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2007-10-10 12:32:24
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Well here it is....cronological from 2005 when I started drawing. This was incredebly fun...I have never given my progress any serious thought but to see it like this... my oh my what a surprise :)



It is not hard to see that I was very inspired by Amy Brown



My first creature thingy. Something I doodled with a blue ballpoint pen...He is not very well drawn but he grew on me.And you will also see that the vampire next to him has got a somewhat different look in 2007 ;)



Well....There it is....

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2007-10-10 [Jitter]: Awesome! Although you were very good in the beginning too you surely have progressed a lot ^_^

2007-10-10 [Morphea]: thank you...the first piece on this page is my very first drawing that time I was so proud ;) Amy Brown was and still is my greatest inspiration...I love her work....

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