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2008-05-29 14:34:23
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This is for [Xorital], but shush!!!! No tell him yet....-^-^-
<img:>By [BlackTearsCry]
Sorry, its the best pic I have of him, and otherwise its hella small.

Put what you think of him here:

1. [Amiantos Khronos] - Zomgz. I'm first to sign? xD LANGDOOOOON! Hi. ^^ He's, like, one of my closest friends. I think he's awesome

2. [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!] - wow... now words can describe my dear friend. I love him sooo sooo much!! He's amazing!! Always a good person to talk to when you need someone to lean on.

3. [silent_voice] - Well.. we may have our disagreements, and we may argue, but he is a decent fellow, and he is good to Sara which is important, so overall, two thumbs up. ^_^

4. [Keir Devlin] :D Haha, flute! I love him cause of the flute. Nah, he's pretty awsome and sweet. ;D Sex and babies. NO! XD LALW MUCH LOVE TO YOU!

5. [de Morte] - Damn... I'm number 5!!! [Xorital] is a wonderful person who is very considerate and fun to talk to, he is a great friend and I value his opinion. I would write more... if I could think =^.~=

6. [Vou] - There's so many words in the English language that could describe him, but if I did that, then I'd have a book on him. :3 He's amazing and wonderful to talk to, and he is silly. Very silly. And he likes the flute... and cuts his hair when he shouldn't. D: ♥♥ ILY Langdon.

7. [The Black Cat in Your Path] - SEVEN BABEH!! XD WOOT! *dances* Langdon is probably the most caring guy you could ever know. ^^ He has his down points, but who doesn't? XD He's interesting, funny, sensitive, and loves strong. Take care of Sara, Langdon. :P We all love you.

8. [DarkSora31] He's an awesome guy. He's very sweet and kind. Always there to talk if you need to. ^^

9. [XxTsomexX] Hes really sweet and caring.

10. [ArkyLarky] Funny and RANDOM! XD He's a nice guy, always there when you need him and great to strike up a conversation with when you're totally hyper! XD YOU RAWK!

11. [BlackTearsCry] ^.^ Langdon is like one of my basicly best friends. I love talking to him about lots of stoof. He's funny, very much funny. He's himself and thats a great quality to have. ^.^ Love you Langdon!

12. [Stormy Sky] =^.^= dude, this guy is really cool. no one messes with him, or they mess with everyone who has signed or will sign this list.

13. [Little Miss Ashley] - Langdon is really sweet, caring and loving. He's quite a friend, and he's one of those guys you just can't help but love. ^.~

14.[BekaBoo]HIII Langdon...i dont rea;y know you that well but your a realy cool person and i hope yu and sara are truly happy together

15. [Cenyre] Awesome guy..maybe a little too mature for his age, but he's great as he is. ;P You won't find a sweeter, more caring guy! XD  Way to go, Langdon!!

16. [Druid Fables] Might as well do this now while I've got the opportunity. He's a great guy, one of the few guys I trust to talk to about things I couldn't talk to other girls about. He's just...there when you need someone to talk to. ^_^

17. [Diiwica] Awsome guy end of story

18. [Fearathress] Langdon is a sweet, caring, honest guy who I have been able to speak to so easly. Don't ever change!! THough I want to thankyou for hellping me through those ruff paches and being there ready to let me rant or whatever. Out of 99.9% of all me friends including on here and irl.. you have helped out the most. THat means a lot to someone like me. ^_^

19. [kirishima_kun] I haven't talked to him in forever but he's still one of the coolest people i've met. ^.^

20. [The Kind Lady Renee]: Hey! What do you know: I'm 20 years old and I am number 20! ... Moving on, *cough* Dude, we've known each other for a while now, and I have to say that you are truly a wonderful man! Even when you are so far down in the dumps, you are always there to lend me a helping hand. You have been there for me many times and I will always be there for you. I wish both of you guys a wonderful and happy relationship! Gods Bless you!

21. [Titus (Cammy)] Heya, hun!! ^_^ You definately deserve this page. Like anyone else says, you're totally amazing and completely caring, no matter what it costs to you <33 That's a rarity, so be proud of it and don't change. You ish wonderful, hun! We all love you :)

22. [Raven Song] Wicked dude who deserves this page twice over.

23. [~X~Hott_Stuff~X ~] i think he is very sweet and very nice! he's a very kool dude! rock on!

24. [MyWings] He's a great guy with lots of opinions ;P

[Aki Neko] My Langdon....your everything to me. I dont understand how I couldnt see the one for me when you were standing right there...I love you to where no words will EVER discribe it. Your everything to me, absolutely everything. We laugh with eachother, talk in ways Iv never talked with anyone ever before. Youve taught me things, and showed me ideas I never even knew were possible. Like, for example, a love this strong. You voice is what I look foreward to everyday, no matter what mood Im in. Theres so much about you I will never understand, but I love you all just the same. You have your ups and downs, your good things and bad things, but so does everyone else. I love you so much. Ill never leave you, I swear. Ill wait forever for you. You dont know how much your loved, and not just by me either. By everyone. Your a wonderful, sweet, caring, loving, understanding person, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the worl to have you as a lover. I hope we one day are able to be by eachother's sides permentantly. Your always here for me when I need it, and Ill always be there for you too. I love you, Langdon.I want to say so much more...But I think Iv said enough!

26. [dragonlette] umm dont knw u so much but ur kosher...hope lifes treatin ya good.

27. [Bulma] All I now is that he is a great guy that likes to help out when ever he could. he gives out great advice. I care about this guy like he's family! I wish him the greatest of luck! and many hugs for the future to come!!

28. [BloodyRedRose] hes the bestest i dont talk to him much but i can tell from the way he talks about things and everything hes a really good guy and super kewl and nicee :D
i lovers him :)

29. [Demon Epona] ^^ Xorital is an awsome guy. A great friend all the time, one to start up an interesting conversation, caring, sensitive, and just an all around great person. He'll definately be there when you need him. We love you Langdon!!!! :3

30. [no one123456]- I lurvers Langdon with all my heart as a friend. He's always been there for me since the day we met in Odyssey. He has a great heart but has moments where you wanna pop him... but don't we all lol? I wuffles you buddy!

31: [kittygirl1017] hahaha what is this

32. [Kuramasgirl] Such a sweetie. ^^ It's hard to say what else! He's so nice...I can't even remember how we met, really...But for some reason we became really good friends after that. XD Odd. I wish we talked more now, but I suppose it'll have to stick to the ET messages until yahoo magically returns. Ah well. Just a wonderful person to talk things out with, and he'll always be a very good friend of mine.

33.)[Blvd. of broken dreams] He such a sweet guy!!!!

34. [Wish Fix] As many times people have said, "OMG he is such a great guy!" It can't be said enough. X is awesome and he is so sweet. And I still can't get over him playing the flut! Way ta GO! Luv ya friend! ;^)))))

35. [gothicprincess] Amazing!!

36. [Nekudae Andromeda] Langdon is amazing. He's an awesome guy to talk to, and he works so hard to cheer his friends up. He's always there when you need him and he's the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He's a sweetheart and very caring. Love you Lagdon!

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2007-10-16 [Xorital]: you ok?

2007-10-16 [Aki Neko]: Mostly.........>.< Damned news.......

2007-10-16 [Xorital]: I know hunnie..dont worry, and the one who fired off the shot during a football game whent to evans the girl who stabbed someone at a bus stop whent to edgewater but shes probly behind bars.

2007-10-16 [Aki Neko]: Dosnt mean Im not still worried.....

2007-10-16 [BlackTearsCry]: Yay! you'll get to meet my bf... you'll see him before you know it... He's in color guard... I'm going to be doing Parking.. chea!... yea...

2007-10-16 [Aki Neko]: ...........

2007-10-16 [dragonlette]: .........

2007-10-16 [Aki Neko]: ?

2007-10-16 [BlackTearsCry]: o,O'?

2007-10-16 [Aki Neko]: ^ ^

2007-10-16 [dragonlette]: parking? lol havent did that in a while..tehe,,, i alway do the flag and then hang out except homecomming i was on the feild by the flower bridge.....blah it sucked..i was on the news and will be in the yearbook..>.<

2007-10-16 [Aki Neko]: XD

2007-10-17 [BekaBoo]: MY COUSIN WAS IN COLOR GUARD!!!! i did it with her it was fu ^^

2007-10-17 [BlackTearsCry]: ...Byron looks hot in his dress blues... i just wanna like... rape him...

2007-10-17 [dragonlette]: .<

2007-10-17 [BlackTearsCry]: true.. he sexie

2007-10-17 [dragonlette]: behave please

2007-10-17 [BlackTearsCry]: ......Oh no no no... not tomorrow .... me shall have fun tomorrow...

2008-05-29 [Xorital]: O.o oh dear.

2008-05-30 [Aki Neko]: Wow, we have people that remember here?XDD

2008-05-30 [de Morte]: cool!

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