs* That doesn't stop people however <.< I've seen dozens of odd names on people <.< Your point is?

2009-08-27 [Mortified Penguin]: My point can be found in that first comment I posted. It's... it's right up there. You can't miss it... *eats ramen*...

2009-08-27 [KnightAngel]: I didn't miss it... I just don't get your point, I don't see any problem with it having the name it has, it is after all for those who don't like children abuse and those whom wishes to make it stop... So what's the problem with the name? Perhaps it might be more political correct to name it the other suggestion you came with but this ain't an election campaign, this is the truth not political propoganda... Sorry if I upset you but I don't see why you has any reason to be rude to another person because of their name choice in a wiki which I still don't see any problem with since it is just honest

2009-08-27 [Mortified Penguin]: Like I said, the name of the wiki (child abuse haters) is self-evident. This has nothing to do with political correctness. It's just that the name is incredibly stupid, obvious, and unnecessary. It shows very poor journalistic skill on the part of the creator. It's like making a wiki named, "death haters". It's common sense that everyone hates death... there's no purpose in making an obvious statement like that.

2009-08-27 [Mortified Penguin]: Considering that you're a member of a wiki like this, I don't expect you to understand. I'm not against what the wiki is about, I'm against the owner and how she made it. It's very poor quality and should not be tolerated.

2009-08-27 [KnightAngel]: *shrugs* Well since it's very common in these days it apparently isn't as "obvious" as you claim it to be.... If it was true then if not entirely gone but at least it would be fairly gone to this day but as a matter of fact then it's extremely common.... So I'm sorry but try and actually think about what the heck you're talking about before flapping your big mouth... Death is unavoideble... But child abuse is avoidebel, unfortunately not too many people stand up like [~Crimson Angel~] was courageous enough to do, yeah I say courageous enough since people these days don't generally have the damn guts to stand up to stop these things.... Also not everyone hates death... Some have come to realize it's just part of the circle of life, so that's just an ignorant and misguided example...

2009-08-27 [Pretaya]: [Mortified Penguin], I don't feel you are welcome here. There was no need for your snesless criticism of [~Crimson Angel~] and her title for something that is a horrid experience to go through.

2009-08-27 [Mortified Penguin]: [KnightAngel]: I agree with you about child abuse. It is a bad thing. However, it's apparent you don't understand what I said in the least bit though. Stop being defensive for just a second and actually read what I said. I'm not even talking about child abuse. I'm talking about the name of this wiki and nothing else. I said the NAME of the wiki was 'obvious'. How could you misinterpret that sentence and think that I meant that child abuse awareness was obvious and shouldn't be looked into any further? That is not what I meant at all. It's a very simple sentence. Go back and read it...

Let me reiterate before you say anything further about me not caring about children or some other asinine comment: Child abuse is bad. The name of this wiki is bad. I'm only talking about the name of the wiki. Not child abuse. The name. Of. This. Wiki. It sucks. I do not like it.

[Pretaya]: I see now that my previous comments were snesless. From now on, I'll try to add a little snes to my comments. Here is some now:


Also, let me say this again. Child abuse is indeed a horrible experience to go through. That, however, has nothing to do with the self-evident nature of the title of this wiki. I'm merely suggesting that with a more proper title, people might take this topic more seriously.

Now, before you misread that last sentence and think I said "child abuse isn't serious!"... Let me stop you there. Child abuse is serious. Go back and read through what I said again.

2009-08-27 [Alexi Ice]: LOL. Ok, let me just intervene. Mort - first, she can't change it now. Well she can but that would just add more clutter to the system.
The rest of you - egging him on is only going to make it worse.

2009-08-27 [Gypsy Mystik]: I agree with Akane

2009-08-27 [Mortified Penguin]: Of course you do, because what Akane said was a fact. It's too late to change it now... I am simply saying it should have been different to begin with.

2009-08-27 [Gypsy Mystik]: and I also agree with you Penguin

2009-08-27 [Mortified Penguin]: Darn straight you do! ...*eats victory ramen*...

2009-08-27 [Gypsy Mystik]: LOL *sneaks some of the ramen* ^_^

2009-08-28 [Pretaya]: I disagree, I feel it's appropriet. Stop shoulding on people. I feel that you, Penguin misinterpretted what I said. Basically, I said that you are not in the position to judge anyone's titles for THEIR wikis. Not your place, she obviously picked the title to be obvious and sometimes the most beautiful titles in the world ARE obvious. Secondly, I didn't feel I was being defensive. I was cool, calm, and collected while writing that statement. This is not a place to be discussing titles for wikis anyway, it is more a tool for healing/coping with the fact of abuse in each of our lives. Now, can we move on?

2009-08-28 [Pretaya]: I'm sorry, Akane. I needed to voice my opinion.

2009-08-28 [Alexi Ice]: It's no problem. I just don't want the gaurds called in for something so silly.

2009-08-29 [~Crimson Angel~]: You know Mortified Penguin ([Mortified Penguin] whatever!), no one told you to come here, I didn't invite you because I knew something like this could happen if I did, and if you don't like the name don't come here.

2009-08-29 [Mortified Penguin]: All I did was express my opinion that the wiki's title wasn't as effective as it should be. A nice, friendly suggestion... There was no reason for anyone to start arguing nor any reason for you to delete the comments. Have you ever heard of a conversation? It might be nice to have one sometime. You have this false, preconceived idea of me only being here to fight. If you would stop allowing that idea to intervene, then perhaps you could see that a friendly conversation is possible. Instead, you and the people you associate with insist upon being unnecessarily difficult about everything. Maybe if you would try being civil sometime, we might could converse in this manner:

Mort: Misty, this wiki's title is self-evident. I think it could have been more effective as something else...
Misty: Oh, well thank you for your observation, but I respectively disagree. You see, when I named this wiki, I...etc.
Mort: Really? Well I didn't know. Lol! Well, it's your wiki after all. Where do I join?

See? Conversation. Not argument. Instead though, you make things like this:

Mort: Misty, this wiki's title is self-evident. I think it could have been more effective as something else...
Misty: This is my wiki you idiot! I'll do whatever the hell I want! Leave now or you will be reported!
Misty's friend1: Yeah! Seriously, what is wrong with you? It's her wiki, so stop harassing her!
Misty's friend2: God. Just die already, Mort. It's people like you that...etc... derp derp...etc.

See. Now that's when things become somewhat of an argument. And then you go and delete everything that was said so that nobody knows what happened. I must implore you... please try to be civil next time. Who knows... you might learn to enjoy someone's company if you stop being so confrontational all the time.

Also, I figured you would try something like deleting the comments, so I made sure to copy them all:

The comments Misty deleted. (eat at Bob's Diner!)

Some wikis Mort trashed: Anthro Lovers, kristin's fanclub, werewolf game, gryffindorm, a lot of others

Related wikis: Mort Yells at Elftown, More Mort?, *eats ramen*, freakin' sweet, The Best of Bob: Volume 1, Bob's Diner...

Username (or number or email):


2011-04-05 [Akayume]: I will read this laterz. :P Now I has class.

2011-04-05 [Akayume]: Oh hey I'm here! :P I said something to you once. :D

2011-04-05 [Mortified Penguin]: How dare you?!

2011-04-05 [Akayume]: I know. I'm so terrible *slaps self silly*.

2011-04-06 [Sunrose]: It's weird that I'm not here.. :P

2011-06-26 [Thunder Cid]: You need to add more. I know you have some good ones somewhere.

2011-06-26 [Mortified Penguin]: I'm sure I do, but they're usually on wikis that nobody comments on anymore, so I can't find them.

2011-06-27 [Akayume]: Copy what you said on the playlist thing!! XP

2011-06-27 [Akayume]: Dis!

2011-06-25 [Mortified Penguin]: Hmm, I should leave too, just to spice things up.

2011-06-25 [Akayume]: Elftown would be bland without you. :P

2011-06-25 [Mortified Penguin]: You would think, but I'm ignored so often, nobody would notice I had left.

2011-06-25 [Roma]: I, for one, would be mortified.

2011-06-25 [Akayume]: *badump chhhhhh*

2011-06-25 [RemovedAcct]: I, for two, would be penguin.

2011-06-26 [Mortified Penguin]: I, for three, will wash your car. For five, I'll wax it too.

2011-06-27 [Mortified Penguin]: That's not funny or interesting, that's just typical banter.

2011-06-27 [Akayume]: I thought it was funny. D:

2011-06-27 [Mortified Penguin]: TYPICAL BANTER. *pulls out knife*

2011-06-27 [Akayume]: *holds out butter* CUT IT

2011-07-05 [Mortified Penguin]: This is the kind of comment I like from myself. Something more well thought out and witty:

2011-07-01 [Alexi Ice]: You are losing your edge!

2011-07-01 [Mortified Penguin]: Oh no! *shoos away the little gremlin that was smoothing out his corner*

*looks down at the remains of his corner* Thanks for the heads up. I don't want to end up being too circular in my logic. I would rather have sharp wits and fine points when arguing. Being well-rounded couldn't hurt, but having fine points certainly can. *polishes his corner to illustrate his point*

*a faint rimshot can be heard in the distance*

STOP FOLLOWING ME!! *a drummer scurries away hurriedly into the night*

2011-07-05 [Alexi Ice]: This was hilarious, I admit

2011-07-05 [Mortified Penguin]: B-but it's more than humor. It's poetic, you see.

2011-07-05 [Mortified Penguin]: I also like some of the things past Morts say. Like 2009 Mort:

2009-09-03 [Aquariuscelesti a]: But mort tastes funny..........

2009-09-03 [Mortified Penguin]: Yeah, well you look funny! ...unlike clowns... they look creepy... *eats ramen*... *a gruesome, hideous looking clown glares in through my window*... darn it Misty, get away from my window! *hurls a boot at Misty's face*

Or that 2008 Mort fellow. He was particularly funny at times:

2008-11-18 [Mortified Penguin]: *calls wench*... *she turns out to be a wrench instead*... *uses her to tighten bolts*...

2008-11-18 [Imperator]: I tightened your mom's bolts last night...

2008-11-18 [Mortified Penguin]: My mom is Frankenstein... so that's perfectly alright... *eats ramen*...

2008-11-18 [Mortified Penguin]: Whereas my mom has bolts on her neck, your mom has nuts on her forehead... ha ha... mechanical humor... *eats ramen with a screwdriver*...

See, while his comments may not have been the classiest or the most intellectual, I didn't see them coming. That crazy guy always manages to catch me off guard.

2011-08-02 [Stephen]: Amusing. Nice read.

2012-01-06 [Goma]: Veteran puzzle builders will be disappointed when they try to glue the pieces together.

2012-01-06 [Sagacious Turkey]: I don't know why; spreading glue on the pieces is one of the best parts of solving the puzzle.

2012-12-19 [Csitri]: *eats rice* Together, we've accomplished the consumption of an anime-fan-based classical music group, Mort.

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