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Poetry By [Frost]

This is the poem that many people liked and it's the reason I now have this page so here tis':


Why do I awake from this deep sleep?
All of these dreams I wish to keep.
When I dream and dream I do,
I dream that I'm with you.

No one can cast a spell.
Only you can make me well.
Unwanted, I lay on the floor,
and wish to see you more.
Your face is the only light.
When I see you, my heart takes flight.

And so here I wait,
for you to open our gate.
Then we shall run free,
together we will flee
Away from here no turning back.
we'll run forever, in pitch black.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves fallng
gently swaying in the wind
waiting for the right moment
for their short lives to end.

I am like a leaf
but I do not fall
and I do not sway in the wind
the only thing I'm waiting for
is for my life to end.

Nature is so lucky,
not suffering this pain.
All I need is someone, anyone
to hold me in the rain
then maybe, just maybe
I wouldn't want my life to end.

I sit and stare at the sky
wondering, wishing
listening to the clouds lulluby
but I still want my life to end.

The lulluby is my sender,
and harder blows the wind.
The world is growing darker,
it's time for my life to end.

i will have more poems later

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2004-04-20 [Frost]: Any one who reads these feel free to tell me what you think (Good or Bad)

2004-04-20 [dragongirl005]: AWESOME!

2004-07-31 [Your Crying Dollie]: Kickass!

2004-09-18 [Frost]: thank you [dragongirl005] and [Your Crying Dollie]

2005-01-02 [Little miss perfect]: Aww...How cute

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