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These are my ([~Crimson Angel~]'s) poems, I hope you enjoy them.

"My Friends" (10-25-07)

I have a lot of friends

All of them are super cool

When we fight we always make amends

Too bad we all don't go to the same school

I'm not happy writing poetry for English class

I don't mind writing it for my friends to enjoy

If you mess with me my friends will kick your ass

And I'd have to say oh boy

I love my friends with all my heart

If you hurt them I'll have to hurt you

Let me show you some of their art

When I'm with my friends I'm never blue

My heart sings for joy

Because my best friend just found herself a cute boy

"The Guy" (10-25-07)

I know a guy who is really nice

He is also really strong

He can crush a block of ice

To say he is weak by his appearance is wrong

You may say he is ugly and has no sense of fashion

But I love the way he looks

He loves what he does with a passion

I have to go soon to return some books

You might know him

Then again you might not

I can tell right now his name isn't Tim

You can think about it while you sleep on a cot

Can't you all see

I'm talking about Rock Lee

"Gaara Of The Desert" (10-25-07)

Some say Gaara is a killing machine

But that is only because he thinks his purpose in life is to kill

Oh no,he just killed Avirl Lavigne

I sure hope his next target isn't Tyler Gill

His weapon is his gourd full of sand

First he uses his sand coffin to trap you

Then He Performs sand burial by closing his hand

Before you die you turn blue

That's all in the past now

Naruto showed him a new way

I'm not quite sure how

But the evil has gone away

Gaara's heart of ice is no more

If you try to steal him from Tatsuki you are a home-wrecking whore

"My Love" (10-25-07)

My love for you is like a rose

It's petal are soft and pretty

It's fragrance tickles your nose

Let's go have dinner in the city

My love is a cherry

It's juicy and sweet

I don't like T.J. Westberry

But you my dear are good enough to eat

I love you so very much

When I'm with you I can't be blue

If I had to tell you my hunch

I'd say that you love me too

Your love makes my heart sing a beautiful melody

If love is a crime, baby I've just committed a felony

"I Hate You" (10-25-07)

I hate you with a passion

It grows each and every day

I hate your sense of fashion

Your name I won't say

I'd like to beat you up and push you down in the clover

I'd like to yank off your nose

I want to run you over

And strangle you with that water hose

I see you every day in Math and English class

I wish we didn't go to the same school

I'd like to drag you through the grass

I think that would be so cool

My hate for you screams out in rage

And I would love to see you locked up in a cage

"My Dearest Uncle" (2-9-08)

My dearest uncle I love you so

My dearest uncle that gave me snacks as a treat

My dearest uncle why did you have to go

My dearest uncle who was always sweet

My dearest uncle I'll always love you

My dearest uncle I'll remember you forever

My dearest uncle my memories of you are not blue

My dearest uncle the day I forget you will be never

My dearest uncle I never got to say good-bye

My dearest uncle you were always there for me

My dearest uncle I am beginning to cry

My dearest uncle through the tears I cannot see

My dearest uncle I feel blue

My dearest uncle I never got to tell you one last time that I love you

"My New Friend" (10-14-08)

I have a new friend

she makes me jolly

I know we'll be friends till the end

Her name is Holly

Holly and I have a lot in common

I think she's really cool

We occasionally like to eat Ramen

I wish we were the same age and went to the same school

Me and Holly are so alike it's kinda freaky

We have so much in common we could be sisters

We both think giant spiders are creepy

If I see a guy hurting her I scream back off mister

My dear friend Holly never fret

Because I'm still glad we met over the net

"My Horrible Life" (10-14-08)

(A/n this is an old poem,I found it tucked away in my room)

My Life Really does Suck

It's almost always horribly bad

To me it feels like no one gives a fuck

Not even my mom and dad

I want someone to hold me tight

I want someone to give my forehead a kiss

Please help me through the night

Please Don't let me fall into that dark abyss

My life is like fruit

When it gets old it starts to rot

Life sure is a brute

I'm the one my parents forgot

My life cries out in pain

As I watch my blood go down the drain

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2010-09-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: Thank you. :D

2010-09-27 [Kbird]: your welcome

2010-10-01 [Jadala*(Once upon a moment)]: I love how your friends are 'super cool' hahah

2010-11-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: And you're one of them Jadala.

2010-11-04 [Kbird]: owwww.

2010-11-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: So are you Kbird.

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