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2007-01-31 16:18:04
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Kristin's wikis

I suddenly found out I've got kinda many wikis now, so I just put most of them in here...please join them if you'd like! n.n

Let's start with the most important one! I am a servet of the Huge Rubber Duckie!




Nemi Fans!

You've just got to love her!

A broken heart


I'm one of the owners of this wiki, and I created some of it. Please join us. If you need someone to talk to we'll always be there for you

My Desi made me a fanpage!!! *grins*

Kristins fanpage!


Pics from the vilage I live in...made to prove that there's not all that much snow here in Norway! :P

Bookworms Anonymous

I love books

Christine's Poetry

Some of the poems I've written.

Kris' drawings?

Some of my drawings

Coffee corner


Love this place! They've got all the best stuff!

Daemeon's Wicked Ramblings

He writes really good

Never let go


Because this is something I believe in with all my heart

Fides, Spes et Caritas

Poems and a story in norwegian

Teen Love Can Be Real Too

The name would give away why I'm a part of this one.

forever and always, geir


He was the bestest friend ever. I'll always remember him with love.

Forever Lonely


We all get lonely from time to time

Shattered hearts


If your heart hurts

The Lonely and forgotten


Help or get help...

Uchiha Sasuke Fanpage


We're not as insane as we may seem... Please join us!

Wise thoughts I've found

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