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This contest is closed now



Other competitions

This is a competition for those of you with web-pages, and especially professional webmasters. The goal is to have the highest rating web-page that points to Elftown and the prize is that you will get a link from <URL:start.html> to your web-page for an entire year.



§1 Your webpage should come as high up as possible on on 2009-01-31, when [Hedda] looks at it. (And it must still have the link!)

§2 Restrictions of the page. The page must not:
a) Be a Heddate-site page (Like or an Elfwood page.
b) Be racist, contain illegal material or otherwise be something that I refuse to link to from Mainstuff. Note: I will accept pages that are describing how much Elftown sucks.

§3 The prize will be a link to your webpage in the calendar-notes. That link will be there for the entire year of 2007! There will also be links from this contestpage to all the previous winners as long as Elftown is running, and here you can also add a short note about what the page is. This is very valuable for your site! 

The second and third place will also get links from this page.

§4 One page can only win if it hasn't won the last 5 years. "Similar" pages will also be excluded. That includes all personal pages of one person, different main pages on the same site and other attempts to go around this rule.
(In example: If someone wins with a MySpace address, then a MySpace address can win next year too, but can't win if has won before, because these pages both belong to [Hedda])

§5 I'll do my best to find the winners, but please feel free to give me a hint if (and only if!) your page is high up in the search. Non-Elftowner pages that happen to get high up in the search will not be considered as part of the competition, until they come here and tell me that they want to compete.



So how do you make your page?
Well, first you have to have a web-page that Google can read (like a MySpace-page, a normal website or something like that) and find. Google will find any page that you've linked to from a page that Google has read. And then, of course, you have to have a link to

After doing that, you have to wait and wait and wait... It takes at least 2-4 weeks before Google's computers are updated generally speaking.

Then you have to get a high rating on your page. One way to get a good rating is to make the page very popular, so that many people link to it in their blogs.

Please note that Google has some tricks to ignore things, like 400 links that suddenly appear. Things like that can actually damage your rating, at least for a while.
It's also better to have links from pages with high ratings, and from a root-page. It also depends on where on the page the link is.

See also:


Winners Winter 2007

This year got 14 days late due to [Hedda] missed a little. Sorry about that! It's as fair as it can be anyway. </center>

<center>Winner: by [Amerthyst]

Second: (An artistic as well as chat and internet radio linked site) by [Blaithin]

Third: by [Sonya Blue] (A Vampirefreaks presentation. Might be noisy)

Tell me if you are one of those three and want some extra (short) comment added! (Or just add it)

Winners Winter 2008

[Amerthyst]'s page is still in top-3, but we have 3 new pages!

Winner: [Queen Oriana]
Second: [pixish] (Not her page, but her link)
Third: [Nekko fox] (also a winner of the link to Elfpack contest. Good work!)

Status 2008

I'll update this in a few months. Keep linking to Elftown! ;)

Username (or number or email):


2006-10-18 [Lothuriel]: Ok, thanks! =]

2006-10-18 [Hedda]: [Amerthyst]: What do you mean "added"? If it's on the web, then it's added. You just need a better rating from Google to win.

2006-10-25 [Blaithin]: Now has a spiffy little Elftown button in the top left corner ^.^ It should be good advertising since the site has had over 20,000 hits I believe, since it was made in September.

2006-10-25 [Blaithin]: Woops not 20,000. I've got the official figures right here...
267862 since sept 8th. I think it's a good site for a link :)

2006-10-25 [Hedda]: Nice!

So far one person has clicked that link and that person is you. But I hope more will click later ;)

2007-01-02 [Hedda]: [Amerthyst] and is in the lead now.
After that there are pages that don't load or are gone. works though.

2007-02-14 [Hedda]: Gah! I missed this! Damn me who though I put a reminder about this.

I'll select the winners right now instead!

2007-02-14 [Hedda]: There! Should be fixed now!

2007-02-14 [Blaithin]: [Hedda] could you please put "An artistic as well as chat and internet radio linked site" For Thanks :D

2007-02-20 [Amerthyst]: o.o

2007-05-02 [Hedda]: And the current status is that the last year's winner is still in top, but then there is:

2007-05-02 [Hedda]: Link more! Especially to our most useful wiki-pages. <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2007-07-18 [Hedda]: Please note that the URL to Elftown has changed! is still found in this search even though it has a wrong pointing link, so Google apparently sees them as the same link, but the is more guaranteed to work.

2008-11-12 [Hedda]: Update: <= That's how a Deviantart page should look like! With Elftown written all over it!

2009-01-31 [Hedda]: Here are the winners this year. I can't make the official announcement before Magnus is found or I give up though:
Which seems to be made by [Sana] (She has later made which is less promoting...)
Made by some Magnus:
But I can't find him on Elftown. Anyone who knows?

Nice mentioning of Elftown on Elfwood:
by [Anneke]

Just outside the top 3 (Might make it unless I find Magnus):

2009-06-22 [pixish]: "§3 The prize will be a link to your webpage in the calendar-notes. That link will be there for the entire year of 2007!"

2007 is a long time ago now :p

2009-06-22 [Hedda]: Ouch! I missed to run this contest this year. That sucks!

I guess I have to run it for the summer now.

2010-10-13 [SilverFire]: *prod**prod*

2010-10-17 [Hedda]: Google has messed up this contest :(

But it seems to be working again, so I'll see what it says in January. Michael Thurston and Michael Smith seems to be the only two that works.

2011-04-03 [SilverFire]: *cough*

2012-02-06 [Hedda]: I'll close this.

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