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2008-06-29 21:40:06
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[Welcome at my ManDrake WIP page...]

As you noticed, I have given ManDrake his own WIP page,
Comming from W.I.P. because, this is gonna be a BIG WIP!



First attempt without background drawings

[Now I have decided to redo Mandrake from scratch, here are the views]


Side view. In 3D modeling it is Not handy to draw the arms in the side view


And here's the front side. Now I can model him in 3D.
Eventually the 3D end result might look different then the drawings...


This is his body till so far, still a lot to do.


ManDrake hase TOES now! Next to develop: His mighty arms


Added the beginning of his arms and head and a little impression of green
I know, he doesn't look like a scary Dragon..yet,
but wait untill I have resculpt him in Zbrush....

To know what Zbrush can do, take a look at:


A little more Muscle detail, and yes, still a lot to do:
remuscleling his legs..
His hands/claws...
His head, eyes and teeth
And... his Dragon wings!


Yep, have been busy with his muscles again, especially
his legs, six pack, and (ahum) now you know for sure he's a male


Armed and dangerous.... Next weapons: His teeth!
You also noticed more definition in his arms and legs?


Finally, He has his teeth..
And Made his legs a bit longer, so his proportions looks better


A close up of his head and teeth


Also an impression of his back


The Smooth version of both wing side's.(High polygon)
Eventually, I will make the 3D wings bigger then the drawing version.
Looks anatomical better


YESSSS, I've made it! Finally figured it out, how to make the wings convincing enough..!!!


A little tryout of ManDrake in his cave...
And yes I know, this scene is not ready yet

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2008-03-27 [BinaryPhoenix]: Wow!!! Awesome first try for the wings!!!

2008-03-27 [Paul Doyle]: This is very cool, so far :)

2008-03-27 [Urmando The Elfling]: ThanX... I just give in to my passion for creature design...

2009-04-13 [organicparadox]: i remember seeing your wip for your urmando elf head. you really seem to have found your niche' cause i'm really liking this so far. do you have a final image in mind for the mandrake? a scene, pose, or animation you want to accomplish?

2009-04-15 [Urmando The Elfling]: Yes, Mandrake is a main character in my 3D animation "DragonWings" Urmando's elf head is also a part of it. At the moment I have another Project to accomplish: "Drazan" My Pet Baby Dragon. In my house you see the concept drawing of him, and later on in a new wiki of EFF 2009 I will place some pictures of me and Drazan at the Elf Fantasy Fair here in Holland.Fantasy, drawing and 3D animation are for me strongly related.
And yes, after Drazan is finished, I continue with DragonWings
Drazan will be a video/3D animation mix. DragonWings is a complete 3D animation.

2009-04-16 [organicparadox]: awesome awesome. keep us updated brah. i love works in progress. i learn alot from another artist that way:)

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