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Little Shop of Whores.

Authors: [cyberhavok], [The Vampire Armand]

A mass of pretty boys seemed to find their way to the Harem every year. Valeri had only been there for three weeks, but according to his friend, Mikael, they always had new ones come in. Pretty ones, strong ones, short ones, cute ones. Valeri often found himself wondering which type he fell under, according to Mikael he was a bit of everything, short, cute, pretty and even a little strong. He brushed out longish black hair, pouting that he wasn't going to be there for so long. He still had a chance though, but Mikael would have to come up with a good plan.

"You know, Valeri. If you keep brushing your hair it could just tangle all up again. So what are you nervous about?" Mikael asked, helping his friend put up his hair in a long and very much elegant braid, looking into blue eyes in which he highlighted with eyeliner. He himself had already been done up for the night, and Valeri was usually the slower of the two. He smiled and looked about while he waited for his friend's ranting about how much of a 'meany' he was for pestering him about his hair. He interrupted him as another friend of their's entered.

He was led through the part of the herum that very few ever saw. Patrons of this place hardly knew it existed. It was the back entrance where the whores who were newly shipped in were taken before they were led into the bordello. Wide golden-brown eyes surveyed his surroundings. He wasn't completely sure of where he was... The last thing he remembered was being at a bar, drowning his sorrows in alcohol, and then...everything went black. What was this place? Why was he here? He asked these thing to the towering fellow who drug him along, but he refused to respond to him. All he did was continued tugging him along until finally, the door was flung open and he was thrown inside. Before he could react further, the door was slammed and any escape he might've planned was obliterated by the sound of multiples locks fitting into place.
He stared at the door for a few moments, trying to figure out what to do, when a voice behind him spoke. He looked up, seeing a very affeminate man with flowing back hair which went down to the small of his back and brilliant blue eyes. This man smiled kindly at him, holding out a hand. "Hello there, lovely. I don't want you to be afraid but this is your new home." The shocked look on the soon-to-be prostitute's face made the feminine man above him chuckle. "Don't look so surprised. You didn't really think we would drag you all this way and then just let you return home. Oh no, love, that's not how it works. You see, this, for lack of a better term, is a whore house. A herum might be a nicer way to put it. But, despite that, you are going to be working here from now're done serving your purpose. Now then, we're going to take you to get cleaned up and then get you introduced to all the other boys. But, before we do that, I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Alexander. And what is your name, my dear?" The young man was about to speak but the other, Alexander, cut him off. "Oh, it's not as if it matters anyway. We're giving you a new name. Who cares what the old one was. From this day forward, you will be called Arien and you will answer to such, is that understood?" Silently, he sat there. This was all too much to take in at once. But did he really have a choice? He could see the cheshire-like smile on Alexander's face slowly fading and being replaced by a grimace of annoyance. He saw draw from within his clothes a large dagger, drawing it back as if to stab him with it, and quickly the new boy answered. "Yes. I understand." The hand lowered, the smile returned. "So then, what is your name?" "...Arien."

Valeri smiled to himself as his hair was finally even more complete with a small flower. "Hmn, oh no. I think he has given us another one to play with." He said, pointing to Arien. Neither of them had to be told twice who he was. He was their owner and the owner of the herum.

Mikael watched the said boy intently. "Poor thing. Just as lost and confused as the rest of us. I just hope he didn't have too much of a homelife.." He said, standing and walking to meet him. "Hello, I am Mikael. This is Valeri." He said, motioning to the other smaller boy that had walked besides him.

Valeri smiled wearily, not really knowing how to treat the newcomer. He just bowed slightly, letting his submissive attitude that he knew so well fall into place.

With wide, frightened eyes, Arien looked over at the one speaking to him. Normally, he would've been very polite to a stranger, but these boys...were prostitutes. They were disgusting, filth. But wasn't he one of them now? Confusion swept over him and Alexander could see this. "Ah, Mikael, you can make your introductions later. We're taking this one off to get cleaned up and then I'll have him back here to meet you. So save your politeness for later, when he's in a better state of mind, okay?" He smiled sweetly, grabbing Arien's wrist and dragging him along down the hallway.

Mikael felt sadness grip him just a little. "Of course, sir." He said, bowing to the other, holding Valeri close as he cowered in front of their owner. He sighed as well in knowing that he was slightly jealous of the boy getting the treatment. He was only going to be like them sooner or later. He was jealous that his owner seemed to be paying the other so much attention. But then.. he promised everyone the same thing didn't he? Protection, three meals a day, health care. They just didn't have the will to leave or to talk back to their owners nor their clients. They didn't get the money either. Alexander did, and he bought them what they needed with it. At least their owner supplied them with very clean clients. He wondered how much money Alexander made off them.

Valeri hated Alexander. Was in fact scared of him. He didn't necessarily mind being a lover to so many, and that was only because he felt he had so much to give, True, that if it wasn't for Alexander he would be on the streets about now, and true he would more or less be dead, but that didn't stop him from clutching tight to Mikael as the others walked off. Valeri felt bad for the new boy, he knew everything that he was feeling if not more. "Come on, Mikael, let's go play some chess or something.." He said, grabbing his friend's hand before their owner could turn around and demand them to do antyhing.

Arien was doused in all sorts of sweet-smelling perfumes and soaps as he sat in the bathtub, being pampered by about three other boys as Alexander watched. He'd never had this sort of treatment, even in his old life, so for a while it felt good. But whenever he looked up at the other man, it made him feel nervous and very depressed. This was all he had to look forward to in what was supposed to be his youthful years... The water seemed to grow cold from the thought, making his skin clammy.
When his bath was finally finished, he was dried off and led back to the room where the other boys were. Still naked, he stood before them as Alexander spoke. "Boys, this is the newest addition to our little family. His name is Arien and I expect that he'll be making us a lot of money, so don't you dare damage his face...or any other part of him for that matter. Otherwise you'll answer to me... Is that understood?" When he was met with silence, Alexander nodded and left the room.
After being pointed out in such a way, Arien felt very self-concious. He went and sat down in the corner, playing nervously with a strand of hair and wishing desperately to be anywhere but here.

Mikael pittied the other and stoped his lsot game with Valeri to bring over a blanket to the other. "Here, this should keep you warm until he comes back with something more then your skin." He said, Valeri by his side as he wrapped the other up.

Valeri huffed indignantly, sitting besides Arien. "You know, this.. is going to be completely weird. I know it never seems like you'll get used to it, but you will. Eventually. I had to." He was hoping to offer words of encouragement, but wondered if he wasn't just upsetting the other.

He looked up at the two who were spoking to him and frown. He didn't know why it upset him to hear them speak, as if they understood what he was going through, but it did. Arien shook his head, looking away from the two. "Please...just leave me alone. I'm not one of you."

Valeri was rightly hurt by this and nodded, simply getting up and leaving the other as he had asked.

Mikael sighed and bowed low. "I need to go after him. He has been hurt by your comment. When you come around and wish for company you will find us." He said, dismissing himself from the other, catching up to Valeri and hugging the now teary-eyed boy against him. "It's okay. He didn't mean to hurt you."

He frowned, looking at Valeri who was now in tears. He hadn't meant to make him cry. He curled his legs up to his chest, trying to hide his naked form. Biting his lower lip, he looked over at the pair. Why was he being so cruel? They hadn't done anything wrong. They were only trying to be nice to him. Sighing, he quietly called to them, "I'm sorry."

Valeri nodded sadly to the other boy, sitting down on his bed and going back to playing the game. "You could join us if you wished. " He said, almost a bit too quiet.

Mikael grasped his friend's hand. "Let him adjust, Valeri." He said, squeezing the hand comfortingly and moving a piece on the game board.

His frown grew deeper. He felt even worse now. Hurting people had never been something he liked doing, and even though he was apparently a whore now that hadn't changed. He slowly stood up, heading over to the pair and looking down at their game. "...I didn't mean to be rude. It's just...really hard is all."

Valeri patted the bed, trying to offer him a happier smile than he could conjure at the moment, hoping to cheer the other. "We' know. Do you think we like being here? We have all been where you are now." He said, sighing and looking down.

Mikael smiled genuinely, rubbing Valeri's back. "We have to stick together, you'll die if you don't really. Things seem so finite right now, but you will learn that this.. isn't.. so bad after a while."

Arien shook his head. The poor things, they had brainwashed themselves into thinking this wasn't bad. But how else were they to survive? How else could they deal with the fact that their bodies were going to be taken every single night by someone they didn't even know, someone they didn't even love. He shuttered, taking a seat on the bed and shaking his head. "I don't think I'll ever be used to it," he said truthfully.

Valeri hadn't ever gotten used to it. "I know, and you probably wont. I still haven't." He said, curling up suddenly feeling very dirty.

Mikael chewed on his lip nervously, unsure what to do for his friend, just holding him close. "Valeri don't think about it okay?" For some reason Mikael wasn't as sensitive about it as the other two. Did that truly make him a whore? Inhuman? What was he that it didn't really bother him anymore?

He sat there, looking at the two. They seemed so close... The affection that the two of them shared made him smile. He wished that he could feel that love with someone. A shoulder to lean on was exactly what he needed in a time like this. "Are you two lovers?" he asked in an innocent voice, smiling even more.

Valeri blushed lightly at the question. "Umn, not really." He said, looking up at Mikael for more support to the answer.

Mikael tilted his head in thought. "I would say that we help one another through hard times. Small hugs and kisses, nothing more than the sleeping next to one another." He stated, smiling lightly at Valeri, kissing the boy's forehead. "Why do you ask?" He questioned Arien, at least the othe was smiling.

"No reason," he said, shakingh is head. "It's just that the two of you seem so close and gentle with one another. It makes me happy to see two people so affectionate... It lets me know that care and compassion is still possible in the world, no matter how screwed up it is."

Valeri smiled shyly and took Arien's hand. "Hey, we can be here for you too." He said, hoping he didn't sound whorish.

Mikael nodded in agreement. "Whatever we can do to make you more comfortable." He said, kissing Valeri chaste on the lips before getting up to his own bed and grabbing a bottle of water.

He blinked a few times. For not being lovers they were way more affectionate than he figured they should be. But he tried not to think anything of it. They just wanted someone to lean he did. But could he really trust them? 'Well, what option do I have?' he thought to himself, smiling at the pair. "Thanks..."

Valeri smiled lightly. " Your more then welcome." He said, hugging the other, but not too long or tight before righting himself again.

Mikael brought the water over. "Anyhow, dinner is here soon and we have to dine with our owner." he said bitterly.

Arien's smile immediately disappeared. He certainly wasn't in a rush to see that man again but it seemed he had no choice. He hadn't eaten in days and he was practically starving to death. With a great sigh, he stood up from the bed, looking down at himself. He was still naked and wished someone would bring him some clothes to wear, but there was nothing. He had nothing.

Valeri smiled sadly, almost able to read the other's thoughts. He looked down. "He.. is nice to us at dinner.."

Mikael noticed the other was naked and wondered why their owner hadn't given him anything. He moved to his closet and grabbed out some of his clothing. "Here you are." He said, offering it to the other. They seemed somewhat the same size.

He looked up when he realized that clothes were being offered to him. He smiled, taking them and nodding in thanks. He quickly put them on, glad to have something to hide his bare body. "Thank you very much," he said, looking down at the clothes he now wore. "So, where do you normally take dinner?" he asked, his stomach growling loudly at the mere thought of food.

Valeri looked up at the clock."In ten minutes." He said, getting up from the bed. He sighed and made sure he looked okay.

Mikael sat besides Arien now. "Our owner has the obsession with us looking our best, so let me play around with you a bit to get you not in trouble." He said, righting the other's clothing and giving him a few touch ups. He smiled and patted his back consoulingly. "Come on, we need not keep him waiting." He said, resigning to their fate.

Arien nodded, wondering what was in store for them at dinner. Were they going to be fed only scraps or would they be given a feast of kings? After all, his body was now his money-making tool and if it wasn't properly cared for, what good was he? His stomach growled again and at that time, he didn't really care what he got to eat as long as he got something into his system. "Alright then. Lead the way."

Valeri nodded, sighing and grabbing Mikael's hand as he lead the two to their dining area, sighing even more as he saw the long table filled with food. Yeah they were fed well, but that didn't feed their freedom. He sat down next to Mikael who had pulled out a chair for him.

Mikael pulled out a chair for Arien as well. This way their master wouldn't be so obsessive that he sit with him instead of with people that actually cared for the other in a friendship. He finally took his seat, gazing at their owner with hidden hatred.

Arien smiled at Mikael was he pulled out his chair. Before he even sat down, he realized that someone's eyes were on him. Looking up, he noticed Alexander sitting at the head of the table, staring at him and looking none too pleased. He frowned and took his seat, wondering why he wasn't being his usual jovial self. "Who told you to get dressed?" he sneered, rising from his spot and walking over to where Arien sat.

Mikael quickly stepped in. "Master, surely you werent wishing for him to come to dinner naked. I know ho jealous you get when your posessions are oggled at." Mikael said, only slight worry shinning in his eyes. "I supplied him with clothing if you must know. You never made the rest of us be naked even here..." He said, he knew he was the only one that could talk back even a little, but he wasn't sure how far he could go before getting smacked.

Valeri watched this in terror, hugging onto Arien suddenly, as if protecting him.

Alexander's eyes darted over to Arien, before looking over at Mikael again. He raised his hand and smacked him hard across the mouth, drawing blood. "He's new. I want him to be oggled, by possible customers that is. You should've known better. If I didn't give him clothes then there was a reason for it. Don't ever make assumptions again, understand? If I want you to do something then I'll tell you." Glaring, he looked over at Arien and said, "Take off those clothes. All of them." He quickly did as he was told and sat down at the table, not caring that he was naked anymore. There was food in front of him and he wanted to devour it...all of it.

Mikael accepted his punishment, giving Arien an apologetic glance before sighing. He didn't bother apologizing, he would only probably get hit for it. He didn't even want to hear the apologies from their owner that may come later. He rolled his eyes as his thoughts irritated him.

Valeri was teary-eyes again at the display of violence. He was also thankful that their owner hadn't ever harmed him, but.. he didn't know how long it would stay like that. He glanced at their master before tearing up a little more, fear almost completely consuming him.

Alexander took his seat once again and started to eat, paying little to no attention the boys and focusing only on his plate.

Arien waited to be fed but, when it seemed that no one was going to give him a plate, he decided to feed himself. He started to reach for his plate when suddenly, Alexander reached across the table and grabbed his hand. "No. You don't get to eat today. I have some customers that are already interested in you. You go no." He pointed towards the door where a tall man stood, waiting for him. "But I-" "Are you arguing with me?" Alexander raised an eyebrow, tightening his grip on the fragile wrist. Arien winced at the pain, shaking his head. "Good. Now get going." He pushed him away. "As for the rest of you, you'll be following Alexander into the main guest room to entertain after you've finished eating."

Valeri fuond himself not hungry and nibbled on a carrot before getting up and looking nervously at their owner before walking towards the direction that Arien went, hoping to not be stopped.

Mikael sighed, glaring at their master out of the corner of his eye, grabbing a bit of food that he snuck into a pouch to feed to Arien later. "Master, might I be excused to fetch Valeri?" He asked, hoping to save his friend from punishment.

Alexander looked up at him. "Why should you? He's done eating, isn't he? I can't make him eat. Besides, that's less I have to pay for." He went back to his own food, paying Mikael little to no attention.

Mikael growled, leaving but mumbling as he did so. "No you wont make him eat, just service anyone and everyone on his knees!" He stormed out of the room, being sure to stop by their rooms to hide the food before running off to find Valeri.

Valeri hadn't been able to remember which room it was that Arien had went into and was instead curled up into a ball, crying.

Mikael sighed, not seeing the boy, instead going straight to Arien, grabbing him close. "Sorry sir, he can't be bothered at the moment." He said, knowing very well he could get into a lot of trouble. He looked to Arien nervously, trying to give him some expresion to let him know he had food waiting for him in the rooms, but to not touch it until later.

Arien looked confusedly at Mikael, not understanding what he was doing. Was he trying to postpone the inevitable? He would have to get this over with eventually, so why keep waitin? He didn't realize the other was trying to let him know about the food he'd saved for him. "I'll be fine," he said, resting a hand on Mikael's shoulder, looking at him with eyes of resignation.

Mikael sighed. "You idiot.. I have nourishment for you later." He said, walking back away to go find the lost Valeri.

Arien frowned. He wasn't exactly fond of being called an idiot but he was glad that the other had saved him some food. It would give him something to look forward to once he got done doing his "job." The man who seemed interested in him draped an arm around his shoulder, pulling him towards a couch and laying him down for his first experience in the brothel.

When Mikael found Valeri he held the boy tight in a hug, kissing his cheek ."you should go back and finish eating." He said, running his fingers through the boy's hair.

"Will you come with me?" Valeri asked, afraid of their owner, but already walking towards said dining room. At Mikael's nod they entered the room again, looking at their owner wearily as they sat down.

Alexander looked up at the two as they reentered the dining room. "Oh, so you decided that you're hungry now?" he sneered, setting his fork down.

Valeri decided that he should change hismind about eating. "No, sir, I was just wishing you a goodnight." He said, fearful of the other, turning to leave again.

Mikael held Valeri's hand, giving the boy a little boost in esteem. "Yes, sir, we are still hungry, but if you wish us to not eat then we understand." He said, bowing low and carefully stepping back to leve the dinning room.

He smiled predatorily, an evil plot forming behind those brown eyes. He gestured towards the two empty seats, nodding at them. "Oh yes, go right ahead and have a seat. The both of you."

Valeri clearly didn't want to eat anymore, but the way their owner's words came out there was no room for argument. He sat furthest away from their owner, Mikael sitting closest.

Mikael looked at their owner under intense gazes, trying to figure out what his thoughts were, wondering why he permitted them to sit back down, wondering what else they were in store for. He took his seat beside Valeri, urging his younger companion to eat.

Alexander sat quietly, watching the pair as they sat before their plates. He made no movement to indicate that he was going to hurt them. All he did was twirl his fork between his fingers, watching them with the hungry eyes of a predator.

Valeri nibbled on a few carrots, that was all he could seem to stomach in fear of his owner. He didn't dare make eye contact with the other.

Mikael was eating a little more then Valeri, but unlike Valeri he refused to turn his gaze away form the other. He wasn't so very much afraid of him like everyone else.He knew when to not overstep his boundaries, but that was about it.

He smiled at them, feeling happiness in knowing how much they feared him. He loved to have control over others. "I've been thinking about a little idea I've been toying around with to increase our number of patrons. I knew you were just the two of the job when I thought of it. How would you like to...put on a show."

Valeri blushed and looked even more away.

Mikael narrowed his eyes at the other. "What kind of show?" He questioned, holding Valeri's hand to comfort the small boy who was almost shaking. "And I will let you know that if he wont do it then I wont either."

Alexander's lips curled into a wicked smile. "A show for our patrons. Though you normally are the ones pleasuring our clients, I just started thinking of another way to bring them pleasure. The two of you could...perform for them. It would be only a few people at the time but...the two of you act enough like lovers anyway, so why not? What I'm really trying to say is I want the two of you to have sex with each other while our patrons watch."

Mikael snorted. "No." He said, grabbing Valeri and walking off to their rooms. He hoped they wouldn't be in too much trouble.

Valeri squeaked. "Mikael! We're going to be in so much trouble you idiot!"

Alexander watched Mikael drag the other boy out of the room. "Oh, so you really think I'm going to give you a choice?" he called, rising from his seat and following after the pair. "You don't have any options. I'm making you do this whether you like it or not."

Mikael growled, slamming the door to their quarters in their master's face. "Perhaps you don't understand, sir. We don't like being put on show. Not even for you."

Valeri whimpered, not wanting to face their owner's wrath. He curled up into a ball, away from Miakel and away from the door.

He raised an eyebrow, walking over to Mikael and wrapping his hand around his neck, crushing his windpipe. "It seems you've forgotten that you are not only a whore but my property as well. Now, you will do what I say and like it. Am I understood?"

Mikael glared at him, not saying anything.

Valeri ran up, clinging to their owner. "Please no! Don't hurt him! I .. we will do what you ask just don't hurt him!" He said, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Alexander smirked. He knew the weaker one would bend to his will if only he tortured the other a bit. He released Mikael, eyes resting on Mikael. "That's what I thought."

Valeri sighed and hugged onto Mikael tightly. "Mikael it wont hurt us any.. right?"

Mikael growled, wishing their owner would kill over. Apparently the poison under his pillow would have to come into use.. then they would be free. And then he could take Valeri away from this hell. He sighed as he formed the plan, bowing into submission before their owner. "I will do as you say, sir."

He smiled, clapping his hands together as if he was surprised that they agreed. "Fabulous. I'll ask you to do your first performance tomorrow. But for tonight, just spend time preparing yourselves." He winked, taking his seat once again. "Are you done eating?" He looked up at them with that cheshire smile, as if everything was okay.

Mikael ignored him.

Valeri nodded. "Yes, thank you , sir." He said, bowing low and sitting on the bed.

He smiled and nodded. "As you were then." He left the room, leaving them to themselves.

Mikael held Valeri close. " Why did you agree to him?"

"He was hurting you." Valeri said quietly. "Besides.. he could be making us do worse things, right?" He asked, looking up into Mikael's eyes. "And.. he is right. We.. are kind of together.. aren't we?"

Mikael looked to his friend, blushing very slightly. He leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips. "Of course.."

At that moment, Arien entered the room, tears filling his eyes. That first experience had been worse than he ever could've imagined. He paid no mind to Mikael or Valeri, he just walked past them as quickly as he could. The pain in his backside kept him from moving too speedily but once he was close enough, he collapsed on to the bed, his body racked with sobs. He felt so dirty...having his body used that way...

Mikael sighed as he saw the other. He walked carefully over to him, wetting a cloth as he did so, as well as carrying with him some healing salve. "Hey... you need these.." He said, kneeling by the other.

Valeri stared off at the ceiling. He wanted to help but he didn't quite know how to.

He sniffled, shaking his head. He didn't want to be touched by anyone, even if that someone was trying to help him. He felt so dirty that if someone laid a hand on him, they might be infected by him. He shuttered, squirming away from Mikael to the other side of his small bed.

Mikael sighed irritably. "If you don't you will only feel worse.. I know what you are going through.." He sighed. "I will leave it here for you." He said, getting up and walking next to Valeri, hugging the boy.

Valeri snuggled against the other. "What's wrong with him?"

Arien looked up in surprise at Valeri, having heard his words. He frowned deeply. "How can you ask such a thing? You of all people should know what it's like to feel the pain I do now... I'm sorry I'm not used to being taken advantage of!" he spat, his anger being directed towards Valeri instead of Alexander.

Valeri teared up. "WELL FORGIVE ME FOR BEING CURIOUS AND CONSIDERATE!" He shouted, feeling foreign and dirty.

Mikael narrowed his eyes and hugged Valeri tight. "You take that back.' He said dangerously to Arien.

"And what if I don't?" he hissed, glaring at the two with tears still in his eyes. "Are you going to beat me up?"

Valeri cried into the other's chest.

Mikael sighed bitterly. "You imbecile! The boy was merely concerned! If you want to go about acting like this than go right ahead. But when you have no friends to rely on, don't come back to us."

Arien turned away, not wanting to talk to anyone at the moment. He just buried his face in his pillow, letting his tears fall freely.

Valeri sighed and felt himself being laid back. "Sleep Val." Mikael said softly, kissing the boy on the cheek and covering the boy and tucking him in before going over to Miakel.

"Listen, I know things are hard for you. He.. didn't mean to be so .. unkowing. " Mikael said, sitting on the edge of the other's bed whilst Valeri drifted to sleep.

His body continued to be racked with sobs. It seemed that the longer he was left alone, the louder and more violent they got. It became so serious that he was having difficulty breathing. He pulled his head away from the pillow, gasping for breath and clutching his chest as air struggled to get into his lungs. He coughed violently but all for naught. Oxygen was still unable get where it was so desperately needed.

Mikael felt his eyes widen and he grabbed the other to him, gently rubbing his back, hoping to calm him.

Still, he continued to choke, tears from lack of air filling his eyes. Ever since he was young, he'd always had trouble breathing. It seemed that his condition had not gotten any better over time. He felt the other rubbing his back and his gasping started to calm somewhat. When he finally stopped a few minutes later, he breathed heavily, trying to catch his breath.

Mikael smiled softly. "See? Just be calmed now." He said, running his fingers through the other's hair with intent only to calm even further. "Nothing can harm you for now."

"For now..." he mumbled softly, wiping away some tears with the back of his hand. "But tomorrow will start all over again."

"Do.. you wish for me to bed next to you? Or would you like to sleep next to Valeri and I?" He asked, not wanting the other to be alone. He knew from experience that being next to another would help him greatly in getting used to the changes.

He sniffled, looking up at the other sadly. He wasn't completely sure what he wanted. He still felt so...dirty. He didn't want to taint someone else. But...these others were tainted as well. Nodding, he took Mikael's hand, looking up into his eyes for comfort.

"Alright." He replied, settling next to the other, knowing Valeri would understand. He held Arien close, running his fingers through his hair.

Arien sniffled once again, cuddling up to Valeri and shutting his eyes as tears began to fall. "I feel so...dirty... So violated," he murmured against his chest, his body still racked by sobs.

Mikael kissed his cheek. "I know. And you will for a while. It never.. really goes away. Just hand in there." He said, stroking the other's back.

He sighed, shutting his eyes and whimpering softly. Though it was hard, he finally managed to stop his tears and fell into a dreamless sleep.


Valeri woke up the next day, yawning and finding Miakel who had woken next to Arien. "Come on guys, it has to be breakfast time." He said, smelling their food.

Mikael woke up groggily and kissed Arein's cheek. He wouldn't make the other go to breakfast but he would go to protect Valeri. "Come on then."

Arien looked up as Mikael moved away from him, allowing him to get up. "I don't know if I want to eat anything. I don't feel very well," he mumbled, curling up in a ball,

Mikael nodded. "Alright.. sleep if you want. I will tell master your not well."

Valeri sighed and walked out to breakfast, knowing his friend would be with him shortly.

Mikael caught up to him and joined him at the table. He glared at their owner before speaking. "Arien isn't feeling well."

Alexander looked up from his newspaper and cup of coffee. He glanced briefly at Mikael before loooking back at the newsprint, merely saying, "I don't care. Bring him in here."

Valeri winced, knowing his friend would retaliate.

Mikael glared. "No! I said he isn't feeling well! You insensitive bastard!"

He looked at Mikael, a slight smile on his face. "If you won't get him then I will do it myself." He rose from his spot, giving Mikael an evil look as he passed. "Just know that your punishment for this will be greater than just missing a few meals."

Mikael glowered and steped in front of him. "Then make it worse, because I wont let you get to him!"

Alexander glared at his little pet who was being so disagreeable. He grabbed the boy by the front of his shirt and tossed him aside, striding out of the room without a second thought.

Mikael sighed aggrivatedly. He had hit his head upon hitting the floor but he was still concious enough to not let their owner get to Arien. He ran up to him and stood in his way again, pushing him away from the door to the rooms. "STOP."

"You obnoxious little brat!" he screamed, grabbing Mikael again and this time dragging him to a nearby closet. He flung the door open and threw him inside, locking it with the set of keys he always carried around with him. "Now shut the fuck up and leave me to my business!"

Mikael growled and let out an irritated scream, kicking with all he could at the door, not budging it even a little, causing him to practically bounce back and hit his head on the wall. He slumped down unconcious.

Valeri heard the commotion and ran out with a gasp. "Miakel!?" He called, scared and hoping his owner didn't find him as he looked for the other.

Alexander was far too busy with getting to Arien to bother with Valeri. He opened the door to the boy's living quarters and saw him laying on the bed, still naked from the night before. "Arien..." he said, sitting next to him on the bed. "You need to get up. There's work to be done, my little harlot." He said this in such a soothing voice that one would think he was giving a compliment, as opposed to speaking venom.

Arien whimpered, looking up at Alexander with fearful eyes. "But...but it hurts so bad..."

"It normally does after your first time. But you work for me now and you'll do as I say." He got off the bed, waiting for the other to rise. "Now get to breakfast. I need you in tip-top shape."

Valeri didn't find Mikael. He ran to the room where their owner was. "Master! Where.. is Mikael? I can't find him." He said, worry etched in his face.

Alexander glanced at Valeri only momentarily before looking back over at Arien who still laid on the bed. "Get up," he barked.

Whimpering, Arien got up as quickly as his aching body would allow and scurried to the dining room.

"I have no clue where that fool is. Try looking for him," he grumbled, storming past Valeri.

Valeri teared up and sighed, running away down the corridor. He blinked and halted as he saw a partialy ajar window. Slowly his mind began creating quite the plan. First he had to find Mikael. He knocked on all the doors. He gave up eventually and sat back at the table, tears streaking his make-up.

Arien sighed, watching Alexander as he led him to the dining room. Once they reached the room, Arien was instructed to sit down and he did so at once. Alexander had a very worried look on his face, and why Arien could not understand. The man said, "Stay in this spot," before walking off and leaving the young boy alone in the room.

Arien, never being one to stay in one place for too long, got up and left the room, trying to find Mikael. He opened up a few doors, feeling quite helpless. When he reached one of the doors towards the end of the hallway, he opened it and was surprised to find Mikael passed out in the closet. "Mikael?!" he exclaimed, shaking him.

Valeri saw the two, Arien shaking the other. He felt his heart seemingly stop and rushed over. "Oh my god.. is he okay!?" He almost shouted in question, tearing up.

Mikael didn't make a sound, the only indicator that he was still alive were very shallow breaths that just bearly made it past his lips. And after that a very soft groan left his throat, eyebrows contracting from pain.

Valeri knelt down in tears. "We need to get him help!" He exclaimed, running to their owner. "Sir! Sir! He's hurt!" He said, tears streaming down his cheeks as he tugged on their owner.

Alexander turned, looking at Valeri who was in hysterics. He then stared at Arien and Mikael, realizing what must've happened. "Hm. I told you not to go anywhere, Arien."

"I'm sorry, sir, I just-"

"Get back in the dining room!" he bellowed, watching as Arien scurried into the dinning room like a well-trained puppy. "As for Mikael, he got what he deserved, if you ask me. He'll wake up eventually. Just leave him be, Valeri."

Valeri growled and stayed near Mikael. "If you weren't so heavy I would take you back into the room." He whispered.

Mikael's eyes fluttered open a little and he looked around, hate etching into his features. He sat up slowly and wondered how he got out of the closet. "Valeri, I will be fine." He said, standing as a wave of dizziness overcame him. "Sir, permission to lay down?" He asked, skin paling as he seemed about to be sick.

Valeri worrie deven more now. He vowed that if their master wouldn't let Mikael sleep then he would very much have to change that.

Alexander glanced casually at Mikael, seeing that his face was turning a bit green. "Fine, go lay down. I don't need you vomiting all over the place."

Valeri followed after, helping Mikael to get into the hallway before motioning him to stand still. "Listen, I know he is busy right now.. I . know of a way out.. " He whispered fastly before looking pointedly at the window.

Mikael glanced and nodded. "Not now.. we should wait for nightfall when he sleeps.. and for Arien."

"Mikael please! We can come back to get him!" Valeri begged.

Mikael sighed and lead Valeri to the room. "If we go now he will catch us. just stay here with me.. I have other things that should aid us as well." He said, motioning to his pillow where the other would know of the white powdered poison that lay there. He sighed. "Wait for Arien." He said again. "And get out there again before he says something to you."

Valeri nodded, knowing his loved one was right. He didn't like it one bit, but he listened, walking to said room, daydreaming practically about the moment they got out.

Mikael sat on his bed, stripping off his shirt before lettign himself lay back against the blankets. He sighed. He couldn't explain to himself what he was feeling. Getting out of there would be good for them. Would be their way of freedom, but something tugged in his thoughts as he brought each thing up. Did their master not keep them because he was alone? Why was this happening to them? Would their master be even a little sad? It wasn't as if the other couldn't go and get more boys. He shrugges his thoughts off, wishing for some way to show their owner has some form of caring in him, closing his eyes and letting the dizzyness come to an end as he finally drifted to sleep.

After instructing Arien on what he was to do for the day, Alexander returned the bed chamber that the majority of the boys stayed in. He knew that he and Mikael would be alone for everyone else was working on various chores about the house. He walked up to the bed, staring at the slumbering face. He'd always held an extreme attraction to the boy and now that he finally had him alone, he didn't want to waste time just staring. He reached out, a hand traveling down his neck to the top button of Mikael's shirt, swiftly unbuttoning it to reveal his bare collarbone.

Mikael bearly noticed the movements. He opened his eyes very slightly but didn't seem to think that he was in danger. Probably undid it himself in his sleep.. probably just Valeri. He yawned, very close to waking only to close his eyes completely again.

Valeri sat at the table, taking about wondering which of his chores to do before he went to check on Mikael.

Seeing that the boy wasn't reacting, he took this to mean that this was an invitation. He climbed on top of him, stradling his waist while he unbuttoned his shirt the rest of the way. He stared down at his bare chest, a wicked smile on his face. He leaned down a bit, breathing against his ear and running a hand through his hair. "Mm. So beautiful."

Mikael's eyes shot open at the weight and upon noticing the other he blushed dark before paling, unsure what to do. "Sir.. what.. is going on?" He asked, looking to the other frantically.

"Just be quiet," he whispered in Mikael's ear, running a hand down his pale chest. "Mm. So lovely..." He stopped at the hem of the other's pants, beginning to unbutton them. "I can't wait to be inside you, Mikael."

Miakel gasped as he heard this. Part of him agreed with his owners words, the other spoke out in fear and hate. He struggled suddenly, trying to move away from the other. "No! Sir.... please no!" He all but shouted, trying his best to move.

He looked down at Mikael, a wicked grin upon his face. He knew the boy was completely defenseless against him. It was just silly of him to put up a fight. "Are you trying to...deny me?" he questioned, raising an eyebrow dangerously.

"I.. don't... want this!" He cried in fear, but something inside him lied when he said this. part of him did, mainly he felt that he could make his owner feel good. Maybe it would be better for the rest of them if he had a lover. "Sir no please!"

He laughed and pulled him closer, pressing his lips against Mikael's neck, biting it in such a way that it would mark him. He wanted the boy to know that he owned him, possessed him. He was merely a toy for him to play with. "No matter how much you beg and plead, I'm not going to stop. You're not in control now."

Mikael let a very small pleasured moan escpae him at the feeling, but he instantly regretted it, reacting in a growl, trying his best to move away from the other. "SIR STOP PLEASE!" He shouted, tears comming to his eyes.

A hand grasped tightly around Mikael's throat, choking him as he stared dangerously into his eyes. "You do not tell me what to do, under any circumstances. Understand?" He continued to strangle him.

Mikael stopped protesting altogether, wondering if their owner would really harm him. He felt tears slip out of his eyes and decided to accept his fate. The sooner it was done the better. Maybe there was a way to get out of it.

When Mikael stopped struggling, Alexander moved his hand from the boy's throat and started to kiss down his body, biting every inch of skin his teeth go grab ahold of. He slowly made his way to the hem of the boy's pants and began to undo them, shoving a hand within and stroking him, wanting to hear his sounds of strangled exstacy.

Mikael gasped out, closing his eyes tight in shame that he would enjoy his master's touches but he couldn't seem to get enough of them either. He felt afraid to have such a sensitive part of him be touched by the older man. What if he did hurt him?

Alexander's breath caught in his throat at the sound of Mikael's gasp. It turned him on more than he thought it was. His own erection, which was becoming very uncomfortable trapped in the confines of his pants, jumped slightly at the sound. He pushed the boy's pants down, leaving him bare. Slowly, Alexander descended upon him, taking his cock into his mouth.

Mikael was aroused in all of his fright. His owner's mouth around him causing him to shiver and moan but he tried to hold back, unsure what he was alowed to vocalize. What if he got into trouble for not making noise? Or for making it? What if this was all just a game to the other? Why was he being pleasured and not taken advantage of? He panted in his lust confused and feeling more lost than ever he had before.

He moaned around his shaft, sucking him harder. Slowly, his hand, which had been resting on Mikael's hip, moved around to his backside. A dry finger slid inside of his body, stretching his entrance.

Mikael groaned out, writhing in pleasure at his owner's presistence to penetrate him. He moaned gently, closing his eyes in pleasure, he may as well make the best of the experience.

After the first finger was added, a second one soon followed, scissoring the boy beneath him. His mouth continued to pleasure Mikael while he did this.

Mikael groaned louder, practically begging his owner to pleasure him more, to enter him. But is that truly what was needed?

Alexander looked up, a questioning look in his eye. He hadn't expected Mikael to enjoy things this much, but then again he was very talented in bed...and conceited. He removed his long, slender fingers from Mikael's body, smiling down at him. "You're mine," he murmured before he slammed into the boy's body without any regard to how badly this would hurt.

Mikael screamed out in pain, knowing he had to of been torn and bleeding. His tears from earlier sprang back into his eyes, dripping down his face as he cried out, clutching to the other tightly, clenching his teeth as he tried to grasp ahold of it, trying to tell himself that it was okay. "Please! No! Not so hard!" He begged, whimpering in pain as it shot white through his eyes.

He looked up at Mikael, seeing the tears rolling down his cheek. The other's cries turned him on more than he would've liked to admit. A sadistic smile crossed his face as he pulled out and slammed into him once more, groaning loudly.

Mikael tightened around the other out of pain, nails scratching into the other's back as he took the pain as well as he could, whimpering.

Losing himself in his sadistic pleasure, Alexander bit into the flesh of the boy beneath him. He bit so hard that he drew blood, the salty mixture filling his mouth and making him groan even louder against his skin.

Mikael screamed out, crying hard as the other continued using his body for pleasure. He grasped tightly, trying to close his eyes and endure the sharp pain.

He smiled, Mikael's cries only turning him on further. He continued to thrust in harder and faster, feeling himself nearing climax.

Mikael did his bet to bring his master to end, he didn't want to suffer this any longer. This pain, this hate that he felt for the other being inside him. This man he thought he could change, how wrong had he been.

"Mikael..." he moaned out, thrusting harder into the boy beneath him. His groans grew louder and he wondered if the weak one, Valeri, could hear him. A smile crossed his face at the very thought. "Mm. You feel so good, Mikael."

Mikael did his best to hold onto his master, waiting for him to come already.

He finally felt himself come inside of the other, moaning loudly. "I love you..." he muttered the words as he collapsed on top of him, not even realizing he'd said it.

Mikael blushed dark as he heard the words, his heart beat a thousand times faster than normal. "No you don't."

He looked up at Mikael, frowning. He hadn't meant to say those words out loud, and now he had to recover his ownership before Mikael took advantage of his momentary weakness. "...Don't talk back to me," he hissed, glaring up at him.

Mikael winced and suddenly broke into tears. "Of course sir." He said, wishing the other was gone.

He looked up at Mikael, seeing his tears. He didn't want to apologize, and he certainly couldn't say it aloud, so he leaned forward and kissed his cheek, tasting his salty tears. 'Don't cry...' he thought, feeling his heart breaking at the sight of his sorrow.

Mikael shyed away from him, crying harer and turning so his back was to the other, his tears faling steadily, body racked with sobs. He wished the other would show him just one inkling of loving him back. If not, then he and Valeri would make their escpe tonight, whether they had Arien or not.

He sighed, seeing that his tears were only falling faster. He turned the boy over, using his authority, and stared deep into his eyes. "I'm trying," he growled, a flicker of anger in his eyes. "I'm trying to be...gentle. Can't you appreciate that?"

Mikael let fear flash through his eyes before he clung tightly to the other, sobbing into his chest, not wanting him to be angry with him. "Please sir.. please.. be kind with me."

He let out another sigh, which sounded more like a growl when it came from him. "I said I'm trying, didn't I? Do you have any idea how hard it is for someone like me to be...kind or gentle?"

Mikael coward almost, kissing the other. "I understand." He said, quieting.

He pulled back, looking into the other's eyes. He could see fear apparent in the young boy's eyes. "I'm sorry," he said so quietly that it was barely audible. He laid down on top of the other, shutting his eyes. 'I wish I could be someone better suited for you...' He thought these words to himself, far too scared to say them out loud.

Mikael cuddled up to the other, slightly shaking. He kissed him on the cheek. "Let me teach you, sir. Let me help you."

He looked up at the other, frowning. "I can't allow that." He didn't say this in a threatening voice. On the contrary, his voice sounded remorseful and disappointed. He wanted the other's help but...he couldn't give up that part of him with the profession he'd chosen for himself.

"Why not?" Mikael asked softly, running his fingers through his master's hair in a soothing manner. "You don't have to be this way with everyone, just those that matter." He said softly, kissing the strands of hair, hoping that the other didn't think he was suggesting that he matterd in any form.

He shook his head. "I know myself to well. If I let my guard down with one person then I'll do the same with others. I can't allow it. Hell, it's bad enough that I'm talking to you this way. I mean, I'm supposed to be your master and here I am pouring my heart out to of my whores."

"You are a powerful man. You don't have to let your guard down with others, you can control yourself." Miakel attempted to reason. "If you don't confide in me because of being one of your whores then free me.." He knew his master would say no, but if he could get him to see his point.

He looked up, his eyes widened in anger. He knew he should've known better than to trust this boy with his deepest feelings. Now he was trying to take advantage of him to gain his freedom. He sat up, glaring down at the boy. "How dare you. I trusted you and now you try to walk all over me?"

Mikael teared up again. "Not that isn't what I meant at all!" He shouted, crying steady tears now. "I was just saying! I want to help you and confide in you and have you confide in me! You seem to think lowly of me because of what you made me into!" He said, standing from the bed and dressing. "All you are is a bully sir! I have tired and tried to love you, I have tried to please you but there is never a happy medium. I do love you, I do care and I will do what I can for you! But you keep pushing me away!"

He stared with wary eyes at the boy before him. He was unsure of whether he could trust him or not. What he had just said made a good point, but still he wasn't completely sure if he could let down his guard for him. He stared at Mikael's tears. They were convincing enough, but still he was unsure... "...Love me? How can you love me?" he whispered, still in utter disbelief.

"I just do. Even with as mean and cruel as you can be I know there is a better person in there! I.. I love that person and at times I even love the hate inside you. I don't know what compells me to love you so dearly. I just do!" Mikael continued, his voice worn out and hurt sounding but still caring for the other.

He shook his head, unable to believe the boy's words no matter how badly he wanted to. He wanted to believe that there was some shred of humanity left in him... "What about your Valeri. Is he not your lover?"

Mikael snorted. "No! You wanted us to be so we pretended! How else are we to survive you?" He asked, sighing. "You make us do these things that we truly don't want to do!"

He remained silent, still unsure of what he wanted to do or say. He turned his back to Mikael, afraid to say anything else that might incriminate him further. This was all just too much for him... He'd never expressed his feelings aloud before. It was just...too much.

Mikael walked sadly in front of the other and cupped his face in his hands, bringing him down for a kiss. "I have chores to do." He whispered, kissing him once more before turning to leave.

He nodded wordlessly, not saying anything. He barely felt the kiss that touched his lips. With eyes downcast, he spent this time thinking about what it truly was he wanted out of life...

Mikael went about his chores. He didn't run into Valeri as they worked on different floors. He thought about what the other had said. That is all Valeri was.. a friend.. right? Of course. He swept and straightened couches, fixed curtains, dusted and set about mopping the floors, wondering when it would be time for lunch.

Arien, who was finally done doing what his master had asked of him, was wandering about the house. He was extremely hungry, his stomach growling loudly. Though he'd told himself he wouldn't eat, he was in desperate need of food by now. He walked about until finally he found Mikael doing some of his chores. He knew he hadn't been exceptionally kind to the man before, so he owed him no favors, but perhaps he would be willing to help him this one time. He walked up behind him, shy eyes glued to the ground, as he spoke. "Um...M-Mikael?" he said softly.

Mikael looked up. "Yes?" He asked, wondering what the other might need. He looked pale and without energy. "What is wrong?"

Before Arien could reply, his stomach spoke for him. A loud growl emitted from his belly, making him blush furiously. He laughed sheepishly, looking up at Mikael. "I...I'm really hungry," he said quietly, cutely.

Mikael frowned. "Well.. we can't eat until lunch..but I have some left over fruit from breakfast it should at least take off the edge." He said, producing from a side pouch an apple.

Arien took the apple, starting to feast on it but realizing this was the last thing he would have to eat for a while, he slowed down a bit. He smiled weakly at Mikael. "T-thank you..."

"Your welcome." Mikael stated, finishing his mopping. "Did you finish the rest of your chores yet?" He asked, putting the bucket in the nearby closet.

Arien nodded, still nibbling on the small bit of food he was given. "I did... I didn't realize how hungry I was until I got done working..." He sighed, holding his still growling stomach.

Miakel smiled. "Yeah, that tends to happen. Don't worry it will get better soon." He promised, sighing. "Once you elarn to sneak food from the table anyhow."

Arien sighed and shook his head. "This is no type of existence for a human being. I wish...there was a way to stop this insanity, to escape..." he murmured, looking down at the ground, mindlessly rolling the apple back and forth in his hands.

Mikael shrugged. "It isn't so bad." He said, walking to another room to ask their owner when he needed to set the table for lunch. "Sir, what time do you wish for me to begin lunch?" He asked quietly, not sue if the other would even answer him.

Alexander was still sitting in the exact same place where Mikael had left him. He looked up, blinking confusedly, his trance broken. " I don't care. Do what you want," he muttered, getting off the bed and leaving the room as quickly as possible.

Miakel looked after the other confused but decided not to bother him just yet. He set about making sandwhiches for the others. He had other boys come up and help him, soon enough they had all they needed, Mikael chopped up healthy fruit and even baked a few batches of cookies. "Well, that is good for now."He said, wiping his hands on his apron. "Arien, go eat now." He said, hugging the other and going to find Valeri. "Hey Val..."

Vlaeri smiled. "Hi Miky.. been working hard?"

"You could say that. I made lunch youneed to go grab it while you can." He said, hugging his friend.

Valeri nodded and hugged him back, hurrying out to eat with the others.

Mikael sighed as everyone was seated. He went to tell their master the status. "Sir, lunch has been prepared if you are willing to eat? I can bring you a plate as well.." He whispered as he found the other again. He wasn't sure how he found him, just know he seemed to have a sixth sense of the man.

Alexander looked up at Mikael, that same distant look in his eyes. He shook his head. "No, I'm fine... I'm not really hungry," he mumbled, looking down at the carpeting of his bedroom.

Mikael bit his lip in sadness for the other. He could tell he had alot on his mind. He walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek. "If you need here." He offered, wondering if the other just wanted someone to talk to.

Valeri was happily gathering his plate as he spotted arien. He skipped over to the other and hugged him, nuzzling his arm as he did so. "Hello."

Alexander looked up at the other with blank, emotionless eyes. Without thinking, he wrapped his arms around Mikael, kissing his lips gently. "I don't know what I need..." he murmured softly.

Arien blinked confusedly when Valeri hugged him that way. 'Such an affectionate boy...' Even so, he smiled happily. He liked that affection... It made him feel not so dirty. "Hello. How are you?" he said shyly, a light blush crossing his face.

Mikael blushed but didn't hesitate to kiss the other back. "It's okay." He assured the other, laying hsi head on his chest. "Do you want me to leave you alone to think?"

Valeri giggled. "I am happy today. It seems bright and cheery in the house today. And we get lunch early." He said, stealing a grape from the other's plate playfully. "How are you?"

Alexander looked up at the boy's eyes, frowning slightly. "If you wouldn't mind staying here with me...I'd like it," he whispered, pulling him closer.

Arien pouted, seeing that some of the food he'd wanted so badly was stolen away. But how could he stay mad when Valeri, who looked utterly adorable, was the one who'd taken it. He smiled, feeling not so shy anymore. "I'm fine. Starving, but fine." 

Mikael smiled gently and kissed the other. "Of course." He said, closing the door and sitting next to him. "What's on yuor mind?" He asked softly, running his fingers through the other's hair.

Valeri hugged him. "good! Come sit by me please?" He asked, wanting to be in company with the other.

"Everything..." Alexander murmured quietly. "I don't know what it is I want to do with myself anymore. I'm starting to doubt myself...every decision I've ever made."

Arien smiled and followed Valeri, sitting down beside him. He started to nibble on some of his food. " are you today?" he asked with a smile.

Mikael nodded in understanding. "Sir, you are a wonderful man. Cruel, but brilliant. Do not doubt anything. What have you always wanted to be in life?" Mikael asked quietly, hoping his master wouldn't think he was prying.

Valeri smiled back at the other before resting his head on his shoulder. "I am very happy today. It is odd, but everything seems so light... especially after I cleaned the third floor windows.."

Alexander had to shut his eyes and think very hard about exactly what it was that he wanted. He knew when he was young he'd had dreams of what he wanted to do with his life, aspirations that had been set aside because of his poor economic state. Prostitution had been the only way for him to make money. But it was hard for him to think back that far... "I...don't remember," he muttered hopelessly.

Arien smiled and looked out the window. "Wow. I didn't notice until just now how beautiful it is outside..." A sigh escaped his lips. "I used to love to go outside on days like this..."

Mikael kissed the other soft. "You will remember in time, don't push it too far. But think about it when you are alone. DId you ever want to be.. a writer? An artist? An architect? Leader? Even an officer?" He asked his suggestions carefully, trying himself to remember all the things he had wanted to be. "You can still do any of those things." He offered, hoping the other would agree with him and find the motivation he needed.

Valeri smiled. "Well, we get to go outside later today.. so you can see it all again." He said, smiling a little. "Well.. sort off.. we just can't go off the property."

Alexander sighed, shaking his head. "I'm at a loss. I can't recall anything from that life... It seems so long ago." He ran a hand through his hair, frustration overwhelming him. "This is so incredibly irritating."

Arien sighed. "Of course we can't. We're just like caged close to the sun but still unable to fly away," he said these words so softly he doubted the other could hear him.

Mikael nodded knowingly. "Give it time, it will come back." He said gently, setting himself behind the other to rub his shoulders, pressing a kiss to the back of his head as he did so. "Anything else on your mind, sir?" He asked in a whisper, fingers caressing the other's back.

Valeri pouted. "Awe don't feel so bad. I heard that when we get above a certain age then he wont keep us anymore.. so we get to leave."

Alexander looked at Mikael, a smile on his face. "No, I'll just keep brooding until I figure some things out. You go ahead and get something to eat, hm? You've been on your feet all day, haven't you?" He placed a soft kiss on the boy's forehead.

Arien frowned. "But who knows how long that is... It's just very hard for me..." he mumbled as he shoveled another mouthful of food into his mouth.

Mikael smiled and nodded, kissing the other. "Do you.. want me to continue being my obedient self when you are back for supper? And may I come back to see you after lunch?" He asked, kissing the other again.

Valeri pouted and hugged him. "I know.. don't worry."

He ran his hand through Mikael's hair, not really wanting him to leave. "Yes to both," he said softly, staring into his eyes with long lost affection.

Arien let the other hold him, feeling warm and safe in his arms. He sighed, letting some of his guard down. It felt good to be able to trust someone...even if they hadn't known each other long.

Mikael nodded and kissed his owner as sweetly as he could before dismissing himself and going to find the other two. He grabbed himself a plate and spotted them. "Goodmorning guys." He said softly, not wanting to seem like he was happier than normal.

Valeri giggled. "YAY MIKKY!" He said, hugging the other before hugging Arien again. "Finaly get done?"

"Yup." Mikael said, happy that Arien and Valeri were getting along.

Arien couldn't help but pout a little bit. He was liking having Valeri to himself. He went back to his food, becoming quiet yet again.

Valeri kissed Arien's cheek. "Hey you want to help me with dishes?"

"Oh you two don't have to do dishes, I can get them." He said, kind of getting this vibe that they wanted to be alone.

Arien blushed, looking up shyly at Mikael and mouthing the words 'thank you' to him. He continued to eat as if he'd never looked up from his plate.

Mikael smiled and let them be, collecting their plates. "When your finished put the plates in the sink." He said softly, smiling and giving them a wink before walking away.

Valeri had rested his head on Arien's shoulder and smiled. "Awe.. hes sweet."

(o.o Um...I think you meant Arien's shoulder, onii-chan.) Arien nodded, watching Mikael leave the room for the kitchen. "He certainly is..." He looked down at his nearly empty plate. He finished off what was left of his food, then looked back to Valeri. "So, you said that we get to go outside sometimes. When is that?"

(Yeah I did, sorry I fixed it)

Valeri thought a moment, before looking at the clock in the room. "In a few minutes actually." He said, grabbing Arien's plate. "If you want to get ready, I am going to take this to Mikael. Would you join me out there?"

Inside Mikael was washing away, almost done with the dishes. He wouldn't have to do them all, but was in an abnormaly good mood after feeling as though their owner had confided in him.

He nodded, smiling. "Alright then. I'll see you outside then." He got up from his seat and headed to the bedroom, in a much better mood than he had been ever since he arrived in this place.

Valeri helped Mikael with the remaining dishes. "Are you comming outside with us?"

"Well.. no actually. I was going to take a nap and see if master needed anything." Mikael said, hoping that the other wouldn't follow him or anything.

Valeri smiled. "Well.. come out soon."He said, walking off to find Arien again.

Arien came out of the bedroom with brand new clothes that their master had left for him. He looked around, waiting for Valeri to join him. He couldn't help but smile at the prospect of spending more time with the boy.

Valeri smiled as he practically ran to the other, clinging to his side.

Mikael let the older boys take care of their going outside deal and went to find their master, standing outside his room giving a small knock. "Sir, are you here?" He called out softly, waiting for an answer.

Arien beamed brightly at the other. "So, you're ready to go then?" He blushed slightly at how the other clung to him, but it made him feel wanted and happy.

When Alexander heard the knock at the door, a smile came to his face. He knew exactly who was on the other side. "Come in," he called, not hiding the wide grin that decorated his face.

Valeri nodded, holding the other's hand in his lightly and leading him outside. "There's my favorite tree." He said, setting under it.

Miakel entered with a soft smile." I would have brought you a plate from lunch, but I didn't know if you wanted anything.. but I am back now."He said, walking over to the other after shutting the door. "The other's are outside." He said, looking at the other happily.

Arien joined Valeri beneath the tree, sitting beside him and shyly taking his hand as he stared up into the branches. "It's lovely..." He sighed happily. "It feels good to be able to feel the sun on my skin again."

Alexander nodded, but didn't say anything. He beckoned Mikael to come closer with a wave of his hand. It was strange, but he'd missed the boy in the short while he'd been gone. Now all he wanted was to keep him locked up for himself.

Valeri nodded in agreement and kissed the other's cheek. "You look beautiful in the sun." He said softly, handing him an extra grape. "Here, I kept this."He said, smiling.

Mikael came closer and wrapped his arms about the other. "I.. missed you." He said quietly, kissing his cheek.

Arien blushed faintly at the compliment, but instead of responding took the grape he offered and popped it into his mouth. "Thank you." He said, smiling and returning the peck on the cheek quickly.

"And I you," Alexander said softly, wrapping his arms tightly around the other's waist, pulling him as close as he possibly could. He wanted to stay this way forever.

Valeri layed his head in the other's lap. "I think we get three hours today." He said, nuzzling his knee. "I hope you don't mind me laying here, i am kind of tired."

Mikael smiled and held the other just as tight, kissing his cheek and nuzzling his neck. "Are you alright, sir?" He asked, curious at the other's clingy nature.

Arien looked down at him, frowning slightly. He'd wanted to talk to him a bit more but he couldn't deny him anything. "No, it's fine. Just take a rest." He smiled.

Alexander frowned, shaking his head. "No, I feel fine. Why, do I seem strange?" he questioned. 'Perhaps I was a bit too forward...' he thought.

Valeri nodded but couldn't seem to fall asleep. "I know things.. here arent the greatest, but I will help you through them." He said softly.

Mikael smiled and kissed his lips. "No you seem wonderful. Happy for once." He didn't know how much he could get away with saying and he kissed the other again. "I just want to see you happy with your life and those in it."

Arien looked down at Valeri and smiled. His kind words truly touched him. "Thank you," he said softly, leaning down to kiss his forehead. "I appreciate that...truly."

Alexander nodded, staring out the window. He wondered when was the last time he was truly happy? Not in a while, that was for certain. Perhaps it wasn't so bad to let atleast one person into his life... He smiled and kissed Mikael in return. "Well, for now, I am happy..." 'Happy that I have you...' He thought these words but dared not to speak them.

Valeri smiled. "I am glad." He said, sitting up to give the other a very light and friendly kiss on the lips. "I hope I can be of help to you while we are here."

Mikael smiled. "I wish I could make you happy all the time." He said, happy to be with the other, happy that for once he wasn't having a hand raised to him and that he wasn't being yelled at."I.. love you."

Arien simply smiled as he thought of how Valeri could "help" him. But now that he was alert, he wanted to question Valeri about something that had been bothering him. "Um...I've been meaning to ask you. Is...Mikael your...lover?" he asked shyly, avoiding eye contact because he had started blushing again.

Alexander looked at him and frowned. He had a hard time believing the words so, instead of ruining the moment, he said nothing in return. He continued to shower Mikael with affection, his lips loving kissing every piece of skin he could find.

Valeri blushed at this. "Oh no! We are just friends. Have been for the longest time. Since we arrived here even." He said, smiling. "Why do you ask?"

Mikael accepted the kisses, returning him with eaqually passionate kisses of his own. He knew the other didn't believe him, but as of then he didn't know how to make him see otherwise.

Arien shook his head, still blushing wildly. "N-no reason... It's just that...the two of you seemed so close," he said softly.

Alexander pulled away to look at Mikael, a wide grin on his face. "Do you think you would stay here with me...until it's time for work?" he asked, pulling Mikael down beside him before he even answered.

Valeri blinked. "We just.. try hard to protect eachother.. like really lovable brothers." He stated, feeling the other's forehead. "You are flush, are you feeling okay?"

Mikael giggled happily. "Of course, only if it is to stay here with you sir." He said, kissing the other.

Arien turned even redder at Valeri's comment. He was so nervous around this boy. He was just so pretty... "Y-yes, I'm fine..." he mumbled, trying to hide his face.

"But of course," Alexander said, kissing his neck gently as he cuddled with him. "You know, I never would've thought in a million years that I of all people would be able to cuddle with another person."

Valeri smiled and hugged the other. "Awe, you sound strange, are you sure you are okay?"

Mikael smiled and shivered a little at the kiss. "Yeah wel.. you're human too you know." He said softly, completely safe in the other's arms.

He relaxed a bit, looking down at Valeri with a faint blush still on his face. "Yeah, I'm fine..." he said softly, kissing the tip of his nose without thinking.

Alexander looked down at the bed he laid on. "I know but...still. Hell, it's even hard for me to believe." He snuggled closer to the other, holding him tightly.

Valeri couldn't help but let out a small giggle and kissed the other back on the cheek. "Awe, you gave me a kiss!" He said, proceeding to hug the other.

Mikael smiled. "Well, will you believe me if I tell you that even though others may not praise you as it, you are very much human."

'And I'd be willing to give you a lot more...' Arien thought as he smiled down at Valeri. "What, you don't like my kisses?" he said jokingly, kissing him again but on the lips this time.

Alexander nodded as he stared out the window. "I don't this is going to work between the two of us though..." he mumbled absentmindedly.

Valeri giggled and kissed him back. "It isn't that! I actually find your kissies sweet."

Mikael glanced at him. "Why not?" He asked, worry at losing the other filtering through him.

He smiled, carressing Valeri's cheek. "Do you really?" he asked, pulling the other's body close against him.

Alexander sighed, shaking his head. "With things the way they are, how on earth could this ever work out between us?" he questioned, a deep frown on his face.

Valeri smiled brightly and nodded. "Yes." He said, nuzzling the other.

Mikael lowered his eyes sadly before looking up to the other. "Well, why wouldn't it? Why should anything interfere? I would do anything for you."

"That...makes me happy..." Arien tilted Valeri's face upward so that their eyes met. The man could feel his heart racing as he looked down at the beautiful boy in his arms.

Alexander shook his head, looking away from Mikael. Why on earth would he be kind to him? "You don't mean that..." he mumbled, closing his eyes.

Valeri smiled and kissed the other's lips. "It makes me happy as well."

"I mean it with everything." Miakel said, sighing. "You just wont give into the pleasures in life. I wont lie. Not to you. I am in love with you."

Arien captured his lips in yet another kiss, but this one was far more passionate than the last. He slid his tongue into the other's mouth, groaning softly.

Alexander stared at him, wide-eyed. It left him completely awestruck. He didn't know what else to say. He looked at Mikael, shaking his head. " sure?"

Valeri kissed him back unsure why he liked the other enough to let him do this so soon. He suckled on the tongue that entered his mouth, enjoying the feeling.

Mikael nodded. "More sure than I have ever been about anything in my life." He said, kissing him.

He ran a hand through Valeri's hair, making the kiss deeper still. He gently laid him back on the grass, kissing him harder while still trying to be gentle.

Alexander shut his eyes, still unsure if he could say anything in response to the other. He sighed, running a hand through his hair.

Valeri wouldn't have been so brave to be intimate with the other if there were others watching him, but since there wasn't he gave himself to the other, kissing him back and slipping his hands through his hair.

Mikael sighed softly in slight contentment. "I am not asking you to love me back yet, I am just asking you to try."

"Mmmm," he moaned against Valeri's lips, finally pulling away. He stared down into those eyes, smiling. "Did you like that as well?" he whispered, moving his hips against the other lustfully.

Alexander nodded. He rose from the bed, looking out the window at the yard. He tried to clear his mind of all the things that were plaguing him, and was immediately baffled when he saw his newest addition atop Mikael's friend. "It seems your little companion Valeri is having a great deal of fun outside," he said with a small chuckle.

Valeri groaned and panted. "Yes, I do. I like it much." He said breathlessly, meeting the other's movements.

Mikael raised an eyebrow and walked to the window and errupted in laughter at the sight he saw. "I knew Valeri liked him.." He said, shaking his head. "Well I am glad for him. They make an adorable picture, and maybe he can break Arien out of his shell.."

He grinned, kissing him again. He let his hands wander over the other's body, down to his lower stomach where he began to lift up his shirt. He carressed his skin, moaning at how soft it was.

Alexander smiled. "They do...truthfully." He walked back to the bed, taking a seat. "Have there been problems with Arien?"

Valeri looked up at the other happily, kissing him back before sliding his own hands under the other's shirt.

Mikael thought a minute. "I wouldn't necessarily say problems. He has just been.. depressed slightly. He dosen't yet know what to do and he isn't used to this."

He pulled up his shirt, revealing Valeri's chest. Slowly, he moved down his body, kissing him every inch of bare skin.

Alexander nodded. "I see... Yes, I think Valeri will help him to open up." He smiled, looking up at Mikael.

Valeri did his best to not giggle as the other's lips tickled him slightly.

Mikael nodded in agreement, kissing the other happily. "Yes, and I think I can do the same for you."

Arien looked up at him, smiling. He could hardly stand how adorable Valeri was sometimes. "Why're you laughing?" he said, chuckling.

Alexander smiled at Mikael, kissing him in return. "Hm. Maybe."

"It tickles." Valeri replied as though the other should have known, kissing him again. "

Mikael smiled and hugged him. "I promise to. So, what do you want to do?"

He smiled, kissing Valeri's lower stomach. "You're so adorable..." he whispered against his skin.

"Hm." Alexander was silent, thinking for a moment. "I'm not sure. Do you have any suggestions?"

Valeri blushed as the tickling sensation drifted into something much more pleasureable. He kept his mouth shut, trying to keep quiet.

Mikael shrugged. "I am here to please you and love you, my lord. You are the one who tells me what to do."

He moved away a bit, pushing down Valeri's pants a bit to reveal his erection. He smiled, taking the tip of his cock in his mouth and licked it before taking him in completely.

"Fine then. I'm telling you to be creative. What do you think I would enjoy doing?" He grinned.

Valeri groaned and arched his back into the other's touch. This was so much better than the clients he had to please and be 'pleased' by. This was so much more intimate and loving and it made his heart race as his pleasure risened.

"Hmn, maybe even going for a walk or something'?" Mikael suggested. "It is a nice day out."

Arien was glad the boy seemed to enjoy how he pleasured him. He pulled back slowly, letting his teeth graze the sensitive organ before he took him back in once again.

Alexander sighed as he looked outside, thinking to himself. "Hmm. That does sound nice... I haven't been out in the sun in a long while..."

Valeri groaned more, threading his fingers throughout the other's hair, panting as he blushed in the heat of the passion. "Arien.." He moaned lowly, hoping no one would hear his desperate plea for release.

Mikael nodded and stood, grabbing his owner's hand gently but firmly. "Come then." He said, kissing him before leading him out of the room and towards the doors leading to the outside.

Arien moved his head up and down faster, sucking as hard as he could to bring the boy to his climax.

Alexander smiled and returned the kiss, intertwining their fingers as he headed towards the entrance of the building.

Valeri gasped as he neared his much sought after completion. He didn't know how much longer he would be able to hold out. "Arien.. I am so.. close.."

Mikael smiled, not caring what anyone else would think of them walking together hand in hand. He held his owner's hand tightly and with love as he lead the other out of the building. He smiled up at the sky which held a few scattered clouds. The sun gently caressed his skin and he was caught up in the smell of the earth around them. He smiled as he looked to the other. "Isn't it nice?"

Arien held down Valeri's hips and focused on bringing him to his climax. He moved up and down along him faster than he ever had, knowing that it wouldn't be long until he could taste him on his tongue.

"Yes..." Alexander said wistfully as he looked up at the sky, squinting at the light as it temporarily blinded him. "It' beautiful," he whispered. It had been so long since he'd last been in the sun. The warmth felt so good on his skin.

Valeri could hold no longer and let himself come with a soft but not so quiet moan of pleasure as he convulsed to finish. His back had arched off the ground and he was just laying back on it panting. He smiled softly and regained his senses before sitting up to kiss the other. "Thank you.." He whispered, wondering whether or not he should return this favor. He wouldn't mind, but they did have a time limit to how long they could be outside.

Mikael marveled at the look of the other in the light. Far too long had he seen his owner drab in the dark of the house. "Yes, it is." He agreed aloud, kissing the other before sitting beneath the shade of a tree, offering the other sit with him.

When Valeri finally came, Arien took in all of him, licking his lips once the boy had finished coming in his mouth. He wiped his mouth to make sure there was nothing lingering there, then smiled up at Valeri. "Oh, believe me, it was my pleasure."

Alexander sighed and sat beside Mikael, looking up at the sun through the branches. "I've beautiful the outdoors can be..." he mumbled to himself.

Valeri blushed at the other's words and kissed him full on the mouth. He was happy to have this. Finally this greater connection again.

Mikael smiled and rested his head on the other's chest. "Yes, it is beautiful. This whole country is beautiful. I miss the old streets and houses. I haven't seen them since my last night before you bought me." Mikael only expressed longing at these words, not resentment, just the need to see these things again.

Arien smiled into the kiss and rested a hand on the back of his head, running fingers through his hair. Slowly he pulled away, that smile never leaving his lips. "You're so beautiful, Valeri..."

Alexander looked over at Mikael and felt a great sorrow upon his heart at the boy's words of longing. What type of life had he taken him away from? Had he taken him away from family, friends, and other loved ones? How could he do this to another human being? He fell silent, his eyes looking down at the green grass beneath them. He felt he didn't deserve to see the sunlight, not after all the horrible things he'd done to these boys...

Valeri blushed a little more and hugged the other tight. "Promise to be my boyfriend?" He asked, slightly childish in manner.

Miakel could sense his owner's internal conflict. "Master, don't worry on it. I have long gotten over that. I am older now and can tolerate these things. I have been here since my twelfth year and already it is my nineteenth. I would be out of place were I ever to be there again. I am thankful for the memories I have now." He sighed softly and kissed the other on the lips. "Besides, I love you."

Arien was somewhat taken aback by the other's words but smiled at his unabashed shyness. He wrapped his arms around the boy, kissing his lips softly. "If that's what you want, I promise I will be." He smiled and kissed him again.

Alexander nodded, smiling sadly. "You may think that way, my dear, but what of the other boys? I doubt that all of them think the way that you do. I know many of them resent me, hate me for taking them away from their lives to work here and sell their bodies every night to the highest bidder... For instance, your friend Arien...I'm sure he hates me..."

Valeri kissed him back with all the happiness that he posessed. "Thank you." He whispered, the place he was in so much more tolerable. He almost didn't want to leave.

Mikael thought a moment. "He does. But only because of the way you treat us." He paused. "Now don't become angry with me, but you don't treat them civil. We feel like animals that are to be caged. If you..perhaps used kinder words and would not abuse us physically then we may be so much happier. I am not trying to get you to change your ways I just want you to be happy. I want them to be happy."

Arien grinned, nuzzling against the innocent boy's neck and planting a gentle kiss there. Never in a million years did he ever think he could find someone that would make him happy in this place. But, so it seemed, he was sorely mistaken.

Alexander sighed. There were so many things he did wrong in his life and yet, he didn't seem to have the will to change them. Even though he knew life would be better for everyone if he was kinder, gentler... But it wasn't in his nature to be. Well, atleast he thought it wasn't. Mikael had obviously changed everything. But Mikael was a special case. He had feelings for him, as opposed to the other boys in the shop. He didn't think he had the strength to do what he needed to not only free himself from misery, but everyone else.

Mikael thought a moment. "Let me help you, sir." He whispered, kissing the other's cheek. "I can help you direct them, when you feel like you are going to be violent, let me take it over from there so that you may be calm again. I am not asking to help you in your buisiness, just in the treatment of the others.And just think of how much more profit you would make from this."

"I don't see how being kinder would effect my profit. They're going to do what I ask no matter how I treat them, so I see no benefit in it..." he muttered, looking over at Mikael with a suspicious gaze. Despite his feelings for the boy, he couldn't help but feel as if he was being taken advantage of by him. First he's telling him to be nicer to his workers, and now it sounds as if he wants to help run the business when he's supposed to be working here.

"Now sir, no. Think of your customers. They find the boys unwilling at times and scared because of the treatment. If you were just a bit more nice to them and perhaps gentle they would be much more willing. They would be happier and therefore you would not only get more customers, but more would return after one time." Mikael said, hoping the other would not take it wrongly.

Valeri smiled and kissed him. "So, we can share the same bed, and sit together at the table and then we can...ummm I don't know." Valeri smiled as he trailed off, thinking happy things. "Can we go inside now? It's getting kind of warm out here."

Alexander was quiet. Though this still sounded like a plot to trick him, he couldn't deny that this made sense. Even so, he refused to let Mikael assist him in running the business he'd worked so hard to build for himself. "I'll think about it..." he grumbled, getting up from the ground. "It's time to go inside now."

Arien helped rearrange Valeri's clothes before standing up and holding his hand out to the boy. "Yes, we can do whatever you like, Valeri. I just want to make you happy." 'Because making you happy makes me happy as well...' he thought. Though he knew he truly meant it, he couldn't say this out loud. It was far too sappy and not his style at all.

Mikael nodded, grabbing the other's hand, giving it a gentle squeez. He smiled softly. Thinking about it was better than an outright 'no'. He was happy to be here with this man. The same one he somewhat resented at times when he was mean. How strange things always seemed to work out for him.

Valeri smiled and hugged the other tightly, leading the way into the house almost pouting that they had to be inside again. But he couldn't aford getting sunburnt or antyhing. Their owner wouldn't like it. He kissed Arien on the cheek and lead him to a grouping of chairs where the other boys were at the time, all in their free time, some drew, some were playing cards.. countless activities.

Once they were inside, Alexander wrenched his hand away from Mikael's, a strange look upon his face. "I have some paperwork to do so you'll just have to go amuse yourself for now. I'll see you at dinner," he said abruptly and walked off quickly to his office on the complete opposite side of the house.

Arien looked around, wondering what sort of things he'd like to do in here. The only place he'd ever really seen in this house were the dining room and the bedrooms for the other boys, as well as Alexander's office. He'd never seen this place before and he was surprised that the boys here seemed to be so...well kept, aside from the owner's angry outbursts.

Mikael was slightly hurt at the other's sudden change. He sighed sadly and sat mext to Valeri and Arien. "Hey." He said, smiling and hugging Valeri before nodding to Arien. "So um, how are things?"

Valeri smiled "They're good! I am happy Mikael! Arien is my boyfriend!"

Mikael smiled at this. "Well I wish the two of you can continue to be happy. Though I wonder if that means I have to give up kissing your cheek or grabbing you ever once in a while?" He asked, being mischievious to get his mind off of his supposed love's strange actions.

Arien wrapped his arms around Valeri, playfully sticking his tongue out at Mikael. "No, there'll be no more of that. He's mine now. No touching!" He kissed Valeri's neck, as if to prove a point.

Valeri blushed and easily melted to the other at the kissing, giggling slightly as he did.

Mikael laughed softly. "Awe well, that is fine, besides, I have another man I love so much more." He said dreamily, staring now up at their high ceilings.

Arien raised a questioning eyebrow at the dreamy look in Mikael's eye. "And just who might that be?" he questioned, genuinely curious. Who could be making Mikael feel this way, since Valeri was the only person he'd ever noticed he was close with.

Mikael smiled so soft that it was hardly noticable. "I don't know if I am allowed to say yet. But you will know in time." He said, sad that possibly his love may not love him back as he wanted. His insistance to help the others probably ruined any chance with the other he had.

Valeri had a sickly feeling on who it was. "So.. is he cute?"

"Yes." Mikael answered, smiling. "I wouldn't say cute, he is too hardened in his years to be cute. Children like you are cute, Valeri."

Arien raised an eyebrow, becoming suspicious of this man Mikael was supposedly in love with. He was starting to sound familiar...too familiar. " would you describe him then? Hair color? Eye color? Personality?"

"Hair?Long and black, his eyes are blue. His personality? Pehraps a bit grumpy, but not too horrible. Has random outbursts.." Mikael said, eyebrows knitting together ashe probably said too much.

Valeri blinked. "You mean master?"

Arien growled, almost animalistically, and shook his head. "How the hell could you be with him? After he treats us all like shit, you wanna go and sleep with him?!" He knew he shouldn't be yelling, but it was impossible for him to contain his anger.

Mikael glared at Arien. "You don't understand him. And I love him. No I don't like the way he treats everyone! I can't stand that! But there is a side there so much mroe gentle and caring I can bring that out. I love him so much for some unkown reasn./ I know I shouldn't after all he has done, but I do. With everything."

Valeri smiled. "Awe, its okay Mikael. You can love him if he is nice to you."

Arien was silent. He didn't feel like arguing, especially not with his new lover's best friend. He folded his arms across his chest, not doing anything to hide the anger he felt.

Valeri comforted his new lover with kisses, hoping the other would stop being angry.

Mikael sighed. "You just don't understand him! Not like I do!" He said, voice raised slightly at the other's anger. He stood and shot the other a glare before going to his room, planning to stay there until dinner.

Arien sighed, shaking his head. "This is absolutely ridiculous... I can't believe him. How could he do this? I mean...master of all people?"

Valeri pouted. "But what if he can change him? What if master becomes nice?" He asked, hugging his lover.

Mikael paced about his room before rolling his eyes at his anger and crawling into bed, curling up and closing his eyes. A nap before dinner might do him well.

"I doubt if that's possible...." Arien muttered, looking at Valeri. "Do you really believe that could happen?"

"Maybe. Come on though, let's get ready for dinner!" He said happily, standing and dragging the other with him.

Mikael was sleeping soundly as he could. The rest had consumed him as his brain seemed to be overworked. He had set his alarm to waken him for dinner.

Arien blinked at the sudden change of subject, but didn't argue. He didn't want to dwell on Mikael's choice of mate anyway. It only succeeded in making him more and more upset.

Valeri smiled and washed his hands and re-did his hair for their dinner as well as changed his clothing. "Come on and freshen up." He said, finding clothing for his lover to wear.

Arien looked down at the clothing he was handed, then took them and started to put them on. "I don't see the point in changing for dinner..." he commented as he pulled his new shirt on over his head.

Valeri shrugged. "Well I was kinda sweaty from ealier." He said, blushing neatly.

Mikael wook to the sound of his alarm and he jumped up, turning it off and combing out his hair before straightening his clothing, slipping into sandals and finding his way to the dinning room.

Arien laughed, coming up behind Valeri and kissing his neck. "Aww, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you all sweaty, love."

Valeri giggled softly, leaning his head back to lay on the other's chest. "It's okay. So, I think we should go. I heard the bell."

Mikael had already seated himself at the table, wondering where their owner was.

Arien smiled and took the other's hand in his, smiling. "Alright then. Let's get going."

Valeri kissed the other as they sat down at the table. Everyone knew to wait until their owner arrived to actually eat anything. "So, what do you wanna do until he gets here? I can get cards or something."

Mikael sighed miserably, if their owner didn't show up soon he was going to go and check on him.

Arien glanced over at Mikael and saw the look of sorrow on his face. He turned about, not wanting to feel pity for him. "Um...we could just talk. I'm not really in the mood for cards." He smiled and rested a hand on top of Valeri's.

Valeri smiled and kissed him on his cheek. "Well what do you want to talk about."

Mikael sighed and stood from the table, walking down the hallway to his master's rooms, knocking on the door. "Sir?" He called softly, pressing his ear to the door.

Arien smiled. "Tell me about yourself. What was your life like before you ended up here?"

Alexander was in a drug-induced haze and was only somewhat aware of the sound of knocking at his door. He groaned, not bothering to roll off his bed to see whoever was calling for him.

Valeri smiled. "I dont really know. I mean I kind of remember but I don't know. I remember my mom.. but I don't remember missing her."

Mikael opened the door slightly, "Sir." He said, walking carefully to the other. "Sir?"

"Was she unkind to you?" Arien questioned, wondering if he was pushing his boundaries too much.

Alexander rolled over to look at who entered, but ended up on the floor. He landed with a very loud thud, face buried in the carpet. He started chuckling against the rug, not even bothering to lift himself up.

"No, my mom was really nice. She loved me so much and I loved her too. But they came and took me away. I try not to think about it because I know I will see her again one day." Valeri said with a spirited smile.

Mikael gasped and did his best to life the other from the floor, easing him to the bed. "Sir, are you okay?" He asked, brushing the other's hair from his face.

Arien smiled and ran a hand down Valeri's cheek. "Your optimism is amazing. I wish I could be as hopeful."

Alexander looked up at Mikael, smiling strangely. "I love you..." he slurred his words, reaching up for the other but seeming unable to touch him. "I love you, I love you, I love youuuuu, Mikael."

"you have me, I will help you." Valeri promised, smiling up at the other.

Mikael looked into his owner's eyes, noticing they were different in their sizes of pupils. "What did you take?' he asked, placing his hand on the other's cheek.

Arien smiled somewhat sadly. "I'm not sure if I can be helped."

Alexander started laughing, draping his arms over Mikael's shoulder, kissing his cheek and neck repeatedly. "Don't you hear me? I love you! I LOVE YOU! I LOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!" He laughed more, brinking on insanity.

"You can. I promise." He said, wondering where there master was so they could eat dinner. "Do you think Mikael is okay?"

Mikael looked at their owner and sighed. "I love you too. Let me go tell everyone to eat up and I will be right back okay?" He asked, kissing the other's lips before he parted to go out.

Arien shrugged, realizing the other had been gone for quite some time. "I don't know... He's been missing for a while..."

"Mmm, no!" Alexander reached out for him, trying to grab ahold of his leg but missing. He pouted and managed to sit up, leaning against the leg of the bed. "I want you to stay with me!"

Valeri shrugged as well. "I am sure he will turn up." He said, yawning a little.

Mikael smiled. "I promise I will be back." And with that he left the room quickly and looked about the others flustered. "Alright, master wont be joining us for dinner, you may all eat." And with that he turned around again and went back to the other's room, looking around to see what he could have possibly taken.

Arien looked confused when Mikael came in so suddenly and then left abruptly. He frowned, looking at Valeri. "Something's going on..."

When his little lover left him, Alexander became extremely upset. In his delirium, tears began to pour from his eyes and he howled like a wild beast, tearing apart his room and screaming Mikael's name. "I told you not to leave me!" he yelled, ripping the sheets off his bed as he collapsed atop it, sobbing.

Valeri nodded. "Yeah but.. I think he has it under controll.. come on let's just eat and ignore it for now.."

Mikael found the other and hled him tight. "I am sorry darling I had to tell them what to do!" He said, kissing his owner. "What has gotten you like this?"

Arien shrugged and dug into his food. "If that's what you think is best."

The drug running through his veins was the cause of his behavior but he couldn't rationalize enough to tell him that. "You left me when I told you not to! I thought you loved me!" he screamed, tears streaming down his eyes.

Valeri nodded and sighed, he wondred as well what was going on, but decided that he should cherish the time he was having without their owner there.

Mikael was highly alarmed and held the other tightly."Oh darling, it is fine! I did not so leave you! I love you too much!"

Arien looked at the other, still frowning. "I feel...anxious. Something about this just doesn't feel right."

Alexander pushed him away, trying to run but his legs giving out beneath him. He collapsed on the ground, sobbing into the thick carpeting. "No... You don't love me... YOU DON'T LOVE ME ANYMORE! No one loves me..."

Valeri shrugged. "I am soaking it in while it lasts."

Mikael immediately leant by his side, almost in tears. Whatever the other had taken was beginning to affect him worse it seemed. He pulled the other to his chest and kissed him. "Stop saying things like that.." He said softly, wondering if he would need to get a tranquilizer. It would probably be best considering the other was out of controll.

"...I want to go check on them," Arien mumbled, unable to focus on his food.

"But it's true..." he muttered against the ground dismally. "You left me alone... I begged you not to...but you left me. You left me... You left me..." He repeated the words over and over again, his mind far gone from reality.

Valeri sighed. "Okay careful." He said, looking up at the other hopefully.

Mikael growled. "I had to tell the others to eat! Either that or we would have all sat there!" He ran his fingers through the other's hair. "I would never leave you on purpose!" He said, almost shouting with tears of frustration in his eyes. He began looking about the room, looking for whatever it was he tok to decide whether or not it would react badly to a tranquilizer were he to give him one.

Arien nodded. "Don't worry. I'll be fine." He smiled and pressed a kiss to Valeri's forehead.

Alexander just continued to murmur the words to himself, rocking himself back and forth on the rug.

Mikael narrowed his eyes and resolved to holding the other. "Sir, what did you take!?"

Valeri nibbled at his food, pouting lightly.

Before Alexander could reply, there was a knock at the door. "Mikael? Are you in there?" Arien's voice called, knocking on the door again.

Mikael narrowed his eyes at the other's voice. "It would be very wise for you to leave." He said loudly to the other behind the door.

Alexander groaned and pushed Mikael away. "Stay away... Stay away!"

Arien blinked when he heard the voice of his master groaning. He bilnked confusedly. "Mikael? Is everything alright in there?"

Mikael sighed and wrenched open the door. "What!?" He shouted at the other. "He's taken some kind of drug okay!? I don't know how to calm him! You nosey bastard! Are you happy now!? I need to let him work it out of his system unless you know of something to snap him out of it!" He was now yelling this quite loudly.

Arien stared at him for a moment, then pushed Mikael out of the way. He stared at Alexander as he laid on the ground. "I think I'll be able to help... He's taken some kind of hallucinogen. That's why he's acting this way."

Mikael immediately shut the door, locking it and twitching slightly. "Do tell." He said in growing frustration. He sighed, running an anger shaken hand through his hair.

Arien frowned, noting Mikael's harshness. "You know, if it wasn't for you I'd just leave him here to die so please dont' be so rude."

Mikael paled quite quickly. "Die?" He asked incredulously, fear gripping him. "What did he take?" He asked, sliding to the floor, eyes tearing up.

Arien shook his head and knelt down beside Alexander. "It's a very powerful drug... I've known a couple people...who've taken this of them died." He looked up at Mikael. "...Go get me some water, please?"

Mikael felt tears slip from his eyes as he hurried out of the room. He went to the dinner table, taking the pitcher of water. "All of you, eat and then go to your beds. That is an order." He said with such authority that he even somewhat surprised himself.

Valeri blinked and instantly ran to his friend, clinging to him. "Mikael! WHat's wrong!?"

"You stay here, make sure they do what they are told!"He said, running back to the room, slamming the door again. He knelt down by Arien. "Here."

Valeri nodded, happy to be able to help out. "Okay guys! Finish up!"

By the time Mikael returned to the bedroom, Arien had moved Alexander onto the bed and was watching over him closely. He took the water and set it aside for a moment, looking around. "If he's on this stuff then he's sure to have..." Arien searched around the room quickly, finding a small sack filled with a fine, white powder. He took it and poured a bit into a pitcher of water that was brought, mixing the contents together.

Mikael looked at the other strangely. "What is that?"

"It's something to calm the nerves. Most people who use what he's taking regularly normally have it lying around to calm the effects. It seems that he overdosed though and didn't have time to..." He poured the mixture into a glass and handed it to Mikael. "Make him drink this."

He gathered his owner up in his arms. "Drink this." He whispered frantically, placing the glass to the other's lips. "Please.."

Alexander, barely conscious, pushed the glass away and turned his face away.

"You have to make him drink," Arien said. "Either you do it or he will die."

Mikael didn't waste any time at hearing these words, he brought the drink into his mouth first and placed his mouth on the other's prying his lips open with his tongue, forcing the liquid in his mouth, relieved as it slipped down his throat. "I don't know if he'll swallow it completely.." He mumbled, getting another mouthful to repeat the process.

Alexander coughed a bit, some of the mixture trickling out of his mouth, but the rest slid down his throat. His body continued to convulse desperately on the bed.

"It looks like he's drinking some of it but he needs more," Arien said, looking to Mikael.

Mikael nodded and gave him the rest that was in the mix. "Now what?" He asked, starting to lose hope. He didn't want to lose the cruel man he had very much come to love. Too much of him needed him.

Arien sighed, looking at Mikael hopelessly. "Now we wait and hope that everything is okay..."

Mikael narrowed his eyes and slid down a wall, clutching his head tightly as tears of frustration poured out of his eyes.

Arien frowned as he watched Mikael and came over to him, nervously wrapping his arms around the other. "Um...calm down. I'm sure he'll be just fine... Just relax, hm?"

Mikael glared at the other. "I am just fine." He said, sighing angrily. "I don't need comfort. I thank you for what you have done, but really. Leave me be."

Arien was taken aback by the command. He would've never expected someone like Mikael to act so cruel towards him. Figuring that his irritation was only a result of worry, he removed his arms. "Do you want me to leave the room then?" he asked softly, afraid to get yelled at again.

Mikael looked up through teary eyes and shook his head. "No.. I am sorry I do need your touch.. just hold me here. I am merely sad." He said, practically begging the other.

He got back down on his knees and held him, rubbing his back soothingly. "Just give the medicine time to take effect. He will be alright."

Mikael nodded, sobbing into the other's chest. "I just love him.. I don't know what I would do if I lost him you know? He is so different from what he shows everyone else."

Though in his heart Arien believed Alexander was an evil bastard, he still did not want to upset Mikael any further. He nodded as if he understood and continued to rub his back.

Mikael dried his tears after a long moment. "You may return to Valeri if you wish to. I am assuming our owner shall be out for the night. Try and get the others to bed and whatnot. I will take care of him."He said, rising and giving the other a thankfull kiss on the hand. He moved over to the bed and climbed in next to their owner, brushing his hair back.

He smiled, running a hand through Mikael's hair as he rose. "Are you sure? I don't mind staying here with you to help watch over him."

Mikael nodded, thankful for the touch. "Yes, very sure, Val will need you more than I anyhow." He said, turning his gaze from Arien to their owner, pressing a kiss to the passed-out man's lips.

Arien nodded in return. "He will be fine. Just watch over him and come get me if his condition worsens. Valeri and I will get everyone off to bed, okay?"

Mikael nodded and hugged the other. "Than you again." He said, laying next to the Alexander, hoping with everything that the other would wake up.

"You're welcome," he said gently before leaving the room and shutting the door quietly behind him.

Outside Valeri had cleared the table and done the dishes, watching the others closely as they had their freetime. He sighed as he replaced the table cloth and starightened the chairs.

Mikael lay next to his master faithfully, running his fingers through the passed out man's hair.

Alexander murmured quiet words under his breath, as if rousing back into consciousness. His head shook back and forth, eyeballs moving beneath the lids.

Mikael gasped and looked down at the other. He kissed his cheeks and his lips. "Yes, that's it, come back to me darling."

Alexander groaned, trying to escape the hands that were on his face. He was mumbling a name...a name that was not Mikael's.

Miakel stared somewhat confused. "Mikael.. darling?" He asked the other, hoping to get him to waken.

He shook his head, groaning and holding his head as he said that same name again.

"No, it is me, Mikael.. don't you recognize me, Alexander? Who are you calling to?" He asked, kissing the other's lips.

He groaned out again, louder this time. His arm stretched out towards the ceiling, tears dampening his cheeks as his eyelids flew open. He shot up in bed, breathing heavily, and screaming out the name, "THOMAS!"

Mikael felt his eyes tear up. He backed away just a little. "Are.. you okay sir?" He asked, not sure whether or not he was needed. Who was the other? Why was he not acknowledging him?

Alexander seemed to finally take notice of Mikael, staring at him through wide eyes. "He...he was here. Thomas was here..." he said frantically, his eyes darting about like a frightened animal.

"No, darling no one was here.." He said, eyeing the other glass of water. "You.. overdosed.. I almost lost you.."

"Oh..." The man sighed, running a hand through his hair. He seemed to calm down after the other reassured him. Lying back on the bed, he shook his head. "I...It was horrible, Mikael... Absolutely horrible..."

"What were you dreaming?" Mikael asked, running his fingers again through the other's hair.

Alexander shook his head, closing his eyes as if to block the images from his head. "No... I don't even want to talk about it."

Mikael accepted this and stood. "The others have been fed and put to sleep. Arien helped me get you back to living. Valeri helped clean up. I am going off to bed now. I love you, and I suggest that the next time you decide to try and off yourself that you let me say goodbye first." He said bitterly, leaving the other's room in a flurry of bitter emotion, slamming the door shut as he made his way down the hall.

Alexander stared at the door, sighing and laying back on his bed. He shook his head. "What on earth was I thinking...?"

Mikael sighed and laid on his bed, ignoring Valeri as the other rushed over to him.

"Mikky, are you okay?" Valeri asked, pouting.

Arien looked up when the other entered the room, frowning slightly. He came and sat beside Mikael, resting a hand on his shoulder. "Did something happen with him?" he asked softly, trying to be as sensitive as possible.

Mikael sighed and turned away from them. "I don't want to talk about it.." He said, tears comming to his eyes, hoping the others wouldn't see.

Arien could see the other's tears and became afraid. Perhaps their master had died and he'd yet to tell them? "He is...still alive, isn't he?"

"Oh yes, but it is not me he wished to see upon waking." He said, body shaking with sobs as they wracked his body.

Arien frowned. "Are you sure? I can tell tha he cares deeply for you... Perhaps you misunderstood?"

Mikael sat up, a teary eyed glare burning through the other. "He asked for some man named thomas.. was practically screaming for him. I suggest you leave me alone on it. I want to be left alone."

Arien sighed, knowing there wasn't much else he could do, and went back over to his bed. He looked over at Valeri and shrugged, not knowing what else to do.

valeri crawled in bed next to Arien. "He'll be okay." He said softly, closing his eyes. "Just let him alone."

Mikael shivered in bitter distaste and wept continuously for minutes more, his sobs slowly dying down until his eyes shut finally for sleep.

Arien nodded, wrapping his arms around Valeri and holding him close. He kissed the top of his forehead, snuggling against him. "Mm. Shall we try to get some rest then?"

Valeri nodded with a small giggle and kissed the other back. "Goodnight." He whispered, snuggling close, happy to be able to sleep next to someone finally.

Arien smiled, surprised that he could be so lucky to find someone like Valeri, and slowly drifted off to sleep.


The next morning found Valeri up and made up for whatever he was to do for the day. Today was an easy day, they didn't have chores, and were allowed freetime. He giggled at this and woke his lover, the sleeves to his silk shirt trailing over him. "Hey, today's freetime..." He wanted to hurry to breakfast before they missed it.

Mikael decided he would stay in bed. He closed his eyes, pretending to sleep.

Arien groaned slightly before turning over to look at Valeri. "Hm? Freetime? What do you mean?"

"Today we get to go play. Well we have to stay in the compound, but the whole day is ours." Valeri said, kissing the other and hugging him. "Come on, let's get breakfast. We don't have to eat with master."

Arien looked back over at Mikael as he laid there. "What about him?" Arien whispered.

Valeri bit his lip before sighing. "Just leave him alone. He'll know what to do if he gets up. I don't think he wants to be botherd." With that he ushered his lover up and dressed him since they still didn't have proper clothing for him yet. "Now, let's go." He drug him out of the room to their dinning room.

Arien took one final look back at Mikael before allowing himself to be drug away.

Valeri led the other to the kitchen, filling two plates with food, handing one to the other. "Do you want to eat outside again?"

Mikael sighed in relief once they had gone. He felt new tears come to his eyes as he remembered when Alexander had come in and taken him not so long ago..what had it been? Two days? If that? He sighed aggrivatedly and felt the tears slide down his cheeks. He laid there, staring at the ceiling.

Arien smiled, taking the plate Valeri gave him. "Sure. That would be nice. It looks like it might rain though..." He said, peeking out one of the windows.

Valeri pouted. "Well.. it can wait." He said hoping the rain would listen to him.

Mikael debated on whether or not to get a shower. He didn't really want to waste the day, but then something told him that he would anyhow. He shrugged and decided to wait until before bed to bother with getting clean.. he wans't dirty anyhow, just felt maybe water might sooth him.

Arien chuckled. "Come on. Let's sit underneath the tree together again." He held out his free hand to the other.

Alexander managed to stumble out of his bed and down the hallway. His legs were unsteady, feeling like they couldn't even support his body. He didn't know why, but for some reason he felt like he needed to see Mikael. He managed to make it to his bedroom, opening the door and staring at the other lying on his bed. "M-Mikael?" he called out to him, walking unsurely towards him, his legs still quivering.

Valeri grinned and went with the other, nibbling on the food on his plate. "I think everything will be okay."

Mikael opened his eyes widely and he resisted the urge to pull the other close to his chest. "Sir, you should be resting.." He said, bitterly turning away from the other, eyes narrowed.

Arien sat him down beneath the tree, taking a seat beside him. "Mm. I hope so. I don't really like being inside that much." He started to eat some of his own food.

Alexander frowned, seeing that the other wouldn't meet his gaze. He walked closer still, wobbling dangerously back and forth. "Are you...upset with me for something?" he asked, sounding hurt.

Valeri smiled. "Well normally the rain wont come unless I ask it too.. it's being stubborn."

Mikael sighed and sat up. "You.. practicaly disowned me, how else am I supposed to feel? I saved you, Arien saved you and all you could do was call out to someone named thomas. You didn't give me one ounce of affection, I assume you don't care." He said coldly, glaring at the other.

Arien laughed, shaking his head and kissing the other. "Ah, I see. And when is it that you want to rain, my little Valeri?"

These words knocked Alexander off his feet. His legs gave out and he collapsed to the ground, landing on his feet. The name stung him brutally. How he hated to even...mention that man. "You can't think that...he is someone I care for. You do not understand the story, Mikael. I hold nothing but contempt and hatred for that man."

"When we get inside. It will be nice for everyone to take naps to.." he said, kissing the other.

Mikael felt terrible and rushed to the other's side. "Why did you push me away?" He asked, heaving the other onto the bed, shaking his head sadly and looking at him questioningly.

Arien smiled, wrapping an arm around Valeri's shoulder. "You're so adorable, you know that?"

Alexander sighed. "I...I was hallucinating. I thought you were him. I'm...I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I was just...confused."

Valeri smiled happily. "Thank you." He said, nuzzling him. "You know, its getting nicer here.."

Mikael wrapped his arms about the other, burrying his face in his chest. "Then you still love me?"

Arien looked at him questioningly. "Hm? How so?"

Alexander nodded furiously, wrapping his arms tightly around the other. "Of course I do! I love you so much, Mikael. There is no one else I would rather have than you."

Mikael hugged the other back tightly, blushing "You do?" he asked, kissing him on the lips.

He smiled, kissing the top of Mikael's head. "Yes. I...I love you..." he said quietly, unsurely.

Mikael smiled, holding the other as tight as he could. "Thank you." He said, kissing his neck. "Please.. don't ever let yourself get to death again. You would had died had I not found you. And thank Arien. He helped."

Arien nodded, quiet as he held the other in his arms.

Mikael smiled, kissing his owner's chest. "We did as well as we could to keep everything in line. If there are any problems let us know."

"Yes.... I appreciate your help," he said softly.

Mikael smiled and nibbled the other's neck. "I wont ever let you go.".

He smiled and ran a hand through Mikael's hair, smiling as he held the other's warm body against his own.

Mikael suckled the other's neck. "Sir.. please.. tell me you really have changed?"

He pulled back, looking at the other questioningly. "What do you mean have I changed?"

"Mere days ago you were cursing us with dislike and hate. Now you.. well you seem lighter of spirit is all."

Alexander was silent for a moment, then looked up at the sky. "I'm not sure.... It does feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders."

Mikael smiled brightly. "Let us hope it stays lifted and away."

Alexander looked down at him and smiled softly, leaning down to capture his lips in a soft kiss.

Mikael kissed him back, closing his eyes in pleasure as he did so. He wrapped his arms about his owner's neck, smiling into the kiss.

He rested his hands on Mikael's hips, kissing him back lovingly.

Mikael smiled more. "What should we do today?"

The man shrugged, resting his head on the shoulder of his lover. "I don't know.... Think of something."

"Let' furniture or something." Mikael suggested, smiling at the other, kissing his cheek.

Alexander raised an eyebrow, chuckling. "Rearrange furniture? I was thinking that maybe we could go the grounds today."

Mikael looked at the other with widened eyes. "Do.. you really want to?" He asked, wondering what the outside looked like. He hadn't seen it in years.

"Yes, I think I would like that..." he said catiously, looking down as he thought about how much of a surprise this must be to the other boy. He had kept all of his boys locked up for so long, they probably wouldn't even recognize what the outside looked like.

Mikael smiled. "Could.. we bring.. Valeri and Arien?" He asked, hoping this wasn't too much to ask. If it was he would understand and not bring it up again.

Alexander frowned slightly, but looked down at Mikael and knew he hadn't meant any harm. "I don't think that's the best idea...atleast not today. I to be alone with you," he said, sounding almost shy.

Mikael nodded. "Alright then." He said, smiling softly. "When do we go? I haven't seen the outside in..forever."

Alexander looked out a nearby window, squinting as the sunlight hit his eyes. "I think now would be good. It's very...sunny out."

Mikael hurried to his closets and grabbed his shoes as he was dressed properly and he made his way back, kissing the other. "I am ready as you are." His heart was beating faster than he would have liked. So long.

Alexander smiled at the other's excitement and took his hand, leading him towards the door. He took a deep breath, as if the sun would burn right through his skin when he went outside, and opened the door.

Mikael looked about the front of the place. Memories of when he was first brought here surfaced and plagued him. He smiled still, even letting forth a small giggle. "Might I get things for the others?" He asked, referring to Valeri and Arien.

Alexander rested his hand on the door as if hesitant to open it. He looked at Mikael. "What sort of things?" he asked.

"Trinkets? I know Valeri might like a bracelet or something.." He said, looking at the other. "Sir, are you sure you are okay?"

"Hm? Oh...yes..." Alexander trailed off. Slowly, he pushed open the door, then looked back at Mikael.

Mikael looked to the other nervously. "Are you alright, Alex?"

The sound of his name and not "sir" coming from the other's mouth broke him from his trance. He frowned. "Just because we're going outside doesn't give you the right to speak to me so informally."

Mikael nodded solemnly, feeling like a kicked puppy. He looked to the ground. "Sorry sir." He said, wondering why the other went back to being so harsh with him.

Alexander frowned. He hated to hurt the other's feelings but...whenever he left the brothel he felt insecure, not in control. It made him lash out when he didn't really mean to. Talking one step outside, he looked at Mikael, silently ordering him to follow along.

Mikael knew his master's commands by heart. He fell into silent step behind him, sighing and feeling worse by the second. Part of him wanted to run back inside the house. What did he need to see the outside world for anyhow? It wasn't like he would ever get to return to it.

Alexander was silent as he took larger and larger steps down the path towards the city. He sighed, afraid of mingling with other people. He already wanted to go back into his brothel where he was safe and didn't have to feel so vulnerable.

Mikael could tell the other wasn't comfortable, but he knew that if he tried to speak out of turn he was likely to be slapped. He went up to the other anyhow. "Sir, why don't we just go back in? Your not up for more than I am." he whispered.

Alexander looked upset still. His eyes focused on the on the sun above them. Still, he remained silent. "No, we're not going back..." he whispered softly, his walk seeming to speed up.

Mikael sighed. He fell back into line behind the other, looking at the ground.

Alexander looked back at him. He couldn't bear to see him this upset. Stopping for a moment, he grabbed Mikael's hand, leading him along as they walked together.

Mikael sighed as he looked to the other, but he smiled and kissed his lover's cheek before grabbing his hand. " you." He whispered.

Alexander looked over at him after hearing the softly spoken words. They sounded so sweet and sincere...and put his heart at ease. He smiled in return, a look of love apparent in his eyes. " you too," he whispered back, a faint blush coloring his otherwise pale face.

Mikael smiled and kissed him sweetly on the shoulder, careful not to trip on him or trip the other. "So, where are we going first?" He asked, noting that after all he thought, the outside world was not so impressive.

"Didn't you say you wanted to buy some things for your friends?" he asked, looking over at Mikael.

"Yes, but I don't know where to go. And you handle our accounts." Mikael said, shrugging unlike himself and nuzzling his owner's arm.

"I suppose so... Hm... I guess we could go to the market. They're always selling little trinkets and such there."

Mikael nodded. "Yes, a bracelet for Valeri and a choker for Arien." he said, holding the other's hand. "Would you wear a ring if I got one for you?"

Alexander blushed, not sure how to respond. "Well...would you wear a matching one?" he asked shyly.

Mikael blushed. "certainly." He said, looking to his lover. "But will you?"

He grimaced at the words. He wasn't sure if he could... "I will wear it...when we are together," he said quietly, his eyes averted towards the ground.

"I wont bother." He replied, his hand leaving the other. "It wouldn't be worth it just for you to wear it around me alone."

Alexander frowned when he felt the other's hand move from his own. He wanted to make Mikael happy, he truly did, but... "You have to understand the position I'm in," he said, desperation in his voice as he reached out for him again. "This isn't as easy as you would like to believe it is."

Mikael narrowed his eyes at the other, stepping back from him to not be touched. "Just what position is that!?"

"I own a whorehouse! I can't just...flaunt about whoever I please! And I certainly can't show emotion. It makes me seem...weak. And if I'm considered weak, then who will listen to me? Then I'll be out of a job and I'll have to..." He trailed off, thinking off how he'd spent his teenage years trying to gather enough money to even feed himself.

"Everyone there is afriad of you! You don't have to not show emotion! You can do whatever you want! It isn't like you don't know how to be a cruel bastard when you wish to be!" He said, glaring at the other. "You know, whatever your afraid of.. it is stupid."

Anger boiled within Alexander. Without even thinking about it, he lashed out and grabbed ahold of Mikael's arm, pulling him harshly. "You don't know anything about me so don't you dare tell me my fears are foolish."

Mikael wrenched his arm away from the other. "Just now you proved my statement. We are fearing of you. Spare me, you would harm us were we to mention or question anything you do. So obviously, you just lie when you tell me you love me. Well... no more. I wont have it." He said, boldly turning his back on the other."You can't keep me here if you wont be mine." He whispered, walking fastly back to the direction of the home as he could.

Growling, Alexander followed after him quickly, grabbing his arm again. "Why the hell would I lie about something like that? Something that would make me vulnerable? Something that you could use against me, to turn everyone else in the house against me?! You're the one being stupid right now, not me!"

Mikael broke into soft tears. "Just leave me alone, I don't need your abuse." He said, yet again removing his arm from the other's grasp. "I only asked a simply thing. That you wear a small token of my love. You obviously don't want to. Feed your lies to someone who will believe them." He said, turning and running away from the other.

This time, Alexander did not chase after him. He didn't know what to do or say because portraying emotions such as affection and love would never come easy to him. He stormed off in the other direction, hoping that he would blow off some steam before he even tried to go back home.

Mikael ran into the house, crying harshly and gathering his things. He ran to Valeri and Arien. "Come with me, we can get away now.." He said, looking around frantically. "Come on, before he comes back, we need to leave now!" He said, grabbing Valeri's things and already packing them.

Valeri looked at the other. "What do you mean? Where will we go?"

"Shush! Valeri just please! Don't you have your money still hidden?"

Valeri nodded. "Yes..."

"Then we will need it..come on." Mikael said, wiping his tears furiously. "I have a little money hidden too..we may have enough to get a room. Are you commin with, Arien?"

Arien looked at Valeri, then back at Mikael. He knew something must've happened between him and their master, but what, he couldn't be sure.... "Mikael, what happened between the two of you?" he asked, frowning.

"He lied." He said simply, grabbing his things over his shoulder. "Are you comming or not!?" He all but shouted.

Valeri looked up and bit his lower lip. "I will if he does." He said, looking to Arien.

Arien frowned. "I...not sure. Can I talk to you alone for a moment, Valeri?" he asked, not waiting for an answer before pulling him out of the room.

Valeri followed the other. "Okay... what's wrong?"

"Okay, not that I don't want to get out of here but I'm worried. Mikael's not himself... I think we should stay here and try to convince him to stay too, just till we figure out what the hell happened."

Valeri tilted his head carefully. "No he's himself..and maybe we should stay..but we shouldn't stop him from going. You've seen how angry owner gets.." He said, biting his lip. "I don't want him to hurt let's help him escape.But we should go to just in case he tries to hurt us to get answers.."

Arien frowned. "But what if he catches us? Then it'll be hell to pay for all of us..."

Valeri pouted. "I think he will be more angry if we don't at least keep him safe.." He said, not knowing.

Outside the conversation, Mikael grew impatient. "Are you comming or not?" He asked venemously.

Arien just looked at the other. He didn't know what to do.

Mikael found himself unable suddenly to go through with it. He broke, falling to the ground and leaning against the wall, tears streaming hotly down his face. " what am I thinking. I can't leave..."

Arien frowned. He was glad that Mikael had changed his mind suddenly about running away, but there was obviously something wrong with him. "Mikael, what on earth happened between the two of you?" he asked.

"he lied to me." He said, not planning to elaborate on the subject. He cried hard into his hands, whimpering and wishing everything would work out for him for once.

Arien looked at Valeri uncertainly, then went over to Mikael's shaking body, wrapping an arm around him and pulling him close.

Mikael shook his head. "Leave me be, I will be fine." He said bitterly, standing and going to an empty room and locking himself in. He laid on a couch that was in there and cried all that he could.

Valeri bit his lip in sadness. "I..wish we could help him."

Arien sighed and nodded, pulling his beloved close to him. "Well, all we can do now is wait for master to return... He's the only one who can fix this."

Valeri huffed. "Well.. he needs to return soon.. and it is near lunch and dinner so.. I am going to go order the others to do what they should." He pouted. "Wanna help?" He kissed his lover and lead him out of the hallway, not really letting him say no as he went to the others in the house, conducting some to the showers and some to the table and put food out for them.

Alexander entered the herum, having calmed down a considerable amount. Knowing what time it was, he headed to the kitchen, looking around for who he knew he needed to talk to. "Valeri," he said, spotting him. "Where is Mikael?"

Valeri smiled. "He's in that room there." He said, pointing at the door which Mikael had gone to. "Though.. I think he locked himself in." He smiled. "I have everything under control here." He said assuringly, humming about as he fixed the table and started on dishes from already finished eating boys.

Sighing, Alexander headed towards the room to what would be his inevitable doom. There was going to be hell to pay for their little fight earlier. But he had to make things right before things got any worse. He pulled out his set of keys for the building and unlocked it easily, stepping inside.

Mikael glared at the door and when he saw who it was he glared even worse. "What the hell do you want?" He asked bitterly. He didn't want the other near him. This other that had played with him.

Alexander knew this would be harder than he'd wanted, but he truly did want Mikael in his life. Sitting down beside him, he didn't attempt to touch the boy. He knew that he would only be pushed away anyway. Softly, he said, "I'm sorry about earlier..."

"No. You're not." Mikael said, sighing. "I don't have anything to say to you, leave me alone." He almost shouted. "I will leave this place when I can.." He mumbled. "I have nothing here. You and your bitterness..and I thought I was changing you to be a more loving person and yet you couldn't do that simple thing for me. Oh wow like it would really truly harm someone of your status!" Now his voice was rising.

If there was one thing Alexander couldn't tolerate for long, it was being yelled at. He growled, trying to stay calm and stop another fight from happening but as Mikael's voice grew louder and louder it became harder and harder for him to stay calm. Until, finally, he just couldn't take it anymore. "You know what? Fine! Leave if you want! And take this bloody thing with you when you go!" he screamed, throwing a small, black velvet box at Mikael's feet before storming out of the room.

Mikael gasped as he saw the box. Was he not allowed to be angry with the other? He broke harder into tears and shook his head sorrowfully. "Why? Why wont he ever just see me as an equal and not property? WHY CAN'T YOU DO JUST THAT ONE THING!?" He shouted, grabbing his things together furiously. He simply from there walked out the front door with his money he had hidden. He left the velvet box. What did he need it for? He cried hard as he ran further through the streets. He ran to what he saw was an inn. "This.. will have to do." He went in and counted his money finding he had enough for a room. "I would like to buy a room for the night. And if possible.. I am looking for work if I could pay you in some way when I am able to get work.. please?"

The inn keeper looked at him closely before smiling a kindly smile at him. "You in some kind of trouble?" He asked Mikael.

Mikael shook his head. "No I just.. ran away from.. my home."

"You wanna talk about it? I don't have any customers." The man asked, offering him a chair.

Mikael studdied this man. He wasn't old, but he wasn't young. His light grey eyes were knowing and caring about them. He had long peppery black hair that was tied back neatly and a pair of wire rimmed square glasses sat lightly on his nose. Suddenly Mikael did want to talk about it. "Yes, please. I think you should understand." He sat in his assigned chair and propped his knees under his chin, letting his case down on the floor. "I..ran away from my owner. I lived in the brothel on the west side of town. He and I were in love. But I asked him to do a simple thing of wearing a token of my love which really wouldn't have hurt him but he wouldn't. So I was angry and sad with him for that and then he..well he came back and I yelled at him. He treated me more like property, threw a black box at me..I know what the box probably contained, but I'm not going to even try. He hates me I know he does. I know he doesn't like even trying to love someone else. I...he told me to leave if I wanted so I did. But I love him and I hate that he has to be this cold hearted monster when I have seen such a better side to him." Mikael said, hardly breathing through it all.

The innkeeper smiled. "Well. You can stay as long as it takes to get back on your feet again. It's not so often one with your story comes along. I believe you'll know if he loves you. He'll come back to you if he does. So, I will get your room set up, and we have plenty. So just go about getting work somewhere and consider your room paid for. My only quest in return is that you keep your room clean and when I have others to not disturb them. And is asked to help with chores, which will be only when the maid's sick that you do them without question."

Mikael's eyes widened and he hugged the man. "Oh gods. Thank you so much! I am so very fortunate to have found you."

The other smiled and patted his back ."Come on, let's get you to a room."

Mikael was very pleased with the largeness of his room and was happy to be able to sit on the comforting bed. It wasn't quite as comfortable as the sillken sheets of the brothel, but it wasn't bad either. It was even more comfortable in a different homey type of way.

"If ye've eaten I'll bring up some desert if you wish." The inn keeper said.

Mikael smiled. "Well no sir, I haven't eaten, but I don't think I could stomach anything right now. Do you perhaps have water?"

The innkeeper nodded knowingly. "Oh yes. I do. I'll be back up in a moment."

Mikael smiled and while the other was gone he changed into a pair of sleeping pants. He looked out the window at the town and gave a smile. "I wonder if the others are fairing well?" He asked himself. He sighed and thought of his owner. "Well.. ex owner. I will never again be anyone's property."

The inn keeper returned not seconds after he spoke this and handed him a clean glass of water. "If you need anything, just yell for me. I'll be around. And your room has the bathroom right over there." He pointed to a closed door. "And you don't have to eat anything, but would you at least join me for breakfast or lunch? I would like the company."

"Of course, sir."

"And what is your name?" The man asked.

"Mikael, what's yours?"

"Everil." He said, smiling. "Get some sleep, young boy." He said, bowing before shutting the door.

Mikael did quite readily as told, all of his crying had made his eyes heavy and sleep was found easily thugh it was uneasy and filled with nightmares.

Alexander spent the rest of the evening in his room, not coming out for dinner and refusing to see anyone the entire night. His thoughts were filled with anger. He wanted Mikael to understand him, to know why he had trouble letting go completely and showing him just how much he loved him... But it seemed that that would never happen. There was nothing left to be said between the two of them. Mikael was gone. He had heard him storm out of his room and slam the door behind him. There was nothing else to be said... "I guess I was just meant to be alone," he murmured, staring out at the dark night sky from his bedroom and wondering if Mikael was miles away from here by now...

Arien frowned when after dinner he did not see Mikael. He had heard the screaming match between him and Alexander, but then after that...silence. He couldn't tell if it was good or bad, if Mikael had survived or not. His fears continued to mount when Mikael did not come to bed that evening. Nervous, Arien looked over at Valeri, concern filling his eyes. "What happened to him?" he asked softly, unsurely, like a little lost child.

Valeri pouted and hugged Arien. "I think he left. I heard a door slam.." He said, biting his lower lip. "What should we do?" He asked, tearing up sadly. "He's my buddy."

Arien nodded, putting an arm around his lover. "Perhaps we should...go look for him?" he suggested. Even though he was afraid of what would happen to them if they left their "home," he still knew that they had to find Mikael. He might be in some type of trouble.

Valeri bit his lip. "Well.. umm.. I don't know.. what if he catches us? Well.. let's be quiet about it." He said, whispering. He made sure everyone was doing what they were supposed to be doing before grabbing his little wallet and walking back to the other. "Come on, we can get out if we go quietly." He whispered.

Arien nodded and slipped on a jacket before quietly sneaking out after Valeri. He looked around nervously, afraid that with every corner they turned, someone would catch them.

Valeri wished there was some way of finding Mikael faster. He turned to the right and saw nothing. "Well he'll be long gone.." He made sure the mansion door was shut before he drug the other with him, staying hidden from the many windows. He went to the first inn where an innkeeper stood, cleaning glasses. "Excuse me sir, have you seen this man?" He asked, handing him a picture of Mikael.

Everil looked at the picture with narrowed eyes. "What's it to you?"

"He's a friend of ours. He ran away from home without saying a word and we were worried about him..." Arien said. The innkeeper's suspicious behavior made it obvious that Mikael was here somewhere so they could search for him themselves if need be.

"I may be able to divulge information to you. If you promise to not take him back to wherever it is he came." The inn keeper replied, studying them carefully.

Valeri hesitated. "We promise, we just want to make sure he's okay and that owner didn't kill him or anything."

Everil nodded. "He's fine...and he is here. But I don't know if he wants to be disturbed."

Arien looked at Valeri, then back at the innkeeper. "Please, sir. We are truly worried about him. We will be brief, a few moments is all we ask. We just want to make sure that he is in good health. I beg of you..."

Mikael tilted his head. He felt a stab of fear. He went to the door and opened it.

Valeri squealed happily and leapt onto Mikael, hugging him tightly. "Oh! Mickael.. we were so worried!" He said, nuzzling him.

Mikael blinked and smiled, hugging him back. "No I just..he told me I could go if I wanted. And I did. Hello Arien."

Arien walked towards him, a look of worry on his face, but he managed to smile somewhat. "Hello," he said in response, unsure of what to say. He didn't want to make the other upset.

Mikael released Valeri and gave Arien a small hug as well. "Is everything okay there? Did he let you out?" He asked, wondering how they got there.

"Well, no...not really," Arien said, chuckling sheepishly. "Ya see, we kinda...snuck out. But it was only because we were so worried about you!"

Mikael's eyes widened. "My gods.. if he catches you two. You need to get back soon! I don't know what he will do when he finds you two gone! Is anyone else even keeping an eye on the other boys?"

Valeri giggled nervously. "No, Mikael, we left without waking them. Besides, owner's there he can take care of them too you know. He doesn't pay attention to Arien and me so..we should be okay. He probably wont even know we're gone."

"Yes. He was deeply upset...though I'm not trying to take sides or anything. But...I've never seen him that angry before..." Arien murmured.

Mikael's face turned stony in it's expression. "You know. He's such a child. I did everything I could to show him love. He seemed to love me back. I wanted to get a ring set for he and I. He wouldn't wear it though so I didn't. I was upset about it which is when you guys saw me at the house. He came in my room later and we fought again. I shouted at him and when i did I think he ...most certainly wasn't happy with me. He threw a black velvet box at my feet. I know a ring had toof been in there, but what do I care? Why can't he accept things from me the first time." Mikael sighed bitterly. "I love him still."

Valeri bit his lip sadly. "Mikael. Come back with us. Make him happy again. Make you happy again. We miss you there."

Arien frowned. "I know you probably don't want to but...perhaps you should try to work things out? Maybe there is something that you don't quite understand about him yet?"

Mikael shrugged and sighed. "So long as I can still leave there when they don't work out again, then sure." He said, huffing. "But I wont go until I know for certain. Let me write him a note and you two deliver it to him." He grabbed parchment from his bedside table and a writing pen..

My dear Alexander, I don't know where we went wrong, I only know that we did. You meant everything to me, and even now my heart aches that you are away. I am not the one who caused pain here in my knowledge at least. Why are you so harsh? I wish to work things with you. I think what I want most is to be merely in a loving relation with you. Without all of that in which you hide behind. Let those boys back to a normal life, let us live a normal life. Think of what we could accomplish together. I want to be by your side. And you don't even have to forfeit all of what you have. Keep your brothel if it really makes you happy. I just want to be yours and be for you. I want to marry you. I want to adopt a child someday. I sound like a woman, and it's sad, but you're the only one who can make me feel like that. And I love that about you. I wish you wouldn't get so worked up. You yell at us all the time, and yet you expect us to not retalliate. Were we pets in a shop then maybe we would better fit your design, but that is not the case my love. We are people, and we have our own thoughts and feelings. We tend to lash out and be emotional too. You should work on forgivness. I will not be owned. I will not just fall into place just because the man I love tells me I should. I have my own mind and my own will and I will be damned if anyone, including you will take that from me. I love you. And I wish you would see things more rationally.

Yours even though I am not there, Mikael

He finished the letter and folded it up, handing it to Valeri who saluted. "Alright then! See you later hopefully! By Mikael! Please take care!" He grabbed Arien's hand and made his way out the door with him to deliver the letter.

Arien looked at the letter sheepishly. "Now Master will know for sure that we left..." he said to Valeri, looking up worriedly.

"yeah, but since we have a letter he'll be distracted." Valeri said, giggling happily as they made their way back home. "Alex!!!!!" He called out, knowing that calling their owner by his name would deffinately get his attention. "Mikael wrote you a letter!"

Alexander sat quietly in his library near the fireplace, staring down carelessly at the drug of choice that lay before him. He knew that it would only temporarily ease his pain, but atleast it was something. Anything was better than having to deal with this constant ache in his heart... And that's when he heard his name, not his title of 'master', but his actual name being called. And not only was it his name, but it was an affectionate name, a name of endearment, something that he accepted from no one...except for one. He shot up, flinging the door of the library open and hoping to see Mikael standing there, but was only Valeri. But apparently he held some news from his beloved. "A letter? How did you get it?" he asked, suspicious.

Valeri smiled nervously. "He..err...came to the door, anyhow, read it so i can give him a reply back because we really snuck out to go get him back cause we were rooting for you two!"

Alexander frowned as he looked from Valeri to Arien. He shook his head, ripping open the letter. "I'll deal with the two of you later. Now be gone," he commanded as he walked back into his library to read his letter in peace.

Valeri nodded and then paused before following after him. "Well.. we kind of can't. We have to go and give him the letter again." He said, knowing this might upset the other. he didn't want to be yelled at but if it involved doing something for Mikael then he would face anything. "We wont bother you, but can we wait outside the door?"

Alexander started at Valeri for a moment, before saying, "...Fine." Quickly, he shut the door to his library and took his seat, pushing the powdery white substance back into the bag it had come from and setting the envelope where it had once been. He read through the letter quickly, a frown appearing on his face. "So this is what he wanted..." he murmured, his eyes going and staring out the window. 'I don't know if I'll be able to give it to him...'

Valeri waited, pacing and sighing as he stared at the floor. "Does it really take that long to write a letter?" He asked himself.

Alexander folded up the letter carefully, then walked back to the door, looking at the messengers of the letter from his beloved. "Take me to where he is," he demanded. "I need to talk to him in person."

Valeri nodded and lead the other doqwn the street to the inn where they had found their friend. "He's in there." He took him in and showed him up to his room. "That one. Do you want us to go back home?"

Alexander nodded. "Yes, this will probably take a while. Go back home," he said as he walked towards the room where Mikael was. He knocked on the door, waiting anxiously for him to answer.

Valeri did as he was told, hoping that everything would go alright.

Mikael felt himself sigh. He opened the door expecting to see Valeri but when he saw the other he paled. "Alex.." He breathed out, feeling his eyes fill with tears. "So, what brings you here?"

"I came to talk to you, of course. About what you said in your letter. May I...come in?" he asked, looking behind him, fearful to see another man in the room with his beloved.

Mikael nodded and moved away from the door, showing him in. "Most certainly." He half cowered from the other, expecting to be hit as what would have happened in the past.

Alexander came in quietly, looking around the small apartment. "...So I read your letter..." he said with a sigh. "You want to be set free is what you're asking me, correct? Or did I misunderstand you?"

I want to be with you is all. I just don't want you to be this hateful drug taking thing you are." Mikael said softly. "Yes I do want to be set free, if it will get you to not treat me like property, and get you to love me like you should."

Alexander sighed, biting back the first words that prepared to come from his mouth. Instead, he stared out the window, shaking his head. He didn't want to ruin things between him and Mikael, but he had so much to much that he couldn't share with Mikael...

"At least I am greeted with silence rather than violence." He said, sighing and sitting on his bed. "i love you."

"Then why...can't you understand how hard this is for me?" he murmured, running a hand through his hair in frustration. Why was it so hard for him to express his feelings aloud?

"because you wont confide in me and you wont tell me why." Mikael said, shrugging.

He sighed. "I am sorry...truthfully. I don't know why's so hard for me to open up to people...even the ones that I love."

"But why? You've already opened up to me so far..." He sadi, referring to the times the other opened up to him in the past. He wanted this sadness to end.

"I know but...there are some things that are harder to say..." he said softly, looking down at the floor.

"Why wont you tell them to me?"

"It's hard. I can't even find...words to articulate just what I feel inside sometimes."

Mikael sighed. "Well if you want me back you will have too." He said stubbornly.

He sighed. "What exactly is it...that you want me to say?"

"Just tell me why. Tell me everything that you're hiding from me."

"I...I'm a much more...vulnerable person than you think. You think my...coldness and abuse towards you all comes from hatred and sadism...but in truth it's from fear... It is apart of my past...something I hate to think about. My teenage years were the worst of my life. To bring them up now, after I've locked the feelings away for so many years, is hard... And that is why I hide. And that is why I hurt. I'm afraid of being close to someone again, of being hurt by someone I love again..."

Mikael bit his lower lip in curiosity. "What makes you think I would hurt you too?" he asked, studying the other.

He shook his head. "It's nothing to do with you, love. I'm just afraid of history repeating itself. I don't have a good past in terms of loving others."

"It will only repeat itself if you let it." Mikael said, sighing softly.

He sighed, shaking his head. "Well, I told you. Are you happy now?"

Mikael gave him a reproachful look. "Love..I just want to be with you." He sighed, laying on his bed, glaring at the ceiling. "You know.. if you could promise me.. that you wouldn't treat me the way you have and that you would do small things lke wear a ring for me.. I would so come back to you."

Alexander chuckled somewhat. "For a person like me, that's a lot to ask for."

"Then I guess you wont be getting me back any time soon." Mikael said with a shrug.

Alexander glared at him, then stared out the window, contemplating what he wanted to do...

Mikael sighed. "Well.. I need to be taking a if you don't think you'll come up with an answer soon you could come back soon."

Alexander sighed, standing up and shrugging. "Fine then. I'll come back when I have an answer for you." Without another word, he left, heading back to the brothel.

Mikael felt himself fall to tears. He wished he would have at least been able to kiss the other again.

Alexander sighed, in a completely foul mood once he returned home. He went back to his room again, going back to the fine powder he had abandoned earlier.

Mikael sighed and wondered whether or not he was even being rational. He loved the other, and he hated that he did. He wished he was here, wished the other would come to his senses and come back to him so they could be in love properly.


The next day, Alexander was laying on his bed, passed out from his drug-induced stupor. He was too weak to move at all.

Arien awoke the next morning beside Valeri, wondering what the results of last night's rendezvous between Mikael and Alexander were.

Mikael woke and glared at the world. He looked at his reflection, his eyes were red and puffy from crying and little red cracks were through the whites. He groaned. "Ah if I was at his home I would be punished for my appearance." He said to himself with a yawn. He was already planning to stay in this night.

Valeri stayed asleep besides his lover, kissing him in his sleep.

Alexander's leg twitched in his sleep as slowly woke up from his state of unconsciousness. He sat up, holding his head and groaning at the pain that coarsed through his body.

Arien looked up at the gentle kiss placed on his forehead. "Valeri?" he whispered, unsure if the other was asleep or awake.

Mikael decided maybe he had better buy some fruit or something, he had the sudden craving for grapes.

Valeri opened one eye and nuzzled him. "Hmmm?"

"What do you think is going to happen to the two of them?" Arien asked softly, looking down shyly, clearly afraid to hear the answer.

Valeri bit his lower lip. "I don't know. I know Mikael loves him, but I don't think master will change."

Arien frowned. "I'm afraid to know what would happen if they weren't to get together... Master would probably be even more cruel than usual..."

Valeri paled. "What if he killed himself? I don't want that to happen."

Arien frowned. "Not to be mean but...that might actually be a good thing for us. We wouldn't have to live in this slavery anymore..."

Valeri sighed. "But we would get the same results if we just got them back together. Didn't you notice how different our master was when Mikael was here? And they would both be happy."

"Yes.... But how do we get them to work it out if they're both being stubborn? I doubt Master will be too pleased if we sneak out again..."

Valeri shrugged. "So? I think we should anyways and then tell Miky that master wants to see him. So Mikael will come and they will love eachother."

"Well...only if you are sure of it, Valeri," was Arien's response as he rose from the bed. "Shall we go now?"

Valeri nodded and got out of bed, dressing quickly, not bothering with his makeup. "We need to get back unnoticed before breakfast unless we bring Mikael with us." He said, peering around the corner to be sure it was clear.

Arien dressed quickly and followed Valeri's lead, peaking around his shoulder and looking out into the hallway, hoping their master wouldn't catch them.

Valeri giggled as they left the house. "If he catches us.." He mumbled, dragging the other down the street.

"Well, just hope that he doesn't..." Arien said as they headed towards the inn where Mikael was currently residing.

Mikael had been outside when the two arrived. "Valeri...Arien.. are you alright?"

Valeri giggled. "Uh-hun..ummm you have to come with us. Master says that he loves you and can change. So.. you have to come back though."

Mikael felt his heart leap. "Are..are you serious?"

Arien looked at Valeri unsurely, then nodded, smiling. "Y-yeah. You have to come back so the two of you can finish working things out..."

Mikael thought for a long moment before sighing. "Lead the way." He said, waiting for his impending doom.

Arien started walking before anymore questions could be ask. He walked swiftly back towards the herum.

Valeri smiled when they got into the house. "Umm wait here and we will tell him you arrived."

Mikael blinked. "I would think you should take me to him.."

Valeri had already run off to find their owner.

Alexander heard running in the halls and looked out to see what was causing the commotion. "Valeri!" he barked, already in a foul mood. "I did NOT sleep well and hearing you running around certainly is not improving my mood! Why the hell are you running around?" he scolded.

Valeri clung to their owner. "But we broght you Mikael. He says he loves you and missed you!" He said, biting his lip and giving the other a hopeful stare, clinging to him.

He glared, still somewhat under the influence of his drugs. "You snuck out of the house AGAIN?" he growled, pushing Valeri away abruptly.

Valeri broke into tears. "We were wrong to bring him back to you..." He said hatefully before running back to Mikael. "Miky..just go. Run away now!"

Mkael looked to his sobbing friend. "Val.. what is it?" He asked, seeing a red mark on his arms from where the other hurt him. He grew furious and held the other tight. "You poor thing.."

Alexander growled when the other ran away from him. He stormed down the hall, determined to capture him and punish him for his transgressions. But once he reached the end of the hall, he saw Valeri wrapped up in Mikael's eyes. His blinked a few times. "Mikael... What in God's name are you doing here?" he said in shock.

Mikael released Valeri after giving him a peck on the cheek and walked almly over to Alexander and slapped him hard across the face. "I came because you called! And now you lay your hands on my friends!? Just what did that boy do to you that was bad enough for you to cause him harm!?" Mikael asked, voice to it's loudest.

Valeri hid behind Arien.

"Call? I didn't..." He trailed off, then looked at Valeri, frowning. "This was a plot that your friends thought up. I didn't call you. They just came up with this little game and left the house without my orders. And do not lay your hands on me again, whether you are free or not!"

Mikael glared. "I will lay my hands on you....and if you hurt them I wont hesitate to take them too. I love you. And obviously you haven't changed. I will leave you now since obviously that's what you want. You had best not lay a hand on them."

"Don't tell me what to do. You've made your choice between me and your freedom so go if you feel you must. I couldn't care less either way!" he yelled and turned quickly on his heel, locking himself up in his room again.

Mikael sighed and broke into tears. "You two need to come with me." He said, sobbing harshly. "I..thought he loved me. And.. don't ever try to get us together again." He said. Then he walked out the door, stumbling here and there while his tears clouded his vision.

Arien looked at Valeri, but knew there was nothing that either of them could do anymore. Sighing, he asked his lover, "Should we go with him? I mean...I know master's affairs are none of our concern but...I don't think he'll survive left to his own devices."

Valeri nodded. "Yeah, come on." He said, grabbing his lover's hand before catching up to their retreating friend.

Mikael smiled fondly at them. "It was nice of you to try...."

"We were worried...for the both of you..." Arien said honestly, looking down. For some reason, he just didn't feel right leaving the man behind. He stopped walking, staring shyly up at his lover. "I...I don't think we should leave him on his own..."

Valeri pouted. "But someone has to look after Miky. Should we split up?" He asked, hugging the other.

Arien sighed. reluctant to leave the one he'd just recently become infatuated with. But he couldn't just abandon the other man either. "I...don't want to leave you, Valeri.... But...I'm worried for his safety..."

Valeri smiled assuringly. "It'll be fine. I'll go with Miky cause he knows me better. You can deal with master. Just.. be careful." He kissed him and hugged him tight before running off to his best friend.

Arien sighed, knowing that he would be longing for the touch in the nights to come... Trying not to think of the ache in his heart, he turned towards his master's room and knocked, hoping that the man hadn't passed out from his drug abuse.

Valeri held Mikael as when he finally caught up to the other it was to see him collapsed on his bed. He held him close. "It's okay Miky." He said, trying to wipe his friends sadened tears away.

Mikael looked to his friend. "Where is Arien?"

Arien knocked on his master's door again, but heard no response. "Sir?" he called, opening the door and saw the man laying on the ground, blood pouring from his wrists. "Sir!" he exclaimed, running to his side, trying to wake him up.

Valeri smimled. "He went to master to try and help him. Mikael.. why don't you try comming back again?"

Mikael sighed. "It's no use."

Arien didn't know what to do. He ran for the bathroom and found some gauze bandages, wrapping them around Alexander's wrists as tightly as he could but this didn't seem to stop the bleeding. Not thinking clearly, he ran out of the room, hoping that Valeri and Mikael were still at the inn...

Valeri sighed and cuddled his friend, trying to calm him.

Mikael could feel his heart throbbing. Something happened. Something terrible. He ran out of the inn and noticed Arien. "What happened?"

"He...he..." Arien was so shaken up he could hardly speak. "He... I went in and he... He's bleeding... Bleeding from his wrists and..." he trailed off, unable to continue.

Mikael's eyes widened and he ran as fast as he could to the house and into the other's room. He broke into sobs. "No no no! Alex don't do this!" He screamed, crouching next to his loved one.He held him tight, sobbing and pressig desperate kisses.

Valeri had ran after Mikael, dragging Arien with him.

Mikael looked up to them. "Find a doctor, someone, something now!" He ordered, attempting to stop the bleeding himself. "Oh gods, Alex, my love, waken. Please don't take yourself from me." He pleaded, crying harder as he did his best to help stop the blood.

Arien just stood there, watching for a moment, before he broke out of his trance. He grabbed Valeri's arm. "Come on. We have to go find a doctor quickly!"

Valeri panicked and followed his lover. "But where?" He asked breathlessly.

Miakel cried harshly as he held the other to him, crying into his chest, wishing he would waken and wishing this would all be alright.

"I dunno... Anywhere! We can't just let him bleed to death. There has to be a doctor in town somewhere!" Arien bolted out the door, not really knowing where he was gonig, but hoping to find someone who could help.

Valeri caught sight of an building with a red health sticker on it. "There!: He shouted, running faster than the other to get there. He must have looked silly in his silken robes, but right now he didn't care. He ran into the building and grabbed the nearest doctor. "You have to come with us! Our master is bleeding!"

The doctor looked at them, baffled, but Arien grabbed the man, shaking him. "There's no time! You have to come with us, sir, please! We can't move him! Our home is only a few blocks from here. This is a matter of life and death! Please!"

The doctor was startled but quickly was thinking. He grabbed his bag that would help and smiled. "Lead the way." He said,shooing them.

Valeri hugged the man and ran with the other two as fast as he could to the house. He led him to the room where Mikael was crying.

Mikael looked up fearfully. "I.. I think' he's dead.."

the doctor tisked and walked over, checking the pulse. It was in fact seemingly gone. He paled and grabbed his bag, working quickly to stop the bleeding. "I will need one of you to give a blood transfusion.." He said, hurriedly glancing about.

Mikael immediatelt offered but the doctor shook his head. "No, it has to be one that is not stressed for the blood will be too thin and not usable."

"Well...pretty much all of us are on edge..." Arien looked at Valeri unsurely.

The doctor sighed and smiled. "You." He said to Arien. "You have more stamina and are less upset, st here, roll up our sleeve." He ordere.d

Valeri went over to Mikael to help comfort him.

Arien stared in surprise, but let the doctor do whatever he had to to help save Alexander. He held onto Valeri's hand tightly with the hand that was unoccupied, staring up into his eyes nervously.

Valeri held tight to his love's hand as well, doing what he could to give him a small smile.

The doctor grabbed his bag while he let them exchange and pulled out bandages and a sappy substance. He smiled at them before sliping a rather large needle in Arien's arm and then the other part of the needle into Alexander. When the blood in the bottle for the transfusion was full he gently pulled the needle out of Arien's arm, placing cotton and gauze over it. Then he twisted a handle on the bottle and watched carefully as the blood went into Alexander's body. Tell tale signs of the other's pulse was visible.

Arien, though he felt woozy, watched in anticipation, hoping to see his master's eyes open.

Mikael watched tensely, clnging tight to Valeri.

Valeri watched as well, hoping, waiting, wishing.

Slowly, small signs of life stirred in Alexander. His fingers and mouth twitching, as if he was in pain. A small, short groan of discomfort came from deep within his throat.

Mikael immediately went to the other and began pressing kisses all over his face. "My love, my alex.. He said over and over.

The doctor tried to calm him. "Don't over stress on him just yet."

The other groaned and opened his eyes a small bit, trying to form words but it seemed difficult for him.

Mikael moved closer to the other to see if he could possibly hear him. "Alex.."

All that came from the man's lips were choked little noises as his entire body was racked with pain after being brought back from the brink of death.

Mikael sighed and lay next to him. "Alex..please..."

Valeri looked to the doctor who was ushering him and Arien out. "Come, let them be a moment."

Arien looked back at them worriedly, wondering if they would be okay as they were pushed away.

"M-Mi...Mikael..." he whispered, groaning.

Mikael gasped and looked to the other, kissing his lps. "Alex...I am here love.."

"I...It... It hurts..." He groaned, grabbing at his wrists and trying to tear off the bandages there.

Mikael kissed him, pinning his hands gently down. "You musnt. Please.. keep yourself alive for me. Why would you do this?"

"...W-what point is there in living? Let me go." He struggled to free himself.

Mikael shook his head, holdng him a little tighter. "No. I love you. PLease.. be here for me!"

"You're just going to leave me! Let me go! Let me die in peace!" he yelled, managing to push the other away despite his weakness. He ripped the bandages from his wrists and crawled across the floor towards the knife only a few inches away which he'd used to cut himself.

Mikael ran to him, kicking the knife away and holding the other down. He caught sight of the velvet box he had been given by the other and he opened it. He forced him to sit still. "Watch..." He said sternly, slipping the ring onto his ring finger,watching him.

Alexander stared at the hand before him for a few moments, then looked up at Mikael. He seemed to be in disbelief, and then suddenly his expression changed. "...You don't really want me back," he hissed. "You're doing this so I can just keep living in misery."

Mikael shook his head, tears comming down. "No love you have it wrong. I want to be with you. I want to marry you." He said, confessing his darkest little secret to him. "I have always wanted it. I love you. Please.. let us be together." He gave the other a pleading look, tears trickling down his cheek.

"After everything... After all the times you've tried to leave me..." It seemed to much for him to comprehend at the moment. He looked down at the ground, panic in his eyes.

"I ran away over something I shouldn't have. Please.. I used to fear you.. but I have never not loved you. Ever since you bought me.. I have wanted to be your object of desire, your lover, your husband. Please. Alex.." He began crying harder, curling up into a bacll half ontop the other and half on the floor.

Alexander looked up at the other, baffled. There were so many thoughts buzzing around in his head, but his main concern now was stopping the other's tears. He grimaced at the pain as he moved his arm. Gently, he tilted the other's face up, staring down in his eyes. "Stop crying," he said softly, a look of sadness in his face.

Mikael sighed and tried his best, wiping them away. Some stubbornly fell still but he looked to the other, pleading his eyes. He kissed him.

He was confused by the sudden show of emotion, but didn't push the boy away. He kissed back gently, only as much as his weakened state would allow him to.

Mikael deepened the kiss before pulling away. "Love..please.Will you let me be with you?" He asked,lifting the other and helping him onto the bed where he re-bandaged his wrists, kissing each one.

Alexander was still confused and disorientented but he knew now was not the time to ask questions. What he had wanted for so long was now offering himself willingly. He nodded weakly, starting to drift into unconsciousness again. "Yes... Yes, of course..."

Mikael smiled in happiness. He kissed the other's cheek and hugged him tightly. "I will be there with you no matter how you get." He said to his owner. He wondered how things would be now that he had the other again.

He nodded, his eyelids growing heavy. "Yes... Good... I love you..." he murmured, his body growing weak from all the force he had exerted on himself.

Mikael smiled. "Sleep now my love, I will be here when you waken." He said, covering him and laying beside him.

He nodded and shut his eyes, falling into unconciousness once again.


valeri looked to Arien and smiled. "I think they are sleeping." He said, peeking into the room seeing them entwined.

The doctor smiled. "Change his bandages regularly until healed. If he does this again come to the office as quick as possible and we will give him care." He bowed to them. "Goodnight."

Arien waved to the doctor and shut the door behind him. He looked at Valeri, smiling. "I guess Master and Mikael have been reconciled for the time being then."

Valeri nodded happily. "Yeah... I hope that they can be happy." He said, hugging onto his lover.

He smiled and kissed Valeri's forehead. "I think they'll be able to work things out. Should we go check on them now?"

Valeri nodded and hugged his lover. "Sure!"

Arien smiled and walked to Alexander's room, knocking on the door. "Sir? Are you awake?"

Alexander awoke from his sleep, groaning as he ran a hand through his hair. He looked over at his lover who laid beside him when he heard the knocking on the door. "Well, if I wasn't awake before I am now," he grumbled in response. He'd never been a morning person.

Valeri peeked in on the side of Arien, looking in and giving a small smile at Mikael and Alexander together.

Mikael wasn't woken by the talking and the others at the door, but he was subconcously aware of what was going on and that his lover was distressed. He cuddled up to him protectively.

Alexander looked down as his lover cuddled up to him. A small smile came to his lips, but quickly disappeared when he looked up at the others. "Leave us now. I'll call you back when he's woken."

Arien couldn't help but smile as he nodded. "Yes sir." He quietly shut the door behind him as he looked at Valeri. "It looks like things really have gone back to normal then."

Valeri smiled and nodded. He looked up at Arien. "Yes, and it is good.. and now maybe I can have some time with you." He said rather suggestively.

Mikael yawned and woke as they left. "Who was that?" He asked, nuzzling his lover. "Is everything fine?"

Arien smiled. "You can have me whenever you like, love. Just name the time and the place." He wrapped his arms around Valeri's waist, placing a kiss on his lips.

"Yes, everything's fine." He stroked his hair, kissing Mikael's forehead.

Mikael smiled up and kissed the other. "Master.. don't ever do that again.. "

"I can't promise that unless you promise me that you will never in your life leave me again," he said softly but seriously.

Mikael looked at his lover with a small pout and he egan to get serious before nodding. "Yes, believe in me, I wont ever leave you again."

Alexander smiled then and carressed his lover's cheek. "Then I give you my word. I will never try to harm myself again."

"You had better not." Mikal said, kissing his lover. "I want to marry you."

Alexander smiled and kissed him in return. "I love you, Mikael..." he whispered, running his hands up and down his arms.

"I love you too..will you marry me?" He asked.

"May I have some time to think about it?" he asked, fearing what the other's response would be. "It's not that I don't want to I just have some things I need to get in order before I make a decision..."

Mikael nodded and kissed him on the lips. "Certainly my dear. May I go and help the others prepare their breakfast?"

He frowned playfully, removing his arms from the other. "If you feel you must. But I'll miss you every minute that you're away," he chuckled, placing a soft kiss on his lover's lips.

Mikael smiled and hugged the other. "I will be back. I just need to help the others quick." He pressed a kiss to the other's lips.

He smiled and nodded. "Alright then. Hurry back."

"Think while I am gone." Mikael said, chuckling and going to help with the breakfast time happenings.

Valeri grinned and hugged his friend. "Miky!" Mikael laughed.

"Hello Valeri!" He said cheerily. He set the table and smiled at the other boys. He was surprised they had stayed so well behaved.

Arien looked back at Mikael. "Are things settled between the two of you now?" 

Mikael nodded. "They seem to be for now. I hope it stays that way." He said, taking care of some of the younger boys.After he was done he walked to Arien. "I need to get back to him, but,, thank you. For everything."

Arien shook his head. "No need to thank me. I'm just glad the two of you are happy now."

Mikael smiled. "Thank you anyways. Hmn, I know you two could handle this, the boys are well behaved this morn." He smiled and hugged the two before walking back to Alex whom he knocked on the door to. "Alex?"

Alexander grinned broadly when he heard his lover's voice. "Come in," he said.

Mikael smiled and came in. "The boys are taken care of and everything is in order." He said, laying next to his lover. "Did you miss me?"

"Oh, every second, my love." He took his hand, kissing every finger.

Mikael blushed and breathed out slowly. He leant down and kissed his master's lips. "Never... in all of my years with you had I thought you could be this caring."

Alexander laughed. "Neither did I... But I suppose the fear of losing you has made me realize just how dear you are to me... It makes me cherish you all the more." He gently touched his love's cheek with the back of his hand.

Mikael smiled and kissed his lover's neck. "Make love to me, Alex."

He grinned. "Oh, I thought you'd never ask." He leaned forward, taking his time and savoring the taste of his lover's lips on his own.

Mikael chuckled into the kiss, threading his fingers through his master's hair. "Watch your bandages." He warned, pulling the other atop of him.

Alexander grinned and kissed him still, sliding his tongue into the other's mouth, moaning quietly against him.

Mikael shivered as he heard the moan, his laughter fading to a more predatory growl as the other was atop of him.

Alexander leaned on one of his elbows, his hands not strong enough to support him due to the trauma. But carefully he ran his his hand down Mikael's arm, purring against his lips.

Mikael ran his hands along his master's body completely indulging in the feeling of the other being atop of him. "God.. I love you.."

He smiled and kissed his neck gently, whispering against his skin. "I love you too..."

Mikael groaned and grabbed onto his lover. He wanted to feel him, it had been so long since they had expressed their love to one another in this way. "Alex!"

Alex chuckled lightly, kissing his love's forehead. "You don't want to take things slowly?" he asked gently.

Mikael shuddered. "Oh gods I do but I can't." He said, smilnig as his breath was husky.

He chuckled and shook his head. "Cute." He leaned down to kiss him, slowly sliding his hand between the boy's thighs.

Mikael raised his hips to feel more of the touch, shuddering as he felt this. "Oh Alexander... " He moaned gently, sliding his hands down his owner's back and grabbing his rear.

He moaned, slowly kissing down his neck as he rubbed the front of his pants. Even though he knew Mikael was seeking release, he wanted to tease him a little before he gave him what he wanted.

Mikael shuddered in pleasure as his master did this. "Alex." He wanted the other inside him in an almost painful way. He began removing his pants to at least feel more friction.

He smiled, kissing down his chest and moving his hand away from the other's crotch. Instead, he rolled his hips against him, moving slowly.

Mikael groaned and placed his hands on his owner's hips, rolling up against him as well, but harder. He was painfully aroused and craved release.

He smiled, running a hand through his lover's hair. "You're beautiful, Mikael. I love you," he whispered as he finally moved away, positioning himself at the boy's hole and pushing inside of him.

Mikael gasped and closed his eyes lovingly before he nodded to the other. "I love you too." He whispered, aware that this was only the second time he and the other had made love, only this time it seemed much less violent.

He leaned up, kissing the other's lips as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in.

Mikael let out a strangled gasp of pleasure. "Alex.." He pleaded the other's name, shuddering and moving with him.

He carressed the side of Mikael's face, shudders running through him when he heard the other boy calling out his name. He pulled out and pushed in again, groaning.

Mikael slipped his legs around his lover's waist, raising his hips to meet his thrusts. "Gods, yes, I ned this, I need you," He sounded a bit whorish.. but he was afterall.. a whore.

His lover's words seemed to increase Alexander's desire. He began to move faster, his voice becoming louder as was taken over by ecstacy.

Mikael wasn't exactly being quiet by now either and he growled in pleasure as he met the other's movements, shuddering and gasping. He met the other's hrusts harder than he had been, groaning and clutchig to him.

He held onto the boy's hips, moving as faster and faster. "Oh Gods, Mikael... You feel so good..." he moaned out, his hips moving as fast as they possibly could.

Mikael panted as he forced the other inside him harder. "So close!" He struggled to say between breaths, his nails grabbing into the other's flesh as he used it to hold on while they coupled.

Alexander's breath came faster and faster as he struggled to hold onto his climax till Mikael reached his own. He groaned, reaching down and taking his lover's cock into his hand and stroking it slowly.

It only took a few of those strokes before Mikael spilled over his master's fingers, some of the liquid shooting up and onto his chest even as he called out and whined, clutching tighter to the other and tightening around him as he was inside. "Alex!!!!!!!!!!"

Alex continued to thrust into his lover's body until he felt the other constrict arond him. He gasped, hearing the other call out his name as he came inside of Mikael's body, holding onto his hips as he did so.

Mikael collapsed as he felt the other's seed fill him. He lay still. with his eyes close, slowly unravelling his legs from his lover's form and trying to catch his breath

He pulled out of his lover and collapsed beside him, wrapping the other up in his arms. "I love you so much..." he whispered in his ear, trying to catch his breath.

Mikael smiled and nuzzled him. "I love you forever, Alexander... say.. why don't we.. get away from all of this? Start over new somewhere? I am certain you could get enough money if you sold this place.. maybe we could bring Arien and Valeri with us.. let someone else live this nightmare."

He was quiet for a while, seeming to be in thought, until finally he said. "I guess that we could... I know someone who I could sell the place to."

Mikael smiled happily. "Yes, and we can work, I will work, Arien and Valeri will work.. I just want you away from all of your past. It will help us so much. I love you. It's always been my dream to be with you."

He smirked. "I find that hard to believe after the way I treated you. How could you possibly have wanted someone who treated you so poorly?"

Mikael smiled. "Well it's kind of like child birth.. mothers go through so much hell and pain to give birth but they love their children all the more when it's all over.. it;s kind of the same here.."

He nodded. "Either way, I'll try to contact the boy who I want to sell this place to as soon as possible, alright?" He smiled and kissed his lover's forehead gently.

Mikael nodded and sat up, stretching. "Let me tell the other two?" He pleaded, pouting a little even. He was just so excited.

Alexander shrugged. "I don't see why not. They'll all find out soon enough."

Mikael nodded. "Alright then love. I will be back soon." He dressed quickly and made his way to Valeri and Arien. "Get your things together when I tell you too.......we're selling this place and you and him are living with master and I.."

Arien looked up Mikael confusedly. "Wait...what's going on? What happened? How did you convince him to do that?" he asked.

Mikael smiled excitedly. "Love Arien. Love is what convinced him." He said, picking up a happy Valeri and spinning the boy around.

Valeri smiled and laughed. "Yay! Mikky I am so happy!"

Arien, though he was still a bit confused, wasn't going to argue with his freedom and joined in the celebration. "I'm amazed. I thought he would never give in. This is wonderful!"

Valeri hugged Mikael and Arien and sat down. "Sooo when do we do it?"?

Mikael shrugged. "I dont know. I am going to go back and talk with him more and then I will have your answer." With that he rushed back to his lover. "Darling.."

Alexander jumped slightly, having almost fallen asleep again. "Hm? What?"

mikael smiled and crawled atop of his lover. "Hmm I was just curious what you found out about your possible buyer."

"Well, I haven't gotten a chance to speak with him yet. I haven't even gotten out of bed," he said, chuckling.

Mikael smiled. "I know. Valeri and Arien are very excited. They say it is a bit of a miracle."

"A miracle, huh?" He chuckled lightly and peered out the window. "Hm. I suppose it is something like a miracle, huh? I never thought that I'd find someone to love again, especially not in a place like this..."

Mikael smiled and kissed his lover. "The same to be said for me. I.. never thought you would love me back."

He smiled and kissed his lover. "Well, I'm glad that things worked out for us in the end. Aren't you?"


A few weeks later, Alexander's replacement finally made his grand debut. The man seemed to be quite polite, but there was a strange glint behind his grey-colored eyes. Something that seemed to hide some inner evil...

Alexander, who didn't quite pick up on this, ignored it, too lost in his bliss to even pay close attention. He was busy packing up he and Mikael's things, excited to sweep his lover and his friends off to the lovely home he'd bought for them all in the countryside.

"Ah, I can't wait for you to see the place, love," Alexander said to his lover, a proud, brilliant smile on his face. "It's so perfect. You'll love it. It's nice and secluded, so then I don't have to share you with anyone else."

Mikael smiled and had tears in his eyes. "I..can't believe it. We..are finally.. this is my dream!" He hugged the other tightly, sniffling a little.

Valeri had already gathered his and Arien's things as well. He too was almost in tears as he thought happily that they would never have to serve another client again.

Alexander smiled, wrapping his arms around the other's waist and kissing his lips softl. "I'm so glad that I can make you happy..."

Arien sat on the bed, looking up at Valeri as tears came to his eyes. He jumped up, wiping them away quickly. "I know..." he whispered softly to him, carressing his cheek lightly. "I can't wait to get out of here either..."

Mikael smiled and kissed him back. "Come, let's get the others and get out of here."

Valeri smiled. "Come on.. let's get them. I just hope.. that who he left the place to is nice to the others."

Alexander nodded and grabbed their bags, looking back only once at his old room and mentally saying goodbye to his old life as he shut the door behind him.

Arien nodded. "Yeah, me too... Have you met him? He seemed nice enough...right?"

Mikael sighed happily. "So, let us go?" He asked as their group gathered.

Valeri nodded before turning to Arien. "Yeah he was smiling alot."

Arien nodded. "Yeah... I'm sure everything'll be fine..." he murmured, but for some reason he didn't feel quite sure about that.

Alexander smiled at the young man who stood next to the door, seeming about ready to push them out of the place. "So you're going now?" he asked, a cool smile crossing his face.

"Yes. Please, take care of this place...and all the boys as well. If you do, you might find more happiness then you except." Alexander glanced back at his lover at his side, smiling.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind," the young man replied, his smile seeming to turn into a grimace.

Alexander nodded and looked outside, seeing the carriage he'd ordered waiting. "Well, I guess we'll be off. Farewell, my friend. Take care."

Valeri figured something was off about the other man but he shrugged it away. "Come on Arien.."

Mikael was the first to jump into the carriage, happily awaiting their journey to a new life.

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