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Elftown Merchandise Logo Competition


Important Update:

I've got a couple of the files. Unfortunately, I won't be able to put them up for a while... you haven't visited the front page of EMG in a few days, I'm guessing. :P The server hiccuped and corrupted a bunch of files. Rather than investing hours and hours into fixing the problem (which is
pretty spectacularly hosed), I'm putting that energy into the new mySQL based site, which has been needed for some time. So all updates are on hold until that's done. Additionally, there is quite a lot of work in the queue right now, so the Elftown stuff won't be going up *right* away.
Soon, though! The new site should be completed in a few weeks, and adding the new work should be a breeze then. You can tell people it's all my fault if they harrass you for slacking. :P

Be well,

CONTEST CLOSED: Go vote on Mainstreet!

Important announcement concerning DEADLINE:

The deadline has been extended one more week to October the 18th. This is the very LAST extension, so don't ask. Two weeks past deadline should be enough. Thanks so much to all the people who are holding on patiently to see who the winners will be -- we hope to have a few more worthwhile entries this week and then the contest will close out. Thanks! -[Lerune]

The following people's entries have been kept in the contest due to their superb quality, but really do need an Elftown logo of some sorts to help identify with the purpose of the pieces.


Finally, the long-awaited competition begins! This contest will decide what graphics will appear on the merchandise Elftown will be offering in the near future. The contest is open to anyone, but we ask that you limit yourself to two submissions per person, as we expect a large turn-out for this competition. The contest ending date is set in stone for October 18th, a week from its original ending date by request. Once closed, a poll will be set to choose the top 3 designs. These are the designs that will be displayed on the merchandise offered.


By submitting your original creations to this competition, you authorize Elftown to sell merchandise bearing your personal design to help raise funds for our site. You still retain all rights to your artwork, it will not become property of Elftown, but instead will be viewed as a donation to the site. All money made from any merchandise sales will go toward funding for necessary equipment that the site has been in need of for some time. Basically, [Elftron] needs a make-over, and we need your help! No council member will personally receive any of these funds, they are strictly for site maintenance.

Only original work will be accepted! Any work that is not solely the original work of the person who enters it (or a collaboration between two willing participants) will be removed from this contest immediately. Also, if there is a question about the originality of an image, it will be suspended. The rules have to be enforced strictly, as we do not want to run the risk of selling merchandise bearing artwork from someone who did not give us permission to use it. We want to represent the people of our community -- not random images from the internet.

EDIT: Due to some entries that were questionable, we are having to set up one important rule: NO FAN ART. We cannot afford to run the risk of selling anything with any kind of trademark issue, so no fan art will be accepted in this contest. 

Also, please read AND follow the Uploading Art Rules for all entries. More detailed specifics are in the making and will be added soon.

What types of merchandise will be offered?

Ellen Million has graciously agreed to help us with our fund-raising, and the following items will be offered for sale:

Standard letter-sized prints (8x10)
Cards (postcards, etc)

We know there were a lot of very creative requests, and they have been recorded for future reference, but this is what we can offer to start with. We will be able to link conveniently to Ellen's site from Mainstreet in Elftown.

The Specifics:

You need only submit one design for all of the merchandise offered, keeping in mind that a few modifications will have to be made. For instance, what will work on a t-shirt or card may have to have its edges cropped for a mousepad, or its central theme pulled out for the bookmark. Stationery made from these designs will have the image shrunk in one corner, with a simple border added for decoration.

For examples of Elfwood merchandise, visit Ellen Million here:

The image size we are looking for is around 2550 x 3300 pixels.  For contest submission, a standard JPG file is the best bet, as we don't need to fill up the wiki with huge images. (If your image is chosen, we'll need a 300 dpi or uncompressed photoshop file for submission to Ellen). Those dimensions will work especially well for the shirts, cards and prints. They can be altered for bookmark and mousepad entries as needed. All art media is acceptable, as it has to be scanned into a computer to be entered anyway. Only SCANS will be accepted: NO photos of your work, as they will not be high quality enough for screen printing.

IMPORTANT: You MUST be able to provide a 300 dpi image to Ellen Million if your piece is chosen as one of the three. If you cannot provide a 300 dpi image, please do not enter.


CONTEST CLOSED: Go vote on Mainstreet!


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2004-11-19 [Minotaur Queen]: now that the votings off mainstreet....Who won?

2004-11-19 [Sunrose]: [Lerune] sent the designs to Ellen, but Ellen didn't have time yet to reply. [Lerune] will probably announce who won when the reply from Ellen is in!

2004-11-19 [Saffron]: is there still hope for 4th place?

2004-11-19 [Sunrose]: The answer to that is the same as before, since Ellen hasn't replied yet :)

2004-11-20 [Kiristo]: Hi!

2005-03-10 [liiga]: Um hi, a question - is this idea still alive? ^^; Ellen says she hasn't heard anything back about it... I'm just wondering what happened.

2005-03-10 [Kiristo]: me too, me too

2005-03-11 [Lerune]: While I was away recovering, [shudson] was supposed to have written her for me. I hadn't heard anything from Ellen when I turned it over to [shudson]. I guess I will email her again -- I know [shudson] has been busy.

2005-03-11 [liiga]: Yay. :)

2005-03-12 [Kiristo]: ok

2005-03-31 [spiritee]: hi, i was just wondering, is there an official winner for this contest? i'm hoping to update the page, Art Contests

2005-03-31 [Saffron]: [liiga] got the most votes

2005-04-15 [shudson]: yeah, I emailed her, she said she'd let me know when it was ready but she never did

2005-04-15 [Kiristo]: hmm....

2005-04-15 [Images]: There was 6 of us chosen. I'm not sure who the other are though.

2005-04-15 [DanClark]: I was one of them...but still waiting to be contacted by Ellen to sign something.....

2005-04-15 [liiga]: Right now Ellen's having some site troubles, so it's likely that reply will be delayed, there are also no new designs being posted at this time. Well at least this time she seems to have received the note. :) (*knows 'cause she sometimes gets to nag Ellen for stuff because of being on EMG Portrait Adoption*)

2005-04-15 [Images]: I received an e-mail from Ellen yesterday saying she just got around to checking my upload. As [liiga] said, she's definitely having site problems.

2005-04-15 [shudson]: and that explains it. we'll have to be patient ;) all this anticipation will make people want to buy elftown merchandise even more right? right? ;)

2005-04-16 [Images]: Right :)

2005-04-16 [Saffron]: have... to... finish... upgrading... picture ><

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