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Okay this is my faniction, sorry but right now I really dont feel that creative, but the ultimate bounty is goingdown, I only seem to update it on one site, and forget about it here. Well here it goes, and no I do not own the Angel Sanctuary CHaracters, if I did, Kira and Kato would be gracing my bed, both Naked,and.....

Lucifer, the king of all the levels of hell, had just visited his domain for the first time in hundreds of years. His dark black hair was wild, the heat of the winds blowing caused it to sway every which way, his black eyes hiding the pools of evil in his soul.

"Hatter" He shouted, knowing within seconds his servant, one of the lords of the lands would be here, ready at his beck and call.

A man whose red short wavy hair was hidden beneath a huge top hat appeared, and knelt. "Yes oh King of Darkness, what do you wish of your servant" He said as Lucifer did something he never did, he smiled, it was good to be back home.

"Stand up Hatter, tell me abotu the deal with the princess, the last of the dragon masters" he said and the Mad Hatter sighed, his excessive eyeliner was pinched.

"My King, my liege, she is no longer the last of the dragon masters. On her level of Gehenna she is, but" He said before Lucifer turned around sharply from the path he was walking towards his own bedroom. He faced the hatter, and evil scowl placed upon his beautiful face. The rumors were true, that god even found lucifer beautiful the day he was cast out of heaven.

"WHat do you mean Hatter" He asked, his voice growing dark as his disposition. "I did not leave Gehenna to be dupped, so what the hell are you saying Hatter" He asked as his hands clenched into fists.

"My lord, my liege, please forgive me, fro not even I knew of this information until a few days ago. The princess of Flesh is alive, hiding among angels on Earth" He said and Lucifer laughed.

"So she thinks I died, does she, well Hatter, bring her here. She shall become my bride, but a deal shall be cut with her and Kurai. If Kurai opens pandora's box within the week of the Princess's arrival, then she shall be free to go, but if Kurai does not, then she immeadiatly becomes my bride." He said as he opened the door to his own chambers, painted blakc and the red of fresh blood as he laughed evilly and deep. A slut was waiting for him, naked and in his bed. "Go now Hatter, and drag her to my bed" He said before walking in the room. "And remember to Kurai I am only Kira Sakuya, until I have my bride that is" He said and locked the door. Only seconds before moans and screams would beheard.

"How much longer shall you hide under the disquise of a human milord" Hatter asked to himself before disapearing in a realm of magic.

On Earth

Rei awoke suddenly, her heart pounding, breath panting, limbs and body shaky. She shook herself to rid the images out of her mind. 'It was only anightmare, Lucifer is dead' She thought to herself, her silvery blonde hair was shining in the moonlight, her brown eyes filled with fear.

"Rei, are you alright, we heard screaming" Gabriel the angel who had saved her from Lucifer once said as he entered her room

"Yes, just old memories" She said, a tear slipping down her cheek. Gabriel took her into his arms. The princes of flesh was what she was once known as, and the bride of Lucifer she was to be. But the demonic princess had ran, and Gabriel took care of her, bringing her to earth to be protected. They had faked her death, and Lucifer had killed himself over Alexiel. The organic angel.

"Rei, he cant get you here, he's dead" He said and she slipped back into sleep. 'How am I going to tell her that he is in fact alive' He asked himself, as Uriel came into the purple and white room.

"We have to tell her, we must tell the princess of the newest news, the newest infor mation" He said, his long black hair trailing behind him like a robe.

"Uriel, I cant bring myself to tell her" Gabriel said as he kissed her charm braclet of gothic symbols, a spell keeping her hand of flesh from working. In fact the only person teh hand of flesh would not work on was Lucifer himself, or as he now went, Sakuya Kira himself. If she used her power in anyone else, they would be turned inside out, while her other hand was one of healing, so she could in fact turn them back, but the expierience would render anyone insane.

"But we must tell her Gabriel, she is yet again a fugitive from her home." He replied, and Rei awoke, her breathing slowed, and her body relaxed.

"Tell me what Uriel?" She asked as a black hole formed in her bedroom. The Mad Hatter stepped out and grabbed her from Gabreil, who was to stunned that they had found her so quickly. Rei screamed

"This oh Princess of The Flesh" He laughed before his magic surrounded them both bringng her back to Gehenna. "The King of all Evils, Lucifer, is back, and Craving his bride"

"He can have my cousin, Kurai" She whispered as she tried to use the frightening power she was given at birth, but the braclet held strong and so he could not be turned.

"Ahh but Rei, sweetlings, he wants you in his bed, you as the queen of Gehenna, you the Princess of flesh and eternal darkness" He told her as they traveled, his own power holding her captive. She struggled but he held a cloth to both her lips and her nose.
"Inhale my beautiful, inhale, my princess, inhale the drug of pandora's box, so that you may rest your beautiful body, that finally looks like the nineteen year old that you should." He said as she did, and fell unconcious, her body limp in the Hatters arms, her silvery blonde hair spilling over them both, she had cut it to her mid back, Lucifer wouldnt be happy about that, but then again, he would finally have fufilled the bargain her father had placed.

Lucifers Way 2

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