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Please see the rules on the main page:

Magic Photography Contest for Veterans


Contest Began: July 10 2008
Contest Ended: September 30, 2008.

Contest Closed

Thank you to all that contributed!



<news:Contest Winners & New Contests!>

          By [playslashwrite] (also Crew Favourite)



How to post your entry:
Add your image after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget to write your username and the title of the entry!

1. [insert user name] - "Title"

There is a theme!
Make sure the entries fit the theme, are well shaded/coloured and have some kind of background! Sketches and out of theme entries will be removed.


1.[Jitter] Time Magic

2.[Skydancer] A Touch of Wizard's Green

3. [playslashwrite] - The Seer



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2008-09-15 [moira hawthorne]: [playslashwrite] thats awesome!

2008-09-15 [playslashwrite]: why thank you! ^^

2008-09-15 [Skydancer]: a nice example of suffering for your art :) Thats fabulous!

2008-09-15 [playslashwrite]: haha thanks man! ^^ you can do my garden any time! if I ehr.. had a garden that is..

2008-09-29 [Mercenes]: Dont volunteer Laurence, or we may have 10ft Venus Fly Trap, and no teeny fly is going to satisfy that baby!

2008-09-29 [playslashwrite]: you are right.. but one hundred million babies are! MUHAHAHAHAHA!:p

2008-09-30 [Mercenes]: how morbidly entertaining!

2008-09-30 [playslashwrite]: i should start selling tickets for this ^^

2008-10-01 [playslashwrite]: oh of course the contest would close today! didnt even notice it was october yet XD too bad there arent more entries:(

2008-10-01 [SilverFire]: Well we run fewer photography contests than we do art contests, so there are even fewer photography veterans than their are artist veterans. ^^;

2008-10-01 [playslashwrite]: ah, good point there.. hadnt even thought about that..

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