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2007-03-07 22:08:17
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Welcome to:

Moon Made Stuff

A general depository for all other stuff I, [moonscale], make.

Thank you for visiting! All critique, comments, helpful hints welcome.

Note: Most of my creations are made of sculpey clay. Some additional parts may have been purchased. ei. string, beads, etc. The sculpey is also very small.

The violin is about 2" or 3 cm long. Yes I know thats a silly way to measure. ^.^

The ink pot was bought at a flea market. 


The red bead I made, the rest were bought. (Its an anklet by the way, not a bracelet, although for anyone with normal sized hands it might be a bracelet. :) on me it just slips off.)






"Rose in 'ne Dose'
"Rose in a can'



More of my art: Moonscale's Photographs or through my window...

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2007-02-20 [Galatea]: Nice sculpey work!

2007-02-20 [moonscale]: Woot! I got a comment! thank you very much.

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