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2007-11-19 03:05:36
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I'm new to digital art, and am currently playing around with a program called GIMP, trying my hand at photomanipulations.

Athena as the Moon Fairy

Sun Goddess

My kindreds and my sister. ;)

Waiting for a crisper picture of mom to redo this.

My hunky Michael

For Amber, Watcher of the Unicorns

Angel [Iske] :)

A little different take on an [Iske] photo. Check out her version at her house.

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2007-12-16 [Draygun]: Oh excellent. ^^ Messing with photos is good fun, I particuarly like the "Watcher of the Unicorns" piece. 

2007-12-16 [Rye]: Thank you very much! Yes, it is fun..I'm still learning, but I am enjoying it. :)

2007-12-17 [Draygun]: You're welcome. ^_^ What program are you using for the munips?

2007-12-17 [Rye]: I am using GIMP. It's free, which is very nice, and so far, I'm really liking it. I think you can get it at just me look

2007-12-17 [Rye]: No, that's not it, just a sec..

2007-12-17 [Rye]: There it deals with disability rights or something...which isn't very nice really for a website dealing with such things to call itsself that..But anyways, yes, that is where to go if you'd like to try it. :)

2007-12-17 [Draygun]: *chuckles* Interesting. Ah yes, thank you. ^^ I'm looking into any sort of thing to mess with pictures and or progams for digital art, just doing me homework. ^^

2007-12-17 [Rye]: You're welcome. I hope it works well for you.

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