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LadyDathomir's Garden

Jeremiah, Neferoth, and Rayvenn (the one hiding behind her new cell phone)
another side of Jere Bear
all hail the all powerful Stitch
don't ask saw it couldn't believe it so I took a picture of it jeesh
Nazarath and Erishkigal hope I spelled those right new names are always hard. I believe this was post Behemoth.
get a kid a new phone and she is never the same
Brutus yes he bites and yes he is vicious, unless your name is Rayvenn
Tablet and Impatha can you guess which one is which?
Neferoth a gentler side
if you look reallll close you can see Neferoth, maybe Nazarath
The family portriat not really Jer in the yellow Rayvenn next to him and the goof in the back is the significant other better known as Bravehart on ps3 resistance fall of man. That is all I am gonna admit to.
Jerbear or Jeremiah
rare siting of this one smiling might have something to do with the dog at the bottom of the picture. But then it might be that she feels goofy sitting on a carousel. But then again it could be the boy she just got off the phone with.
did you guess right earlier well if you guessed this was.... impatha you were correct
Neferoth, and Rayvenn playing with the projector mat at Westlake center could have left them there for hours and they wouldn't have even known I was gone.
Neferoth,( with the plastic knives, the latest in fashion statements), That is Nazarath with his back to the camera. Where there is one the other is not far behind.
at the Behemoth concert on Halloween 2007, for Rayvenn's b-day
Rayvenn playing with the mirrors
she smiles so rarely she lights up the room when she does.
sorry when she smiles I take alot of pics
Rayvenn and her phone
Tablet with my sunglasses
my little lunatic
Rissa, Neferoth, Rayvenn, Erishkigal, Nazarath by the Westlake tree
Sign just before Graham WA,
Impatha snoozesI have tons of these shots
Tablet napping evil I know
Rayvenn, Neferoth, Nazarath, Erishkigal

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2008-05-03 [Neferoth, the lethargic stigmata]: You could put all of us with accounts in brackets so they're links... And you can call me by my actual name too, if you want to that is. ^_^ XP

2008-05-03 [LadyDathomir]: Hey I am lucky I got them up at all lol next time we can sinc our schedules I will have you help me get it organized.

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