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Lemirian Niphoreans

Lemirian Niphorean Enslaver (Incomplete)

Lemirian Niphorean Seer (Incomplete)

Lemirian Niphorean Diviner (Incomplete)

Lemirian Niphorean Mogul (Incomplete)

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2006-06-05 [xido]: What would it take to get you to let me play a Niphorean? I remember your picture of them from Elfwood way back when (not sure if it is still posted there or not), and I loved the race. They looked neat, and I believe you told me they were psionic... ;)

2006-06-05 [Duredhel]: Yup, they are, uhm... maybe you could play an exhorian in an advanced party, since they are more powerful than your average character.

2006-06-05 [xido]: I bet if you gave me a low-down on their personality and cultural history, that I could pull it off.... I would love to know a little more about them, but in your time. I am very busy with school right now, but at some point I would love to have you consider the idea. ;)

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