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2008-02-10 [xido]: Silence, my friends. Silence.

Our day will soon come. This I promise.  2008-2-10 = -(2+10+11) = -(5)
-x.o Har, the Child, Son of Osiris

2008-02-10 [xido]: Let me know when you see this page, Maat, so I can know when to switch the ownership of it over to you.

2008-02-13 [Torr-maat]: I saw it.....

2008-02-16 [xido]: Ownership is changed, and I messaged you the password, which is the same as we're used to so far.

Also, note the WFR Guild Knights & Guards:
<forum:secret forum>

New WFR_Council to replace the RP Council:

I nominate inviting [Kim_Lundin], [Nightshadow], [Leara], [Blood Raven], [K'jesrya], and [Firous] to all groups included in this comment, as well as to the forum that operates this page's content. If [Phyn] and [MathiasIV] were still around, I'd say invite them too, but they are out of commission until further notice.

If [Valik] wants in on the deal, just make sure he has an opportunity to contribute in a way that makes him feel involved. Zendelon material might be a good place to begin, or to have him begin posting content for his own realm/setting.

Either way, WFR Guild content ALREADY POSTED prior to Jan. 2008 will be given first priority. Beyond that, we are simply creative powerhouses without a budget. :/ :P ;)

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