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2004-07-13 23:22:39
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Poetry By [Danno]


mirrors then, and mirrors now
they stand behind my eyes
mirrors show what none can see
for mirrors show no lies

mirror me, and mirror you
reflections bare and bold
purpose given by circumstance
a substance stale and cold

mirrors still, and mirrors shaped
no life no breath no choice
scream at me to no avail
for mirrors have no voice


silver city
not quite gold
no longer new
not yet old
watching it struggle
seeing it grow
too young to care
too old to know

so come on down with me
to the city of gold
i could sell you a life
im not afraid to be bold
i could sell you a vision
of things you might see
so if you need reasurance
just come follow me

if you want to get there
but just dont have the green
you'll not get there today
never to be seen
but do not over worry
salvation is at hand
we'll have a coupon day
with clowns, dogs and a band

im aroused by your wonder
on your hunger i feed
your guilt is my freedom
i live for your greed
but do not worry, it is human
to feel all these things
while you're hating each other
my cash machine cha-chings
and though innocence is here
and hope does not fade
you have sunken too far
this is now my age


two souls swam round it in the eather
never wondered coz i knew that i would meet her
thought up a way i could express it
three short words
the meaning i could bless it
caught up
but it doesn't seem enough now
think fast
and i wish that i could somehow
come up
and give it to you low brow
bring it on home
so we can get it on now

i wish it took a
million years to say
i wish that i just
couldn't take the pain
to prove to you
the sweetest que


i've got a bomb balanced
precariously on my head
so if you push me off my path
i'm pretty sure we'll all be dead


i sit in the night
hopes held in my hand
and im questioning thoughts
that i cant understand
then i raise from my chair
and i stare as i stand
at a most bewildering sight

there's a face in the dark
its' mind full of hate
it twists and it turns
while deciding my fate
but it shrinks, and grows darker
and then dissapates
"for you, my friend, it's too late"

i fall to the floor
and i think on those words
as they run through my head
they just sound so absurd
yet they ring with a sharpness
that i've seldom heard
it's been a most bewildering night


rotten body
burnt out mind
there's nothing left of me

deafened ears
and eyes so blind
there's nothing left to see

hands reach out
to touch your heart
they wonder alone and still

anger rises
then breaks apart
i've lost the need to kill


same as the armour
same as the sword
same as the shield on the arm of my lord

same as the anger
same as the pain
same as the hatred again and again


when i look at your face
i see the face of every war
in the history of mankind
when i look at your face
i see the eyes of those who cant see
and yet are not blind
when i look into your mind
distrust, hypocrisy and vengeance
are all i can find
but you cannot control me
through ignorance and fear
coz i know that im not blind

now you've taken one step too far
and i've got no ground left to give
because society tells me how to survive
and then you try and tell my how to live
so show me the love of god
and his armies, so submissive
stop trying to tell me
how i think
and for a moment just fucking listen
to the beauty of life
and all that it holds
but i know that you wont
because you're still being controlled
and i'll keep on trying
to show you the things
i have seen
because you cant find the answers
between the covers of a book
or in the pages of a magazine


the last dream i had was of you
and of the things that you do
if only i could see you now

i found you waiting for me
i could have died when you first saw me
but when i woke you were not there to be found

and now i'm scared of sleeping
but you'll not find me weeping
that's only because i lay here alone

i wish i could talk to you
and let my love flow through you
but i'm just too scared to pick up the phone

i remember the time we spent there
and the strawberry smell of your hair
the biggest word we knew was fun

there was a girl there at the right time
and she was a candle in the night time
but compared to her you're the rising sun

thats all for now. more to come
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2004-07-14 [Sheona]: Love all your poems. "Mirror Me" is definately my favourite out of all the poems here. It's so well written, and the rythmn and rhyme fit perfectly. It just strikes a deeper note with me. Perhaps it's because I can relate ;)

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