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Heres some facts about MSI

Mindless Self Indulgence is a NYC based co-ed punk band whose name manifests itself during their incendiary live shows. Mindless Self Indulgence is also referred to as "MSI" by their loyal fans. MSI's music is a hybrid of Atari driven electronics with a venomous splash of A.D.D Punk Rock. They are the breath of fresh air that is sure to offend your p.c. restrained, category demanding, humorless peers. The Band consists of four members including Little Jimmy Urine (Vocals, Programming), Steve, Righ? (Guitar), Kitty (Drums), and Lyn-Z (Bass). When listening to MSI you're getting a mix of everything from punk, to industrial, to hip-hop. The band refers to their music's unique genre as "industrial jungle pussy punk". What separates MSI from other bands is that each album is very unique, none of their back to back albums sound the same. "Some bands, especially in New York, desperately try to be part of some scene in order to get attention," Says James Galus, the band's long time co-producer, "We've never even tried to be part of a scene. We're not cool, but we don't care. We make alot of kids happy and we pay our rent". What can be expected at an MSI show? Alot of FUN. If you go to a Mindless Self Indulgence show, you'll never be disappointed. They always put on the best live shows for their fans, which has gained the band much recognition. Filling venues around 900-compacity with rapid fans who travel state to state to show their appreciation and love for the band. After the shows, MSI always stays to sign autographs and take pictures with their fans, staying until not one person is left waiting for a signature. MSI has opened for such bands as Korn and Insane Clown Posse. In October 2003, MSI preformed at "Voodoo Music experience" in New Orleans along with other bands such as Marilyn Manson, The White Stripes, A Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stone Age and Iggy Pop. MSI had just recently ended their international tour in Europe. Currently, Mindless Self Indulgence is releasing their first ever live DVD, "Our Pain, Your Gain" on September 11th, 2007. They are also currently in the process of recording their new full length album. They are scheduled for their television premier on "Last Call With Carson Daly" on July 30th, 2007.


Little Jimmy Urine
(Vocals, Programming) Little Jimmy Urine (born James Euringer, September 7, 1969) grew up with his older brother, Markus J. Euringer in New York, New York. After going to a Catholic high school, James felt like putting his morals to use and creating the band Mindless Self Indulgence. Although Mark was the guitarist for a while, he left to become a horror writer. Urine has also taken on many side projects, such as a collaboration with fellow Mindless Self Indulgence band mate Steve, Righ? in creating a 40 track, 25 minute album called The Left Rights. Jimmy is engaged to Chantal Claret, frontwoman for the band Morningwood. Though Jimmy may often sing about his sexuality, it is never intended to be derogatory or vicious in nature. Much like his ironic usage of other words deemed profane, Jimmy is attempting to shed light on the underbelly of what much of society considers to be non-conversational topics. It is a lampoon, it's supposed to be taken with the utmost sarcasm. Memorable stage antics include attempting to light his pubic hair on fire, and urinating into a water bottle and then drinking it. Jimmy's stage outfits also add to the show, many times sporting home made jackets that read "RED IZ FOR FAGZ", "ROCK MY HOLE", or "LET ME DIE", including many others. Another amazing aspect is Jimmy's ability to sing in a regular voice, then scream, then sing again and then top it off with an incredible falsetto.

(Drum Kit) Kitty joined the band in 1997 and has been the drummer of Mindless Self Indulgence since their debut, "Tight". She also helped design the official website and has an asian boyfriend, of whom remains anonymous. Kitty's small drum kit has always been a spectacle, and from tour to tour the theme of her drum kit changes. Kitty is cousin to Little Jimmy Urine.

Steve, Righ?
(Guitar/ Vocals) Born Steve Montano, he joined the band in 1995 when he contributed to their self-titled CD in which he played guiter for "Bed Of Roses". Steve is a long time friend of Jimmy. Steve's name stemmed from when he was approached at a show by someone who said, "You're Steve, right?". He was out of the commission for a brief time in 2004-2005, due to hospitalization due to a hip injury. That, however, doesn't hinder his stage antics or his dedication to giving the fans their moneys worth, two aspects that truly make MSI an extremely unique band. Righ? also teamed up with Little Jimmy Urine to record a side project called "The Left Rights", in which 40 fecally obsessed songs were compiled onto one disc.

(Bass) Lyn-Z was born on May 22nd, 1979 in Connecticut. She moved to New York to study art. She studied for two years at Pratt Iinstitute in Brooklyn. Prior to joining MSI, she was in a punk Dolly Parton cover band. She then replaced Vanessa as the bassist in the band in 2001. She is currently working with HUNG, a traveling art exhibit based on various punk artists. In 2002 she was hospitalized for a collapsed lung, but that hasn't stopped her from her high energy stage performance. Along with artist Jorden Haley, Lyn-Z contributed to the You'll Rebel To Anything CD artwork. Lyn-Z's stage presence is noticably active, she is constantly moving around and keeping the audience riled up and entertained. Her now infamous backbend is a memorable part of the live perfromance. Lyn-Z often dresses in school girl unifroms, with a touch of her own personal style.

(Stage Dog/ Good Dog) Although not considered an officla member, Chauncey is a taxiderm-stuffed dog that belongs to Little Jimmy Urine. Jimmy often brings Chauncey to shows, dancing with him, singing with him, and using him to spice up the live performance. Chauncey once had an official myspace site until it was deleted by wanna-be PETA people. Jimmy mostly uses Chauncey's help during live performances of "Wack!", and often exclaims "What's the name of my dog!?", in which the audinece screams, "Chauncey!". I'm sure we'll see much more of Chauncey as time progresses.

Vanessa Y.T.
(Former Bass Player) Vanessa Y.T. joined the band in 1998 and played until she left the band (On good terms) in 2001. Vanessa played for the recording of Tight and Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy. Vanessa is remebered as the former bass player, and would often playfully attack Jimmy onstage. At first, when asked about Vanessa in interviews, it was said that she left the band to become an astronaut, however somewhat recently Jimmy said she's "A big chicken and she has little chickies now", implying she left to start a family. She was replaced by the wonderful bass player Lyn-Z who's been with them ever since.

Markus J. Euringer
( Former 2nd Guitarist)
Before Vanessa, Jimmy's brother, Mark Euringer played 2nd guitar. He left the band before "Tight" was recorded to concentrate on his career in the wacky world of writing horror novels. NOTE: The band has also had additional help from Rob Kleiner (of Tub Ring fame) live since 2004.

Uppity Cracker
Uppity Cracker is an independent record label created by Little Jimmy Urine and James Galus, which the band has used to distribute numerous promos, as well as "Tight," The Left Rights, "Alienating Our Audience," and "Despierta Los Ninos." UCR has also worked in conjunction with both Warner Brothers Music (for "Frankenstein Girls"), as well as Metropolis (for "Rebel" and it's offspring a la "Straight To Video: The Remixes" and "Shut Me Up: The Remixes +3").

D.A.M.N! Managment
D.A.M.N! is James Galus' management company, otherwise known as Devil's Advocate Management & Other Nuisances, and has been with MSI for the long haul. James Galus also co-produces the band, art directs the album covers and executive produces the band's videos.

BRAT Marketing
BRAT is Mindless Self Indulgence's marketing outlet, as run by Bill H, their main promoter. Not only does Bill H run their Myspace site, he also runs every one of their other networking sites, and has helped MSI immensly in adding to their fanbase and making them internationally known.

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