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2008-04-23 22:20:59
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Verbam's Random Stuff Until She Remembers To Post Her Story Page!

Yeah, she's a dork.

Her name is Ariel, and she is very good at math.

She goes on random philosophical ramblings. Listen in, they're pretty cool.

She's writing a story called MirrorrorriM, which is why she's using this wiki right now, so she doesn't forget she has it.

She loves colors (except yellow).

She loves to sew, and she loves to write.

If you see her without a book or a pen and a piece of paper, please call the police, because something is obviously wrong.

She's addicted to clicking on pretty names. 

Talk nerdy to her, it makes her smile.

She has won her love. 

(Ask her to describe him. She'll dance gleefully.)

She'll gladly listen to anyone, just because she loves perspectives.

If you ever see her in a book store, covertly tap her four times on her left shoulder blade and say "The maid in the manger is quite the bore." She will give you a letter, which you are expected to destroy after reading.

She is decisive. Sometimes too decisive.

She'll randomly start singing opera and talking about string theory. Just ignore her.

She's an anime addict, although she prefers manga.

She loves cryptozoology.

She can make actual arguments, with real points.

She's amazing.

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2008-03-19 [1a2]:
I love this

2008-03-19 [Verbam]: Thank you. :)

2008-04-12 [The Critter]: Woot-ness to the MAX!!! This totally rocks!

2008-04-24 [Nae.palm]: *taps four times on the shoulderblade* Hey Ariel...The maid in the manger is quite the bore. *smiles*

2010-06-13 [*Leric*]: what's the story about? :p i'm curious.

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