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Luftslottet som... by Stieg Larsson review

Luftslottet som sprängdes is the final volume in Stieg Larsson's trilogy about the journalist Mikael Blomkvist and the young, eccentric hacker Lisbeth Salander. It continues directly where The Girl Who Played With Fire ended - Lisbeth Salander is wanted for several murders, all evidence seems to speak against her but journalist Mikael Blomkvist fights to find out the truth. The truth about Lisbeth's background turns out to be the truth about a foreign agent who's identity has been carefully hidden by the Swedish secret police. The last book reveals all these secrets, and Mikael's sister who is a lawyer fights in court to prove Lisbeth's innocence. Will the girl who played with fire, at last get her restitution?

The final Stieg Larsson-book is worth reading if you've followed Lisbeth Salander through the other books and want to know how the story ends. Sadly, Larsson's strength, that he has got a lot of knowledge about journalism, politics and police work, also becomes his weakness when he involved an endless amount of details and characters that not always moves the story forward. I got a very good impression of the author when reading the first book, that I found both very thrilling and realistic. Larsson didn't manage to keep my excitement over the story until the end, though, when the two last books disappointed me. I wouldn't recommend you to read the two last books, instead you can see the movies!
/ [Easterling]

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