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~*Rules!!! Follow them!*~

NEWEST ---> ~*Franki's Phototography*~

~*Forever- Franki's story*~
~*My Sad Song*~
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~*Mah Buttie's ^^*~
~*Lady Neit's Pictures*~
~*Franki's fav poems*~
~*Franki's RP...2!!*~
~*Long live the Spice Girls*~
~*jokes are the best!!*~
~*Random Doodles*~
~*Marie Lovers*~
~*White Parties*~
~*who loves ya baby?*~
~*so cool!*~
~*RolePlay Goodness*~
~*A Po-ta-to called Colin*~
~*Call Us By Our Middle Names And Get Eaten*~
~*Devil May Cry 3 lyrics*~
~*Franki is a member of...*~
~*How to Care For Your Pet Emo*~

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2007-01-16 [gofer]: hi

2007-01-16 [Lady Neit]: pointless comment number 1

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