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Chapter One

   It was nearly midnight. Stars were bright, and the moon was nonexistent. The two were already sitting out in a clearing in the e woodland. There was no evidence that civilization other than then two darkly dressed figures. The wind was subtle, yet the leaves swayed to and fro.
Thy walked to there only hours before; just as the sun began to set. The sky was an extraordinarily beautiful color. Instead of the soft pinks, purples and blues there was one flat red, red rose tone. It looked as though you could reach up and feel the soft caress of a velvet gown. As if the sun was bleeding.
Now the sky was nothing but a dark and flat black accented with white specks that resembled that stars. The only light was caste by them and the small candles that accompanied them so close to Yuna and Micha casting dancing shadows.
Micha wore dressed in black, green and silver robes. His dark green eyes nearly matched the tone of his robes highlights. His chin length hair was charcoal black with the tips of it silver. It shimmered in the soft light as he moved his head between her and thy sky, while he was deep in thought. Fastened to his robes was a single silver rose brooch that Yuna had given to him nearly five fast passed years before. A blade was held at his waist by a belt that was braided with matching colors. Just above his black leather army boots was as a simple designed dagger. Another was fastened to his wrist, but more beautifully crafted down the blade and on the hilt. It had a rose at its hilt and the stem wrapping down the blade all the way to the tip.
She had a simple long black flowing velvet dress, with an emerald strip down both sides. A silver head-band with a teardrop shaped emerald in the center of it delicately crafted front point. His hair was to the center of her waist. It was ink splotch black all the way till nearly two inches from the tip, they were as red a freshly spilled raven’s blood. There were small braided strips of the same dark red tone spanning from the top of her head all the way to her tips, it moved ever so gently in the winds soft movement. He eyes were the deep tone of amber.
Both of them sat in the moonlit night talking and planning. They were supposed to arrange a gathering, in the place that they have chosen, the place that they were now sitting. Not a large gathering, only a few close people who were in the tight group.
So far, though, every group who had attempted had not been able to complete so much as the planning stage. They were nearly to a final finish. If they were able to complete everything they would break a long twenty-five year chain of couples failing. Twenty-five couples set aside to start back at the beginning of everything.
It had taken Yuna and Micha five years to reach this point. The point of Beginning to plan everything; going through trial after trial and test after teat. It seemed promising this time. They seemed so very much so destined to complete this. It appeared as though not one thing has caused any problems. They were lucky, or that they were that determined.
This was the final step. Then they would be able to have full command of the group. King and Queen, one may say. The present rulers were in there late hundred and fifty's when they completed their final task. Now they were reaching towards deaths gates and were in seek of new rulers. Micha and Yuna were only in their late and mid teens. The youngest to attempt even the first task. At the ages of sixteen and nineteen they had completed five of the six.
They only had a ceremonial gathering left to plan. It appeared as a seeming easy task. A small gathering of people to be out in the woodland couldn't be difficult to plan. Yet so many couples before them had failed to complete it.
"Who all do you think should be here for the ceremonies," She asked while gazing at the star lit sky.
"Depending on how many people we want here. I would suggest Antony, Kendric, jaqulin, Fina, James, and Navie. Do you want any others," he replied looking at her deep in thought.
"That sounds perfect I don't see why we would need any more than those six. I don't feel as though there is an advantage on having a larger group of people," she said looking deep within his deep green eyes. "You don't think that we are going to have any problems with anybody trying to interrupt the gathering do you?"
He looked at her for a moment "I don't believe so. If we do, Hun, we have all out best warriors. If anything goes wrong then they can help us. Or at least give us enough time to seek a hiding place before they, too, retreat," he said reaching for her hand and kissing her "you know everything will be fine, we have gotten this far with their attacks and threats. They haven't stooped us yet, and they won't stop us now."
She looked up at him with a slightly concerned look on her face. With each of the former tests they had, had threats. Though they told no one, their friends knew, very little but still. The knowledge was there, yet they had not approached Yuna and Micha about their concerns.
"Micha, don't you find it odd that all the other time we have been threatened and this on we haven't," she asked.
"No Hun, not odd we are just lucky. Maybe they have finally stooped tormenting us with empty threats," he had replied swiftly without a single bit or hesitation.
"Maybe, but still I am a bit concerned. Things could go badly if we don't have this rite. Anyway, we don't need a lot of people, just those six and the ceremonies leader. What do you think we should wear," she questioned trying to get over the planning stage and back to the subject.
"Normal white grabs, or Black, emerald, and silver for you and black, emerald and, gold for me. Either way will work. If you have a preference then I would have no problem with going with what you chose," he said calmly.
"I would prefer what we normally wear. Only a bit more dressed up. I don't think that we should be casual. Maybe we could just either eliminate the green or use red instead of the green. It would be a small bit different but it would be nice, a bit more dressed up and ceremonial. However, I do agree about the whole thing of me wearing silver and you gold," she said looking at him and holding his had.
Micha looked at her for a moment "I have no problem with that," he smiled. "We need a director how do you think Dante would do. We were told that it had to be a close male friend. Do you have a problem with that?"
She paused for a moment to think "no, he would be perfect. “Then gave a soft chuckle as if she were amused by what he has said.
"As long as you are fully sure. Just remember we are to come to a complete agreement. If you don't like something then say so," he responded respectfully. Making sure that she was positive that she wanted this.
"I am sure that this is what I want, and how I want it," she responded. She stood up and reached for his hand and pulled him up, then started walking back across the field. After putting all the candles still lit out.
As they were walking back they heard a sudden snapping of twigs. She stopped for a quick moment then turned her head to take a glance around. There was noting. She then started walking again. A crash of limbs Came down behind them, then a loud piercing scream. They stopped and turned around. Just as they turned something grasped each of them from the behind.
"Say a word and it will be your last," the dark figure hissed in Micha's ear. Then the figure lessened his grasp upon his waist and swiftly shifted it to his throat, “do you understand what I am saying?"
Micha shook his head gently yes. He looked like he wanted to scream, or attack his attackers. Unfortunately they had him by the throat and he had left all his useful weapons to home that particular day.
The other attacker held Yuna. No longer was she struggling, her mouth was uncovered and she had no restraints other than what she had upon her at the waist and her throat.
"If you two go through with the ceremonies we will make sure that the both of you are dead," the first cloaked figure shouted at them in a sharp cold voice. "Do the two of you understand what I am saying," he went quiet for a moment, as he looked into both of their eyes. "This marriage, gathering, what ever you want to call it, is not going to happen. I will not allow it to. Soon you half-breed leaders, king and queen, what ever, will die, and no longer will your Covent have leaders. You will fall apart, and then be forced to join with us."
"Now," the guy that had been holding Yuna let go and walked to the side of his much larger leader who had just only a few seconds ago let lose of Micha. He reached in his jacket and pulled out a small hand gun. Then fired one shot at Yuna, it grazed her cheek and she let out a small whimper. "That was a warning. The next time you won't be so lucky. Do both of you understand me?"
The two men turned around and walked away. As they did the leader yelled back, " watch what you do, you have been warned once. That is the only warning you are ever going to get. For the next time we will not be as friendly."
When the two men were out of their sight, ran to her side. She had tears running down the both of her cheeks. On her left cheek she was beading at a rapid pass. Micha ripped a part of his cloak off and whipped the profusely pouring blood from her cheek. When he was finished with that he pulled her close. He held her tightly to his chest as blood spilled on the both of them more and more by the second.
Lets get you home so we can get the bleeding to stop," he said picking her head up and again whipping blood from her cheek. "We need to hurry though, you are bleeding really badly, love," he picked her up and carried her to his car as fast as he could. He placed her in the seat or the car, and then buckled her. He knew the ride home was going to be fast and he didn't want he hurt anymore than what she was. He then dashed to the other side of the car. He pulled out his keys while dashing and got them ready. He open the car door and bucked himself in too, he noticed she had passed out. He reached down and pulled off a wide long strip of his cloak and tied it tightly around the wound so he could slow the bleeding.
He then turned the car on and revved the engine a few times then slammed it into gear flinging dirt and rocks every were as he turner the car around as fast as he could. Then he placed it into drive speeding down the woodland path as fast as he could. Time was of the dearest essence. He didn't want to waist more than what already was. He needed to find his nearest safe haven so he could get he cleaned up and healed. The place had to be close and he had to be able to depend upon the person a lot. His mind turned things over for a moment. They came to the main road. He thought for a moment more... Antony.

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