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2007-10-19 12:26:11
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Mariah's Art

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Based off of one of Michael's figurines
<img200*0:stuff/z/9281/Mariah%2527s%2520Art/i1188300064_3.jpg> Giftart for [kiradraco]Nicole's unicorn
From The Legend of Zelda


<img200*0:stuff/z/9281/Mariah%2527s%2520Art/i1188300064_7.jpg>Star II

/ [Rye]

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2007-12-01 [Galatea]: Very nice artwork! The faerie is beautiful and I love the dragon sceptre(?)!

2007-12-01 [Rye]: Wow! Thank you! I have a lot of growing to do still...need more practice, but am lacking the time or the patience as of late. You are my first comment here though..(obviously), and I thank you for a nice one. I was really expecting a this is crap comment, since there are so many REALLY talented people here. :)

2007-12-01 [Galatea]: Yay for being the first comment then. ^_~ I know how hard it can be to hang in there and keep working especially when you might feel like you aren't seeing immediate improvement. Sometimes though it can creep up on you out of nowhere. :) You can go so many directions in your artwork, which is what is wonderful about many mediums. You can continue in pencil, branch out into paint or markers...inking...sculpture, basically anything you want. The artists on the website are so ready to help those of us that are just learning too!! Wow I was really long-winded there, sorry! O_o

2007-12-01 [Rye]: That's alright, I like long long as it's not about something boring if you know what I mean, which yours wasn't. :) But yes, I is a wonderful thing! So many ways to express yourself. And I do have many friends here that have been so helpful. This, despite those who aren't here for art, is a pretty great place.

2009-10-14 [Talos Cyrion]: Nice art work!

2009-10-15 [Rye]: Thank you :)

2009-11-04 [Zab]: I like the unicorn, it has an interesting pose. :)

2009-11-05 [Rye]: Thank you, though I know it's very unrealistic. :)

2009-11-05 [Zab]: It has a proud feeling :)

2009-11-05 [Rye]: LOL! He was very proud :)

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