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2007-04-21 17:18:25
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Kris' drawings?

I'll try and put up some of my drawings here... not got too many on my comp yet

12. August 2006
Lately i've been painting a lot... and to tell you the truth it looks insane... xD If I could i would have shown it here... but I can't... a shame really...cause it would have been fun to see what you thought of my crazyness.

A candle in the water... not as good as i wanted it to be, but it could have been a lot worse...

Yeah...this drawing means kinda a lot to me... spent a lot of time on it... think i got it like i wanted it...

This is the way i normaly draw... i'm trying to get up the others as well, but it might take some time, cause i mess it up all the time. enjoy







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2007-10-20 [lordjoesnow]: but thats not guna happen! i will get my gold digger wife! and the sex will be amazing, before i leave her and get a real wife

2007-10-20 [MyWings]: so how old'r you gonna be when you get the first, and the seconf wife?

2007-10-21 [lordjoesnow]: ermm i dno depends how rich i am i guess:P

2007-10-29 [MyWings]: how rich do you plan on getting, then? and from what?

2007-10-29 [lordjoesnow]: insultingly rich lol, and by accounting buisness XD

2007-10-29 [MyWings]: good luck with that...hope you suseed, and get all your dreams fulfilled! ;P

2007-11-02 [lordjoesnow]: well isnt that the nicest wish ive ever read about me
thankyou cuteness in the face :) ur quite wonderful :) xxxxxx

2007-11-04 [MyWings]: hehe and i mean it...
no problem
haha very funny

2007-11-11 [lordjoesnow]: whats ur plan on richness?

2007-11-13 [MyWings]: writing a best-seller:P hehe probably won't happen, but wouldn't mind if it did. ;)

2007-11-19 [lordjoesnow]: oooo that wud be amazing!
ive always considered writing a book..but i have no life to talk aobut..yet:P

2007-11-21 [MyWings]: yeah, it would. prob not gonna happen, but hey, it's a dream;P
hehe i'm not writing about my life. that would be a very annoying book. no, i'm writing fantasy:P

2007-12-19 [lordjoesnow]: i wrote some fantasy once! but i left it for years and years..its probs really bad now but the story was good and i spent alot of time on it. but one day i can always go back to it and rewrite it and hopefully sell the crap out of it! hehe

2007-12-19 [MyWings]: hehe yeah... doundt i'm gonna make a whole lot of money on my future books, but who knows? i might just get lucky... ;)

2008-01-07 [lordjoesnow]: ill buy it!!!

2008-01-09 [MyWings]: oh? it's gonna be in norwegian... :P

2008-01-13 [lordjoesnow]: what?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!

2008-01-14 [MyWings]: what what?

2008-05-12 [lordjoesnow]: why not english?! :)

2008-05-13 [MyWings]: because i write lots better in mu native language, and itll be easier for me to get in published in norwegian as well:P

2008-06-06 [lordjoesnow]: oh wow
is norwegian a sexy language?

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